124 halloween text messages on 2009/1017

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 1,882 times that day including 1,063 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1017

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_10_17_18:03:18.207   156.034.244.xxx   hi
2009_10_17_18:04:28.401   076.252.060.xxx   Shout out to Wesley and Dakota...This site Rockz!!!
2009_10_17_18:04:46.892   156.034.244.xxx   Insert Alek here ----___
2009_10_17_18:08:41.328   076.252.060.xxx   Shout out to Wesley & Dakota...this site Rockz!!!
2009_10_17_18:09:02.871   066.066.020.xxx   hello from new york
2009_10_17_18:10:08.177   082.042.109.xxx   its saying 3 hours b4 i can controll lights wtf
2009_10_17_18:11:16.929   076.252.060.xxx   Shout out from Indiana
2009_10_17_18:12:57.232   173.070.118.xxx   Let's Go Yankees!!
2009_10_17_18:14:12.574   173.070.118.xxx   27 and Counting!
2009_10_17_18:14:53.998   082.042.109.xxx   hello from liverpool uk. home of the beatles
2009_10_17_18:15:04.018   066.066.020.xxx   ,lyuhju.,n
2009_10_17_18:17:22.427   066.066.020.xxx   I like spongebob
2009_10_17_18:17:46.482   082.042.109.xxx   from uk and wana move 2 usa. anyone got a heating engineers job goin there
2009_10_17_18:18:59.469   082.042.109.xxx   job
2009_10_17_18:19:16.088   066.066.020.xxx   Hello to all New York Ranger fans
2009_10_17_18:19:43.458   168.103.071.xxx   Keith is COOL!
2009_10_17_18:20:02.528   064.012.116.xxx   Go Nascar
2009_10_17_18:20:43.719   168.103.071.xxx   g**len ROCKS!
2009_10_17_18:20:46.145   066.066.020.xxx   Hello to all hockey fans
2009_10_17_18:21:14.082   064.012.116.xxx   Go Ducks
2009_10_17_18:22:11.987   067.249.054.xxx   SUP
2009_10_17_18:23:19.562   067.249.054.xxx   DONT DO DRUGS
2009_10_17_18:24:23.693   066.066.020.xxx   The   Munsters rule
2009_10_17_18:24:24.723   067.249.054.xxx   f*** ducks
2009_10_17_18:25:29.898   067.249.054.xxx   f***...ducks
2009_10_17_18:25:57.576   074.069.203.xxx   hi lisa :o)
2009_10_17_18:26:22.598   074.075.235.xxx   Hello Walter!! :-)___
2009_10_17_18:27:10.008   074.069.203.xxx   lisa and walter from maine
2009_10_17_18:27:55.812   078.105.139.xxx   HI LUKE
2009_10_17_18:28:06.583   086.008.007.xxx   hi harry
2009_10_17_18:28:40.790   212.183.140.xxx   clues for blues
2009_10_17_18:29:23.593   086.008.007.xxx   luke and harry live from london :D
2009_10_17_18:29:28.793   078.105.139.xxx   wow. its 01:29 am in london :O
2009_10_17_18:33:27.328   074.075.235.xxx   What an amazing site!!
2009_10_17_18:35:41.395   074.069.203.xxx   santa komar, where are you???
2009_10_17_18:37:40.130   071.196.208.xxx   probaly eating dinner
2009_10_17_18:40:30.058   074.069.203.xxx   hmm, bats and brains mmyum
2009_10_17_18:42:23.073   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** glad you like the website! ***ALEK***
2009_10_17_18:45:10.164   074.069.203.xxx   loved it last year, wouldn't miss it this yr
2009_10_17_18:46:35.357   074.075.235.xxx   Me either
2009_10_17_18:48:30.398   071.169.130.xxx   happy birthday
2009_10_17_18:48:48.681   067.048.023.xxx   Happy Halloween from Wild and Crazy Kina KCK
2009_10_17_18:51:33.227   067.048.023.xxx   Where is everyone?
2009_10_17_18:51:58.282   074.069.203.xxx   hulk is puny, I'm not afraid haha
2009_10_17_18:54:06.824   156.034.244.xxx   he smash u face!
2009_10_17_18:54:08.221   067.048.023.xxx   Human is Puny, Hulk is COOL!!
2009_10_17_18:54:27.038   074.069.203.xxx   charlie brown says no more rocks!!!!!
2009_10_17_18:56:08.302   074.069.203.xxx   oh great pumpkin,where are you????
2009_10_17_18:56:53.806   074.075.235.xxx   Hi hun :-)
2009_10_17_18:57:32.188   074.069.203.xxx   are you following me??
2009_10_17_18:58:08.476   074.075.235.xxx   Uh Oh, I've been spotted!! Runnnn
2009_10_17_18:58:50.225   074.069.203.xxx   WE NEED MORE IM'S...WRITE!!!!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_17_18:59:24.970   074.075.235.xxx   I see all 80 of you watching me...
2009_10_17_18:59:49.400   067.048.023.xxx   What do we write about? BTW, BOO!
2009_10_17_19:00:08.155   074.069.203.xxx   thats a start (11)
2009_10_17_19:01:25.306   067.048.023.xxx   Happy Halloween to Cory & Shaun
2009_10_17_19:02:44.561   071.196.208.xxx   lol
2009_10_17_19:02:56.940   074.075.235.xxx   Lets try this, where is everyone from?
2009_10_17_19:03:29.031   156.034.244.xxx   Canada...east coast
2009_10_17_19:03:40.372   067.048.023.xxx   Kansas City, Kansas and it's cold!!
2009_10_17_19:04:16.614   074.069.203.xxx   my mom :o) (12)
2009_10_17_19:04:39.869   156.034.244.xxx   she must be proud :p
2009_10_17_19:04:57.109   074.075.235.xxx   Southern Maine ___ 33 degrees, burrrr
2009_10_17_19:04:57.537   067.048.023.xxx   We have a comedian folks!
2009_10_17_19:05:39.333   074.069.203.xxx   no applause, just throw money (13)
2009_10_17_19:05:58.912   074.075.235.xxx   Incoming tomato LOL
2009_10_17_19:07:23.228   074.069.203.xxx   love this site, love santa komar god bless (14)
2009_10_17_19:07:26.092   156.034.244.xxx   is it one of those nasty killer tomatoes ?! :O
2009_10_17_19:07:58.632   074.075.235.xxx   Nope, a rock painted like one LOL (he's my brother, I'm picking on) (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_17_19:09:37.386   074.075.235.xxx   Love the site too, so much to look at (11)
2009_10_17_19:10:46.332   074.069.203.xxx   we need a wave from santa komar, please (15)
2009_10_17_19:16:10.354   074.069.203.xxx   wake up everyone, text text text (16)
2009_10_17_19:18:39.123   074.069.203.xxx   Lia and AK from Standish Maine (17)
2009_10_17_19:21:18.034   156.034.244.xxx   anyone seen Alek tonight?!
2009_10_17_19:21:21.537   074.075.235.xxx   Puny Human loves Hulk (12)
2009_10_17_19:22:24.547   071.196.208.xxx   kill hulk
2009_10_17_19:23:01.956   074.075.235.xxx   We sent the Hulk to get Alek (13)
2009_10_17_19:23:23.138   070.243.161.xxx   Mae Govannen!
2009_10_17_19:23:52.323   156.034.244.xxx   they need Wild Thing inflatables! :D
2009_10_17_19:24:32.091   074.069.203.xxx   HELP ALEK, HULK IS AFTER US!!!!!! (18)
2009_10_17_19:26:12.407   074.075.235.xxx   Alek, you ROCK (14)
2009_10_17_19:26:17.002   070.243.161.xxx   Gonna get you, Puny human!!!
2009_10_17_19:27:04.901   074.069.203.xxx   i is not afwaid (19)
2009_10_17_19:27:33.899   071.196.208.xxx   hulk sad
2009_10_17_19:27:47.930   070.243.161.xxx   You will be...You will be!!:)
2009_10_17_19:29:51.077   070.243.161.xxx   Why is Hulk sad?
2009_10_17_19:29:58.022   074.069.203.xxx   be vewy vewy quiet (20 IM's so far today)
2009_10_17_19:32:12.371   070.243.161.xxx   It's very scary in here!!
2009_10_17_19:35:49.113   074.075.235.xxx   Boooooo (15)
2009_10_17_19:46:38.218   071.020.239.xxx   selena gomez is HOT
2009_10_17_19:48:23.351   068.062.023.xxx   HI
2009_10_17_19:49:44.880   071.094.173.xxx   Hi Alek!
2009_10_17_19:55:57.980   098.028.010.xxx   hello from lancaster ohio
2009_10_17_20:02:43.464   166.134.211.xxx   hey
2009_10_17_20:07:03.131   156.034.244.xxx   is for horses
2009_10_17_20:09:48.345   166.134.211.xxx   lol
2009_10_17_20:10:48.778   067.237.167.xxx   :)
2009_10_17_20:11:50.893   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'm around ... who is turning my lights on and off! ***ALEK***
2009_10_17_20:11:51.345   166.134.211.xxx   sup hulk
2009_10_17_20:20:12.075   024.207.254.xxx   great display this is
2009_10_17_20:20:56.535   166.134.185.xxx   who wants to chat?
2009_10_17_20:24:19.820   024.207.254.xxx   I am green because i have 2 poop
2009_10_17_20:28:42.312   166.134.164.xxx   ur nasty man
2009_10_17_20:29:15.076   066.140.105.xxx   bababooey bababooey bababooey bababooey
2009_10_17_20:33:03.004   166.134.164.xxx   anyone goin trick or treating
2009_10_17_20:34:36.928   066.140.105.xxx   Trick or treating is not feasible anymore.
2009_10_17_20:35:06.727   069.157.168.xxx   Hi from Montreal !!!!
2009_10_17_20:37:23.423   166.134.164.xxx   Hey Montreal
2009_10_17_20:38:30.719   098.246.173.xxx   Hello from Zoe and Zach in Portland, Oregon!!
2009_10_17_20:38:59.024   166.134.164.xxx   I'm from Texas
2009_10_17_20:40:49.996   098.246.173.xxx   Zoe and Zach love turning the lights on and off!
2009_10_17_20:41:45.124   166.134.164.xxx   It's fun huh
2009_10_17_20:43:37.507   098.246.173.xxx   SpongeBob doesn't seem to deflate.
2009_10_17_20:48:58.496   024.207.254.xxx   You recently IM'ed - window will refresh ehat whatwhen you can do again
2009_10_17_20:49:07.293   098.246.173.xxx   Now SpongeBob's head is half deflated.  Poor SB!
2009_10_17_20:50:09.346   066.140.105.xxx   Spongebob broke earlier this week too
2009_10_17_20:56:10.767   168.103.071.xxx   Keith is back and in control of everthing!
2009_10_17_20:56:50.885   068.100.227.xxx   Can't believe it is 39 degrees and raining in Fairfax, VA
2009_10_17_21:00:34.889   068.231.184.xxx   Hello from Tucson, Az where the Wildcats are losing! Ugh!
2009_10_17_21:02:14.969   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Sorry about SpongeBob - I'll look at him in the morning ***ALEK***
2009_10_17_21:03:18.414   166.134.142.xxx   Sup alex
2009_10_17_21:31:15.113   074.244.108.xxx   ola___ Maria
2009_10_17_21:51:22.246   099.146.252.xxx   Komar.org is featured on LINK DELETED!!
2009_10_17_21:57:52.902   074.244.108.xxx   hey  john!

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