69 halloween text messages on 2009/1018

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 1,051 times that day including 342 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1018

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_10_18_18:05:05.801   076.251.254.xxx   Shout out to E.J and Donnie from Indiana
2009_10_18_18:06:00.665   069.219.227.xxx   this is scary
2009_10_18_18:06:16.662   067.174.082.xxx   Hi kids from Indiana
2009_10_18_18:07:10.933   076.251.254.xxx   Shout out to E.J and Donnie from Indiana
2009_10_18_18:07:40.612   069.219.227.xxx   coolman
2009_10_18_18:08:40.180   076.251.254.xxx   Hey Wesley, Dakota, and Aiden from Indiana..This site Rockz!!!
2009_10_18_18:09:33.802   070.134.104.xxx   cr
2009_10_18_18:11:28.412   067.174.082.xxx   your house is cool and spooky
2009_10_18_18:12:34.767   067.149.249.xxx   University of Michigan RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_10_18_18:14:26.889   156.034.249.xxx   lol
2009_10_18_18:14:27.809   067.149.249.xxx   Happy Halloween- Do NOT Post Please
2009_10_18_18:16:01.481   067.149.249.xxx   OFFLINE
2009_10_18_18:16:16.067   156.034.249.xxx   do not post what ?
2009_10_18_18:16:41.859   096.242.133.xxx   Happy Halloween from New Jersey USA!
2009_10_18_18:18:47.476   067.174.082.xxx   eye of toad, toe of newt, down the road, you'll like your suit
2009_10_18_18:22:10.200   067.174.082.xxx   I wish I could keep my head on!!
2009_10_18_18:22:28.939   156.034.249.xxx   the whole family left :O
2009_10_18_18:24:48.290   076.212.230.xxx   Happy Halloween from Daisy
2009_10_18_18:25:39.670   067.149.249.xxx   Happy Halloween from Frankie
2009_10_18_18:33:55.647   098.108.014.xxx   keaton rulezzz
2009_10_18_18:36:03.090   067.080.232.xxx   Hello from New Jersey!!
2009_10_18_18:40:31.085   096.242.133.xxx   Thanks from celiacs everywhere!
2009_10_18_18:50:32.477   068.194.244.xxx   HALLOWEEN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_10_18_18:52:42.588   156.034.249.xxx   bah humbug
2009_10_18_18:55:50.533   067.063.091.xxx   yes
2009_10_18_18:55:55.254   068.194.244.xxx   -
2009_10_18_18:57:24.015   067.063.091.xxx   happy holloweennnn
2009_10_18_18:58:19.026   069.153.191.xxx   ohai
2009_10_18_19:04:21.882   076.109.124.xxx   MIAMI FL WOOOOTTT!!!!!
2009_10_18_19:16:50.710   166.135.198.xxx   Texas longhorns
2009_10_18_19:32:42.255   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Back from Baseball - Need to reboot laptop real quick ... ***ALEK***
2009_10_18_19:33:07.218   068.194.244.xxx   hi
2009_10_18_19:36:49.325   076.231.025.xxx   obla dibla do
2009_10_18_19:37:17.705   072.081.113.xxx   Happy Halloween to my Rev Flyin' Fiends!
2009_10_18_19:42:55.975   067.249.131.xxx   Its almost b* time
2009_10_18_19:53:23.722   076.212.230.xxx   Hello from youngstown,OH
2009_10_18_19:54:08.721   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello Youngstown - do you have lights like these in Ohio? ***ALEK***
2009_10_18_19:54:40.650   076.212.230.xxx   I wish I did....its a great display
2009_10_18_19:56:03.392   076.212.230.xxx   the electric company must LOVE you!!
2009_10_18_20:06:29.256   209.030.175.xxx   HI
2009_10_18_20:10:44.634   174.050.022.xxx   Happy Halloween... from MooMoo
2009_10_18_20:11:24.873   068.230.129.xxx   Rich says hi.
2009_10_18_20:13:58.099   068.230.129.xxx   Hi kid,  from Fall River  Massachusettes
2009_10_18_20:35:36.077   156.034.249.xxx   does your outdoor display have any sounds Alek or is it all quiet ? :)
2009_10_18_20:40:44.436   068.194.244.xxx   What DO Neibors Think Of All This
2009_10_18_20:41:39.414   071.020.239.xxx   Alek EHY DONT YOU PUT THE REAPER WHERE THE BASEBALLS WEAR
2009_10_18_20:42:29.515   069.153.191.xxx   SNSD rocks
2009_10_18_20:42:36.599   071.020.239.xxx   alek why dont you put the reaper were the baseballs were
2009_10_18_20:45:56.487   069.153.191.xxx   Alek is ignoring us lolz
2009_10_18_20:47:30.944   071.020.239.xxx   did you get a hair cut
2009_10_18_20:48:52.619   071.020.239.xxx   put the reaper where the baseballs were
2009_10_18_20:49:13.075   156.034.249.xxx   u didnt say please dude!
2009_10_18_20:54:23.313   071.020.239.xxx   you got a hair cut
2009_10_18_20:54:50.208   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I can't answer every question - just busy doing some stuff - sorry ***ALEK***
2009_10_18_20:55:25.140   069.153.191.xxx   Alek will give you your money back for unanswered questions
2009_10_18_20:55:43.633   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** P.S. No haircut - just took a shower after a frisbee doubleheader ***ALEK***
2009_10_18_20:58:52.313   069.153.191.xxx   lalalallalalala
2009_10_18_21:22:58.861   156.034.249.xxx   hi
2009_10_18_21:27:55.496   071.247.051.xxx   Just checking out the lights before I go to bed. COOL
2009_10_18_21:41:20.856   075.015.214.xxx   hi
2009_10_18_21:41:50.058   075.015.214.xxx   my name is
2009_10_18_21:42:16.374   075.015.214.xxx   ummmmmm
2009_10_18_21:42:46.206   075.015.214.xxx   i dont know
2009_10_18_21:43:20.090   075.015.214.xxx   can u help me with my name please
2009_10_18_21:44:45.522   067.048.023.xxx   Hello everyone from the great state of Kansas.
2009_10_18_21:46:21.380   067.048.023.xxx   Where are the other 32 of you?
2009_10_18_21:49:29.445   067.048.023.xxx   OMG, there are 37 of us now. It's an invasion.
2009_10_18_21:52:05.168   067.048.023.xxx   Happy Halloween Y'All!
2009_10_18_21:57:44.957   024.137.088.xxx   BOO!!!

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