195 halloween text messages on 2009/1019

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 935 times that day including 252 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1019

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_10_19_18:00:16.999   068.194.244.xxx   FIRST COMMENT TODAY
2009_10_19_18:00:33.091   087.165.234.xxx   hello from germany my name is ingo
2009_10_19_18:00:47.985   068.194.244.xxx   HI INGO WHATS UP MAN
2009_10_19_18:01:24.540   068.194.244.xxx   ALEX GIVE ME A WAVE
2009_10_19_18:01:42.460   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Homer is up ... and down ... and up ... and down ... and up! ***ALEK***
2009_10_19_18:02:14.466   068.194.244.xxx   SUN LEE FROM CHINA HERE
2009_10_19_18:02:31.521   069.153.191.xxx   I am Optimus Prime
2009_10_19_18:02:44.342   068.194.244.xxx   YES YOU ARE
2009_10_19_18:02:56.683   081.104.140.xxx   Alek ANYMORE THOUGHT ON BONEYARD SET??
2009_10_19_18:03:15.898   071.020.239.xxx   i cant see homer
2009_10_19_18:03:22.631   068.194.244.xxx   Alek THERES SOMEONE IN UR DRIVEWAY
2009_10_19_18:03:45.536   081.104.140.xxx   WHERE :O
2009_10_19_18:03:51.749   069.153.191.xxx   There's a PS3 in the driveway!
2009_10_19_18:03:55.841   068.194.244.xxx   WHATS FOR DINNER TONITE ALEK
2009_10_19_18:04:17.009   087.165.234.xxx   you are crazy or halloween??
2009_10_19_18:04:19.545   071.020.239.xxx   move the reaper in the grass
2009_10_19_18:04:33.981   068.194.244.xxx   WENDYS A LUCKY GIRL!!!!! ALEK
2009_10_19_18:04:53.303   081.104.140.xxx   ITS SO LIGHT THERE! ITS SO DARK AT 6 IN THE UK
2009_10_19_18:04:54.647   071.020.239.xxx   your moms a lucky girl
2009_10_19_18:05:33.919   068.194.244.xxx   SO IS URS
2009_10_19_18:05:34.402   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** The Boneyard is supposed to be for indoor only ... ***ALEK***
2009_10_19_18:05:46.985   087.165.234.xxx   halloween how many items you have??
2009_10_19_18:05:48.074   081.104.140.xxx   WHAT WAS THE FIRST HALLOWEEN LIGHT U EVER BOUGHT?
2009_10_19_18:05:59.759   068.194.244.xxx   UR MOM (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_19_18:06:27.760   081.104.140.xxx   AWW THATS A GUTTER! THAT WOULD HAVE LOOK GOOD OUTDOORS
2009_10_19_18:06:29.969   068.194.244.xxx   ____________________________________________ (11)
2009_10_19_18:07:03.199   071.020.239.xxx   i want to go see paranormal activity
2009_10_19_18:07:04.355   068.194.244.xxx   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (12)
2009_10_19_18:07:42.287   071.020.239.xxx   i want to see paranormal activity
2009_10_19_18:07:49.321   068.194.244.xxx   I JUST GOT THE RED RING OF DEATH (13)
2009_10_19_18:07:53.846   087.165.234.xxx   Eyesnter text & CR to see real-time on Haunted Office Cam!
2009_10_19_18:08:18.164   068.194.244.xxx   HOLA COMO ESTAS (14)
2009_10_19_18:08:20.601   087.165.234.xxx   yes
2009_10_19_18:08:35.526   071.020.239.xxx   i like your yellow shirt alek
2009_10_19_18:08:52.494   081.104.140.xxx   alek did u add rope like to rim of grass were drive wayy is?
2009_10_19_18:08:54.912   068.194.244.xxx   ME ENCANTA TU LUZ ALEK (15)
2009_10_19_18:09:18.715   071.020.239.xxx   WAVE TO US ALEK
2009_10_19_18:09:21.476   068.194.244.xxx   ADIOS MIOS (16)
2009_10_19_18:09:52.781   071.020.239.xxx   WAVE TO US ALEK!!!
2009_10_19_18:10:00.566   068.194.244.xxx   ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ (17)
2009_10_19_18:10:26.782   071.020.239.xxx   WAVE TO US ALEK!!!
2009_10_19_18:10:45.286   087.165.234.xxx   ___ here it is now 02.09 clock, good night you all must work in 6 hours :-)
2009_10_19_18:10:45.527   068.194.244.xxx   YEA YEA "YOOOOOOOOO"""" (18)
2009_10_19_18:11:01.972   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Will move Grim Reaper and Headless Horseman when wife gets home ***ALEK***
2009_10_19_18:11:02.531   071.020.239.xxx   thank you (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_19_18:11:04.962   081.104.140.xxx   alek when do halloween lights come down??
2009_10_19_18:11:13.977   068.194.244.xxx   Tomarrow (19)
2009_10_19_18:11:34.938   081.104.140.xxx   :))
2009_10_19_18:11:42.308   071.020.239.xxx   Nov 1st (11)
2009_10_19_18:11:53.546   068.194.244.xxx   WHERE ARE THE KIDS ALEK (20 IM's so far today)
2009_10_19_18:12:19.147   081.104.140.xxx   alek when does wife get home? so i can time it in uk time so i stay awake !!
2009_10_19_18:12:23.963   068.194.244.xxx   AND THE LOVELY WENDY (21)
2009_10_19_18:12:51.292   068.194.244.xxx   SHES HOME ALREADU (22)
2009_10_19_18:13:26.144   087.165.234.xxx   it's all live here??
2009_10_19_18:13:26.622   071.020.239.xxx   I Like the Christmas lights more (12)
2009_10_19_18:13:39.216   081.104.140.xxx   its 1.13am in uk but slept today so i could stay up and control these !! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_19_18:13:39.570   068.194.244.xxx   HEY ALEK ITS UR NEIBOR LETS FIX THAT FENCE NOW (23)
2009_10_19_18:14:29.213   068.194.244.xxx   What kind of computer are you using alek? is it new? (24)
2009_10_19_18:14:30.203   071.020.239.xxx   Can you fix my toilet (13)
2009_10_19_18:14:41.963   081.104.140.xxx   why do people in the us never have garden fences its always open land?? (11)
2009_10_19_18:14:59.214   068.194.244.xxx   why do people in the us never have garden fences its always (25)
2009_10_19_18:15:15.447   071.020.239.xxx   THATS HOW WE ROLL GO USA!!! (14)
2009_10_19_18:15:39.751   068.194.244.xxx   what kind of computer are u using is it new this yeare (26)
2009_10_19_18:15:46.462   081.104.140.xxx   you could never do that in uk! decs would get stole :( (12)
2009_10_19_18:16:03.576   071.020.239.xxx   WHAT ARE DEES (15)
2009_10_19_18:16:17.103   081.104.140.xxx   DECS :-) (13)
2009_10_19_18:17:27.765   081.104.140.xxx   alek how do you plug these all in cant see any wires (14)
2009_10_19_18:18:23.891   071.020.239.xxx   GO BOISE STATE (16)
2009_10_19_18:18:34.797   071.091.039.xxx   So how long does it take to get all of the lights up?
2009_10_19_18:19:18.129   081.104.140.xxx   had anymore snow??? (15)
2009_10_19_18:19:24.257   071.091.039.xxx   Heads up Harry needs a light on him :)
2009_10_19_18:19:24.466   071.020.239.xxx   BOISE       STATE (17)
2009_10_19_18:19:52.979   068.194.244.xxx   Alek DONT IGNOR US WE KNOW UR THERE (27)
2009_10_19_18:20:21.234   068.194.244.xxx   IS THAT COMPUTER NEW (28)
2009_10_19_18:20:25.261   071.020.239.xxx   this is so fun i tinkled (18)
2009_10_19_18:20:30.078   081.104.140.xxx   many inflatables do u have halloween & xmas! (16)
2009_10_19_18:20:46.158   068.194.244.xxx   10 MILLION (29)
2009_10_19_18:20:55.134   081.104.140.xxx   kool (17)
2009_10_19_18:21:28.059   068.194.244.xxx   well 9,999,000 now one exploded (30 IM's so far today)
2009_10_19_18:21:45.460   081.104.140.xxx   that made me laugh !! (18)
2009_10_19_18:22:07.157   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Plug came loose on Heads-Up Harry Light - FIXED - THANKS! ***ALEK***
2009_10_19_18:22:22.764   068.194.244.xxx   YES! (31)
2009_10_19_18:23:23.231   081.104.140.xxx   imagine a plane landed on your lawn ! (19)
2009_10_19_18:24:06.251   081.104.140.xxx   Have u added more lights alek?? (20 IM's so far today)
2009_10_19_18:24:24.355   068.007.128.xxx   no he hasnt
2009_10_19_18:25:10.497   081.104.140.xxx   are the ones on edge of grass not new? (21)
2009_10_19_18:25:20.009   068.007.128.xxx   when do these turn on?
2009_10_19_18:25:54.174   081.104.140.xxx   6pm (22)
2009_10_19_18:26:27.627   068.007.128.xxx   oh ......................................
2009_10_19_18:26:47.544   081.104.140.xxx   whats he going to do to grim reaper?? (23)
2009_10_19_18:27:05.560   068.007.128.xxx   ...............................................................................
2009_10_19_18:27:19.992   081.104.140.xxx   ???............ (24)
2009_10_19_18:27:52.830   081.104.140.xxx   any good jokes?? (25)
2009_10_19_18:28:29.046   081.104.140.xxx   i spy alek!! (26)
2009_10_19_18:28:53.276   068.007.128.xxx   well where is he?
2009_10_19_18:29:27.556   081.104.140.xxx   is aleks neighbour still on here?? (27)
2009_10_19_18:30:26.698   081.104.140.xxx   others in your street better start decorating!! (28)
2009_10_19_18:31:08.456   081.104.140.xxx   thought you were moving inflatables?? (29)
2009_10_19_18:32:45.004   081.104.140.xxx   talk alek!! (30 IM's so far today)
2009_10_19_18:34:03.891   071.196.208.xxx   wave for me alek plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
2009_10_19_18:34:29.499   071.196.208.xxx   plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
2009_10_19_18:34:53.009   081.104.140.xxx   Alek is So cool !! Waveeeeeeeee!? (31)
2009_10_19_18:35:13.255   071.196.208.xxx   wave or ur a nerd lol jk
2009_10_19_18:35:49.020   081.104.140.xxx   Aleks a CoOl dude!!! (32)
2009_10_19_18:35:48.136   076.250.091.xxx   hey alex where is the offering?
2009_10_19_18:36:18.917   081.104.140.xxx   He ran away :-( (33)
2009_10_19_18:36:25.525   076.250.091.xxx   i miss the beers
2009_10_19_18:37:34.402   081.104.140.xxx   Much is an inflatable in the USA!! (34)
2009_10_19_18:37:59.409   081.104.237.xxx   Heyy
2009_10_19_18:38:30.583   081.104.140.xxx   anyone? (35)
2009_10_19_18:38:50.057   081.104.237.xxx   i think.. alek need's some new lights next year !
2009_10_19_18:38:54.522   076.250.091.xxx   y is there braile @ drive thru atms?
2009_10_19_18:39:03.718   081.104.140.xxx   why :o! (36)
2009_10_19_18:39:41.157   081.104.140.xxx   Because blind people want money as well ! (37)
2009_10_19_18:39:51.572   081.104.237.xxx   i think alek needs some new lights next year, maybe a haunted house walk throug
2009_10_19_18:39:53.597   076.250.091.xxx   hey alex where is the beer offering?
2009_10_19_18:40:23.788   081.104.140.xxx   drives open (38)
2009_10_19_18:41:03.387   081.104.237.xxx   maybe, alek should do a haunted house walk through next year
2009_10_19_18:41:35.991   081.104.140.xxx   he should sell all his lights and buy inflatables!! (39)
2009_10_19_18:42:55.755   081.104.237.xxx   make a haunted house, so we can watch them getting scared
2009_10_19_18:43:24.318   166.134.201.xxx   no keep the lights!!!!
2009_10_19_18:43:32.429   081.104.140.xxx   anyone else decorate for halloween or xmas? (40 IM's so far today)
2009_10_19_18:43:33.872   081.104.237.xxx   ahhh.. he has more lighttss !
2009_10_19_18:44:02.307   081.104.140.xxx   anyone else decorate for halloween or xmas? (41)
2009_10_19_18:44:16.522   081.104.237.xxx   yesh ... mega :)
2009_10_19_18:44:42.280   081.104.140.xxx   do you have inflatables? (42)
2009_10_19_18:45:01.546   081.104.237.xxx   yess... who doesn't??
2009_10_19_18:45:18.652   081.104.140.xxx   i know there amazinggggggggg! (43)
2009_10_19_18:46:03.390   081.104.140.xxx   except when they get vandalised :-( (44)
2009_10_19_18:46:06.258   081.104.237.xxx   i turned the whole off my house into a haunted house
2009_10_19_18:46:42.280   081.104.237.xxx   and it was live on the web, people could speak and crap them up (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_19_18:47:11.395   081.104.140.xxx   hoo puts there xmas lights up at start of novemeber? (45)
2009_10_19_18:48:09.315   081.104.140.xxx   anyone? (46)
2009_10_19_18:48:30.317   081.104.237.xxx   if you guys watch this on halloween night, they dont actually get many trick or (11)
2009_10_19_18:49:07.493   081.104.237.xxx   trick or treators, and they dont do much to scare them, just give out candy :/ (12)
2009_10_19_18:49:34.313   081.104.237.xxx   lottts off candy :/ (13)
2009_10_19_18:50:33.112   081.104.140.xxx   whats on tv in the usa? (47)
2009_10_19_18:50:47.495   081.104.237.xxx   well.. me thinks next year, or christmas he could do with better cam's (14)
2009_10_19_18:51:10.435   081.104.140.xxx   are you gonna pay for them ?? (48)
2009_10_19_18:53:22.878   081.104.237.xxx   where are the " all three grim reapers " ?? lol (15)
2009_10_19_18:53:44.270   166.134.201.xxx   anyone gonna dress up for halloween?
2009_10_19_18:55:15.165   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Who asked for beer? ***ALEK***
2009_10_19_18:55:38.227   081.104.237.xxx   ahhh beer would be good :) (16)
2009_10_19_18:56:54.523   081.104.237.xxx   hahaha, awsome ! :) (17)
2009_10_19_18:57:54.467   081.104.237.xxx   so, come on alek, how much does all this cost in electric?? haha (18)
2009_10_19_18:58:51.432   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Scroll down the main page - electrical is about ONE dollar/day - YEP! ***ALEK***
2009_10_19_18:59:43.307   081.104.237.xxx   Wow.. thats not even that bad :S... is it? im from uk soo.. haha (19)
2009_10_19_19:06:59.439   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** How about a cold refreshing PBR?!? ***ALEK***
2009_10_19_19:07:53.604   156.034.196.xxx   that little mummr
2009_10_19_19:08:31.075   156.034.196.xxx   little mummy reminds me of col sanders last xmas
2009_10_19_19:17:40.226   216.108.204.xxx   hi hulk
2009_10_19_19:19:24.804   069.153.191.xxx   XBOX 360
2009_10_19_19:23:02.055   069.153.191.xxx   Roof lights won't turn off again
2009_10_19_19:23:32.783   069.153.191.xxx   Sure are a lot of glitches this halloween
2009_10_19_19:25:01.363   071.065.048.xxx   Hey World!
2009_10_19_19:29:07.561   071.065.048.xxx   Hello for Ohio!
2009_10_19_19:29:35.668   071.065.048.xxx   Hello from Ohio!
2009_10_19_19:32:12.001   216.108.204.xxx   I CRUSH PUNY HULK!
2009_10_19_19:33:20.132   071.065.048.xxx   I CRUSH PUNY HUMAN WHO CRUSHES PUNY HULK!
2009_10_19_19:33:47.555   070.178.040.xxx   I don't think zone 1 is toggling off (garage lights)
2009_10_19_19:34:24.847   156.034.196.xxx   good, no need to turn lights off
2009_10_19_19:36:32.424   072.051.226.xxx   Alek where did you the skulls on a pole?
2009_10_19_19:37:06.617   072.051.226.xxx   get
2009_10_19_19:37:51.986   071.065.048.xxx   I can't wait till christmas!
2009_10_19_19:38:27.912   072.051.226.xxx   me 2
2009_10_19_19:38:54.121   071.065.048.xxx   i am SO SO GRATEFULthat my uncle showed me this!
2009_10_19_19:40:05.280   071.065.048.xxx   Christmas is such a magical time of year!
2009_10_19_19:44:57.516   069.153.191.xxx   Windows 7 pwns
2009_10_19_19:45:11.899   071.065.048.xxx   I'm getting it for christmas.
2009_10_19_19:45:32.388   069.153.191.xxx   I have it already. It's awesome!
2009_10_19_19:45:43.904   071.065.048.xxx   Lucky....
2009_10_19_19:46:41.044   069.153.191.xxx   yay alcoholism
2009_10_19_19:47:32.955   069.153.191.xxx   la la la
2009_10_19_19:47:51.154   068.194.244.xxx   Alex the Top roof lights are stuck on (32)
2009_10_19_19:50:01.604   071.065.048.xxx   HEYALEK (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_19_19:50:08.670   069.153.191.xxx   Hi kid (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_19_19:51:58.293   071.065.048.xxx   Hey World! (11)
2009_10_19_19:52:35.931   068.194.244.xxx   Is webcame 2  black and white for u guys also (33)
2009_10_19_19:53:40.378   069.153.191.xxx   yeah it broke (11)
2009_10_19_19:53:58.276   071.065.048.xxx   What broke? (12)
2009_10_19_19:54:31.248   068.194.244.xxx   Yea only like 3 zones are working and webcam 2 is broken (34)
2009_10_19_19:54:33.413   070.214.132.xxx   haha
2009_10_19_19:57:56.753   070.214.132.xxx   im on a boat!
2009_10_19_20:00:14.301   070.214.132.xxx   Gamertag: wOr HuMpY
2009_10_19_20:02:33.140   070.214.132.xxx   ______ is my favorite letter
2009_10_19_20:03:54.414   070.214.132.xxx   _______________________________________________________________________________
2009_10_19_20:06:40.914   071.065.048.xxx   ? (13)
2009_10_19_20:13:30.753   071.065.048.xxx   Hey Alek (14)
2009_10_19_20:15:26.536   075.080.056.xxx   roof lights aren't turning off....
2009_10_19_20:27:22.507   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Going outside to check on X10 Super Socket for Roof Lights ***ALEK***
2009_10_19_20:38:05.762   071.065.048.xxx   I'm tired. (15)
2009_10_19_20:38:20.277   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, still something funky with the X10 transeiver in the garage - intermittent ***ALEK***
2009_10_19_21:17:13.033   098.223.155.xxx   Hello from Bloomington
2009_10_19_21:23:33.283   098.223.155.xxx   Hello from Bloomington
2009_10_19_21:27:18.138   092.029.058.xxx   Hiiiiiiiii

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