165 halloween text messages on 2009/1024

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 1,584 times that day including 596 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1024

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_10_24_18:00:35.817   071.196.208.xxx   1st
2009_10_24_18:02:14.659   207.255.061.xxx   hello from central PA+
2009_10_24_18:03:58.649   071.065.048.xxx   HELLO
2009_10_24_18:04:13.228   075.111.090.xxx   hello from amarillo tx
2009_10_24_18:06:28.728   024.056.161.xxx   Good evening from Carlsbad, NM
2009_10_24_18:10:29.943   074.075.235.xxx   Greetings from Maine
2009_10_24_18:11:39.545   096.255.204.xxx   Happy Halloween from Fairfax, Va.!
2009_10_24_18:14:16.941   156.034.196.xxx   1 more week till Halloween Silver Shamrock!
2009_10_24_18:15:25.532   024.056.161.xxx   Don't forget daylight savings time ends tonight!
2009_10_24_18:16:37.177   096.255.204.xxx   No that's after Christmas
2009_10_24_18:19:54.023   074.075.235.xxx   Daylight savings is next Saturday night
2009_10_24_18:20:50.757   074.075.235.xxx   So where's Alek, I've yet to seeeeee him :-)
2009_10_24_18:23:55.457   069.153.191.xxx   la la la
2009_10_24_18:26:46.950   076.178.243.xxx   This website is awesome!
2009_10_24_18:27:22.119   076.178.243.xxx   What the f***?
2009_10_24_18:27:59.588   076.178.243.xxx   Wow! it even stars out the cusses!
2009_10_24_18:28:39.647   076.178.243.xxx   Hello America! Please visit LINK DELETED
2009_10_24_18:29:21.496   076.178.243.xxx   Hi America! Please google 
2009_10_24_18:29:53.490   076.178.243.xxx   I AM A DELL
2009_10_24_18:30:18.511   076.178.243.xxx   :-)
2009_10_24_18:31:23.359   076.178.243.xxx   Hi Hulk!
2009_10_24_18:32:13.177   076.178.243.xxx   Mac Leopard
2009_10_24_18:32:34.384   076.178.243.xxx   Mac Leopard Rocks! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_24_18:33:34.726   076.178.243.xxx   You should take an LCD projector and project this screen on the lawn at night! (11)
2009_10_24_18:34:39.306   076.178.243.xxx   8888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 (12)
2009_10_24_18:36:02.255   207.119.005.xxx   hi
2009_10_24_18:36:27.496   076.178.243.xxx   Hi! I am Eric form Maine (13)
2009_10_24_18:37:38.979   076.178.243.xxx   I am Eric who are you? (14)
2009_10_24_18:37:42.611   207.119.005.xxx   hi eric I am in tx
2009_10_24_18:38:00.161   076.178.243.xxx   I am in Maine (15)
2009_10_24_18:38:31.994   207.119.005.xxx   where in maine Iwas born there
2009_10_24_18:38:54.365   076.178.243.xxx   This site is SO AWESOME!!! Oh, Portland (16)
2009_10_24_18:39:01.173   207.119.005.xxx   biddeford
2009_10_24_18:39:38.794   076.178.243.xxx   Have you been here before? (17)
2009_10_24_18:40:16.758   076.178.243.xxx   I mean to this site? (18)
2009_10_24_18:40:45.359   076.178.243.xxx   Go to Google (19)
2009_10_24_18:41:28.616   076.178.243.xxx   Oh, BE QUIET HULK! (20 IM's so far today)
2009_10_24_18:42:18.132   076.178.243.xxx   How much did all this cost? (21)
2009_10_24_18:52:05.040   207.119.005.xxx   look on bottem page it says
2009_10_24_18:54:43.503   207.119.005.xxx   where in maine
2009_10_24_18:58:25.145   207.119.005.xxx   hey from texas
2009_10_24_18:59:23.009   024.002.205.xxx   hy
2009_10_24_19:00:23.177   024.002.205.xxx   talk
2009_10_24_19:07:16.681   207.119.005.xxx   hey dude
2009_10_24_19:08:05.343   207.119.005.xxx   i am stuck in computer
2009_10_24_19:09:41.167   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just got back from family dinner - you guys take good care of my house! ***ALEK***
2009_10_24_19:10:14.977   207.119.005.xxx   sure will (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_24_19:10:55.435   207.119.005.xxx   this is amazing (11)
2009_10_24_19:11:36.003   207.119.005.xxx   grrrr (12)
2009_10_24_19:20:16.748   207.119.005.xxx   hulks lights are off (13)
2009_10_24_19:21:40.600   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hulk's Lights - Zone #2 - is working fine - lights up the Big Green Guys pretty ***ALEK***
2009_10_24_19:22:19.592   075.185.067.xxx   brigid is a dingle dorkus
2009_10_24_19:27:49.861   024.056.161.xxx   Hello
2009_10_24_19:29:30.978   024.056.161.xxx   Where is every body from?
2009_10_24_19:31:42.396   024.056.161.xxx   Good evening Alex
2009_10_24_19:37:25.579   024.056.161.xxx   Where is every one watching from?
2009_10_24_19:42:29.177   072.081.055.xxx   Hello from Pennsylvania!
2009_10_24_19:53:14.813   189.105.144.xxx   Me d___ meu chip Pedro!!!
2009_10_24_19:53:56.109   068.194.244.xxx   yo alex can you turn ur office light off the lights will look cooler
2009_10_24_19:55:50.149   189.105.144.xxx   Me da meu chip Pedro!!!
2009_10_24_19:56:43.075   187.040.058.xxx   Happy halloween from Brazil!!
2009_10_24_19:57:26.229   189.105.144.xxx   Daniel, a bruxa est___ em Feira!!!
2009_10_24_20:01:27.729   068.194.244.xxx   WAVE TO ME ALEK
2009_10_24_20:02:20.592   068.194.244.xxx   What do you do for a living alek
2009_10_24_20:04:23.836   068.194.244.xxx   ?
2009_10_24_20:07:32.213   071.142.150.xxx   good evening alex
2009_10_24_20:08:48.908   071.142.150.xxx   when u going to start going throw the wifes kitchen?
2009_10_24_20:09:54.452   156.034.196.xxx   Halloween night must be pretty cool here :)
2009_10_24_20:10:05.147   071.142.150.xxx   during chrismas you where always getting stuff from the kitchen
2009_10_24_20:10:48.198   156.034.196.xxx   and the kids came in wearing funny hats
2009_10_24_20:11:12.976   099.241.152.xxx   Hello from Canada's Capital... Ottawa!
2009_10_24_20:12:17.654   099.241.152.xxx   komar.org
2009_10_24_20:12:47.497   071.142.150.xxx   alex most be doing stuff to the web site
2009_10_24_20:13:22.596   071.142.150.xxx   please dont take it down we all enjoy this site
2009_10_24_20:13:25.315   069.153.191.xxx   His name is Alek not Alex learn2read
2009_10_24_20:14:02.679   071.142.150.xxx   what?
2009_10_24_20:14:33.942   069.153.191.xxx   His name, it's A-L-E-K
2009_10_24_20:14:48.157   071.142.150.xxx   what?
2009_10_24_20:14:57.724   069.153.191.xxx   Not X
2009_10_24_20:15:15.413   071.142.150.xxx   what/
2009_10_24_20:16:22.588   069.153.191.xxx   what what what what what what what what what what what what what what what what
2009_10_24_20:21:14.708   062.030.083.xxx   hello from england xx
2009_10_24_20:24:22.218   193.200.150.xxx   Fright Night
2009_10_24_20:25:27.456   062.030.083.xxx   you rock xxx
2009_10_24_20:29:18.897   066.191.192.xxx   Hey!!! This is so cool.. I wish i could do this!
2009_10_24_20:32:20.942   066.191.192.xxx   This is awesome!
2009_10_24_20:44:07.733   082.019.217.xxx   Well done to who ever, one of the better web sites around
2009_10_24_20:44:29.582   068.057.099.xxx   i like the chrstmas decoration better
2009_10_24_20:44:43.530   068.194.244.xxx   What do you do for a living Alek????????????????????
2009_10_24_20:45:20.715   068.057.099.xxx   sorry i'm a christmas person
2009_10_24_20:46:29.725   068.194.244.xxx   What do you do for a living Alek???
2009_10_24_20:46:31.392   068.057.099.xxx   most people talk on christmas month
2009_10_24_20:47:07.229   067.142.130.xxx   Hello Alek from Shadow
2009_10_24_20:47:11.245   068.194.244.xxx   What do you do for a living Alek???????????????????
2009_10_24_20:47:55.604   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello Galena Alaska - cold up there? ***ALEK***
2009_10_24_20:48:33.108   067.142.130.xxx   Nope only 25 degrees
2009_10_24_20:49:20.718   068.057.099.xxx   it feel like summer in virginia
2009_10_24_20:50:18.919   067.142.130.xxx   We should be at 50 below zero at this time!
2009_10_24_20:50:20.277   082.019.217.xxx   Im in Glasgow,Scotland..its geting cold here
2009_10_24_20:51:10.298   068.057.099.xxx   i just wis*** was snowing in virginia
2009_10_24_20:51:36.822   068.057.099.xxx   i just wis*** was snowing in virginia
2009_10_24_20:52:37.205   068.057.099.xxx   just like it is some were in new york
2009_10_24_20:54:11.014   068.194.244.xxx   SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS
2009_10_24_20:54:30.065   068.057.099.xxx   does anybody know where he went
2009_10_24_20:56:09.801   068.057.099.xxx   there he is where did u go
2009_10_24_20:56:15.014   024.002.205.xxx   no
2009_10_24_20:57:19.646   024.002.205.xxx   no
2009_10_24_20:57:22.731   068.194.244.xxx   Alex some of the zones arent turning everthing on when u hit on
2009_10_24_20:58:03.425   068.194.244.xxx   like spongebobs suppose to be on when pumpkins are on but hes not (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_24_21:00:24.265   024.002.205.xxx   kk
2009_10_24_21:00:31.107   068.057.099.xxx   just to say is thier a thanksgiving show (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_24_21:00:58.261   068.057.099.xxx   there my bad (11)
2009_10_24_21:02:56.267   068.057.099.xxx   do u talk to us or just sit there (12)
2009_10_24_21:03:02.309   071.160.065.xxx   iskate300
2009_10_24_21:03:44.057   071.160.065.xxx   subscribe to LINK DELETED/iskate300
2009_10_24_21:04:56.406   068.057.099.xxx   I'm new here and i just read the thing about your (13)
2009_10_24_21:05:16.618   071.160.065.xxx   subscribe to iskate300
2009_10_24_21:06:22.513   071.071.199.xxx   what's the wweather like there Mr G?
2009_10_24_21:06:57.992   071.071.199.xxx   it's 70 here :)
2009_10_24_21:07:12.546   024.002.205.xxx   Alek_________ Hulk for Pez - nuff said! _________ALEK_________
2009_10_24_21:07:14.817   068.057.099.xxx   i'm new here and i just read the thing about  your kids i'm sorry (14)
2009_10_24_21:07:57.200   024.002.205.xxx   i see you
2009_10_24_21:09:03.184   098.127.074.xxx   Hello from Billings, MT
2009_10_24_21:09:31.888   024.002.205.xxx   what
2009_10_24_21:09:58.244   024.002.205.xxx   by
2009_10_24_21:10:50.204   024.002.205.xxx   hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_24_21:11:32.056   024.002.205.xxx   AWESOME DUDE! (11)
2009_10_24_21:11:47.919   194.066.175.xxx   This is freaking cool
2009_10_24_21:12:13.376   024.002.205.xxx   9___12 (12)
2009_10_24_21:12:38.074   024.002.205.xxx   on the clock (13)
2009_10_24_21:12:52.375   173.056.145.xxx   u lick lollipop
2009_10_24_21:13:46.313   024.002.205.xxx   18:00:15.543   070.084.053.xxx (14)
2009_10_24_21:14:13.858   068.057.099.xxx   as i siad i'm a christmas person so i'm going to look at christmas stuff (15)
2009_10_24_21:14:45.572   076.250.091.xxx   hey he finally put out the pepto!
2009_10_24_21:15:27.187   065.030.146.xxx   if anyone can see this type 12345
2009_10_24_21:16:07.414   024.247.244.xxx   h1ni
2009_10_24_21:16:19.872   065.030.146.xxx   Majstar in the house at 10:16 pm
2009_10_24_21:16:35.418   024.247.244.xxx   H1N!
2009_10_24_21:16:49.630   065.030.146.xxx   what is hin!
2009_10_24_21:17:00.374   072.155.202.xxx   Savannah tn says:ha I just noticed the lava lamp
2009_10_24_21:17:17.036   024.247.244.xxx   h1n1
2009_10_24_21:17:45.094   076.250.091.xxx   nooo!!! now i got it!
2009_10_24_21:18:14.700   076.250.091.xxx   oink-oink!
2009_10_24_21:19:08.884   072.155.202.xxx   its the great PIG charlie brown
2009_10_24_21:23:08.103   072.155.202.xxx   Savannah tn says:ha I just noticed the lava lamp
2009_10_24_21:42:42.368   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** That would be the GROOVY Lava Lamp! ***ALEK***
2009_10_24_21:43:22.370   068.057.099.xxx   WOW!!! It's almost 10:00 over there i wish this will be longer (16)
2009_10_24_21:44:18.979   068.057.099.xxx   It's almost 12:00 in Virginia (17)
2009_10_24_21:51:19.893   068.057.099.xxx   i'm going to count down until bye bye (18)
2009_10_24_21:51:49.295   068.057.099.xxx   9 (19)
2009_10_24_21:52:24.277   072.081.055.xxx   Soooo Groovy!
2009_10_24_21:52:52.973   068.057.099.xxx   7 (20 IM's so far today)
2009_10_24_21:53:09.550   072.081.055.xxx   Heads Up Harry's cousin was on my local news tonight!
2009_10_24_21:53:53.537   068.057.099.xxx   6 (21)
2009_10_24_21:53:59.936   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** LOL - what was Heads-Up Harry doing on the news?!? ***ALEK***
2009_10_24_21:55:03.607   156.034.196.xxx   g-night all till tomorrow :)
2009_10_24_21:55:46.603   068.057.099.xxx   5 (22)
2009_10_24_21:56:15.104   072.081.055.xxx   It was a story about scary Halloween decorations...
2009_10_24_21:56:16.232   068.057.099.xxx   4 (23)
2009_10_24_21:56:52.526   072.081.055.xxx   I did a doubletake! LOL!
2009_10_24_21:56:53.851   068.057.099.xxx   3 (24)
2009_10_24_21:56:54.141   156.034.196.xxx   lol 1am here :) (in 5 mins :P)
2009_10_24_21:57:35.826   068.057.099.xxx   2 (25)
2009_10_24_21:58:09.907   068.057.099.xxx   1 (26)
2009_10_24_21:59:29.542   068.057.099.xxx   Bye Bye (27)

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