296 halloween text messages on 2009/1029

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 3,563 times that day including 1,311 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1029

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_10_29_17:00:07.419   094.006.101.xxx   CALLEN LOVES KERRI XX
2009_10_29_17:00:53.409   086.161.203.xxx   kerrii loes callen
2009_10_29_17:01:33.883   094.002.140.xxx   can you please go un cover the on
2009_10_29_17:02:01.578   089.241.176.xxx   Yeah, we cant se the ON :(
2009_10_29_17:02:08.527   086.161.203.xxx   nice bdy
2009_10_29_17:02:11.632   094.002.140.xxx   can you please go un cover the ON/OFF light
2009_10_29_17:02:25.879   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Oh yeah, forgot to sweep the ON/OFF - heading outside! ***ALEK***
2009_10_29_17:02:31.162   076.178.243.xxx   Compgeek - Hi! I'm on!
2009_10_29_17:02:38.520   089.241.176.xxx   Yeah please uncover them alek
2009_10_29_17:02:56.086   071.187.031.xxx   Howdy
2009_10_29_17:03:10.698   089.241.176.xxx   hi
2009_10_29_17:03:28.190   076.178.243.xxx   Compgeek - Is the X10 working?
2009_10_29_17:03:29.215   071.187.031.xxx   sup
2009_10_29_17:03:56.562   089.241.176.xxx   yay he is uncovering the ON off :)
2009_10_29_17:04:13.757   071.187.031.xxx   yay
2009_10_29_17:04:13.772   076.178.243.xxx   Compgeek - Zone one is not working for me.
2009_10_29_17:04:27.875   079.066.101.xxx   hey it's nicole :D
2009_10_29_17:04:51.156   069.046.054.xxx   hi nicole
2009_10_29_17:04:56.252   076.178.243.xxx   Compgeek - not ME! ___)
2009_10_29_17:05:13.628   071.187.031.xxx   Its charley second cousin i beilieve no joke. drew dawter
2009_10_29_17:05:55.410   076.178.243.xxx   Compgeek - OK now it works!
2009_10_29_17:06:15.175   081.104.008.xxx   hey everyone from stephen
2009_10_29_17:06:32.885   076.178.243.xxx   Compgeek - Anyone tried the HD version?
2009_10_29_17:06:35.271   082.020.020.xxx   Hi there from D & Z !!
2009_10_29_17:06:38.365   086.161.203.xxx   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2009_10_29_17:06:50.138   081.104.008.xxx   cant wait for christmas!!!
2009_10_29_17:06:53.107   071.187.031.xxx   Howdy from your second cousin charley!
2009_10_29_17:06:59.834   076.178.243.xxx   Compgeek - Anyone tried the HD version?
2009_10_29_17:07:00.458   069.046.054.xxx   boooooooooooo
2009_10_29_17:07:26.601   076.178.243.xxx   Compgeek - Anyone tried the HD version?
2009_10_29_17:07:37.713   071.187.031.xxx   oh hahaha
2009_10_29_17:07:57.725   090.198.103.xxx   hello
2009_10_29_17:08:01.218   094.002.140.xxx   THANKS
2009_10_29_17:08:08.008   076.178.243.xxx   Compgeek - It doesn't seem to be 'HD'
2009_10_29_17:08:13.807   071.187.031.xxx   whats going on
2009_10_29_17:08:14.802   081.104.008.xxx   dieeeeeeeee
2009_10_29_17:08:16.195   069.151.027.xxx   Looks like the storm is over, but snow remains :)
2009_10_29_17:08:20.835   024.105.237.xxx   Hi Sarah
2009_10_29_17:08:34.733   089.241.176.xxx   Alek rocks AND reminds ME of OUR school CHEF!
2009_10_29_17:08:37.663   090.198.103.xxx   boowho
2009_10_29_17:08:49.364   081.104.008.xxx   hows everyone doing!!?!!
2009_10_29_17:08:49.717   071.187.031.xxx   alex is my dads cousin
2009_10_29_17:09:04.881   090.198.103.xxx   muhahahahaha
2009_10_29_17:09:12.698   076.178.243.xxx   Compgeek - Alek reminds me of my camp's director (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_29_17:09:13.196   089.241.176.xxx   Alek works at my school as a chef, im sure it is him :-)
2009_10_29_17:09:17.262   081.104.008.xxx   alex rules!!
2009_10_29_17:09:18.670   071.187.031.xxx   i meant alez
2009_10_29_17:09:41.562   076.178.243.xxx   Compgeek - Alez? (11)
2009_10_29_17:09:49.522   081.104.008.xxx   hello from UK!!!!
2009_10_29_17:10:00.652   089.241.176.xxx   Compgeek - Guinness is nice :-)
2009_10_29_17:10:03.955   070.122.115.xxx   Hello from Texas
2009_10_29_17:10:14.747   076.178.243.xxx   Compgeek - THAT IS AN IMPOSTER (12)
2009_10_29_17:10:20.602   081.104.008.xxx   i prefer budweisser
2009_10_29_17:10:25.525   071.187.031.xxx   hello from new jersey! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_29_17:10:30.624   089.241.176.xxx   Hi from the UK :)
2009_10_29_17:10:46.387   086.161.203.xxx   big up d uk famoo init sliee
2009_10_29_17:10:48.448   081.104.008.xxx   give us a wave alex!!
2009_10_29_17:10:55.328   070.122.115.xxx   Happy Halloween Everyone
2009_10_29_17:10:58.334   076.178.243.xxx   Compgeek - Alright... Who copied my U-name? (13)
2009_10_29_17:11:20.891   090.198.103.xxx   hello alex
2009_10_29_17:11:23.447   086.161.203.xxx   mans dntlike ppl hu wave doe
2009_10_29_17:11:28.770   081.104.008.xxx   alex, give us a wave!!! :)
2009_10_29_17:11:29.091   089.241.176.xxx   Computegeek - thankyou for clearning the ON/OFF Alek! :)
2009_10_29_17:11:31.014   064.012.116.xxx   hello UK from across the big pond
2009_10_29_17:11:34.383   069.151.027.xxx   Compgeek - I love anime
2009_10_29_17:11:52.571   090.198.103.xxx   goodluck
2009_10_29_17:11:55.642   076.178.243.xxx   Compgeek - You evil imposter! (14)
2009_10_29_17:12:03.366   081.104.008.xxx   wave to us alex!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_29_17:12:15.637   089.241.176.xxx   Please can we stop being nasty people :l (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_29_17:12:22.837   094.002.140.xxx   thanks for uncovering the ON/OFF sign
2009_10_29_17:12:40.889   076.178.243.xxx   Compgeek - I will now become MacGeek! (15)
2009_10_29_17:12:48.805   089.241.176.xxx   HEY ALEK :D you rock!! (11)
2009_10_29_17:13:05.879   081.104.008.xxx   :D yeh!!! we love you alex! (11)
2009_10_29_17:13:09.932   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** ON and OFF are uncovered, but needs to get darker to see 'em well ***ALEK***
2009_10_29_17:13:22.663   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek- POOF! Instant macgeek! (16)
2009_10_29_17:13:30.794   094.002.140.xxx   thanks
2009_10_29_17:13:48.972   089.241.176.xxx   Alek, you are officially the coolest guy I have ever seen in my entire life :D (12)
2009_10_29_17:14:04.089   086.161.203.xxx   nicole.......
2009_10_29_17:14:15.383   024.211.091.xxx   great stuff
2009_10_29_17:14:16.413   090.198.103.xxx   yes
2009_10_29_17:14:22.518   089.241.176.xxx   Alek rocks AND reminds ME of OUR school CHEF! (13)
2009_10_29_17:14:41.753   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek- how's the storm Alek? (17)
2009_10_29_17:14:57.756   089.241.176.xxx   Im pretty sure Alek is my school chef, haha :D (14)
2009_10_29_17:15:09.529   086.161.203.xxx   alek loos like the guy from the film flubber
2009_10_29_17:15:29.239   024.105.237.xxx   :o)
2009_10_29_17:15:34.809   089.241.176.xxx   He looks like my school chef! - he is so coolio! (15)
2009_10_29_17:15:47.280   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek- coolio? (18)
2009_10_29_17:15:49.477   094.002.140.xxx   yer he is such a cleather guy
2009_10_29_17:16:02.329   086.161.203.xxx   he looks like the guy from flubber tho its soo cool
2009_10_29_17:16:02.464   024.105.237.xxx   hi brian
2009_10_29_17:16:13.479   089.241.176.xxx   Alek works at my school as a chef, im sure it is him :-) (16)
2009_10_29_17:16:34.486   086.161.203.xxx   the flubber actor thoo
2009_10_29_17:16:38.223   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek-I keep waiting for Alek to remove his head! (19)
2009_10_29_17:17:00.313   024.105.237.xxx   hi brian
2009_10_29_17:17:06.058   078.145.078.xxx   how long till dark alek?
2009_10_29_17:17:47.172   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek- Anyone here from Maine? (20 IM's so far today)
2009_10_29_17:17:58.083   094.002.140.xxx   watching family guy
2009_10_29_17:18:13.815   072.227.086.xxx   yes i am from maine
2009_10_29_17:18:14.484   086.161.203.xxx   :O love it (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_29_17:18:19.877   089.241.176.xxx   I live around the corner :) (17)
2009_10_29_17:18:38.886   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek- From Maine? (21)
2009_10_29_17:18:52.792   086.161.203.xxx   lucky boy (11)
2009_10_29_17:18:57.956   072.227.086.xxx   Poland Maine
2009_10_29_17:19:13.961   079.066.101.xxx   ___HONK HONK___ :D
2009_10_29_17:19:18.669   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek- Aha! I am in Scarborough (22)
2009_10_29_17:19:36.123   089.241.176.xxx   Compgeek - Guinness is nice :-) (18)
2009_10_29_17:19:48.245   072.227.086.xxx   Lived in OOB for 20 plus years
2009_10_29_17:20:04.239   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek- I will be back in 10 minutes. (23)
2009_10_29_17:20:13.777   086.161.203.xxx   :'( (12)
2009_10_29_17:20:33.032   079.066.101.xxx   ___HONK HONK___ kerri, hellooooo. :D
2009_10_29_17:21:33.490   094.006.101.xxx   NICOLE ARRGGGHH YOU WILL GET NO SWEETS THIS HALLOWEEN
2009_10_29_17:21:57.351   094.006.101.xxx   THIS HALLOWEEN
2009_10_29_17:22:04.141   190.066.212.xxx   HOMER D___OH!
2009_10_29_17:22:09.586   086.161.203.xxx   lool no sweet for u goodchild nicolee hehe (13)
2009_10_29_17:22:31.814   079.066.101.xxx   argh how can you see my name? lol :S
2009_10_29_17:22:33.798   068.036.246.xxx   Amazing house!!
2009_10_29_17:22:40.818   072.227.086.xxx   This is really cool Alek I posted on my F/B
2009_10_29_17:22:52.551   094.006.101.xxx   NICOLE !!!
2009_10_29_17:23:02.336   079.066.101.xxx   hi!
2009_10_29_17:23:20.485   094.006.101.xxx   NICOLE IVE MADE THE VIDEO
2009_10_29_17:23:30.690   089.241.176.xxx   hi! (19)
2009_10_29_17:23:51.707   086.161.203.xxx   whs my namee (14)
2009_10_29_17:24:07.344   079.066.101.xxx   callen...? argh who am i talking to? :S
2009_10_29_17:24:59.144   086.161.203.xxx   kerri nd callen nicolee (15)
2009_10_29_17:25:27.968   072.227.086.xxx   Hugh Stuart From Maine was here
2009_10_29_17:26:23.226   079.066.101.xxx   hello hugh stuart from maine :)
2009_10_29_17:26:36.647   086.161.203.xxx   s***** man (16)
2009_10_29_17:27:08.301   094.006.101.xxx   S****** I DO NOT WANT TO SIT NEXT TO YUU
2009_10_29_17:27:12.502   079.066.101.xxx   :O rude word loool :p
2009_10_29_17:27:27.785   086.161.203.xxx   real dream (17)
2009_10_29_17:29:04.107   079.066.101.xxx   real dream? kerri, what? that doesn___t relate to our convo
2009_10_29_17:30:05.208   076.178.243.xxx   Keep in mind this is a FAMILY SITE please! (24)
2009_10_29_17:30:36.848   076.101.029.xxx   Ernie from EHOWA is watching!
2009_10_29_17:30:41.910   065.039.196.xxx   This is pretty cool
2009_10_29_17:31:13.676   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yo Ernie! ***ALEK***
2009_10_29_17:31:19.497   079.066.101.xxx   brb peoples :) (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_29_17:32:27.399   086.161.203.xxx   k nikki (18)
2009_10_29_17:32:48.217   072.227.086.xxx   Great Job
2009_10_29_17:33:02.475   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek- I am back! (25)
2009_10_29_17:34:12.606   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek- This is an insane amount of people! (26)
2009_10_29_17:35:04.559   086.161.203.xxx   more ydayy (19)
2009_10_29_17:36:08.569   072.227.086.xxx   Hugh Says Now I Cant Wait Till X-Mas
2009_10_29_17:36:16.264   093.096.054.xxx   Hello MammyBot & TracyBot
2009_10_29_17:36:26.440   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek- Saw your site on the today show today! (27)
2009_10_29_17:37:02.230   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek- Was just watching it now! (28)
2009_10_29_17:37:48.871   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** TODAY Show episode was funny - see blog for link to it ***ALEK***
2009_10_29_17:37:52.709   086.161.203.xxx   watching what? (20 IM's so far today)
2009_10_29_17:38:05.544   076.178.243.xxx   The today show (29)
2009_10_29_17:38:21.260   086.161.203.xxx   oo right was it good? (21)
2009_10_29_17:38:22.157   072.227.086.xxx   Alek do you have it so you see every message you get?
2009_10_29_17:38:31.364   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek- yeah (30 IM's so far today)
2009_10_29_17:38:54.457   086.161.203.xxx   ooo awsomeee (22)
2009_10_29_17:39:13.968   072.081.055.xxx   Snow melted nicely! Hulks are Happy Now!
2009_10_29_17:41:15.184   086.161.203.xxx   oioi fnes not busy sum1 cal meee (23)
2009_10_29_17:41:29.465   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek- watch the today show by clicking in the blog. (31)
2009_10_29_17:41:38.739   090.195.062.xxx   doing homework
2009_10_29_17:42:13.102   086.161.203.xxx   sknn (24)
2009_10_29_17:42:15.922   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek- This is a magnificent site for 'homework'! (32)
2009_10_29_17:42:39.193   086.161.203.xxx   lool innttt (25)
2009_10_29_17:43:33.371   090.195.062.xxx   iam doing my homework
2009_10_29_17:43:50.293   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek- sweet! me too. (33)
2009_10_29_17:44:02.713   090.195.062.xxx   are u
2009_10_29_17:44:33.626   076.178.243.xxx   I go to Scarborough Middle School. (34)
2009_10_29_17:45:17.988   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek- math test tomorrow. =( (35)
2009_10_29_17:45:23.910   090.195.062.xxx   finished my homework
2009_10_29_17:45:31.964   072.227.086.xxx   I went to OOB schools
2009_10_29_17:45:52.381   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek-What is oob schools? (36)
2009_10_29_17:46:07.957   090.195.062.xxx   it is a rubbish school
2009_10_29_17:46:11.816   072.227.086.xxx   Old Orchard Beach School (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_29_17:46:19.791   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Most of the snow fell off the HULKS when I re-inflated them - PUMPED UP! ***ALEK***
2009_10_29_17:46:28.681   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek- Oh! Cool. (37)
2009_10_29_17:46:59.875   090.195.062.xxx   macgreek do u like this
2009_10_29_17:47:14.624   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek- alright! I am out! C U later tonite! (38)
2009_10_29_17:47:33.014   090.195.062.xxx   bye bye
2009_10_29_17:49:11.671   086.161.203.xxx   hey nicole (26)
2009_10_29_17:50:32.547   079.066.101.xxx   hi kerri. you could have put a more.. individual message lol. (11)
2009_10_29_17:53:31.619   064.069.110.xxx   Hello
2009_10_29_17:54:13.261   064.069.110.xxx   Hello from New England
2009_10_29_17:54:30.068   068.089.249.xxx   Hello from Oklahoma and Texas
2009_10_29_17:55:07.416   072.227.086.xxx   Hello from Maine (11)
2009_10_29_17:58:17.404   072.227.086.xxx   What is your light bill like after this? (12)
2009_10_29_17:58:38.656   075.053.111.xxx   it is going to get down to 18 degress in denver tonight
2009_10_29_17:59:55.605   072.081.055.xxx   I love Old Orchard Beach!
2009_10_29_18:01:03.062   072.227.086.xxx   i lived there for over 25 years (13)
2009_10_29_18:02:32.552   071.082.063.xxx   This is just AWESOME
2009_10_29_18:03:15.660   068.089.249.xxx   HI BARRY
2009_10_29_18:03:27.454   075.053.111.xxx   alek i love your website!
2009_10_29_18:04:23.554   068.089.249.xxx   LUCY SAYS HELLO
2009_10_29_18:04:34.478   079.066.101.xxx   oooh, i am 6hrs ahead of your time. ah well. :) (12)
2009_10_29_18:05:59.508   089.241.176.xxx   How did the indoor 'BOO' switch off? :P (20 IM's so far today)
2009_10_29_18:10:42.157   094.002.140.xxx   Rt4wetrf4q3ewy63ewy6tr
2009_10_29_18:10:49.312   090.195.062.xxx   leave it off
2009_10_29_18:12:56.520   090.195.062.xxx   leave
2009_10_29_18:13:26.925   090.195.062.xxx   leave i alone (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_29_18:13:45.871   072.081.055.xxx   Wouldn't want to be in OOB during the winter, but otherwise...
2009_10_29_18:14:03.454   090.195.062.xxx   dont turn it off (11)
2009_10_29_18:15:29.220   071.082.063.xxx   Rita Replusa: I AM GETTING A HEADACHE!!!!
2009_10_29_18:17:31.721   068.063.065.xxx   Happy Halloween
2009_10_29_18:18:14.187   068.063.065.xxx   I love you kim...
2009_10_29_18:20:07.847   069.151.027.xxx   I love you bababooey
2009_10_29_18:20:58.649   075.137.121.xxx   Happy Halloween Form SC
2009_10_29_18:21:43.049   090.195.062.xxx   leave its mine (12)
2009_10_29_18:24:28.911   069.046.054.xxx   hey Danielle
2009_10_29_18:25:32.979   069.046.054.xxx   hey Denise
2009_10_29_18:25:33.014   078.149.067.xxx   Hello from Manchester, UK.
2009_10_29_18:26:06.721   069.046.054.xxx   hey Denise
2009_10_29_18:26:38.127   075.053.111.xxx   HI from houston, TX
2009_10_29_18:27:43.970   069.046.054.xxx   winnsboro tx
2009_10_29_18:28:20.408   068.089.249.xxx   Summit County, Colorado--let's ski
2009_10_29_18:29:05.449   090.195.062.xxx   u bk (13)
2009_10_29_18:29:37.204   069.046.054.xxx   hey Debby
2009_10_29_18:29:39.706   082.042.109.xxx   hello ste from the uk
2009_10_29_18:29:49.094   072.081.055.xxx   Hiya Corrie!
2009_10_29_18:30:44.998   072.208.165.xxx   what's for dinner?
2009_10_29_18:31:39.671   066.032.044.xxx   i have a green thingy !!! oh no
2009_10_29_18:31:49.641   090.195.062.xxx   leave it off everybody (14)
2009_10_29_18:32:24.100   082.042.109.xxx   wow that snow is so cool. oh yes its snow
2009_10_29_18:33:55.487   068.222.164.xxx   wonder what your chrismas lights look like
2009_10_29_18:34:27.549   082.042.109.xxx   christmas lights
2009_10_29_18:34:57.080   072.208.165.xxx   They look Great!
2009_10_29_18:35:51.762   068.222.164.xxx   this is prety cool
2009_10_29_18:36:02.550   072.208.165.xxx   every year more and more lights
2009_10_29_18:36:25.016   082.042.109.xxx   alex ive posted your link on my facebook because this is cool.
2009_10_29_18:36:37.751   090.195.062.xxx   how much is the bill alex (15)
2009_10_29_18:37:03.438   072.208.165.xxx   3___
2009_10_29_18:37:55.245   090.195.062.xxx   why (16)
2009_10_29_18:38:49.066   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Electric Bill is about ONE dollar/day - scroll down on webcam page ***ALEK***
2009_10_29_18:42:24.735   090.195.062.xxx   ___2170 is alot (17)
2009_10_29_18:43:50.207   068.222.164.xxx   This is cool
2009_10_29_18:44:56.947   173.060.008.xxx   Hello baby!! Love Bunny!!
2009_10_29_18:45:24.114   173.060.008.xxx   WOOHOO!!!
2009_10_29_18:45:49.844   090.195.062.xxx   hope your kids getwell soon (18)
2009_10_29_18:50:52.672   065.005.215.xxx   How much snow?
2009_10_29_18:51:45.142   065.005.215.xxx   Addams family - snap snap
2009_10_29_18:57:50.168   156.034.250.xxx   explain
2009_10_29_18:58:54.853   082.042.109.xxx   GOODNIGHT JACKIE
2009_10_29_18:59:51.502   207.255.061.xxx   have a happy halloween
2009_10_29_19:06:17.068   098.065.235.xxx   so wild
2009_10_29_19:08:16.256   098.065.235.xxx   awesome...everyone DONATE
2009_10_29_19:10:23.040   066.032.044.xxx   LOVE YOUR HALLOWEEN STUFF!!
2009_10_29_19:11:05.287   066.032.044.xxx   GOOD LUCK WITH THE SNOW STORM!!  YOUR LUCKY NO SNOW HERE IN SLORIDA!!
2009_10_29_19:13:05.751   024.056.161.xxx   Greetings from Carlsbad, NM USA!
2009_10_29_19:15:29.151   086.165.010.xxx   Hello from Ramsgate England
2009_10_29_19:25:12.313   024.128.175.xxx   Hello from NH
2009_10_29_19:26:00.144   193.200.150.xxx   Boo
2009_10_29_19:28:29.144   024.101.187.xxx   Hello
2009_10_29_19:32:01.015   067.142.167.xxx   Wave Alek
2009_10_29_19:32:08.338   024.101.187.xxx   Hello
2009_10_29_19:32:53.557   067.142.167.xxx   wave alek
2009_10_29_19:33:44.189   066.068.223.xxx   whatupp
2009_10_29_19:34:13.013   024.127.055.xxx   courtney was here
2009_10_29_19:34:44.293   067.142.167.xxx   Jace was here
2009_10_29_19:34:52.753   066.068.223.xxx   whens is this over
2009_10_29_19:40:20.905   024.127.055.xxx   morgan is scared
2009_10_29_19:44:46.647   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Halloween Decorations are up until November 1st - then time to get ready for Ch ***ALEK***
2009_10_29_19:57:54.359   075.071.067.xxx   Night off Alek?
2009_10_29_20:07:40.342   069.151.027.xxx   Chat box sure is quiet for so many on
2009_10_29_20:13:15.873   166.203.196.xxx   Everything looks great, thanks for doing this!
2009_10_29_20:29:21.116   090.204.235.xxx   Whats up harry ___)
2009_10_29_20:30:37.220   065.064.178.xxx   very cool idea
2009_10_29_20:31:54.071   090.204.235.xxx   Darkness
2009_10_29_20:32:05.119   068.194.244.xxx   h**** YEA
2009_10_29_20:32:31.537   068.194.244.xxx   Keep em off
2009_10_29_20:33:42.799   065.064.178.xxx   leave the lights on for a min gezzz
2009_10_29_20:34:10.048   097.112.115.xxx   Booooooooo! from Duloooooooth
2009_10_29_20:35:23.361   068.194.244.xxx   Alek can u turn the light off in ur office to make it cooler
2009_10_29_20:39:27.466   065.064.178.xxx   hi man in the picture
2009_10_29_20:39:35.080   068.194.244.xxx   Alex turn the office light off
2009_10_29_20:40:32.255   065.064.178.xxx   waahahahah....
2009_10_29_20:41:58.580   098.246.173.xxx   Zoe and Zach say hello from Portland, Oregon!
2009_10_29_20:43:32.846   072.035.057.xxx   Moooooooo
2009_10_29_20:44:06.250   098.246.173.xxx   Bessie?  Is that you, girl?
2009_10_29_20:45:21.587   075.000.230.xxx   Hi gary I love you Kevin
2009_10_29_20:46:16.491   090.204.235.xxx   Looking thoughtful Alek..
2009_10_29_20:46:24.669   065.064.178.xxx   kevin loves you too
2009_10_29_20:47:32.708   069.151.027.xxx   saranghae
2009_10_29_20:50:37.542   099.172.052.xxx   Go Bears!!
2009_10_29_20:50:46.703   065.064.178.xxx   what does it say on the wall drug sticker
2009_10_29_20:52:19.497   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wall Drug South Dakota - CLASSIC PLACE!!! ***ALEK***
2009_10_29_20:54:17.550   174.018.015.xxx   I love Marshall and Sarynn!!!
2009_10_29_20:54:29.489   065.064.178.xxx   never heard of it
2009_10_29_20:55:03.702   174.018.015.xxx   Happy Halloween Marshall and Sarynn
2009_10_29_20:59:28.661   146.163.061.xxx   HI Amy!
2009_10_29_21:00:34.340   146.163.061.xxx   Happy Halloween everyone!
2009_10_29_21:12:25.015   068.079.099.xxx   hi
2009_10_29_21:20:52.067   024.130.169.xxx   Alek- did you re position cam 1 this year?
2009_10_29_21:21:47.762   070.122.115.xxx   HI GUYS!!!
2009_10_29_21:22:30.348   070.122.115.xxx   Hi Alli and Dustin
2009_10_29_21:23:12.171   070.122.115.xxx   :)
2009_10_29_21:28:15.138   090.204.235.xxx   Whats going on in the garage!!?
2009_10_29_21:39:18.663   075.152.030.xxx   I see dead people...
2009_10_29_21:40:40.075   075.152.030.xxx   salut comment allez vous
2009_10_29_21:41:54.909   075.152.030.xxx   iron maiden
2009_10_29_21:43:44.124   075.152.030.xxx   hi, how are you...make a smile!
2009_10_29_21:45:54.638   075.152.030.xxx   someone see you, say hello
2009_10_29_21:47:35.926   075.152.030.xxx   put my hand on your shoulder

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