385 halloween text messages on 2009/1030

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 4,453 times that day including 1,888 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1030

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_10_30_17:01:11.142   071.196.208.xxx   lol
2009_10_30_17:01:39.612   090.195.062.xxx   my mum says hi
2009_10_30_17:01:39.852   094.002.140.xxx   hi from england
2009_10_30_17:02:47.363   094.002.140.xxx   whats cam 1 in to protect it from the vweather
2009_10_30_17:03:16.622   094.002.140.xxx   whats cam 1 in to protect it from the weather
2009_10_30_17:04:00.025   070.177.180.xxx   hi
2009_10_30_17:04:13.676   094.002.140.xxx   whats cam 1 in to protect it from the vweather
2009_10_30_17:05:13.535   070.177.180.xxx   ha their daed
2009_10_30_17:05:32.224   094.002.140.xxx   hi alek
2009_10_30_17:05:43.159   068.200.235.xxx   HI FROM DUNEDIN FLORIDA
2009_10_30_17:06:04.731   209.125.040.xxx   Hi from Los Angeles!
2009_10_30_17:06:08.271   094.002.140.xxx   hi florida
2009_10_30_17:08:45.212   090.195.062.xxx   how much does it cost u each year
2009_10_30_17:08:55.798   070.177.180.xxx   poop! jkjk
2009_10_30_17:09:19.540   070.177.180.xxx   avf
2009_10_30_17:09:30.608   090.195.062.xxx   stop deflating it
2009_10_30_17:10:01.290   090.195.062.xxx   alex
2009_10_30_17:12:32.579   068.200.235.xxx   NASCAR SPRINT CUP RULES
2009_10_30_17:13:02.983   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Electric Bill is about ONE DOLLAR/DAY - scroll down on webcam page ***ALEK***
2009_10_30_17:15:29.733   094.002.131.xxx   Callen lovess kerri x
2009_10_30_17:16:48.150   072.081.055.xxx   Did they say on the radio that you use windpower?
2009_10_30_17:17:01.975   075.094.217.xxx   Hey ALEC!!!!
2009_10_30_17:17:25.436   068.200.235.xxx   ALEX HOW MUCH KFC DID YOU GET THIS YEAR
2009_10_30_17:17:49.686   092.004.086.xxx   happy halloween !!
2009_10_30_17:17:56.072   075.094.217.xxx   Loved the pics of your of ANTARICA!!!
2009_10_30_17:18:26.696   075.094.217.xxx   Alec, you LOST WEIGHT since last year!
2009_10_30_17:19:05.506   075.094.217.xxx   What are you eating. 1 cotton balls oaked in milk!? Like models?
2009_10_30_17:19:33.707   068.062.023.xxx   GOT MILK.. LOL
2009_10_30_17:19:39.028   024.044.045.xxx   One more day!
2009_10_30_17:19:49.439   075.094.217.xxx   LOL. U know he wants to laugh!!
2009_10_30_17:19:54.993   081.131.224.xxx   Hi Everyone From Jack
2009_10_30_17:20:17.024   068.062.023.xxx   GOT MILK
2009_10_30_17:20:40.204   075.094.217.xxx   Alec! Are you friends with Balloon BOY!??
2009_10_30_17:21:05.104   075.094.217.xxx   I saw him smile!
2009_10_30_17:22:40.162   068.062.023.xxx   What happen Alek
2009_10_30_17:22:54.429   082.042.109.xxx   wow it seems lighter than yesterday there alek
2009_10_30_17:23:29.325   072.227.086.xxx   your so cool
2009_10_30_17:23:41.458   012.180.007.xxx   Booooo!
2009_10_30_17:23:52.866   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** It's lighter because yesterday was cloudy ... today is sunny! ***ALEK***
2009_10_30_17:24:31.897   068.062.023.xxx   D'OH
2009_10_30_17:24:57.928   082.042.109.xxx   oh thanks alek. snow there is cool. its 23.24 here in uk and dark
2009_10_30_17:25:09.737   173.026.134.xxx   how much snow total
2009_10_30_17:25:33.290   068.062.023.xxx   15" of snow
2009_10_30_17:26:19.676   068.062.023.xxx   334 people viewing Halloween Decorations - HOLY MOLEY!
2009_10_30_17:31:27.136   092.004.086.xxx   Sherlock Holmes the dog says___ happy halloween from England!
2009_10_30_17:34:39.461   092.004.086.xxx   What is a Mummie's favourite type of music? Wrap!!
2009_10_30_17:34:41.436   205.188.116.xxx   looks like a heat wave out there, snow is melting
2009_10_30_17:36:39.535   024.056.161.xxx   Alek,  looks like the laptop is dim, can't read it TIA
2009_10_30_17:39:11.382   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Laptop should be more readable shortly as the sun is about to go down ... ***ALEK***
2009_10_30_17:49:46.646   075.094.217.xxx   I need to fart on hulk!!!
2009_10_30_17:50:22.840   075.010.151.xxx   Happy Halloween from Cameron!
2009_10_30_17:50:26.197   075.094.217.xxx   I need to fart on Hulk!
2009_10_30_17:51:26.389   075.010.151.xxx   Happy Halloween from Cameron!
2009_10_30_17:52:41.720   075.010.151.xxx   y is there a guy outside by frankenstein?
2009_10_30_17:52:44.973   076.099.095.xxx   HH from Tom
2009_10_30_17:53:08.915   075.010.151.xxx   there is a man humping frankenstein
2009_10_30_17:53:22.424   076.099.095.xxx   Cheryl is a dork
2009_10_30_17:54:25.585   076.099.095.xxx   This is cool
2009_10_30_17:57:00.791   075.068.172.xxx   BOO!
2009_10_30_17:57:33.371   086.000.110.xxx   homers dead!
2009_10_30_17:58:12.419   072.081.055.xxx   cleanup on isle 7
2009_10_30_17:58:45.280   086.000.110.xxx   anyone wana monster mash?
2009_10_30_17:59:50.798   060.241.102.xxx   hi peeps
2009_10_30_18:01:49.702   060.241.102.xxx   hey hey you you really dont look scary
2009_10_30_18:05:42.091   086.190.019.xxx   Wish we had some snow here in wales, uk! its only rain here
2009_10_30_18:05:43.795   082.161.089.xxx   Greetings from The Netherworld
2009_10_30_18:07:23.461   086.190.019.xxx   roll on Christmas!!!!
2009_10_30_18:08:10.145   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek - HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I am on now!
2009_10_30_18:09:08.559   086.190.019.xxx   Hi Alek!
2009_10_30_18:09:12.830   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek - Hi Alek! looks like the storm has calmed down from Wed.
2009_10_30_18:11:11.592   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek - Look at the sweet guy outside that is on the drive!
2009_10_30_18:11:38.163   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hulk says he is going to SMASH Puny Human 075 who farted on him ***ALEK***
2009_10_30_18:12:52.339   174.014.220.xxx   it's not working :(
2009_10_30_18:14:17.638   076.178.243.xxx   well with 678 and counting, it may take a minute!
2009_10_30_18:15:18.036   068.104.128.xxx   Happy Halloween
2009_10_30_18:15:58.024   174.019.171.xxx   pretty sweet. ive seen things like this for aquariums. great job! happy hallowe
2009_10_30_18:16:13.593   086.190.019.xxx   gotta go its 12.15 am here in Wales UK good night
2009_10_30_18:17:10.642   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek - Nice to see 700 people here Alek!
2009_10_30_18:18:02.262   075.094.217.xxx   Alec hates us!! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_30_18:20:46.969   156.034.248.xxx   Nooooo
2009_10_30_18:21:02.014   174.014.220.xxx   my mom's got celiac's disease (found out 3 months ago). this is awesome what yo
2009_10_30_18:21:06.469   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek - No, if he did, why would he make this site?
2009_10_30_18:21:49.441   193.200.150.xxx   eyeballs for supper
2009_10_30_18:22:46.344   088.026.127.xxx   hola desde MELILLA. soy Fatimaaaaa
2009_10_30_18:23:44.320   193.200.150.xxx   is that fried
2009_10_30_18:24:57.018   088.026.127.xxx   hola desde SPAIN,  desde Melilla soy Fatimaaa xq no sale mi mensaje?
2009_10_30_18:25:33.660   074.178.035.xxx   HAPPY DAY B4
2009_10_30_18:26:32.762   070.177.180.xxx   POOP
2009_10_30_18:26:38.651   156.034.248.xxx   Halloween Eve u mean
2009_10_30_18:26:58.570   070.177.180.xxx   poop
2009_10_30_18:27:13.590   088.026.127.xxx   every halloween I visit this site!! (from spain) I'm a fan :)
2009_10_30_18:27:30.071   156.034.248.xxx   You're an idiot
2009_10_30_18:27:47.845   088.026.127.xxx   who's an idiot?!...
2009_10_30_18:28:35.826   068.047.015.xxx   Hi!
2009_10_30_18:28:40.787   156.034.248.xxx   the guy who keeps typing manure
2009_10_30_18:28:53.833   088.026.127.xxx   hellooooooooo
2009_10_30_18:29:13.271   088.026.127.xxx   what "manure" means?
2009_10_30_18:29:18.271   068.047.015.xxx   This is cool
2009_10_30_18:30:48.251   156.034.248.xxx   the deflaters will lose! muahahaha!
2009_10_30_18:31:49.984   074.178.035.xxx   WE LOVE YOU ALEK
2009_10_30_18:32:13.708   088.026.127.xxx   add me on facebook: dakota morissette arwen
2009_10_30_18:32:33.661   156.034.248.xxx   why would we add u
2009_10_30_18:32:54.917   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek - so it blocks p** ps but not poop?
2009_10_30_18:33:53.684   088.026.127.xxx   oh la l___
2009_10_30_18:34:21.208   088.026.127.xxx   oh la la!
2009_10_30_18:40:27.904   076.178.243.xxx   Hey alek! You should make it so people can make unames where the IP address is.
2009_10_30_18:40:56.542   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek - MacGeek - MacGeek - MacGeek - MacGeek - MacGeek - MacGeek - MacGeek -
2009_10_30_18:41:32.554   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek - MacGeek - MacGeek - MacGeek - MacGeek - MacGeek - MacGeek - MacGeek - (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_30_18:41:42.642   156.034.248.xxx   favourite Halloween candy anyone ? Kit Kat
2009_10_30_18:41:47.368   076.068.093.xxx   hello
2009_10_30_18:42:49.832   081.039.122.xxx   VILEween!!!
2009_10_30_18:43:09.928   156.034.248.xxx   pfft
2009_10_30_18:43:54.474   156.034.248.xxx   no
2009_10_30_18:44:25.031   081.039.122.xxx   Vile-ween!!!
2009_10_30_18:44:51.562   156.034.248.xxx   nope (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_30_18:45:21.579   068.102.036.xxx   happy halloween you guys rock
2009_10_30_18:47:34.323   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek - it is so DARK!!! Happy Halloween (11)
2009_10_30_18:49:04.507   090.195.062.xxx   macgreek hello
2009_10_30_18:50:14.208   156.034.248.xxx   Good evening Alek! (11)
2009_10_30_18:50:24.143   090.195.062.xxx   trick or treat
2009_10_30_18:51:18.302   156.034.248.xxx   nice gourd u have there (12)
2009_10_30_18:51:46.871   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** That's a mini pumpkin on top of the PBR! ***ALEK***
2009_10_30_18:52:09.075   156.034.248.xxx   yes that is what a gourd is (13)
2009_10_30_18:52:11.867   090.195.062.xxx   alex can i have frankenstein and the hulk
2009_10_30_18:53:54.436   156.034.248.xxx   don't be silly they belong to Dirk & Kyle! (14)
2009_10_30_18:55:07.713   090.195.062.xxx   can i buy him of dirk and kyle
2009_10_30_18:55:32.365   156.034.248.xxx   i seriously doubt it (15)
2009_10_30_18:55:49.593   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek - what do you think alek? (12)
2009_10_30_18:55:59.361   090.195.062.xxx   where did u get him from
2009_10_30_18:56:20.616   076.178.243.xxx   ___Null___ (13)
2009_10_30_18:56:38.733   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Time for dinner - you guys are in control of the house - be easy! ***ALEK***
2009_10_30_18:56:55.707   076.178.243.xxx   Okay! We will play nice! (14)
2009_10_30_18:57:09.259   156.034.248.xxx   riggght :P (16)
2009_10_30_18:57:56.380   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek - Alright! drop and gimme 38 (15)
2009_10_30_18:57:56.590   090.195.062.xxx   leave it alone
2009_10_30_18:58:10.598   199.224.119.xxx   John 3:16
2009_10_30_18:58:52.303   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek - It is 9:00 in Scarborough, Maine! (16)
2009_10_30_18:59:52.661   076.178.243.xxx   MacGeek - AND..... I am signing off tonight! Goodnight world! (17)
2009_10_30_19:00:19.349   090.195.062.xxx   why
2009_10_30_19:00:30.279   076.178.243.xxx   bedtime? (18)
2009_10_30_19:01:01.742   090.195.062.xxx   u on tomorrow
2009_10_30_19:01:23.112   076.178.243.xxx   Go to www. elpstage .com (19)
2009_10_30_19:01:33.704   090.195.062.xxx   you on tommorw
2009_10_30_19:02:00.625   076.178.243.xxx   HAHAHAHAHA! Server Meltdown! (20 IM's so far today)
2009_10_30_19:02:31.760   199.224.119.xxx   MELT DOWN!
2009_10_30_19:02:52.443   076.178.243.xxx   goodnight from Maine! ps I know macgeek! (21)
2009_10_30_19:03:13.297   090.195.062.xxx   macgeek (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_30_19:03:42.496   090.195.062.xxx   what did you have for dinner (11)
2009_10_30_19:03:57.219   076.178.243.xxx   Hey Alek, will decorations be on early tomorrow? (22)
2009_10_30_19:04:12.766   067.182.198.xxx   cheeze! lol
2009_10_30_19:04:27.945   090.195.062.xxx   alek (12)
2009_10_30_19:04:28.244   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Will start at 5:00 MDT tomorrow ... but FOG MACHINE at 9:00 TONIGHT! ***ALEK***
2009_10_30_19:04:34.218   076.178.243.xxx   Hey Alek, will decorations be on early tomorrow? (23)
2009_10_30_19:05:14.106   076.178.243.xxx   bye bye! (24)
2009_10_30_19:05:14.315   199.224.119.xxx   ok
2009_10_30_19:05:48.638   072.224.173.xxx   BOO!!!!
2009_10_30_19:06:49.401   098.127.074.xxx   Hello from Billings, MT
2009_10_30_19:07:15.580   199.224.119.xxx   g**
2009_10_30_19:07:58.790   199.224.119.xxx   i love you alek komar...
2009_10_30_19:08:47.705   199.224.119.xxx   mELT DOWN!
2009_10_30_19:11:37.758   098.127.074.xxx   yankees are no good
2009_10_30_19:19:04.291   068.193.095.xxx   This is very cool! ___3 Vicki
2009_10_30_19:26:57.920   068.000.155.xxx   where are youi located??
2009_10_30_19:31:18.095   090.195.062.xxx   alek (13)
2009_10_30_19:32:16.528   090.195.062.xxx   can you test the fog machine  now (14)
2009_10_30_19:32:53.537   072.224.173.xxx   yeaH FOG the place please! lol
2009_10_30_19:33:39.709   090.195.062.xxx   can you put it on now instead of 9.00 (15)
2009_10_30_19:33:42.949   075.053.111.xxx   OH MY GOSH 900 people online OMGOMG
2009_10_30_19:34:09.172   090.195.062.xxx   can you (16)
2009_10_30_19:44:30.070   098.020.247.xxx   All your light are belong to us!
2009_10_30_19:46:29.882   098.193.040.xxx   wave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_10_30_19:47:13.172   068.000.155.xxx   is your music playing?, I can't hear anything??
2009_10_30_19:48:05.580   072.224.173.xxx   music is playing.. you need the ie add-on to hear it
2009_10_30_19:49:01.134   072.224.173.xxx   help.. i'm stck inside of this box!
2009_10_30_19:50:02.847   072.224.173.xxx   lol.. one of the decorations just waved at me! haha
2009_10_30_19:51:44.775   098.193.040.xxx   turn on the guy holding his head!
2009_10_30_19:57:40.032   098.193.040.xxx   i
2009_10_30_19:58:23.332   098.020.247.xxx   Blood donors needed.  See the Count.
2009_10_30_20:01:57.578   173.064.206.xxx   hello you scared of clowns
2009_10_30_20:03:46.644   173.064.206.xxx   trevor is scared of clowno's clown knob
2009_10_30_20:04:32.099   173.064.206.xxx   hello you scared of clowns
2009_10_30_20:04:48.781   024.127.055.xxx   brennan is afraid
2009_10_30_20:05:10.822   173.064.206.xxx   have a b**** for clowns
2009_10_30_20:05:53.966   173.064.206.xxx   Trevor is scared of clowno's clown knob
2009_10_30_20:06:51.747   173.064.206.xxx   Enter texii like hotdogst & CR to see real-time on Haunted Office Cam!
2009_10_30_20:08:17.663   072.224.173.xxx   ice cream & cake & cake
2009_10_30_20:08:17.968   098.020.247.xxx   I'll bet living in a nudist colony takes all the fun out of Halloween
2009_10_30_20:08:43.063   069.151.027.xxx   hi
2009_10_30_20:08:45.007   071.082.063.xxx   Ok now that is a strange comment......... i have no reply to that one......
2009_10_30_20:09:05.377   072.224.173.xxx   pizza pizza
2009_10_30_20:09:32.792   072.224.173.xxx   got munchies?
2009_10_30_20:10:00.668   071.082.063.xxx   what does server overtemp mean??
2009_10_30_20:10:21.960   173.064.206.xxx   hotdogs
2009_10_30_20:10:40.894   069.151.027.xxx   Means a lot of ppl are on
2009_10_30_20:10:51.479   173.064.206.xxx   bonesauce
2009_10_30_20:11:02.563   072.224.173.xxx   meat ribs
2009_10_30_20:11:21.627   173.064.206.xxx   pork sausage
2009_10_30_20:11:29.901   072.224.173.xxx   turkey sauce (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_30_20:11:58.814   173.064.206.xxx   you know we got that hot SAWWWS (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_30_20:12:18.453   072.224.173.xxx   uber hott suaze (11)
2009_10_30_20:12:40.944   173.064.206.xxx   wave (11)
2009_10_30_20:12:42.147   071.082.063.xxx   sir what does server overtemp mean?
2009_10_30_20:13:08.014   173.064.206.xxx   yes hot sauce! (12)
2009_10_30_20:13:10.367   072.224.173.xxx   yes! these halloween decorations are making me hungry lol (12)
2009_10_30_20:13:35.687   173.064.206.xxx   thanks for the hot sauce (13)
2009_10_30_20:13:59.329   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** You guys did ask for Hot Sauce - anything else? ***ALEK***
2009_10_30_20:14:26.346   173.064.206.xxx   thats all thank you (14)
2009_10_30_20:14:28.971   072.224.173.xxx   the server will melt down @9pm (13)
2009_10_30_20:14:40.860   071.082.063.xxx   O_O
2009_10_30_20:15:07.051   072.224.173.xxx   ice cream & cake? (14)
2009_10_30_20:15:41.842   076.025.189.xxx   ice cream paint job
2009_10_30_20:16:54.852   071.082.063.xxx   Savvy?
2009_10_30_20:17:03.866   072.224.173.xxx   smoke show! lol luv it!! haha (15)
2009_10_30_20:17:09.786   173.064.206.xxx   yes more fog (15)
2009_10_30_20:17:30.730   071.082.063.xxx   AWESOME SMOKE !!!! XD
2009_10_30_20:17:52.949   024.127.055.xxx   sonic got hru act 1
2009_10_30_20:17:58.330   071.082.063.xxx   FOG sorry
2009_10_30_20:18:06.242   090.195.062.xxx   whens the smoke show (17)
2009_10_30_20:18:11.669   075.053.111.xxx   omg ive seen tht!
2009_10_30_20:18:19.492   076.025.189.xxx   FRAIL
2009_10_30_20:18:30.623   024.127.055.xxx   i think you are the walrus
2009_10_30_20:18:31.318   090.204.235.xxx   X10 the smoke!!?
2009_10_30_20:18:38.063   024.181.069.xxx   pump up the smoke
2009_10_30_20:19:02.800   090.195.062.xxx   when can i buy the hulk (18)
2009_10_30_20:19:22.646   090.204.235.xxx   FOGGY Day
2009_10_30_20:19:40.191   090.195.062.xxx   alek (19)
2009_10_30_20:20:09.802   072.093.243.xxx   Hi from Boston
2009_10_30_20:20:26.156   071.082.063.xxx   You got some great lighting decorations
2009_10_30_20:20:34.224   024.127.055.xxx   i am the walrus coocoocachoo
2009_10_30_20:20:34.287   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** HEY ... the fog machine worked pretty good - come back at 9:00 for MAJOR FOG! ***ALEK***
2009_10_30_20:20:41.351   090.195.062.xxx   where can i buy the hulk (20 IM's so far today)
2009_10_30_20:20:59.441   072.093.243.xxx   Scott loves Kimmy
2009_10_30_20:21:09.092   071.082.063.xxx   Where do you get all this stuff from?
2009_10_30_20:21:45.735   090.195.062.xxx   whats your telephone number (21)
2009_10_30_20:21:48.940   076.025.189.xxx   CWBP
2009_10_30_20:22:16.402   024.127.055.xxx   i am the walrus coocoocahoo
2009_10_30_20:22:35.085   072.049.173.xxx   PHB
2009_10_30_20:22:47.478   090.195.062.xxx   whats your telephone number (22)
2009_10_30_20:22:47.548   072.093.243.xxx   Hi Kimmy
2009_10_30_20:23:06.937   072.224.173.xxx   happy halloween alek! see ya tomorow!! (16)
2009_10_30_20:23:32.025   090.195.062.xxx   whats your telephone number (23)
2009_10_30_20:24:06.184   173.052.245.xxx   will the camera be on during the day so we can see the trick or treaters?
2009_10_30_20:24:09.710   072.224.173.xxx   298-765-4321 call me! =) (17)
2009_10_30_20:25:17.329   090.195.062.xxx   where did you buy the hulks from (24)
2009_10_30_20:27:07.988   173.052.245.xxx   Hi Latoya!
2009_10_30_20:27:13.832   072.224.173.xxx   i read on aleks site it was won by him (18)
2009_10_30_20:27:30.448   069.131.220.xxx   one more night!!!
2009_10_30_20:27:52.208   071.212.162.xxx   happy scary day!!!!!
2009_10_30_20:27:58.390   069.131.220.xxx   cool beans!
2009_10_30_20:28:15.569   090.195.062.xxx   its halloween in england (25)
2009_10_30_20:30:03.112   071.212.162.xxx   lol
2009_10_30_20:30:51.328   076.025.189.xxx   PHWN
2009_10_30_20:30:59.824   072.093.243.xxx   Spoooky
2009_10_30_20:33:47.683   128.036.074.xxx   fail
2009_10_30_20:34:18.860   071.212.162.xxx   wo keepa turning off frankstien?
2009_10_30_20:36:52.176   096.230.060.xxx   Groovy!!! :-)
2009_10_30_20:37:59.667   071.212.162.xxx   lol this site is rad yo
2009_10_30_20:38:06.129   090.195.062.xxx   do you like hot sauce (26)
2009_10_30_20:39:11.216   071.212.162.xxx   lol i hate hot sauce
2009_10_30_20:39:30.313   076.025.189.xxx   MY NAME IS SAAD
2009_10_30_20:39:51.773   090.195.062.xxx   hello all (27)
2009_10_30_20:40:32.398   090.195.062.xxx   wheres the fog (28)
2009_10_30_20:40:58.282   071.212.162.xxx   fog is the main thing
2009_10_30_20:41:56.373   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** FOG in 20 minutes at 9:00 ... ***ALEK***
2009_10_30_20:42:39.613   071.212.162.xxx   why not fog sooner?
2009_10_30_20:42:42.467   090.195.062.xxx   is there going to be lots (29)
2009_10_30_20:50:50.423   071.212.162.xxx   i got a special suprise for anyone who says bob first
2009_10_30_20:53:22.564   068.194.244.xxx   Alex the light is out in one of the pumpkins!
2009_10_30_20:54:35.884   086.165.010.xxx   what you gettin pics of?
2009_10_30_20:55:15.254   012.159.056.xxx   the Fog!
2009_10_30_20:56:01.616   071.212.162.xxx   ooh come on fog
2009_10_30_20:56:16.040   076.177.099.xxx   YEA
2009_10_30_20:56:27.130   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Which pumpkin ... and yes, pics of FOG - warming up the machine now! ***ALEK***
2009_10_30_20:58:06.513   068.194.244.xxx   the one facing us in webcam 2 looks darker then normal!
2009_10_30_20:58:57.316   071.212.162.xxx   who doesnt like fog? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_30_21:00:48.351   071.212.162.xxx   ooh here it comes :)!!!!!!! (11)
2009_10_30_21:01:34.227   024.056.161.xxx   Wow That's great
2009_10_30_21:01:40.423   068.194.244.xxx   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2009_10_30_21:02:07.729   071.212.162.xxx   cant see the full messages :( (12)
2009_10_30_21:02:45.946   071.212.162.xxx   woo thanks u dude who moved it (13)
2009_10_30_21:03:13.607   071.212.162.xxx   WOOOO FOG!!!!!!!!! (14)
2009_10_30_21:03:31.667   012.159.056.xxx   Sweet!!
2009_10_30_21:04:26.459   071.212.162.xxx   hmmmm (15)
2009_10_30_21:04:44.297   090.195.062.xxx   your pumpkin has gone missing (30 IM's so far today)
2009_10_30_21:05:06.761   060.231.192.xxx   Hello From Australia
2009_10_30_21:05:16.691   024.056.161.xxx   Boy is your wife not going to be happy with you
2009_10_30_21:05:22.987   071.212.162.xxx   hey is this houe in colorado? (16)
2009_10_30_21:05:42.495   060.231.192.xxx   Hello From Australia
2009_10_30_21:05:53.950   078.151.081.xxx   Fog Much?
2009_10_30_21:06:01.303   024.056.161.xxx   Hope it doesn't stink up the house too much
2009_10_30_21:06:13.960   071.212.162.xxx   Hello from Lakewood, Colorado (17)
2009_10_30_21:06:37.411   090.195.062.xxx   go and see homer (31)
2009_10_30_21:06:44.150   060.231.192.xxx   Hello From Australia
2009_10_30_21:07:08.568   071.212.162.xxx   did the fog make alek sneeze? (18)
2009_10_30_21:07:11.783   090.195.062.xxx   he ha** gone (32)
2009_10_30_21:07:22.781   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** HEY - Fogger worked good ... and yea, wife is not going to be happy! ***ALEK***
2009_10_30_21:07:56.138   090.195.062.xxx   your pumpkin light has blowen (33)
2009_10_30_21:08:01.653   071.212.162.xxx   where you guys live? (19)
2009_10_30_21:08:18.093   060.231.192.xxx   hello from australia
2009_10_30_21:08:28.152   068.194.244.xxx   Alek do you know which pumkins light is out?
2009_10_30_21:08:44.354   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Ahhhh ... the pumpkin to the left/front of the ON/OFF - let go outside to check ***ALEK***
2009_10_30_21:09:01.528   060.231.192.xxx   wish we had this kind of stuff in australia
2009_10_30_21:09:15.364   071.212.162.xxx   Alek you in colorado or "australi"? (20 IM's so far today)
2009_10_30_21:10:10.891   076.220.070.xxx   Hello from California! Happy Halloween!
2009_10_30_21:10:13.549   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Republic of Boulder ... ***ALEK***
2009_10_30_21:10:16.779   060.231.192.xxx   Australia really needs to celebrate halloween like america
2009_10_30_21:11:13.628   071.072.085.xxx   this is awesome
2009_10_30_21:16:57.265   098.024.170.xxx   offline - cam1/2
2009_10_30_21:18:13.718   098.024.170.xxx   thks
2009_10_30_21:20:10.991   069.151.027.xxx   doh I missed the fod
2009_10_30_21:20:12.437   098.117.099.xxx   waves to Alek!!!
2009_10_30_21:20:49.284   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Rebooting webcam1 ... and it's back online! ***ALEK***
2009_10_30_21:21:39.567   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** two of four lights in pumpkin were burnt out - fixed - thanks! ***ALEK***
2009_10_30_21:22:08.053   098.024.170.xxx   excellent
2009_10_30_21:24:08.960   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thinking maybe an extra hour tonight on the Webcam and X10 Controls ... ***ALEK***
2009_10_30_21:24:58.497   075.005.176.xxx   Great halloween display can't wait for the christmas display
2009_10_30_21:27:55.395   098.117.099.xxx   What're u gonna be tomorrow, Alek?
2009_10_30_21:28:25.786   098.117.099.xxx   What are Dirk & Kyle gonna be??
2009_10_30_21:31:35.205   098.117.099.xxx   Turn clocks back Sunday morning!!!
2009_10_30_21:32:52.241   060.231.192.xxx   Hello From Australia
2009_10_30_21:33:31.109   060.231.192.xxx   Australia needs to celebrate halloween like america does
2009_10_30_21:36:21.103   076.025.189.xxx   DAN SKYPE
2009_10_30_21:37:17.859   069.138.234.xxx   Hi uncle Alec
2009_10_30_21:38:04.933   069.151.027.xxx   Zillion people on!
2009_10_30_21:38:52.549   069.151.027.xxx   Alek what are you doing? lol
2009_10_30_21:39:18.444   076.025.189.xxx   PATTERSON!
2009_10_30_21:41:05.465   098.213.092.xxx   wtf
2009_10_30_21:41:15.296   069.151.027.xxx   "I am disappoint"
2009_10_30_21:41:32.494   071.159.052.xxx   YAY!!!  It's a-me!  Mario!!!
2009_10_30_21:41:47.552   098.213.092.xxx   this si kinda cool but boring lol :)
2009_10_30_21:42:27.260   174.021.160.xxx   hello
2009_10_30_21:42:58.587   098.213.092.xxx   wtf
2009_10_30_21:43:40.568   071.159.052.xxx   Never gonna give you up....never gonna let you down
2009_10_30_21:44:46.665   174.021.160.xxx   kinda cool
2009_10_30_21:45:09.098   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for that Roll Rick ... just for you, an extra hour of lights, webcam, and X10!  ***ALEK***
2009_10_30_21:45:39.540   071.159.052.xxx   haha
2009_10_30_21:45:39.764   069.151.027.xxx   It's over nine thousand!!!!!!!!
2009_10_30_21:45:42.636   098.127.074.xxx   Hello from Billings, MT
2009_10_30_21:46:02.913   098.024.170.xxx   Hi from Waxhaw, NC
2009_10_30_21:46:03.156   069.151.027.xxx   It's over nine thousand!!!!!!!!
2009_10_30_21:47:17.054   071.159.052.xxx   Ceiling cat and Chuck Norris approve this message
2009_10_30_21:48:33.362   064.012.116.xxx   Basement Cat approves ''NOTHING"""
2009_10_30_21:48:56.242   071.159.052.xxx   Great job on this site!  Gimme a high 5 man!!!
2009_10_30_21:48:55.391   072.051.226.xxx   Hey Alek
2009_10_30_21:49:38.535   072.051.226.xxx   Howdy from Dexter, Mo
2009_10_30_21:49:57.317   071.159.052.xxx   Hulk won't let me make him angry =(
2009_10_30_21:50:47.304   072.051.226.xxx   Check out my youtube subscribe to zztopmo
2009_10_30_21:51:49.539   072.051.226.xxx   Keep an eye on your Homer mine is tartng to lose the fan
2009_10_30_21:51:54.356   071.159.052.xxx   High 5 here -----___        (just tap the screen)
2009_10_30_21:52:31.213   064.012.116.xxx   check out Dave Smiley Great Pumpkin Drop 2009 on youtube
2009_10_30_21:52:32.623   072.051.226.xxx   My Homer is 6 years old and the fan is starting to go
2009_10_30_21:53:15.532   076.025.189.xxx   _____________
2009_10_30_21:53:31.766   071.159.052.xxx   keep up the good work man...great site +1
2009_10_30_21:53:49.293   076.025.189.xxx   _____________
2009_10_30_21:54:17.116   072.051.226.xxx   Where did youget the skulls on the poles
2009_10_30_21:54:26.335   076.025.189.xxx   ___(_______)___ (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_30_21:56:39.055   072.051.226.xxx   I wish I would have got a Harry before they quit selling them at Wal-Mart
2009_10_30_21:56:41.694   064.012.116.xxx   need beer
2009_10_30_21:57:21.398   076.025.189.xxx   ___(_______)___ (11)
2009_10_30_21:57:29.286   071.196.208.xxx   lol
2009_10_30_21:57:44.842   076.025.189.xxx   indeed (12)
2009_10_30_21:59:12.551   069.151.027.xxx   The demon is awakened
2009_10_30_21:59:42.449   069.151.027.xxx   Webcam3 has a few dead pixels hehe (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_30_22:01:00.574   071.196.208.xxx   alek can u plaz move ur giant head plzzzzzzz
2009_10_30_22:01:17.722   069.151.027.xxx   lol be nice (11)
2009_10_30_22:01:29.950   071.196.208.xxx   lol
2009_10_30_22:01:58.302   071.196.208.xxx   web cam 2 is acting up big time
2009_10_30_22:02:47.460   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Webcam2 auto-switches to low-lux at 10:00 ... reset since an extra hour tonight ***ALEK***
2009_10_30_22:03:55.107   071.196.208.xxx   oh lol
2009_10_30_22:08:11.361   071.196.208.xxx   oh lol
2009_10_30_22:13:28.423   069.151.027.xxx   There's A-man again (12)
2009_10_30_22:18:30.505   098.127.074.xxx   Happy Halloween
2009_10_30_22:20:12.715   098.127.074.xxx   he did the monster mash
2009_10_30_22:21:09.547   098.127.074.xxx   it was a graveyard smash
2009_10_30_22:24:53.897   098.127.074.xxx   "Whatever happened to my Transylvania twist?"
2009_10_30_22:27:27.249   098.127.074.xxx   Igor on chains, backed by his baying hounds
2009_10_30_22:28:46.717   098.127.074.xxx   With their vocal group, "The Crypt-Kicker Five"
2009_10_30_22:30:05.965   098.127.074.xxx   When you get to my door, tell them Boris sent you (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_30_22:33:41.515   098.127.074.xxx   nice hat (11)
2009_10_30_22:35:24.251   098.127.074.xxx   alek give me a thumbs up (12)
2009_10_30_22:40:08.686   024.096.213.xxx   hello?
2009_10_30_22:42:54.271   024.096.213.xxx   amazing...
2009_10_30_22:51:23.069   064.012.116.xxx   best halloween cam !!!!!!
2009_10_30_22:52:43.320   115.131.199.xxx   wicked set up dude!
2009_10_30_22:58:41.206   099.178.136.xxx   Cool set up.

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