437 halloween text messages on 2009/1101

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 6,080 times that day including 2,740 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1101

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_11_01_16:00:40.444   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Last Night for the Halloween Webcam, so I have turned things on early ***ALEK***
2009_11_01_16:02:16.803   081.131.224.xxx   Wooo!! Cant wait for xmas!!
2009_11_01_16:02:26.650   066.168.085.xxx   Hello
2009_11_01_16:03:22.789   081.131.224.xxx   Is that the new skellington out there alek?
2009_11_01_16:03:45.347   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yep - new skeleton took Headless Horseman's spot - on zone #4 ***ALEK***
2009_11_01_16:04:18.071   068.009.238.xxx   nice Alek!
2009_11_01_16:05:31.707   098.193.040.xxx   a
2009_11_01_16:06:24.857   094.002.140.xxx   hi
2009_11_01_16:06:32.460   098.193.040.xxx   when do the christmas lights come up?
2009_11_01_16:07:12.791   094.002.140.xxx   Alek could you do a you tube vid ont how to do it your self with the x-10 stuff
2009_11_01_16:07:24.072   066.168.085.xxx   he just got a call from his bookie
2009_11_01_16:08:07.710   094.002.140.xxx   what zone the sceliton on
2009_11_01_16:08:18.854   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Actually, a friend is coming over and we're moving some concrete! ***ALEK***
2009_11_01_16:08:41.442   094.002.140.xxx   cool
2009_11_01_16:09:06.965   094.002.140.xxx   Alek could you do a you tube vid ont how to do it your self with the x-10 stuff
2009_11_01_16:09:08.216   066.168.085.xxx   sounds too much like work, for my taste.
2009_11_01_16:11:18.885   068.009.238.xxx   yeah, but*** for a good cause.
2009_11_01_16:12:14.528   068.009.238.xxx   come on "it's" is not a bad word!
2009_11_01_16:15:35.089   089.242.185.xxx   you didnt have a gap between the t and its so it went through the filter
2009_11_01_16:16:07.726   089.242.185.xxx   Loving the new lights Alek!
2009_11_01_16:16:32.512   086.138.001.xxx   wat new lights
2009_11_01_16:16:49.590   089.242.185.xxx   How much was the 100 LED Skeleton?
2009_11_01_16:16:59.939   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Lets see what Skelly looks like when it gets dark! ***ALEK***
2009_11_01_16:18:26.328   086.138.001.xxx   enter text
2009_11_01_16:19:07.264   089.242.185.xxx   oooo garage
2009_11_01_16:20:14.173   086.138.001.xxx   :O love it
2009_11_01_16:20:55.431   089.242.185.xxx   No need for the bad language. So immature
2009_11_01_16:21:59.498   086.138.001.xxx   alek loos like the guy from the film flubber
2009_11_01_16:22:03.286   069.244.078.xxx   hi
2009_11_01_16:22:38.684   068.007.128.xxx   well hello!!!!!!!!!!
2009_11_01_16:24:23.924   096.238.184.xxx   huh
2009_11_01_16:25:56.946   096.238.184.xxx   i see now
2009_11_01_16:26:35.591   096.238.184.xxx   Go Cowboys!
2009_11_01_16:28:25.938   094.002.131.xxx   YO KERRI
2009_11_01_16:28:38.365   086.138.001.xxx   yo callen
2009_11_01_16:36:25.916   099.241.152.xxx   GARYonline.ca
2009_11_01_16:38:59.439   090.206.103.xxx   hey I really like the set up you have!! Cant wait to see Christmas lights
2009_11_01_16:39:26.373   089.101.204.xxx   close the garage
2009_11_01_16:39:44.141   068.089.241.xxx   Hopefully no more spanish tonight
2009_11_01_16:41:02.307   068.229.187.xxx   wa**up from Nebraska!
2009_11_01_16:41:16.609   089.101.204.xxx   IRELAND
2009_11_01_16:41:45.628   071.081.061.xxx   greatness
2009_11_01_16:42:32.912   068.229.187.xxx   wa**up from Nebraska!
2009_11_01_16:44:34.592   071.081.061.xxx   This is great
2009_11_01_16:45:26.851   071.081.061.xxx   Who is that in the driveway
2009_11_01_16:46:04.479   089.101.204.xxx   WHAT CIRCUIT IS THE HANGING SKELETON ON
2009_11_01_16:46:29.089   068.200.235.xxx   BOO FROM DUNEDIN FLORIDA
2009_11_01_16:48:32.542   075.140.125.xxx   Double boo from Redding, CA
2009_11_01_16:56:53.418   064.012.116.xxx   Franken stien was crushed by garage door
2009_11_01_16:57:20.058   064.012.116.xxx   Franks is OK
2009_11_01_16:57:41.253   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Skelly is on zone #4 ***ALEK***
2009_11_01_16:58:21.182   094.002.131.xxx   WHERES THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN GON :O
2009_11_01_16:58:26.826   082.042.109.xxx   last night alek. cant wait fo christmas lights. cool
2009_11_01_16:59:09.732   064.012.116.xxx   Skellys them song by THE KILLERS- Bones
2009_11_01_17:00:35.423   082.042.109.xxx   nice to see 4,800 people last night. surely its a record. kooool
2009_11_01_17:01:15.952   074.078.247.xxx   hi
2009_11_01_17:01:59.657   081.131.224.xxx   Of to bed now! Back to skl 2moro :( nite
2009_11_01_17:02:26.215   072.081.055.xxx   Bought some Christmas lights today, Alek! D'oh!
2009_11_01_17:03:01.122   072.081.055.xxx   Thinkin about a new lava lamp as well!
2009_11_01_17:03:03.023   081.131.224.xxx   Thanks for the great display Alek! bring on Xmas!
2009_11_01_17:03:08.337   024.009.040.xxx   Awsome
2009_11_01_17:03:47.968   072.081.055.xxx   Gonna need some light therapy for the winter! LOL!
2009_11_01_17:04:00.868   024.009.040.xxx   You need to change the time on your clock
2009_11_01_17:06:22.592   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Ummmm ... the Atomic clock just reset itself - what up with that! ***ALEK***
2009_11_01_17:06:33.663   072.081.055.xxx   Love the skele!
2009_11_01_17:08:08.059   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, skele is starting to look cool as it gets darker ... ***ALEK***
2009_11_01_17:11:12.017   072.081.055.xxx   You need more of those! They're too cool!
2009_11_01_17:16:33.835   068.037.045.xxx   hello Stef my love
2009_11_01_17:16:48.891   068.089.241.xxx   We need a disco ball in the office :)
2009_11_01_17:17:32.937   068.089.241.xxx   That would be pimp as the kids say
2009_11_01_17:17:35.599   068.062.023.xxx   So Alek all three webcams will be offline at the end of tonight??
2009_11_01_17:18:12.501   068.037.045.xxx   You Made EhOWA
2009_11_01_17:20:46.907   068.062.023.xxx   Zone 4 is keep overloading
2009_11_01_17:20:52.894   065.191.109.xxx   Watching on EHOWA
2009_11_01_17:22:08.321   065.191.109.xxx   Haapy Halloween from Debbie and Richard Fayetteville NC
2009_11_01_17:22:15.847   067.080.232.xxx   How Do All!
2009_11_01_17:23:17.201   068.037.045.xxx   Hey Alex is tonight Trick or Treat there?
2009_11_01_17:23:25.157   090.210.054.xxx   Thank you for another fab Halloween xx Claire .. Scotland
2009_11_01_17:24:40.711   086.138.001.xxx   brap brap
2009_11_01_17:25:06.797   065.191.109.xxx   Cant wait for Christmas. Richard
2009_11_01_17:26:11.534   090.210.054.xxx   alek is the best
2009_11_01_17:26:50.439   078.146.055.xxx   Awesome!
2009_11_01_17:29:01.268   078.146.055.xxx   Hey Alek, good to see you back, glad you're all doing good! Tony, London UK
2009_11_01_17:30:06.888   068.037.045.xxx   Alek is it possible to change up the music a bit?
2009_11_01_17:30:52.144   076.190.178.xxx   hello
2009_11_01_17:31:01.357   065.191.109.xxx   Alex your ar great for doing this!!!
2009_11_01_17:31:34.407   076.190.178.xxx   I would hate to see ur electric bill
2009_11_01_17:32:48.846   078.146.055.xxx   Halloween 3 is on tv in the UK right now LOL!
2009_11_01_17:35:43.086   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** LOL if it is on the BBC! ***ALEK***
2009_11_01_17:36:04.802   065.000.042.xxx   el oh el
2009_11_01_17:36:38.023   065.000.042.xxx   Louisiana USA is in the house
2009_11_01_17:36:41.474   078.146.055.xxx   Yup, BBC2. The channel that makes you wish you had a possesed mask!
2009_11_01_17:37:18.619   065.000.042.xxx   Louisiana USA in the house
2009_11_01_17:39:08.319   090.204.235.xxx   Merry Christmas :P
2009_11_01_17:39:16.705   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** OK - just for the London listeners - RELOAD the webcam page for new music! ***ALEK***
2009_11_01_17:40:46.428   090.204.235.xxx   Wearwolf IN LONDON!!
2009_11_01_17:41:14.339   078.146.055.xxx   Da da, da da, da da da daa :P
2009_11_01_17:41:33.053   089.024.041.xxx   Hi from Prague!!!!!!
2009_11_01_17:42:27.671   089.024.041.xxx   :-D
2009_11_01_17:42:49.924   069.242.088.xxx   cool tuff ernie!
2009_11_01_17:43:12.725   090.204.235.xxx   Going all Al Gore with the LED skeliton LOL
2009_11_01_17:43:22.567   076.111.037.xxx   YeeeeHaaaaaa!
2009_11_01_17:43:32.537   078.146.055.xxx   I'll miss that wide eyed green chap with the head-ache _________
2009_11_01_17:43:39.084   097.102.106.xxx   woohoo
2009_11_01_17:44:52.830   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** LED Skele was on sale ... plus yea, Al Gore approves! ***ALEK***
2009_11_01_17:45:48.988   078.146.055.xxx   How many years have you been doing this Alek?
2009_11_01_17:49:04.940   071.081.061.xxx   Hi from Abita Springs
2009_11_01_17:49:16.963   082.042.109.xxx   goodnight alek from uk. look forward to christmas. keep it up
2009_11_01_17:53:29.194   078.146.055.xxx   next to LINK DELETED this is my other favorite!
2009_11_01_17:54:05.929   156.034.245.xxx   ahahaha your link got deleted :P
2009_11_01_17:54:07.570   078.146.055.xxx   D'oh, sorrry :___
2009_11_01_17:54:27.563   076.107.017.xxx   hello
2009_11_01_17:54:46.900   156.034.245.xxx   hey that blue skeleton is new :O
2009_11_01_17:54:55.279   190.173.099.xxx   h**** Do Oh! 8===D
2009_11_01_17:55:04.148   076.107.017.xxx   this is cool
2009_11_01_17:55:29.898   078.146.055.xxx   It's blue because it's Quantum Leaping! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_01_17:55:34.257   190.173.099.xxx   nooo the lights!!
2009_11_01_17:55:47.342   076.107.017.xxx   hannah says
2009_11_01_17:56:33.331   190.173.099.xxx   hello ip 076.107.017.xxx!
2009_11_01_17:57:37.390   078.146.055.xxx   Halloween 3 is bonkers lol (11)
2009_11_01_17:58:20.540   190.173.099.xxx   i'm a screener
2009_11_01_18:00:02.557   190.173.099.xxx   face =o
2009_11_01_18:00:09.666   096.233.157.xxx   Screen this!!!!
2009_11_01_18:00:32.301   190.173.099.xxx   where___?
2009_11_01_18:00:39.866   078.146.055.xxx   Someone tell a joke (12)
2009_11_01_18:00:48.337   099.010.194.xxx   booooooooooooooooooo
2009_11_01_18:00:54.599   096.233.157.xxx   Go to work A---
2009_11_01_18:01:30.428   096.233.157.xxx   Blow ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mom
2009_11_01_18:01:46.165   078.146.055.xxx   Hulk, what deal did you get with your wireless internet? (13)
2009_11_01_18:01:48.080   190.173.099.xxx   HulK D'Oh!
2009_11_01_18:03:06.592   078.146.055.xxx   Any chance we'll see red Hulk in time for Christmas? (14)
2009_11_01_18:03:54.931   099.010.194.xxx   happy chanuka
2009_11_01_18:04:52.990   099.010.194.xxx   EHOWA rocks
2009_11_01_18:05:06.068   190.173.099.xxx   -_-
2009_11_01_18:05:45.820   141.048.223.xxx   huiuh
2009_11_01_18:06:06.217   099.010.194.xxx   show your b***s
2009_11_01_18:06:23.949   190.173.099.xxx   =O =) =D =P =X =___ =/ =3
2009_11_01_18:06:45.549   078.146.055.xxx   Jingle B_________s? (15)
2009_11_01_18:07:48.724   068.050.108.xxx   Awesome website!!!!
2009_11_01_18:07:55.682   078.146.055.xxx   in halloween 3 they are just about to kill the ginger kid XD (16)
2009_11_01_18:08:45.943   141.048.223.xxx   I still dont know, if sth happens when I push some button...
2009_11_01_18:08:47.155   190.173.099.xxx   This the Skynet =o (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_01_18:09:27.574   082.019.217.xxx   HI TASHA
2009_11_01_18:10:43.066   078.146.055.xxx   Yay, Booze (17)
2009_11_01_18:12:47.365   156.034.245.xxx   is there a withdrawl support group for light control addicts ?
2009_11_01_18:13:45.840   190.173.099.xxx   nice work (11)
2009_11_01_18:14:46.642   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Holiday Lights Anonymous! ***ALEK***
2009_11_01_18:15:13.258   075.195.081.xxx   any adult candy left over? lol
2009_11_01_18:15:46.281   156.034.245.xxx   that skeleton is cool Alek
2009_11_01_18:16:03.515   075.195.081.xxx   i'll take a glazed doughnut & a bottle of anything to go!
2009_11_01_18:17:04.061   156.034.245.xxx   do u miss the lights Alek when it's over ?
2009_11_01_18:17:10.685   098.237.008.xxx   Can''t wait for the Christmas lights!
2009_11_01_18:17:28.287   098.117.099.xxx   hi Alek...me again!!!! Raaaiinnneeeer bbbbbeeeeeerrrrrr!
2009_11_01_18:17:28.250   098.117.099.xxx   hi Alek...me again!!!! Raaaiinnneeeer bbbbbeeeeeerrrrrr!
2009_11_01_18:17:51.154   075.195.081.xxx   are kids still trick o treating tonight too?
2009_11_01_18:17:58.793   094.002.131.xxx   What actually Happend To The Headless HorseMan
2009_11_01_18:18:39.268   078.146.055.xxx   You should get some Mystery Science Theater decorations (18)
2009_11_01_18:19:27.973   190.173.099.xxx   what happen? (12)
2009_11_01_18:19:56.577   098.237.008.xxx   hope to see the christmas display XD
2009_11_01_18:20:01.118   098.117.099.xxx   hello to all from the shadow of the Space Needle!!
2009_11_01_18:22:09.137   078.146.055.xxx   I'm going to miss my pumpkin :( (19)
2009_11_01_18:22:10.249   098.237.008.xxx   My brains are going into my feet!
2009_11_01_18:22:10.917   190.173.099.xxx   06:22 (13)
2009_11_01_18:22:42.344   156.034.245.xxx   make the pumpkin into pie & eat him :D
2009_11_01_18:22:44.408   190.173.099.xxx   salute! (14)
2009_11_01_18:22:58.764   098.237.008.xxx   May the schwartz be with you!
2009_11_01_18:23:43.760   190.173.099.xxx   7,593 O_O (15)
2009_11_01_18:25:12.026   075.094.217.xxx   ___
2009_11_01_18:25:17.251   190.173.099.xxx   Yeaaa Corona!! =D duft? (16)
2009_11_01_18:25:18.546   078.146.055.xxx   Corona rawks! (20 IM's so far today)
2009_11_01_18:25:31.745   072.081.055.xxx   Corona Time!
2009_11_01_18:25:33.324   075.094.217.xxx   ___
2009_11_01_18:25:54.482   075.094.217.xxx   Happy Halloween!!
2009_11_01_18:25:59.898   072.081.055.xxx   Corona Time!
2009_11_01_18:26:02.902   190.173.099.xxx   whiskey (17)
2009_11_01_18:26:17.852   078.146.055.xxx   The bottles over there are different to the ones in the UK (21)
2009_11_01_18:26:18.953   075.094.217.xxx   p****
2009_11_01_18:26:29.674   072.081.055.xxx   Happy All Saints as well!
2009_11_01_18:26:56.387   156.034.245.xxx   yay dead spirts visiting us :)
2009_11_01_18:27:17.398   072.081.055.xxx   Hahaha!
2009_11_01_18:28:44.497   141.048.223.xxx   yeahhh
2009_11_01_18:29:17.347   072.081.055.xxx   Thanks Alek for the another Awesome Display! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_01_18:29:18.532   141.048.223.xxx   turn it all off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_11_01_18:29:37.615   173.071.183.xxx   great
2009_11_01_18:29:58.170   078.146.055.xxx   why all the robots in halloween are filled with egg yolk? (22)
2009_11_01_18:31:27.892   156.034.245.xxx   it's a form of robot blood it only looks lie egg
2009_11_01_18:31:34.849   078.146.055.xxx   hulk LINK DELETED (23)
2009_11_01_18:31:35.767   173.071.183.xxx   happy halloween
2009_11_01_18:32:05.145   190.173.099.xxx   add me MSNlive LINK DELETED (18)
2009_11_01_18:32:35.684   190.173.099.xxx   lalocadeni21 @ gmail . com (19)
2009_11_01_18:33:39.156   068.194.244.xxx   Alek that skeloton is sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_11_01_18:33:42.992   084.192.023.xxx   hello from bram and fidel
2009_11_01_18:34:19.560   084.192.023.xxx   belgium rules
2009_11_01_18:34:41.687   084.192.023.xxx   alex wave please
2009_11_01_18:34:48.969   190.173.099.xxx   venus rulz! (20 IM's so far today)
2009_11_01_18:34:55.673   068.194.244.xxx   Alek put out some of the other new stuff!!!
2009_11_01_18:35:04.049   084.192.023.xxx   alex wave please
2009_11_01_18:35:48.313   190.173.099.xxx   alek a kiss for the public! (21)
2009_11_01_18:35:56.958   068.194.244.xxx   Alek what were those pumpkins you bought???
2009_11_01_18:35:59.602   078.146.055.xxx   Alek, any chance of a wave and a cheeky wink? (24)
2009_11_01_18:36:27.896   098.111.193.xxx   Hello
2009_11_01_18:37:00.363   068.194.244.xxx   Alek the hulk and skull are tipped over fix em
2009_11_01_18:37:30.135   156.034.245.xxx   sheesh ever hear of saying please ?
2009_11_01_18:38:32.237   068.194.244.xxx   Im just letting him know!
2009_11_01_18:38:41.704   190.173.099.xxx   =( bad hulk (22)
2009_11_01_18:39:37.151   190.173.099.xxx   alek a kiss for the public! (23)
2009_11_01_18:39:53.465   024.128.236.xxx   Monkeybone
2009_11_01_18:40:28.605   024.128.236.xxx   Anyone watching?
2009_11_01_18:40:31.511   078.146.055.xxx   Good to see Hulk's been hitting the Corona too! (25)
2009_11_01_18:40:47.686   190.173.099.xxx   yes me 8======D (24)
2009_11_01_18:41:22.792   072.081.055.xxx   Hahaha! (11)
2009_11_01_18:41:34.508   190.173.099.xxx   hahaha what's that? (25)
2009_11_01_18:41:38.153   024.128.236.xxx   Hey dude at the computer!
2009_11_01_18:41:50.840   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, Hulk #1 sprung a leak last night ... maybe ate too much candy! ***ALEK***
2009_11_01_18:42:08.729   024.128.236.xxx   Wave for the camera!
2009_11_01_18:42:22.271   190.173.099.xxx   Alek great guy really (26)
2009_11_01_18:42:36.993   098.134.255.xxx   Hello from Shawn!
2009_11_01_18:42:52.870   068.009.238.xxx   Just got back from church youth group.
2009_11_01_18:42:59.599   072.081.055.xxx   Hulk has Halloween hangover. LOL! (12)
2009_11_01_18:43:12.687   024.128.236.xxx   EHOWA FTW!
2009_11_01_18:43:43.539   068.009.238.xxx   Alek, What's the pink medicine for?
2009_11_01_18:43:52.175   024.128.236.xxx   Hello Alek!
2009_11_01_18:44:10.299   078.146.055.xxx   It's pepto Bismol isn't it? (26)
2009_11_01_18:44:27.580   024.128.236.xxx   Or generic Pink Bismuth
2009_11_01_18:44:29.220   070.133.150.xxx   Boogers are TASTY!!!
2009_11_01_18:44:43.228   072.081.055.xxx   Maybe if it was green Hulk would feel better. (13)
2009_11_01_18:45:28.355   070.133.150.xxx   Hulk LIKE pink!!!
2009_11_01_18:45:48.424   190.173.099.xxx   Pink=Hulk (27)
2009_11_01_18:46:00.990   072.081.055.xxx   Hey now, this is a family show! (14)
2009_11_01_18:46:17.899   190.173.099.xxx   2+2=3? (28)
2009_11_01_18:46:37.844   068.009.238.xxx   WPWW297 Granby base clear 20:46 hours.
2009_11_01_18:46:43.915   024.128.236.xxx   2+2=5 Sum is greater than the whole
2009_11_01_18:47:07.909   190.173.099.xxx   mmm 2+2=3,9? (29)
2009_11_01_18:48:03.140   078.146.055.xxx   Well, It's goodnight from the UK, see you soon Alek x (27)
2009_11_01_18:48:08.512   070.133.150.xxx   22 / 7 ? huh???
2009_11_01_18:48:30.552   190.173.099.xxx   23? (30 IM's so far today)
2009_11_01_18:49:07.896   070.133.150.xxx   321?
2009_11_01_18:49:46.233   190.173.099.xxx   ,-O        O(_)) ubuntu   -hrr- ___-O (31)
2009_11_01_18:49:48.523   068.009.238.xxx   Today I  learned that tv's emit gamma rays that can control our thoughts throug
2009_11_01_18:50:20.590   068.009.238.xxx   our thoughts
2009_11_01_18:50:43.779   156.034.245.xxx   you're crazy u know that ? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_01_18:51:41.386   190.173.099.xxx   ok, bye alek nice work cyas (32)
2009_11_01_18:51:43.549   072.081.055.xxx   Some Pepto will fix that... (15)
2009_11_01_18:53:59.529   098.134.255.xxx   I love you Lacey Pickler!
2009_11_01_18:54:03.249   074.046.023.xxx   can't wait for christmas!
2009_11_01_18:54:36.637   098.134.255.xxx   I love you Lacey!
2009_11_01_18:55:24.523   068.009.238.xxx   Is it better to keep pressing the off button to make the lights go off or shoul
2009_11_01_18:55:59.378   068.009.238.xxx   should I press it once then wait? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_01_18:56:57.779   070.133.150.xxx   I know that I know nothing at all
2009_11_01_18:57:17.472   070.132.000.xxx   Hello from California
2009_11_01_18:57:51.783   070.133.150.xxx   This sentence is false
2009_11_01_18:57:56.292   066.189.171.xxx   What a great site!  Hello from CA as well!
2009_11_01_18:58:23.777   070.133.150.xxx   Is the answer to this question no?"
2009_11_01_18:59:02.486   066.189.171.xxx   The power bill must be unreal!
2009_11_01_18:59:31.405   070.178.194.xxx   I love you too Shawn. You're a dork!
2009_11_01_18:59:49.454   068.009.238.xxx   Anyone have an old but working police scanner they want to get rid of? (11)
2009_11_01_19:00:32.266   068.009.238.xxx   rid of? (12)
2009_11_01_19:02:54.900   070.133.150.xxx   Practice moderation in all things. Including moderation
2009_11_01_19:03:16.348   070.178.194.xxx   I love you my hawt geek!
2009_11_01_19:03:34.294   070.133.150.xxx   why is the sky blue?
2009_11_01_19:03:45.663   098.134.255.xxx   ___3
2009_11_01_19:04:06.364   074.141.099.xxx   Hello from Bowling Green, KY! Home of the Corvette.
2009_11_01_19:04:24.142   070.133.150.xxx   if it were green, we wouldnt know when to stop mowing (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_01_19:04:41.661   068.009.238.xxx   Love the Led skeleton (13)
2009_11_01_19:06:28.616   090.204.235.xxx   If everything was LED it would be visable from space!
2009_11_01_19:06:34.430   072.200.185.xxx   hello from the right coast
2009_11_01_19:07:31.910   068.009.238.xxx   Ghost to Ghost AM (14)
2009_11_01_19:08:03.817   072.200.185.xxx   excellent job, Alek!
2009_11_01_19:08:34.324   070.133.150.xxx   When one pursues happiness itself, one is miserable (11)
2009_11_01_19:08:58.825   070.133.150.xxx   but, when one pursues something else, one achieves happiness (12)
2009_11_01_19:09:00.365   069.159.065.xxx   Happy new year
2009_11_01_19:09:36.355   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** WOOOW ... easy on zone #1 ... you'll burn out the X10 Super Sockets! ***ALEK***
2009_11_01_19:10:00.929   072.200.185.xxx   You run out of candy?
2009_11_01_19:10:37.745   070.133.150.xxx   will you choose the red pill or the blue pill? (13)
2009_11_01_19:10:50.990   068.009.238.xxx   Everyone start turing on and off zone #1 (15)
2009_11_01_19:13:58.488   068.009.238.xxx   any one have a police scanner? (16)
2009_11_01_19:15:56.074   065.013.139.xxx   u rule
2009_11_01_19:16:27.951   024.070.176.xxx   Sweet
2009_11_01_19:16:32.421   065.013.139.xxx   Susan and Ash are sitting next to me
2009_11_01_19:17:46.380   070.133.150.xxx   Frankie and Homer are on my screen!! (14)
2009_11_01_19:17:58.912   070.127.242.xxx   DOH
2009_11_01_19:18:09.050   068.080.020.xxx   DAM!
2009_11_01_19:18:40.178   070.127.242.xxx   Go Yankees
2009_11_01_19:18:44.486   070.133.150.xxx   thats what the fish who ran into the concrete wall said (15)
2009_11_01_19:20:32.355   070.133.150.xxx   goodnight, sweet prince (16)
2009_11_01_19:20:56.124   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** LED Skelly (zone #4) wants a workout too! ***ALEK***
2009_11_01_19:21:10.672   068.080.020.xxx   hey nerd, get out of the shot. lol
2009_11_01_19:22:01.652   068.080.020.xxx   LMAO! Don't point at me!
2009_11_01_19:22:55.682   068.009.238.xxx   nice drink! (17)
2009_11_01_19:23:09.018   070.133.150.xxx   the pink stuff seems to keep evolving . . . (17)
2009_11_01_19:23:17.081   068.080.020.xxx   Dam, half that bottle is still there, what's up with that?
2009_11_01_19:23:38.853   068.009.238.xxx   wave to the camera please! (18)
2009_11_01_19:23:50.285   068.080.020.xxx   Bottom's up!
2009_11_01_19:23:55.015   070.133.150.xxx   thats why Hulk is upset - it was full when he left (18)
2009_11_01_19:24:30.210   024.042.198.xxx   88mph last night happened to all of us
2009_11_01_19:24:34.227   068.080.020.xxx   GRRRRR, DRINK HULK'S RUM!
2009_11_01_19:26:04.630   216.049.157.xxx   look ma Im on TV
2009_11_01_19:26:43.218   070.133.150.xxx   RRRRR - Hulk want a little Captain in him! (19)
2009_11_01_19:26:53.990   099.160.189.xxx   Can't wait for the christmas stuff!
2009_11_01_19:27:37.353   174.057.249.xxx   thanks for running this again
2009_11_01_19:28:36.781   068.080.020.xxx   Yeah all kidding aside, nice work. (thumbsup)
2009_11_01_19:31:55.303   071.091.039.xxx   OOOOO Captain Morgan! My fav!
2009_11_01_19:32:48.885   174.057.249.xxx   hey!  down in front!
2009_11_01_19:33:29.427   068.009.238.xxx   wave! (19)
2009_11_01_19:33:34.999   071.091.039.xxx   NOOOOO! Bring back the Captain!
2009_11_01_19:33:54.700   068.009.238.xxx   ahhhh (20 IM's so far today)
2009_11_01_19:34:02.372   071.091.039.xxx   AHH! You scared me!
2009_11_01_19:35:11.129   071.091.039.xxx   Does Harry not move?
2009_11_01_19:35:27.431   068.001.181.xxx   BOOOOOO BWAAHHHHHHHHH
2009_11_01_19:36:16.892   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Captain Morgan or Black Label ***ALEK***
2009_11_01_19:36:19.125   068.001.181.xxx   I LOVE MARTHA
2009_11_01_19:36:53.729   071.091.039.xxx   Captain!
2009_11_01_19:37:13.508   068.001.181.xxx   IM A CAPTAIN!
2009_11_01_19:38:50.178   074.044.192.xxx   Love it! See you next year!!! :) BOO!!!
2009_11_01_19:39:28.316   071.091.039.xxx   Can't wait till Christmas!
2009_11_01_19:42:32.152   068.089.241.xxx   @_@
2009_11_01_19:43:39.994   024.150.144.xxx   OOGA BOOGA
2009_11_01_19:49:12.090   024.247.244.xxx   hi hAPPY HOLOWEEN
2009_11_01_19:50:18.938   068.062.023.xxx   Lets turn every thing off
2009_11_01_19:51:51.538   024.247.244.xxx   hi hi hi hi hi
2009_11_01_19:55:52.518   096.048.104.xxx   hellloooooo
2009_11_01_19:57:40.023   070.178.040.xxx   I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween 2k9.
2009_11_01_19:58:06.844   070.178.040.xxx   Spent mine up in the mountains with some friends.  Great time by all!
2009_11_01_19:59:46.565   068.194.244.xxx   2 hours till the end of halloween 09 :(
2009_11_01_20:01:06.995   068.089.241.xxx   oh well, just a few weeks till Christmas
2009_11_01_20:01:29.747   068.194.244.xxx   Yea but im jewish
2009_11_01_20:03:27.267   068.194.244.xxx   TYPE THE NUMBER ONE IF UR A YANKEES FAN
2009_11_01_20:04:18.496   075.195.081.xxx   i'll get you my pretties
2009_11_01_20:04:38.264   090.204.235.xxx   Well done Alek, see 'ya in December!
2009_11_01_20:04:54.337   075.195.081.xxx   and your dog too!
2009_11_01_20:05:02.036   068.194.244.xxx   YANKEES ARE GONA BE WORLD SERIES CHAMPS
2009_11_01_20:05:30.941   068.194.244.xxx   What you drinking Alek?? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_01_20:07:21.037   068.194.244.xxx   Frankenstein is taking a while to inflate tonite Alek (11)
2009_11_01_20:07:55.580   071.227.160.xxx   Hey Bro - happy halloween from the shadow of the space needle!
2009_11_01_20:08:03.165   075.195.081.xxx   proly fire water LOL
2009_11_01_20:08:56.106   068.089.241.xxx   Alek where is your pumpkin hat :)
2009_11_01_20:09:01.057   075.195.081.xxx   bbq hot sauze tamaliis
2009_11_01_20:09:09.179   068.194.244.xxx   Do you ever worry about fires with all these lighta Alek???????? (12)
2009_11_01_20:09:53.316   075.195.081.xxx   he has plenty of snew to put it out lol
2009_11_01_20:10:27.332   079.150.203.xxx   ola saludame chico
2009_11_01_20:10:32.975   075.195.081.xxx   that backward clock is really messing me up haha
2009_11_01_20:11:26.095   075.195.081.xxx   are you tired Alek? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_01_20:12:29.829   075.195.081.xxx   or you all sugared up? hehe (11)
2009_11_01_20:15:14.852   068.194.244.xxx   Cam 1 is frozen (13)
2009_11_01_20:16:44.089   173.052.028.xxx   cam 1 is offline
2009_11_01_20:17:40.829   068.080.020.xxx   Sam is a nerd
2009_11_01_20:19:02.683   067.167.108.xxx   Indiana is here
2009_11_01_20:19:44.886   173.052.028.xxx   alek cam 1 is offline
2009_11_01_20:20:37.890   068.009.238.xxx   was (21)
2009_11_01_20:20:54.894   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Cam1 is back up ... LED Skelly looks spooky! ***ALEK***
2009_11_01_20:21:35.637   068.009.238.xxx   wave ! (22)
2009_11_01_20:22:02.335   190.173.099.xxx   =O (33)
2009_11_01_20:26:17.273   072.051.226.xxx   YOYO
2009_11_01_20:26:38.305   069.160.204.xxx   What's up?
2009_11_01_20:28:22.270   208.066.038.xxx   Hello everyone out there tonight!
2009_11_01_20:29:01.353   072.051.226.xxx   Tired
2009_11_01_20:30:10.429   070.178.040.xxx   That skeleton is the nuts!  (n10cities)
2009_11_01_20:31:08.972   070.178.040.xxx   Shame you didn't have it at the start of the season....
2009_11_01_20:31:29.182   098.064.220.xxx   AMAZING WORK!!
2009_11_01_20:33:47.176   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** The Skeleton wasn't 50___ off early in the season! ***ALEK***
2009_11_01_20:42:11.274   174.130.112.xxx   Uhhhh ... really?
2009_11_01_20:42:21.654   068.009.238.xxx   really (23)
2009_11_01_20:43:01.470   174.130.112.xxx   I think it is a trick ....
2009_11_01_20:43:11.201   070.181.121.xxx   Trick or treat! Smell my feet! Give me somthing good to eat!
2009_11_01_20:43:24.148   068.009.238.xxx   grage lights are on! (24)
2009_11_01_20:44:22.249   024.115.152.xxx   hi
2009_11_01_20:45:02.879   068.009.238.xxx   p**** (25)
2009_11_01_20:45:30.129   068.009.238.xxx   good night (26)
2009_11_01_20:46:31.552   174.130.112.xxx   Happy Anniversary Bridget! :)
2009_11_01_20:47:15.813   070.181.121.xxx   How now, brown cow?
2009_11_01_20:48:27.031   024.115.152.xxx   ?
2009_11_01_20:55:47.942   098.239.067.xxx   whatcha lookin at??
2009_11_01_20:56:33.053   098.239.067.xxx   somethin bad???
2009_11_01_20:58:08.657   098.239.067.xxx   the screen is blank isn't it hahaha
2009_11_01_21:02:09.082   098.239.067.xxx   see ya at christmas!
2009_11_01_21:03:56.701   071.082.063.xxx   Clark Griswald will be proud....
2009_11_01_21:08:18.099   068.194.244.xxx   Alek whats the oldest thing in your halloween display? (14)
2009_11_01_21:09:42.974   068.089.241.xxx   He leaves his office a lot. Curse him for having a life ___P
2009_11_01_21:09:49.900   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Oldest thing would be me - 46! ***ALEK***
2009_11_01_21:10:55.833   071.082.063.xxx   What part of halloween do you like the most?
2009_11_01_21:12:08.128   071.082.063.xxx   Hulk you are just rude
2009_11_01_21:13:05.738   071.082.063.xxx   Do you have any new stuff for christmas yet?
2009_11_01_21:21:38.556   190.173.099.xxx   boludooooooooooooooooo (34)
2009_11_01_21:28:01.001   070.245.127.xxx   hellooooo
2009_11_01_21:31:27.352   075.046.078.xxx   you rock dude!
2009_11_01_21:34:54.959   068.089.241.xxx   lulz
2009_11_01_21:38:35.209   071.082.063.xxx   How is the weather there right now
2009_11_01_21:38:56.872   068.194.244.xxx   Haha whats the oldest non living thing??? (15)
2009_11_01_21:40:12.187   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** probably Homer Simpson ... he's out there for both holidays too! ***ALEK***
2009_11_01_21:41:29.747   071.082.063.xxx   What is your favorite Christmas prop you put out
2009_11_01_21:42:52.372   024.127.003.xxx   time to deflate your toys and goto your christmas now
2009_11_01_21:44:10.594   024.127.003.xxx   hallowbash 2009 was a scream!
2009_11_01_21:45:11.722   024.127.003.xxx   scare mare - i was that person with glow shirt on
2009_11_01_21:46:48.572   024.127.003.xxx   who went
2009_11_01_21:47:22.723   174.017.234.xxx   Aaron P- go to failblog.org 4 epicness
2009_11_01_21:47:57.603   074.215.021.xxx   Who-
2009_11_01_21:48:11.813   071.082.063.xxx   Only 13 minutes till the end Woah
2009_11_01_21:48:23.182   174.017.234.xxx   Yo mama
2009_11_01_21:48:30.645   024.127.003.xxx   scare mare in va
2009_11_01_21:48:39.328   074.215.021.xxx   WHO - DEY !!!!
2009_11_01_21:49:26.107   024.127.003.xxx   wanny body went your names here
2009_11_01_21:50:00.287   024.127.003.xxx   2800 carrol av
2009_11_01_21:50:15.993   174.017.234.xxx   I love yo. will u marry me???
2009_11_01_21:50:24.548   071.082.063.xxx   ITS OVER 9000!
2009_11_01_21:50:33.010   024.127.003.xxx   in lynchburg vas
2009_11_01_21:50:49.167   068.194.244.xxx   10 Minutes of Halloween Left??? (16)
2009_11_01_21:51:04.394   174.017.234.xxx   I love you. will u marry me???
2009_11_01_21:51:20.057   024.127.003.xxx   whos this
2009_11_01_21:51:33.947   068.194.244.xxx   Where did Frankenstein go????? (17)
2009_11_01_21:51:47.700   174.017.234.xxx   Aaron p
2009_11_01_21:52:09.103   024.127.003.xxx   glow in dark guy (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_01_21:52:51.146   174.017.234.xxx   Oh no its all going by byz!!!!!! noooooez
2009_11_01_21:53:19.437   024.127.003.xxx   maby i ll see you on christmaswebcam nexttime (11)
2009_11_01_21:54:01.612   024.127.003.xxx   by alek see you next show (12)
2009_11_01_21:54:05.169   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife due home any minute - had to move Frank and Grim Reaper ***ALEK***
2009_11_01_21:54:06.767   068.194.244.xxx   Alek what did you do with Frankenstein??? (18)
2009_11_01_21:54:42.267   068.194.244.xxx   Where was wife so late on a sunday night??? (19)
2009_11_01_21:54:48.805   024.127.003.xxx   avoid in 4 minute x10 shutdown (13)
2009_11_01_21:54:59.023   099.028.102.xxx   I love you Joanna!
2009_11_01_21:55:20.450   174.017.234.xxx   who u calling???
2009_11_01_21:55:47.651   024.127.003.xxx   ghostbusters (14)
2009_11_01_21:55:53.663   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife just called - coming back from airport - should arrive just before 10:00 ***ALEK***
2009_11_01_21:56:21.131   068.194.244.xxx   Where did she fly too??? (20 IM's so far today)
2009_11_01_21:56:33.820   024.127.003.xxx   thats all folks (15)
2009_11_01_21:56:39.818   071.082.063.xxx   Did you ever put your lights and other probs to music
2009_11_01_21:57:17.203   068.194.244.xxx   Did you end up playing scary music for the trick o treaters??? (21)
2009_11_01_21:57:20.218   024.127.003.xxx   2012 starts next week (16)
2009_11_01_21:57:24.049   099.023.122.xxx   See you at Christmas!!!!!!!!
2009_11_01_21:57:39.967   174.017.234.xxx   I Luvz U!!!!!
2009_11_01_21:57:54.191   024.127.003.xxx   hotfood (17)
2009_11_01_21:58:01.365   071.072.039.xxx   See ya in about a month.. Keep up the GR8 work there.. - Terry  :-)
2009_11_01_21:58:11.234   099.023.122.xxx   See toy next year headless harry!
2009_11_01_21:58:22.787   024.127.003.xxx   dark rooms (18)
2009_11_01_21:58:42.382   174.017.234.xxx   kitty face!!!!!  :3
2009_11_01_21:59:45.928   174.017.234.xxx   kirby ___(-_-)___!!!!!!!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_01_21:59:48.833   024.127.003.xxx   gone (19)
2009_11_01_21:59:51.039   099.023.122.xxx   GOOD BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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