51 halloween text messages on 2011/1015

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 16,759 times that day including 14,981 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1015

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2011_10_15_18:00:33.593   068.003.148.xxx   good evening
2011_10_15_18:00:51.672   002.121.014.xxx   second
2011_10_15_18:01:54.975   002.121.014.xxx   so how is every one this everning ?
2011_10_15_18:01:55.791   088.189.072.xxx   Hello :)
2011_10_15_18:02:24.189   002.121.014.xxx   :P
2011_10_15_18:03:45.415   068.003.148.xxx   having a dinner party alek?
2011_10_15_18:04:05.460   088.189.072.xxx   :)
2011_10_15_18:04:38.136   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yep - a few friends over this evening - making taco's and Margaritas! ***ALEK***
2011_10_15_18:06:09.131   088.189.072.xxx   ON,OFF ___p
2011_10_15_18:08:38.669   088.189.072.xxx   Happy Halloween :)
2011_10_15_18:14:02.174   079.066.223.xxx   Be really cool if Alek could do a little video tour of how he does this
2011_10_15_18:14:47.001   079.066.223.xxx   never see anyone in the office now adays
2011_10_15_18:32:30.561   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'm making dinner downstairs right now - MARGS! ***ALEK***
2011_10_15_18:33:28.189   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** i just was in the office ***ALEK***
2011_10_15_18:34:22.871   068.003.148.xxx   I saw you
2011_10_15_18:35:07.247   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** cheers ***ALEK***
2011_10_15_18:36:51.492   068.003.148.xxx   salute
2011_10_15_18:38:37.694   067.080.232.xxx   Hello from New Jersey!!
2011_10_15_18:51:39.221   087.194.130.xxx   Eco Saving!
2011_10_15_18:54:07.855   184.155.077.xxx   My aunt has Celiac Disease
2011_10_15_18:56:05.300   087.194.130.xxx   Alek how about adding a smoke machine?
2011_10_15_18:57:49.173   184.155.077.xxx   that wold
2011_10_15_19:00:01.729   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** alek back on ***ALEK***
2011_10_15_19:00:30.090   184.155.077.xxx   I was saying a smoke machine would be cool
2011_10_15_19:00:31.447   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** from kyle ***ALEK***
2011_10_15_19:01:13.510   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** we have a smaoke machine ***ALEK***
2011_10_15_19:02:08.347   184.155.077.xxx   my aunt has Celia Disease
2011_10_15_19:02:16.464   087.194.130.xxx   I mean a X10 controlled smoke machine, that we could control
2011_10_15_19:04:31.552   087.194.130.xxx   x10 module ___ Relay ___ smoke machine controller
2011_10_15_19:19:26.645   079.066.223.xxx   its better without the big lights on as its more dark and spooky
2011_10_15_19:20:48.367   072.228.185.xxx   hi
2011_10_15_19:21:54.019   156.034.188.xxx   Oh hi I didn't see you there
2011_10_15_19:26:47.830   068.003.148.xxx   cool idea about an x10 control smoke machine
2011_10_15_19:29:20.479   068.003.148.xxx   7 to 2 rangers!
2011_10_15_19:31:51.757   087.225.253.xxx   smoke machine idea should be implmented
2011_10_15_19:36:34.948   217.115.137.xxx   cool
2011_10_15_19:43:29.211   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Smoke machine would be cool - I use one at the door for Trick-or-Treaters ***ALEK***
2011_10_15_19:50:31.387   213.103.212.xxx   whats going on?
2011_10_15_19:51:18.092   072.081.088.xxx   Arrrr! There Be Pirate Harry!
2011_10_15_19:59:01.603   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** harry is going to be a doctor ***ALEK***
2011_10_15_20:00:15.508   072.081.088.xxx   or a dentist! he!
2011_10_15_20:00:42.375   087.194.130.xxx   is he having power troubles?
2011_10_15_20:00:51.814   072.081.088.xxx   I see scalleywags a creepin!
2011_10_15_20:03:23.330   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** now a pirate ***ALEK***
2011_10_15_20:06:48.749   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** That was Kyle saying that - he is in charge of Heads-Up Harry! ***ALEK***
2011_10_15_20:11:40.874   072.081.088.xxx   Harry looks so shocked. LOL!
2011_10_15_20:24:07.528   071.091.039.xxx   Glad to see you back Alek!
2011_10_15_21:11:46.292   096.018.098.xxx   Happy Halloween from HomieLive.US in Boise, Idaho!
2011_10_15_21:25:43.314   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** arrg i am heads up harry ***ALEK***
2011_10_15_21:26:54.476   072.094.129.xxx   Happy Halloween from Reading PA
2011_10_15_21:53:46.909   096.018.098.xxx   Happy Halloween from GaryOnline.CA!

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