117 halloween text messages on 2011/1020

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 5,020 times that day including 3,961 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1020

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2011_10_20_18:00:35.012   068.061.168.xxx   HI Alek
2011_10_20_18:00:50.766   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** As promised yesterday, Kyle has made Heads-Up Harry Hulk'in! ***ALEK***
2011_10_20_18:01:22.742   074.111.115.xxx   Happy Halloween Alek!!!!!
2011_10_20_18:02:06.370   074.111.115.xxx   Give me a thumbs up if your kids are well Alek :)
2011_10_20_18:04:10.934   074.111.115.xxx   Thanks Alek
2011_10_20_18:04:47.398   068.150.161.xxx   Hehe, hard to tell what's on when it is light it
2011_10_20_18:05:04.053   109.145.120.xxx   Hello, from Malcolm, Taunton, UK
2011_10_20_18:05:31.859   074.111.115.xxx   HAHA Nice Hat lol
2011_10_20_18:05:36.904   156.034.188.xxx   What happened to the headless horseman ?
2011_10_20_18:06:48.567   074.111.115.xxx   What's the white pattern thing on the lawn in cam 2???
2011_10_20_18:07:28.136   156.034.188.xxx   The on off words
2011_10_20_18:07:52.222   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife is due home about 6:30 ... so Headless Horseman out of the way of garage ***ALEK***
2011_10_20_18:08:15.664   156.034.188.xxx   Ah ok thanks :)
2011_10_20_18:08:30.110   074.111.115.xxx   What are your kids dressing as for Halloween this year Alek?
2011_10_20_18:11:12.687   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Kyle has an awesome battery blow-up Sumo Custome his Grandma got at a garage sale ***ALEK***
2011_10_20_18:11:43.763   074.111.115.xxx   Nice! Kyle will look great!
2011_10_20_18:16:43.147   068.150.161.xxx   Kids on the lawn!!!!!
2011_10_20_18:18:42.900   068.150.161.xxx   Run kids run!
2011_10_20_18:25:26.121   074.111.115.xxx   Uhoh is Spongebob broken? :(
2011_10_20_18:25:53.976   074.111.115.xxx   Nope, nevermind he's working
2011_10_20_18:27:51.042   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Unplugged Frankenstein since wife should be home shortly ... ***ALEK***
2011_10_20_18:28:30.794   074.111.115.xxx   We'll be sure to wave to her when she comes home Alek :) (10 IM's so far today)
2011_10_20_18:29:15.400   071.193.241.xxx   way cool! thanks for doing this each season. research funding is so needed!
2011_10_20_18:31:27.077   074.111.115.xxx   I'm adding your link to my FB page to direct everyone of my friends here (11)
2011_10_20_18:31:56.745   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for spreading the word ... ***ALEK***
2011_10_20_18:40:59.145   186.086.023.xxx   hi...
2011_10_20_18:42:01.107   074.111.115.xxx   Hello! @hi....  Happy halloween! (12)
2011_10_20_18:43:48.616   068.000.110.xxx   hello :)
2011_10_20_18:44:32.792   068.000.110.xxx   Happy Holloween! :)
2011_10_20_18:45:22.187   074.111.115.xxx   BOO! (13)
2011_10_20_18:45:41.205   068.000.110.xxx   whee1
2011_10_20_18:46:20.215   068.000.110.xxx   hello! :)
2011_10_20_18:47:40.335   074.111.115.xxx   Thanks for the Halloween Fun Alek!  See you another time! (14)
2011_10_20_18:48:08.383   074.111.115.xxx   Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!! (15)
2011_10_20_18:51:27.917   068.000.110.xxx   sweetness
2011_10_20_19:00:03.588   072.081.088.xxx   Nice job, Kyle!
2011_10_20_19:08:48.536   024.160.111.xxx   There's something wrong here...
2011_10_20_19:10:26.462   072.081.088.xxx   The Hulk Brothers are dark.
2011_10_20_19:10:40.112   184.148.128.xxx   Even though Ghadafi fell, he fell from a height higher than most men will ever 
2011_10_20_19:11:15.602   072.081.088.xxx   Happy Halloween!
2011_10_20_19:11:39.357   090.194.169.xxx   hiii , form ilkeston in the UK x
2011_10_20_19:11:55.085   184.148.128.xxx   Tony Colombari is a baby
2011_10_20_19:12:17.211   072.081.088.xxx   LOL
2011_10_20_19:16:07.065   072.081.088.xxx   Lots of Green in the Office tonight!
2011_10_20_19:16:29.193   173.088.209.xxx   do work
2011_10_20_19:18:49.387   173.088.209.xxx   i like turtles
2011_10_20_19:23:42.554   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** HULK likes turtles too ... they are green! ***ALEK***
2011_10_20_19:37:45.694   071.081.197.xxx   wow this display s*****
2011_10_20_19:38:16.313   071.081.197.xxx   JK JK GREAT JOB ALEK
2011_10_20_19:39:18.682   071.081.197.xxx   i think the controls might not be working...
2011_10_20_19:41:58.225   068.150.161.xxx   Lindsay Lohan must have stolen the switch!
2011_10_20_19:42:46.027   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, we had a failure in the X10 Signal Booster - FIXED! ***ALEK***
2011_10_20_19:43:44.269   098.090.136.xxx   So happy to be sharing another Halloween wth you!
2011_10_20_19:48:52.197   074.183.117.xxx   So Sweet!  I LOVE YOU JENNIFER!
2011_10_20_19:57:35.406   098.090.136.xxx   I bought  my husband the light cube last year for Christmas, we have it on righ
2011_10_20_20:02:36.187   074.183.117.xxx   I LOVE YOU JENNIFER!! #2600
2011_10_20_20:06:37.722   070.178.149.xxx   Ack!  Headless Harry got green and hairy!
2011_10_20_20:07:55.078   070.178.149.xxx   Dang!  Overloads on every button!
2011_10_20_20:08:41.727   096.254.033.xxx   h
2011_10_20_20:09:06.639   096.254.033.xxx   helI lloi.ke tRains
2011_10_20_20:09:43.654   096.254.033.xxx   there is two people on team viewer :)herrroooo
2011_10_20_20:10:16.793   096.254.033.xxx   areRnRtr rweR RcRoRol
2011_10_20_20:10:45.764   096.254.033.xxx   were trying to talNkOkjdfhskj skdnatgd kjzfhonga
2011_10_20_20:11:57.481   096.254.033.xxx   areBLAnt CK weP thEOe PcLEoolieseraqna gALKjgsdf*ljgaf*ljgasfdgP EbNISlac'k
2011_10_20_20:12:19.995   096.254.033.xxx   dewaerde
2011_10_20_20:12:42.919   099.122.066.xxx   hi
2011_10_20_20:12:47.699   096.254.033.xxx   we ATrer olalollol trying to type
2011_10_20_20:12:49.945   070.044.104.xxx   BradCaldwell.org
2011_10_20_20:13:14.966   096.254.033.xxx   caalkgaflkadg jhab da bc fooolll
2011_10_20_20:13:18.038   070.044.104.xxx   What's up Alek?
2011_10_20_20:13:40.103   096.254.033.xxx   BETTY WHITE (10 IM's so far today)
2011_10_20_20:14:02.617   099.122.066.xxx   was up every one
2011_10_20_20:14:20.744   068.150.161.xxx   sumthin is stuk
2011_10_20_20:14:26.910   070.044.104.xxx   Just posted this link to Twitter and Facebook...
2011_10_20_20:15:11.713   099.122.066.xxx   nothing happing
2011_10_20_20:15:13.401   070.044.104.xxx   HULK!!!!! :)
2011_10_20_20:16:01.821   070.044.104.xxx   Is the office really haunted?
2011_10_20_20:18:15.043   070.044.104.xxx   Be nice :P
2011_10_20_20:18:19.524   068.150.161.xxx   lookin good!  :!
2011_10_20_20:20:18.738   099.122.066.xxx   h**** yea
2011_10_20_20:20:59.649   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** HULK says thanks Puny Human for saying he look good! ***ALEK***
2011_10_20_20:22:08.884   068.150.161.xxx   hey alek, they have this inflatable with ghosts
2011_10_20_20:22:46.488   068.150.161.xxx   It's coming out of a Pumpkin, I think. pretty cool
2011_10_20_20:24:14.991   068.150.161.xxx   SCARY!!!
2011_10_20_20:24:28.283   070.170.015.xxx   hello!!!!
2011_10_20_20:25:52.650   074.183.117.xxx   I LOVE YOU JENNIFER MCINTOSH!!
2011_10_20_20:26:26.611   068.150.161.xxx   cool flowerecent lights (10 IM's so far today)
2011_10_20_20:33:17.757   068.150.161.xxx   Wow (11)
2011_10_20_20:33:50.614   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** I can see UV after my cataract surgery ... but the webcam doesn't see it ***ALEK***
2011_10_20_20:34:00.623   068.150.161.xxx   too bad you don't have an ironman mask for tomorrow (12)
2011_10_20_20:38:38.390   012.248.040.xxx   Deez nizutz!
2011_10_20_20:38:42.328   068.150.161.xxx   on-off (13)
2011_10_20_20:39:32.552   012.248.040.xxx   Bow-chika-wow-wow!
2011_10_20_20:42:09.301   068.150.161.xxx   oooh... aaah... oooh... aah... (14)
2011_10_20_20:44:21.686   108.075.043.xxx   hey dude!
2011_10_20_20:44:21.800   097.127.184.xxx   Go St Louis!
2011_10_20_20:52:53.190   068.150.161.xxx   GO NFLD! (15)
2011_10_20_20:57:53.187   064.111.111.xxx   Hello from your pals at DreamHost!
2011_10_20_21:12:17.434   188.029.144.xxx   Hello from the crew of Big Brother UK! We're on nightshift!
2011_10_20_21:14:53.104   188.029.144.xxx   Big Brother UK crew says HI!!
2011_10_20_21:17:14.368   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello Big Brother UK ... you guys are up early! ***ALEK***
2011_10_20_21:42:35.387   076.252.254.xxx   I love this site!
2011_10_20_21:47:18.496   068.118.042.xxx   yes
2011_10_20_21:47:47.992   068.150.161.xxx   World Series Tied 1-1! (16)
2011_10_20_21:50:21.719   068.150.161.xxx   Loving you is Easy cause you're Beautiful... (17)
2011_10_20_21:51:21.395   068.150.161.xxx   lalalalala..lalalalala..lalalalalalalalalala doo doo doo (18)
2011_10_20_21:51:49.848   068.150.161.xxx   OOOOOOOOOOHHHH.......... (19)
2011_10_20_21:52:42.527   068.150.161.xxx   she buys you diamon rings you know, cause she said so (20 IM's so far today)
2011_10_20_21:53:12.345   068.150.161.xxx   I'm in Love with her and I feel fine!... (21)
2011_10_20_21:55:18.272   068.150.161.xxx   How does it feel to be One of the Beautiful People? (22)
2011_10_20_21:56:16.467   068.150.161.xxx   Now that you know who you are.  What do you want to be? (23)
2011_10_20_21:56:48.695   068.150.161.xxx   And have you travelled Very Far? (24)
2011_10_20_21:57:19.566   068.150.161.xxx   Far as the Eyes Can see.... (25)
2011_10_20_21:57:54.349   068.150.161.xxx   Baby you're a Rich Man, Baby You're a Rich Man!.. (26)
2011_10_20_21:58:27.388   068.150.161.xxx   You Keep all your Money in a big brown Bag Inside a Zoo (27)
2011_10_20_21:58:57.114   068.150.161.xxx   What a think to do!?! (28)
2011_10_20_21:59:22.291   068.150.161.xxx   ______Thing (29)

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