279 halloween text messages on 2011/1030

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 6,660 times that day including 3,613 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1030

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2011_10_30_17:15:15.169   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Night before Halloween, so turning on early - will be 5:00 tomorrow ***ALEK***
2011_10_30_17:15:54.490   066.140.104.xxx   Thanks again for all your work Alek, such a fun site. :D
2011_10_30_17:16:44.302   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for the nice words 066 and stopping by - Happy Halloween! ***ALEK***
2011_10_30_17:16:47.000   068.040.209.xxx   Evening sir. :)
2011_10_30_17:17:48.591   068.040.209.xxx   Another one of your loyal repeat visitors LOL.
2011_10_30_17:17:59.028   088.189.072.xxx   hello everyone I'm French
2011_10_30_17:22:29.295   071.169.149.xxx   hello
2011_10_30_17:22:39.526   024.063.033.xxx   Blessings from Fall River MA.
2011_10_30_17:23:03.739   071.169.149.xxx   Chocolate
2011_10_30_17:23:57.279   088.189.072.xxx   Halloween 2011
2011_10_30_17:24:20.836   076.014.233.xxx   Happy Halloween
2011_10_30_17:24:38.773   071.169.149.xxx   that guys creepy →
2011_10_30_17:25:02.762   088.189.072.xxx   ___) :) :p :p
2011_10_30_17:28:13.675   088.189.072.xxx   hello :)
2011_10_30_17:28:18.885   068.224.073.xxx   Will you be putting a black cloth over the ladder? Still not working, oops!
2011_10_30_17:31:47.155   088.189.072.xxx   NRJ
2011_10_30_17:36:27.556   088.189.072.xxx   yes halloween
2011_10_30_17:36:39.634   068.224.073.xxx   Looking better! Is there a bungee to the ladder?
2011_10_30_17:39:04.478   088.189.072.xxx   X10
2011_10_30_17:39:33.643   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Grim Reaper needs a "boost" ... so yea, have him tied up to a ladder - works so-so ***ALEK***
2011_10_30_17:40:14.938   090.194.169.xxx   hello im from the UK, well played Alek !!
2011_10_30_17:40:55.367   088.189.072.xxx   hello Alek
2011_10_30_17:41:43.064   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks UK'er ... note webcams/X10 on an hour early tomorrow - helps European surfers ***ALEK***
2011_10_30_17:42:30.477   079.196.017.xxx   yeah its christmas soon :-)
2011_10_30_17:44:39.268   174.045.234.xxx   Very fun!  Thanks!
2011_10_30_17:46:22.168   072.184.108.xxx   This is great!
2011_10_30_17:47:19.355   024.236.035.xxx   Greetings from Carlsburg, NM
2011_10_30_17:49:29.892   024.218.044.xxx   Hello!!!
2011_10_30_17:50:17.117   024.236.035.xxx   The Mighty Broncos go down in DeFeet
2011_10_30_17:52:47.918   068.150.161.xxx   Ghosts!!
2011_10_30_17:53:23.609   075.167.002.xxx   eek!
2011_10_30_17:53:45.772   068.150.161.xxx   I love you Homer!
2011_10_30_17:54:36.183   068.150.161.xxx   I love you Carl, eh Marge!
2011_10_30_17:55:20.513   024.236.035.xxx   Carl me too,  Bob!
2011_10_30_17:55:51.327   075.167.002.xxx   This is amazing
2011_10_30_17:56:02.565   068.040.209.xxx   crazy to see its 60___+ and see snow on the ground
2011_10_30_17:56:13.083   068.150.161.xxx   Thank you, I thinking am too!
2011_10_30_17:57:42.001   174.045.234.xxx   Montana loves this!
2011_10_30_17:58:13.368   068.150.161.xxx   Utah cant stand this! Haha
2011_10_30_17:59:50.241   068.150.161.xxx   Anyone know what New York thanks?
2011_10_30_18:06:02.031   094.175.106.xxx   Happy Halloween from London!
2011_10_30_18:07:02.997   071.082.053.xxx   VAN HELSING IS ON NOW ON ABC FAMILY!!!!
2011_10_30_18:07:43.956   094.003.021.xxx   I like love dolls
2011_10_30_18:09:16.664   071.086.122.xxx   HI!
2011_10_30_18:10:41.565   094.003.021.xxx   Omnomnom
2011_10_30_18:11:14.819   024.127.086.xxx   HEY
2011_10_30_18:11:34.004   068.150.161.xxx   Hey, how are ya!
2011_10_30_18:11:42.153   094.003.021.xxx   omnomnomnom
2011_10_30_18:12:31.509   068.150.161.xxx   Cookie monster!
2011_10_30_18:15:22.479   074.178.038.xxx   Awesome,  Happy Halloween from Trenton Florida
2011_10_30_18:16:13.808   068.150.161.xxx   Hoppy Halloween
2011_10_30_18:16:20.060   068.224.073.xxx   Tater tots !!!
2011_10_30_18:16:22.856   064.228.136.xxx   Happy Halloween From Wayne & Brenda Young in Canada
2011_10_30_18:17:49.624   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Grim Reaper still isn't working too good with the ladder - sorry ***ALEK***
2011_10_30_18:19:10.797   068.150.161.xxx   Need a new grim reaper (10 IM's so far today)
2011_10_30_18:19:43.491   068.150.161.xxx   See the muppets movie! (11)
2011_10_30_18:20:22.678   064.228.136.xxx   Booooo
2011_10_30_18:20:23.077   097.103.233.xxx   Halloween time
2011_10_30_18:21:20.042   173.174.137.xxx   I miss dubs.
2011_10_30_18:23:30.656   068.224.073.xxx   It's OK, Grim Reaper doesn't want us to ID him so he's hiding his head!
2011_10_30_18:26:35.750   068.150.161.xxx   The Simpsons Halloween (12)
2011_10_30_18:26:50.491   076.104.078.xxx   i miss doing this
2011_10_30_18:27:52.820   076.104.078.xxx   i just can't what till chrstmas
2011_10_30_18:29:54.701   068.150.161.xxx   You can't what?? (13)
2011_10_30_18:30:00.186   076.104.078.xxx   happy halloween from va
2011_10_30_18:30:26.179   068.224.073.xxx   YouTube Halloween Light Show 2011 - Party Rock Anthem
2011_10_30_18:30:28.845   076.104.078.xxx   wait my bad
2011_10_30_18:32:34.628   068.150.161.xxx   Everybodys working for the weekend! (14)
2011_10_30_18:33:07.845   068.150.161.xxx   Everybody wants a second chance. (15)
2011_10_30_18:33:19.356   076.104.078.xxx   i have football practice on halloween it stinks
2011_10_30_18:34:17.167   076.104.078.xxx   it is freezing up in va
2011_10_30_18:34:45.050   097.083.229.xxx   We must urn everything off!!
2011_10_30_18:34:50.729   068.150.161.xxx   Ok so, who's watching what? (16)
2011_10_30_18:35:12.838   097.083.229.xxx   i'm watching YOU
2011_10_30_18:35:11.798   205.185.130.xxx   HI ALEC
2011_10_30_18:35:24.031   075.094.217.xxx   where are the trick & treaters?
2011_10_30_18:35:32.851   205.185.131.xxx   Bennett STOP IT!!!!
2011_10_30_18:35:39.234   097.083.229.xxx   nowhere
2011_10_30_18:35:59.132   068.224.073.xxx   2 million people are still without power tonight!
2011_10_30_18:36:14.594   076.104.078.xxx   wow
2011_10_30_18:36:15.373   097.083.229.xxx   omg this guys youtube channel s***** LINK DELETED
2011_10_30_18:36:17.109   068.150.161.xxx   Who's? (17)
2011_10_30_18:36:21.048   075.094.217.xxx   shut up fatty
2011_10_30_18:36:43.712   097.083.229.xxx   YOUMAD BRAH?!
2011_10_30_18:36:51.798   068.150.161.xxx   Who's going crazy on the overloads? (18)
2011_10_30_18:37:04.906   075.094.217.xxx   no my dog's name is fatty....what??
2011_10_30_18:37:28.034   205.185.131.xxx   JANSEN VAN LIN TIS A FATTAY
2011_10_30_18:37:30.053   097.083.229.xxx   when did all the trolls arrive?
2011_10_30_18:37:48.368   072.177.042.xxx   9/11 WAS A LIE
2011_10_30_18:37:48.815   075.094.217.xxx   Noob
2011_10_30_18:38:31.645   072.177.042.xxx   9/11
2011_10_30_18:38:58.086   205.185.131.xxx   why yes they are
2011_10_30_18:39:11.746   097.083.229.xxx   wtf people this is a charity event, grow up
2011_10_30_18:39:28.124   072.177.042.xxx   Nope, Chuck Testa/
2011_10_30_18:39:38.474   075.094.217.xxx   keep it classy San Diego
2011_10_30_18:39:40.462   068.150.161.xxx   Get a life you idiots (19)
2011_10_30_18:39:56.063   097.083.229.xxx   attention all attention, p****, that is all
2011_10_30_18:40:26.530   075.094.217.xxx   Dont tase me bro!
2011_10_30_18:40:36.952   205.185.130.xxx   ______YEP
2011_10_30_18:40:39.160   068.150.161.xxx   Stop acting like morons, this is not the place (20 IM's so far today)
2011_10_30_18:41:10.792   097.083.229.xxx   agreed, these kids should really goto bed soon...
2011_10_30_18:41:13.305   098.090.212.xxx   I love you
2011_10_30_18:41:15.791   075.094.217.xxx   lmao
2011_10_30_18:41:27.089   068.150.161.xxx   You do realize that*** so easy to ban you from here (21)
2011_10_30_18:41:46.830   205.185.131.xxx   YEP
2011_10_30_18:41:51.497   075.094.217.xxx   hagtastic
2011_10_30_18:41:55.813   097.083.229.xxx   what the h**** is a cjay? (10 IM's so far today)
2011_10_30_18:41:56.998   205.185.130.xxx   I DOO TOOO
2011_10_30_18:42:02.771   068.150.161.xxx   Then stop it.  You aren't cool (22)
2011_10_30_18:42:10.888   098.090.212.xxx   I Love you Krystal
2011_10_30_18:42:31.612   075.094.217.xxx   not cool like 161...they must be awesome...
2011_10_30_18:42:45.858   072.177.042.xxx   nine eleven.
2011_10_30_18:42:46.560   098.090.212.xxx   I love you Krystal
2011_10_30_18:42:53.031   068.150.161.xxx   I could find your computer and fry it.. So stop (23)
2011_10_30_18:42:58.772   205.185.130.xxx   9786___
2011_10_30_18:43:29.861   098.090.212.xxx   +_+
2011_10_30_18:43:50.447   076.104.078.xxx   yea u guys should stop
2011_10_30_18:43:50.750   205.185.131.xxx   I love you Alec
2011_10_30_18:44:08.964   075.094.217.xxx   I love you more krystal.. (10 IM's so far today)
2011_10_30_18:44:33.576   209.169.205.xxx   Big dee likes the lights
2011_10_30_18:44:36.719   075.094.217.xxx   lmao...too far... (11)
2011_10_30_18:44:58.921   068.150.161.xxx   God I hate punks that come here (24)
2011_10_30_18:45:11.232   072.177.042.xxx   GOD I HATE PUNKS DAT COME ON HERE, GAWD
2011_10_30_18:45:13.850   075.094.217.xxx   and they hate you... (12)
2011_10_30_18:45:32.222   076.104.078.xxx   you guys need to stop
2011_10_30_18:45:40.729   068.150.161.xxx   Are you dumb? Mod you want a dead computer?? (25)
2011_10_30_18:46:52.885   075.094.217.xxx   Happy Chrimakwanzeween (13)
2011_10_30_18:46:55.484   072.081.088.xxx   Happy Halloween Ya Goofballs!
2011_10_30_18:47:51.893   076.104.078.xxx   hey the guy that said are u dumb do u think they need to stop (10 IM's so far today)
2011_10_30_18:48:25.116   071.218.114.xxx   Great show
2011_10_30_18:48:26.780   072.081.088.xxx   BOOooo
2011_10_30_18:48:34.155   072.077.135.xxx   homer
2011_10_30_18:48:39.253   075.094.217.xxx   lol (14)
2011_10_30_18:48:57.440   068.150.161.xxx   Behave or face expensive computer repairs (26)
2011_10_30_18:49:08.687   072.081.088.xxx   See any Trick or Treaters yet?
2011_10_30_18:49:31.398   072.077.135.xxx   its not halloween
2011_10_30_18:49:42.206   068.061.168.xxx   HELLO
2011_10_30_18:49:46.587   075.094.217.xxx   whatever you idiot 161 (15)
2011_10_30_18:49:55.445   076.104.078.xxx   hey how about them REDSKINS HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (11)
2011_10_30_18:50:25.692   072.081.088.xxx   Wonder how Alek's party is goin
2011_10_30_18:50:30.214   068.061.168.xxx   Lions!!
2011_10_30_18:50:34.968   151.213.165.xxx   you all smell :)
2011_10_30_18:50:38.600   209.169.205.xxx   if you need help cabling call CDR Communications LLC
2011_10_30_18:50:55.741   072.081.088.xxx   Down with Spam!
2011_10_30_18:51:14.049   068.224.073.xxx   YouTube search "Halloween Light Show Party Rock Anthem"
2011_10_30_18:51:35.548   072.081.088.xxx   Hulks are being moody tonight
2011_10_30_18:51:42.122   068.150.161.xxx   There are better ones on YouTube (27)
2011_10_30_18:51:57.663   075.094.217.xxx   161 next time u restrt ur comp it will fry... (16)
2011_10_30_18:52:15.699   072.081.088.xxx   Hulks hate Spam
2011_10_30_18:53:53.581   072.081.088.xxx   Hulk Love Donations to Celiac Research tho
2011_10_30_18:55:52.523   076.104.078.xxx   the night before halloween is so exciting (12)
2011_10_30_18:57:05.952   075.094.217.xxx   161 is now infected (17)
2011_10_30_18:59:15.158   151.213.165.xxx   sigh, same person keeps overloading x10 :/
2011_10_30_18:59:19.651   068.224.073.xxx   3.2 million people without power from Virginia to Maine
2011_10_30_18:59:42.435   068.224.073.xxx   SO TURN IT ALL ON !!!
2011_10_30_19:00:22.350   151.213.165.xxx   welcome back ALEK
2011_10_30_19:00:50.533   076.104.078.xxx   it cold n va (13)
2011_10_30_19:01:09.468   090.216.049.xxx   happy halloween from scotland
2011_10_30_19:01:54.948   068.224.073.xxx   Need long extension cord to next state, anyone got one? (10 IM's so far today)
2011_10_30_19:03:28.304   151.213.165.xxx   069.207.052.xxx stop overloading the x10 controls you hog
2011_10_30_19:06:07.739   151.213.165.xxx   alek, wave to the webcam? :)
2011_10_30_19:06:41.935   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Everybody gets a chance at the X10 controls as it is a bit of a free-for-all! ***ALEK***
2011_10_30_19:07:04.348   173.065.115.xxx   Hello
2011_10_30_19:07:36.498   173.065.115.xxx   this is so cool
2011_10_30_19:07:45.277   068.104.010.xxx   The backward clock is not working
2011_10_30_19:09:24.544   173.065.115.xxx   this is really nice
2011_10_30_19:09:54.941   068.224.073.xxx   Trees also fell on RR tracks throughout Northeast (11)
2011_10_30_19:11:01.317   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Good spot on the backwards clock - just replaced battery - thanks! ***ALEK***
2011_10_30_19:11:36.030   173.065.115.xxx   what time is it
2011_10_30_19:11:37.764   071.029.128.xxx   Thomaston Georgia
2011_10_30_19:12:06.407   068.104.010.xxx   Ur Welcome. Btwen da Reaper & da clok ur exhausted!
2011_10_30_19:14:21.187   079.196.017.xxx   ficken
2011_10_30_19:15:21.514   071.051.002.xxx   Happy Halloween from Southwest Virginia
2011_10_30_19:16:53.299   220.233.081.xxx   hello from Glenbrook Australia
2011_10_30_19:17:22.664   151.213.165.xxx   hello from florida
2011_10_30_19:17:30.789   079.196.017.xxx   meine fotze ist feucht. happy halloween
2011_10_30_19:18:12.780   151.213.165.xxx   alek, did you carve any pumpkins?
2011_10_30_19:20:06.087   079.196.017.xxx   yes i did
2011_10_30_19:21:06.222   024.243.098.xxx   How feindishly fun!  Happy Halloween Eve!
2011_10_30_19:21:51.096   076.104.078.xxx   were in southwest va are u im in cantral va (14)
2011_10_30_19:22:38.876   076.104.078.xxx   were in southwest va are u im in central va (15)
2011_10_30_19:23:24.609   076.104.078.xxx   hey aleks wave for everyone (16)
2011_10_30_19:24:04.310   076.104.078.xxx   what do have new for christmas (17)
2011_10_30_19:26:09.125   071.082.053.xxx   Dracula:  hello gabriel
2011_10_30_19:26:37.208   068.109.143.xxx   eagles winning tonight
2011_10_30_19:27:44.293   076.104.078.xxx   BBBBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOO eagles (18)
2011_10_30_19:32:57.204   190.189.107.xxx   Hi from Argentina!! :D
2011_10_30_19:38:32.661   071.082.053.xxx   Its alive! ITS ALIVE!!!
2011_10_30_19:39:40.406   096.060.233.xxx   123
2011_10_30_19:40:06.016   096.060.233.xxx   cool beans
2011_10_30_19:46:30.971   068.224.073.xxx   HOT BEANS! (12)
2011_10_30_19:48:36.914   068.000.110.xxx   Cool Bananas!
2011_10_30_19:49:14.258   002.100.073.xxx   happy halloween from N.Ireland!!!
2011_10_30_19:50:32.994   068.224.073.xxx   Hot milkshake! (13)
2011_10_30_19:50:40.353   076.104.078.xxx   so whos ready for christmas (19)
2011_10_30_19:51:23.482   002.100.073.xxx   isn't everyone?
2011_10_30_19:51:57.488   098.164.099.xxx   Great job again
2011_10_30_19:52:17.022   076.104.078.xxx   i am (20 IM's so far today)
2011_10_30_19:52:55.525   002.100.073.xxx   i agree...looking forward to the big event after thanksgiving___
2011_10_30_19:53:51.732   066.140.104.xxx   November already.. wow!
2011_10_30_19:54:10.821   002.100.073.xxx   when is Thanksgiving in the US this year?
2011_10_30_19:54:58.159   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** November day after tomorrow ... which is Halloween - WOOT! ***ALEK***
2011_10_30_19:55:03.603   068.224.073.xxx   Thanksgiving was last year! (14)
2011_10_30_19:55:59.088   002.100.073.xxx   yep, and you'll have another one this year
2011_10_30_19:56:38.412   002.100.073.xxx   anyone know when it is?
2011_10_30_19:56:47.765   079.196.017.xxx   this year is thankstaking
2011_10_30_19:57:10.315   068.224.073.xxx   Google knows all! (15)
2011_10_30_19:58:19.797   068.224.073.xxx   Yea, this year Bama takes everything and leaves you no hope or change in your p (16)
2011_10_30_19:58:37.785   002.100.073.xxx   nov 24th, even though i don't even live in your country.lol
2011_10_30_19:59:04.759   076.104.078.xxx   can't what to see the new stuff (21)
2011_10_30_19:59:14.408   002.100.073.xxx   put that in your diary :-)
2011_10_30_19:59:16.750   068.224.073.xxx   End the Fed! (17)
2011_10_30_19:59:58.635   002.100.073.xxx   ????
2011_10_30_20:00:44.240   068.224.073.xxx   Will we have a X10 controllable turkey? (18)
2011_10_30_20:01:28.935   076.104.078.xxx   ?????????????????????????????? (22)
2011_10_30_20:02:21.410   071.082.053.xxx   Happy Halloween
2011_10_30_20:03:56.561   068.224.073.xxx   Halloween, don't worry be happy (19)
2011_10_30_20:04:27.984   076.104.078.xxx   who watches ghost adventure (23)
2011_10_30_20:08:05.961   068.104.010.xxx   Probably Ghosts I suspect
2011_10_30_20:09:53.641   068.224.073.xxx   I think you should watch "American Idle" instead! (20 IM's so far today)
2011_10_30_20:11:17.395   173.067.180.xxx   OCCUPY A LIBRARY!  : )
2011_10_30_20:12:01.785   071.082.053.xxx   HHHHOOOOOOWWWWWWLLLLLLLLL
2011_10_30_20:12:28.426   071.082.053.xxx   HOWL
2011_10_30_20:12:47.995   068.224.073.xxx   99___ say END THE FED! (21)
2011_10_30_20:13:31.984   068.224.073.xxx   The 99 percent say END THE FED! (22)
2011_10_30_20:19:25.483   075.118.175.xxx   The "99___" are idiots!!
2011_10_30_20:20:00.442   075.118.175.xxx   OWS- MORONS!!
2011_10_30_20:20:35.941   075.118.175.xxx   Obama MUST GO!!
2011_10_30_20:20:48.369   173.067.180.xxx   Boo
2011_10_30_20:21:27.329   068.150.161.xxx   woooooo (28)
2011_10_30_20:21:36.399   173.067.180.xxx   Hello world from Pennsylvania, USA
2011_10_30_20:21:45.554   075.118.175.xxx   Ohio- Vote YES on Issues 2 & 3
2011_10_30_20:22:03.966   071.082.053.xxx   AHH The Children of the Night
2011_10_30_20:22:16.178   068.150.161.xxx   what are issues 2 and 3? (29)
2011_10_30_20:23:32.249   068.224.073.xxx   So the 1 percent that STEAL the People's money are OK then? (23)
2011_10_30_20:24:19.977   068.150.161.xxx   nah, just the 5___ (30 IM's so far today)
2011_10_30_20:25:38.712   068.150.161.xxx   ooh scary Paper bags!!! (31)
2011_10_30_20:25:40.603   068.224.073.xxx   You can't let bankers print money from thin air! End the Fed! (24)
2011_10_30_20:26:04.363   068.150.161.xxx   wow they can do that??? (32)
2011_10_30_20:28:34.006   068.224.073.xxx   YouTube search "Halloween Light Show Party Rock Anthem" (25)
2011_10_30_20:30:28.199   184.166.236.xxx   obama must go go go go go go go go go
2011_10_30_20:31:04.438   071.082.053.xxx   VAMPIRES RUN!!!
2011_10_30_20:34:26.757   068.224.073.xxx   HIT THOSE BUTTONS!! X10 Controls ONLY toggled 5,120 times (26)
2011_10_30_20:36:24.264   071.082.053.xxx   ITS THE GREAT PUMPKIN
2011_10_30_20:40:18.533   097.092.174.xxx   a-1
2011_10_30_20:42:10.398   068.224.073.xxx   I AM THE GREAT PUMPKIN !! OBEY! (27)
2011_10_30_20:42:20.357   097.092.174.xxx   whats the ink to ur chrismas site?
2011_10_30_20:44:06.693   068.224.073.xxx   DEAD - center of the spooky screen it says xmas lights webcam (28)
2011_10_30_20:45:56.585   097.092.174.xxx   thank you
2011_10_30_20:46:07.921   068.224.073.xxx   Put your fridge outside tonight and save on the power bill ! (29)
2011_10_30_20:54:49.813   068.224.073.xxx   Alek!! WAKE UP!!! (30 IM's so far today)
2011_10_30_20:58:31.607   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'm awake - just stunned by wife let me post the Fat Lady picture of her on the Blog!   ;-) ***ALEK***
2011_10_30_21:00:06.819   068.224.073.xxx   Did she ask if that makes her look fat? Better have a good answer! (31)
2011_10_30_21:03:47.584   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** I told her she looks better in her "Skinny Jeans" ***ALEK***
2011_10_30_21:07:23.409   068.224.073.xxx   Quick thinking, you saved the marriage again! (32)
2011_10_30_21:10:25.616   074.178.038.xxx   Happy Halloween from Eileen and Larry in Gainesville, Fl.
2011_10_30_21:17:05.705   209.169.205.xxx   House looks good
2011_10_30_21:18:32.592   076.166.206.xxx   your house looks cool
2011_10_30_21:21:31.983   076.166.206.xxx   what you do is amazing!!!
2011_10_30_21:27:20.068   068.150.161.xxx   AmAzInG! (33)
2011_10_30_21:32:32.976   068.150.161.xxx   Jingle Bells Batman smells, Robin Laid an Egg (34)
2011_10_30_21:34:03.959   068.150.161.xxx   Layed (35)
2011_10_30_21:34:15.835   068.104.010.xxx   id love to change the world
2011_10_30_21:34:42.295   068.104.010.xxx   but they won't give me the source code
2011_10_30_21:49:54.797   068.224.073.xxx   You can teach the world to sing! (33)
2011_10_30_21:50:27.373   068.224.073.xxx   10 minutes ALL ON AND ALL OFF! (34)
2011_10_30_21:52:46.533   068.224.073.xxx   8 minutes - ALL OFF THEN ALL ON! (35)
2011_10_30_21:54:50.501   068.224.073.xxx   Now ALMOST ALL ON AND A LITTLE OFF! (36)
2011_10_30_21:55:27.927   068.104.010.xxx   less than 5 minutes
2011_10_30_21:55:38.725   068.224.073.xxx   5 minutes HULK SAY: OH NO!!! (37)
2011_10_30_21:56:02.134   068.040.209.xxx   FIVE MINUTES LEFT ALL !! LETS HAVE SOME FUN !!
2011_10_30_21:56:19.570   068.104.010.xxx   SpongeBob says whatever SpongeBob says
2011_10_30_21:57:25.774   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** HULK says pretty much whatever HULK wants to say! ***ALEK***
2011_10_30_21:57:38.446   068.040.209.xxx   HULK SAYS: HURRY UP, 3 MINUTES LEFT!
2011_10_30_21:59:05.559   068.040.209.xxx   HULK SAYS: HURRY UP, 2 MINUTES LEFT!
2011_10_30_21:59:33.084   068.040.209.xxx   HULK SAYS: HURRY UP, 1 MINUTE LEFT!
2011_10_30_21:59:45.597   068.224.073.xxx   LAST POST! You know you will come back! (38)
2011_10_30_21:59:54.300   068.104.010.xxx   last post?

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