205 halloween text messages on 2012/1014

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 61,190 times that day including 59,777 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1014

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2012_10_14_18:01:02.257   090.195.062.xxx   how u  vote for hulk
2012_10_14_18:01:03.917   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** X10 Controls ACTIVATED ... still more stuff to put up! ***ALEK***
2012_10_14_18:01:26.854   067.169.170.xxx   Yeah! Nice work!
2012_10_14_18:01:34.054   024.002.252.xxx   first coment second night
2012_10_14_18:01:38.723   098.085.189.xxx   d***
2012_10_14_18:02:17.871   071.206.162.xxx   when s it going to snow there
2012_10_14_18:02:21.273   024.002.252.xxx   oh wait i wasnt first comment
2012_10_14_18:02:48.259   090.195.062.xxx   how u  vote for hulk
2012_10_14_18:03:05.203   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Sunny and 70 predicted for the next week - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2012_10_14_18:03:24.707   083.099.017.xxx   Muahaha
2012_10_14_18:03:55.477   098.085.189.xxx   sorry
2012_10_14_18:04:08.104   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Going outside to adjust a few things ... ***ALEK***
2012_10_14_18:04:32.054   172.218.205.xxx   Alek YOU ARE AMAZING
2012_10_14_18:04:57.090   024.002.252.xxx   so many overloads!!!
2012_10_14_18:05:10.110   172.218.205.xxx   ikr
2012_10_14_18:05:33.762   024.002.252.xxx   i cant even inflate antthing
2012_10_14_18:05:52.581   172.218.205.xxx   he is fixing it
2012_10_14_18:05:57.063   098.111.124.xxx   Happy Halloween everyone from New Cumberland, Pa :)
2012_10_14_18:06:27.592   083.099.017.xxx   thx you too greetings from Luxembourg Europe
2012_10_14_18:06:48.070   172.218.205.xxx   Happy Halloween From Maple Ridge BC
2012_10_14_18:07:21.590   090.195.062.xxx   vote hulk
2012_10_14_18:08:35.257   098.085.189.xxx   problom
2012_10_14_18:11:38.474   090.195.062.xxx   vote hulk
2012_10_14_18:12:18.134   071.081.215.xxx   alek i think ur lights might be coming off the roof above the roof deck
2012_10_14_18:12:26.181   090.195.062.xxx   VOTE HULK NOT PUNY HUMAN
2012_10_14_18:12:59.226   172.218.205.xxx   where can i vote for hulk?
2012_10_14_18:13:32.012   090.195.062.xxx   click on green h
2012_10_14_18:14:26.577   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Maybe Al Gore online tonight - lots of zone OFF overloads! ***ALEK***
2012_10_14_18:14:59.748   172.218.205.xxx   hahaha
2012_10_14_18:15:35.886   172.218.205.xxx   alek can you wave at the cam
2012_10_14_18:16:52.800   069.196.154.xxx   wow still coming back after five years
2012_10_14_18:17:55.338   172.218.205.xxx   hahaha i know right*** amazing
2012_10_14_18:17:55.281   069.196.154.xxx   awesome show!
2012_10_14_18:18:37.994   172.218.205.xxx   alek did a great job this year
2012_10_14_18:19:11.354   184.005.195.xxx   It looks great and this is an awesome idea.
2012_10_14_18:20:30.939   098.216.184.xxx   where r the hulks? :(
2012_10_14_18:20:37.551   094.011.093.xxx   cant wait for the christmas lights :)
2012_10_14_18:20:59.999   071.081.215.xxx   alek accidently popped them this year
2012_10_14_18:21:07.866   024.002.252.xxx   so many overloads tonight!!
2012_10_14_18:21:35.218   172.218.205.xxx   alek why isnt the buttons working? (10 IM's so far today)
2012_10_14_18:22:21.920   098.216.184.xxx   yes I wonder if a bot is here or something
2012_10_14_18:22:40.229   172.218.205.xxx   ya :( (11)
2012_10_14_18:25:26.852   172.218.205.xxx   alek please ban the over loader! (12)
2012_10_14_18:26:30.355   071.081.215.xxx   yeah
2012_10_14_18:26:48.703   024.002.252.xxx   every time i click its the same person
2012_10_14_18:27:05.566   172.218.205.xxx   ya same (13)
2012_10_14_18:27:07.287   071.081.215.xxx   how
2012_10_14_18:27:29.552   098.216.184.xxx   Something is controlling the system.
2012_10_14_18:27:37.439   090.195.062.xxx   he he can u wave at cam
2012_10_14_18:27:48.151   172.218.205.xxx   i know it s***** (14)
2012_10_14_18:28:11.479   076.000.201.xxx   This is cool!
2012_10_14_18:28:19.022   172.218.205.xxx   i said s***** (15)
2012_10_14_18:28:36.469   071.081.215.xxx   no cussing please
2012_10_14_18:28:50.768   172.218.205.xxx   i didnt (16)
2012_10_14_18:28:51.875   024.002.252.xxx   its the same ip adress everytime theres an overload
2012_10_14_18:29:13.749   071.081.215.xxx   oo white screen..
2012_10_14_18:29:24.083   172.218.205.xxx   i said it s**** s (17)
2012_10_14_18:29:49.339   172.218.205.xxx   nvm (18)
2012_10_14_18:30:52.163   024.002.252.xxx   i had to refresh the page
2012_10_14_18:30:57.033   172.218.205.xxx   whatever i said was not a cussing word alek (19)
2012_10_14_18:31:01.016   156.034.225.xxx   Lol @ people who think they can beat the filter
2012_10_14_18:31:02.139   071.081.215.xxx   :O Romney winning!
2012_10_14_18:31:36.620   090.195.062.xxx   VOTE HULK NOT PUNY HUMAN
2012_10_14_18:31:49.128   172.218.205.xxx   the hacker is a bot maybe (20 IM's so far today)
2012_10_14_18:31:52.826   024.002.252.xxx   it said internal server error what is that???
2012_10_14_18:32:41.508   172.218.205.xxx   alek do somthing! (21)
2012_10_14_18:32:50.178   024.002.252.xxx   i happened again whats going on Alek? (10 IM's so far today)
2012_10_14_18:33:19.793   156.034.225.xxx   Scary
2012_10_14_18:33:20.792   098.216.184.xxx   try now working for me
2012_10_14_18:33:31.071   172.218.205.xxx   its working again! :D (22)
2012_10_14_18:33:55.245   156.034.225.xxx   Are the witches new...
2012_10_14_18:33:59.677   024.002.252.xxx   not for me i keep getting internal server error (11)
2012_10_14_18:33:59.859   172.218.205.xxx   now its not again (23)
2012_10_14_18:34:58.410   090.195.062.xxx   VOTE HULK NOT PUNY HUMAN come on
2012_10_14_18:35:53.284   172.218.205.xxx   Vote Hulk!!! not Romney and Obama! (24)
2012_10_14_18:37:03.526   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Someone REALLY like to vote early and vote often - HULK SMASH! ***ALEK***
2012_10_14_18:37:37.676   172.218.205.xxx   Yay! (25)
2012_10_14_18:38:27.530   090.195.062.xxx   let hulk win this year green party (10 IM's so far today)
2012_10_14_18:38:42.407   156.034.225.xxx   What is the purple inflatable by the road ?
2012_10_14_18:38:57.679   172.218.205.xxx   spider (26)
2012_10_14_18:39:20.923   156.034.225.xxx   Thank you
2012_10_14_18:39:46.684   172.218.205.xxx   no problem (27)
2012_10_14_18:40:45.159   071.081.215.xxx   overload :(
2012_10_14_18:40:55.237   090.195.062.xxx   VOTE HULK NOT PUNY HUMAN come on (11)
2012_10_14_18:41:11.120   024.002.252.xxx   yep and the same ip adress (12)
2012_10_14_18:41:16.916   156.034.225.xxx   Lots of gluten free food at local grocery stores now..good 2 c
2012_10_14_18:41:17.777   172.218.205.xxx   STOP OVERLOADING GUYS! (28)
2012_10_14_18:41:29.450   071.081.215.xxx   GAH
2012_10_14_18:41:42.585   024.002.252.xxx   its only one person doing it (13)
2012_10_14_18:41:48.078   090.195.062.xxx   romney voting is fixed (12)
2012_10_14_18:42:07.829   172.218.205.xxx   ??? (29)
2012_10_14_18:42:33.125   090.195.062.xxx   it keeps on going up when overload romney (13)
2012_10_14_18:43:02.509   172.218.205.xxx   Who Votes That Alek should ban the overloader say ME (30 IM's so far today)
2012_10_14_18:43:43.899   024.002.252.xxx   Me. (14)
2012_10_14_18:43:45.686   090.195.062.xxx   same ban him fixing should be wiped out (14)
2012_10_14_18:43:53.835   204.029.077.xxx   128069___
2012_10_14_18:44:01.555   172.218.205.xxx   i mean ME! (31)
2012_10_14_18:44:30.126   024.002.252.xxx   white screen (15)
2012_10_14_18:44:38.853   204.029.077.xxx   Happy halowween from Alabama!
2012_10_14_18:44:58.290   172.218.205.xxx   brb Green Team! (32)
2012_10_14_18:45:20.181   204.029.077.xxx   Hey alek, what are you doing at that computer?
2012_10_14_18:46:14.779   090.195.062.xxx   VOTE HULK NOT PUNY HUMAN (15)
2012_10_14_18:46:19.260   156.034.225.xxx   Playing Castleville obviously :P
2012_10_14_18:46:53.715   204.029.077.xxx   /R9k/ was here
2012_10_14_18:47:22.224   090.195.062.xxx   just inflate or deflate 5-6 (16)
2012_10_14_18:48:32.917   024.002.252.xxx   whats up with cam 1 (16)
2012_10_14_18:48:37.247   172.218.205.xxx   Green Team Im Back! (33)
2012_10_14_18:49:14.452   172.218.205.xxx   Alek please fix cam 1! (34)
2012_10_14_18:49:16.808   156.034.225.xxx   Black & white cam 1 ?
2012_10_14_18:49:42.009   204.029.077.xxx   Who wants to hear a funny joke
2012_10_14_18:49:52.818   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** IR filter engaged on webcam again - manually shut off ... but should not happen ***ALEK***
2012_10_14_18:50:23.215   172.218.205.xxx   ohhhhhh (35)
2012_10_14_18:50:28.991   097.092.148.xxx   i vote hulk
2012_10_14_18:51:18.945   090.195.062.xxx   where is hulk not on roof (17)
2012_10_14_18:52:09.079   172.218.205.xxx   hulk is sleepin! (36)
2012_10_14_18:52:11.163   093.174.093.xxx   alek accidently popped them this year
2012_10_14_18:52:52.022   172.218.205.xxx   lol (37)
2012_10_14_18:53:06.227   090.195.062.xxx   really alek (18)
2012_10_14_18:53:15.983   093.174.093.xxx   komar if you think by banning me you can stop this you are wrong.. hulk must lo
2012_10_14_18:53:37.695   172.218.205.xxx   SHUT UP! (38)
2012_10_14_18:54:07.074   093.174.093.xxx   hulk will lose ___:)
2012_10_14_18:54:22.758   172.218.205.xxx   alek do somthing! (39)
2012_10_14_18:54:26.057   072.092.060.xxx   Oh cmon. People can
2012_10_14_18:54:28.166   090.195.062.xxx   just inflate or deflate 5-6 (19)
2012_10_14_18:54:30.026   098.216.184.xxx   really, attacking a site to help kids nice!
2012_10_14_18:54:52.955   172.218.205.xxx   alek the hacker is back! (40 IM's so far today)
2012_10_14_18:55:01.269   072.092.060.xxx   exactly. sheesh! Just enjoy the lightshow
2012_10_14_18:55:07.647   093.174.093.xxx   not attacking.. voting..? nothign wron with that
2012_10_14_18:55:43.204   172.218.205.xxx   VOTING 2 much (41)
2012_10_14_18:56:53.019   172.218.205.xxx   HULK SMASH HACKERS! (42)
2012_10_14_18:56:53.146   024.002.252.xxx   i got another internal server error ban the hacke (17)
2012_10_14_18:56:59.292   090.195.062.xxx   you are targeting more adavnce hackers leave alek alone (20 IM's so far today)
2012_10_14_18:57:20.916   093.174.093.xxx   im not hacking.. just voting
2012_10_14_18:57:36.257   172.218.205.xxx   you are lieing (43)
2012_10_14_18:57:43.771   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Mostly done fiddling the Perl code for now ... sorry about the errors ***ALEK***
2012_10_14_18:58:04.674   098.216.184.xxx   call it what u want. allow others to enjoy this
2012_10_14_18:58:05.700   024.002.252.xxx   fine not hacker overloader (18)
2012_10_14_18:58:25.503   071.206.162.xxx   anyone watch the wrld record sky dive
2012_10_14_18:58:40.547   090.195.062.xxx   he messing with wrong people (21)
2012_10_14_18:59:15.315   024.002.252.xxx   fine ill enjot it (19)
2012_10_14_18:59:40.420   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Watching World Sky Dive LIVE ... that was very, very cool! ***ALEK***
2012_10_14_18:59:56.623   172.218.205.xxx   yes it was (44)
2012_10_14_19:00:21.492   090.195.062.xxx   he must of been scared stiff (22)
2012_10_14_19:01:03.674   090.195.062.xxx   was live on sky and bbc news (23)
2012_10_14_19:03:28.413   071.206.162.xxx   what if it was in boulder would u been trying to film it live on this website
2012_10_14_19:07:23.285   066.041.134.xxx   the light up ball is on
2012_10_14_19:08:01.982   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Going outside to adjust the lower RIP/grave ***ALEK***
2012_10_14_19:08:55.325   172.218.205.xxx   YAY! (45)
2012_10_14_19:09:25.175   071.206.162.xxx   can't what to see u out there on cam 1 and2
2012_10_14_19:10:16.128   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Have to fix something here first - give me 5 minutes ***ALEK***
2012_10_14_19:11:08.031   024.002.252.xxx   leave light for Alek (20 IM's so far today)
2012_10_14_19:11:35.367   071.206.162.xxx   was that the wife our kids
2012_10_14_19:12:48.558   071.206.162.xxx   was that the wife OR kids
2012_10_14_19:14:30.206   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Helping son with his homework ... headed outside in 2 minutes ***ALEK***
2012_10_14_19:19:11.505   024.002.252.xxx   try to get all off (21)
2012_10_14_19:19:24.013   097.069.222.xxx   anyone heard of animotion masks?
2012_10_14_19:19:45.311   024.002.252.xxx   cool almost all off!!! (22)
2012_10_14_19:21:25.027   024.002.252.xxx   i see rip moving (23)
2012_10_14_19:25:36.664   024.002.252.xxx   why is no one chating (24)
2012_10_14_19:26:06.296   070.178.058.xxx   Komar, you are a genius
2012_10_14_19:28:36.390   097.069.222.xxx   I could do what alek does with a little money
2012_10_14_19:30:07.967   097.069.222.xxx   i'm a computer guy too
2012_10_14_19:31:52.893   097.069.222.xxx   I wish the webcams were video
2012_10_14_19:32:01.158   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Ooops ... gotta go plug the RIP/graves sign back into the X10 Controller ***ALEK***
2012_10_14_19:38:18.059   024.002.252.xxx   where did he go (25)
2012_10_14_19:42:52.424   071.206.162.xxx   weres hulk
2012_10_14_19:52:28.708   075.015.183.xxx   NOT SCARY ENOUGH!
2012_10_14_19:53:07.174   024.002.252.xxx   akek been gone for a long time (26)
2012_10_14_19:53:21.213   075.015.183.xxx   DOH!!!
2012_10_14_19:54:08.119   075.015.183.xxx   HE'S GETTING LAID!!
2012_10_14_19:54:48.066   075.015.183.xxx   LIGHTS OUT!!!
2012_10_14_19:56:25.873   075.015.183.xxx   DARKNESS FALLS!!
2012_10_14_19:56:51.625   075.015.183.xxx   MUAHAHAHAHAHA!
2012_10_14_19:57:38.624   075.015.183.xxx   d****!
2012_10_14_20:02:05.362   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Lets be cool on the IM chat please ... ***ALEK***
2012_10_14_20:02:12.945   098.216.184.xxx   what's wrong with the skeletons?
2012_10_14_20:05:48.268   068.195.076.xxx   hello from ct.
2012_10_14_20:06:33.750   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Off to do the dishes - WOOT! ***ALEK***
2012_10_14_20:06:49.170   076.216.240.xxx   WOOT WOOT
2012_10_14_20:07:09.165   068.195.076.xxx   Your house looks great!
2012_10_14_20:07:26.999   076.216.240.xxx   How are your kids
2012_10_14_20:08:39.003   076.167.226.xxx   Happy Halloween from Encino, CA!!!
2012_10_14_20:10:01.841   068.195.076.xxx   Faith rules
2012_10_14_20:11:54.136   024.052.018.xxx   Vote for the Morman, not for the Moron
2012_10_14_20:13:52.279   068.195.076.xxx   Moron = Obama
2012_10_14_20:15:47.322   071.198.202.xxx   moron x infinite=Mitt Romney
2012_10_14_20:15:52.335   068.195.076.xxx   Oct 31 Ai Iijima B-DAY  RIP
2012_10_14_20:19:04.799   097.069.222.xxx   did you know that there is a major internet attack going on right now on the ea
2012_10_14_20:19:33.455   068.195.076.xxx   NO i DIDN'T
2012_10_14_20:21:04.297   068.195.076.xxx   This is so cool!
2012_10_14_20:22:00.102   076.167.226.xxx   Steven has the hots for teeno...
2012_10_14_20:30:00.616   070.189.207.xxx   ALL OFF OR NO CANDY FOR YOU!
2012_10_14_20:32:54.555   071.198.202.xxx   .....
2012_10_14_20:56:57.945   066.041.134.xxx   lava lamp is cool
2012_10_14_21:04:49.902   066.041.134.xxx   bye
2012_10_14_21:05:46.867   096.025.118.xxx   cams are flickering..is that on myend?
2012_10_14_21:09:02.893   096.025.118.xxx   any one see cam1 & 2 flicker
2012_10_14_21:12:44.202   096.025.118.xxx   Hi From Greece Newyork
2012_10_14_21:22:01.671   071.203.224.xxx   Holy crayola, it works!
2012_10_14_21:30:53.271   174.052.046.xxx   HEY, Whatcha doin?
2012_10_14_21:34:22.658   174.052.046.xxx   Booga booga, I am the ghost of Samuel Arrow!
2012_10_14_21:47:16.533   070.178.151.xxx   Yeehaa!!!  Halloween has officially started!  Lights look awesome, Alek!  n10ci
2012_10_14_21:52:14.743   070.178.151.xxx   Time for bed...nite all!
2012_10_14_21:54:38.696   097.069.222.xxx   happy breast cancer month
2012_10_14_21:56:45.029   076.000.201.xxx   FRESH SKELETON BONE!!!

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