262 halloween text messages on 2012/1015

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 11,253 times that day including 9,473 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1015

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2012_10_15_18:00:51.173   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Still some more stuff to put up ... ***ALEK***
2012_10_15_18:01:21.312   156.034.225.xxx   Good evening from Quispamsis. NB Canada!
2012_10_15_18:01:33.310   172.218.205.xxx   first
2012_10_15_18:01:57.316   093.174.093.xxx   nope
2012_10_15_18:02:25.343   093.174.093.xxx   gfgfgfgf
2012_10_15_18:02:27.604   090.200.251.xxx   cant sleep so stayed up to look at the lights, think i will struggle to get up 
2012_10_15_18:02:28.626   156.034.225.xxx   first was second
2012_10_15_18:02:57.535   071.188.017.xxx   hello
2012_10_15_18:03:08.408   156.034.225.xxx   Yay skeleton is back
2012_10_15_18:04:48.391   068.195.076.xxx   Still light out
2012_10_15_18:05:10.166   172.218.205.xxx   SOOOOO...its awesome still
2012_10_15_18:05:47.489   172.218.205.xxx   OVERLOAD AGAIN!!!
2012_10_15_18:06:19.033   172.218.205.xxx   ALEEEEKKKKK!!!
2012_10_15_18:06:24.041   068.150.163.xxx   Holy ballot stuffing Batman!
2012_10_15_18:06:47.426   172.218.205.xxx   lol ikr
2012_10_15_18:07:45.184   172.218.205.xxx   OMFG THAT OVERLOADER STOP!!!
2012_10_15_18:08:04.434   081.151.020.xxx   Woohoo
2012_10_15_18:08:23.961   024.002.252.xxx   ya can you turn on spongebob overloader
2012_10_15_18:08:25.477   068.150.163.xxx   Dufy, your ruining it for everyone
2012_10_15_18:08:30.765   172.218.205.xxx   no...just no
2012_10_15_18:09:01.232   024.002.252.xxx   whos Dufy
2012_10_15_18:09:01.739   172.218.205.xxx   oops not you bro
2012_10_15_18:09:10.286   068.150.163.xxx   You're such a loser
2012_10_15_18:09:35.475   024.002.252.xxx   Whos Dufy
2012_10_15_18:09:47.402   172.218.205.xxx   WHO??? IF ITS ME THAN YOUR JUST RUDE man
2012_10_15_18:10:14.461   068.150.163.xxx   Then quit stuffing the ballot
2012_10_15_18:10:30.643   172.218.205.xxx   im not (10 IM's so far today)
2012_10_15_18:10:59.986   068.150.163.xxx   Well whoever is it isn't cool
2012_10_15_18:11:32.892   172.218.205.xxx   well...dont blame it on me (11)
2012_10_15_18:12:04.790   069.136.147.xxx   im bored my name is bub
2012_10_15_18:12:45.111   172.218.205.xxx   My NaMe Is SlEnDeR MaN (12)
2012_10_15_18:13:47.206   069.136.147.xxx   nice to meet you
2012_10_15_18:14:17.755   172.218.205.xxx   cOoL (13)
2012_10_15_18:14:27.784   068.195.076.xxx   I woke up today a lotto winner!!!!!!!!!!
2012_10_15_18:14:47.140   081.098.240.xxx   HELLO...! :-D
2012_10_15_18:14:52.325   172.218.205.xxx   LIAR! if not then congrats (14)
2012_10_15_18:15:15.206   068.195.076.xxx   no lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2012_10_15_18:15:16.076   067.168.067.xxx   what is the blow up next to frank?
2012_10_15_18:15:40.058   172.218.205.xxx   Grim on a horse (15)
2012_10_15_18:16:26.324   172.218.205.xxx   your welcome -_- (16)
2012_10_15_18:17:29.245   067.168.067.xxx   yea thanks
2012_10_15_18:17:31.793   172.218.205.xxx   wooowww jerk doesent even say thank you (17)
2012_10_15_18:17:35.753   068.195.076.xxx   Romney for Pres!
2012_10_15_18:18:04.296   172.218.205.xxx   everyone hates romney (18)
2012_10_15_18:18:19.717   067.168.067.xxx   just had not seen it blow up yet. thanks
2012_10_15_18:18:51.404   098.085.189.xxx   go ROMNEY
2012_10_15_18:19:18.782   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** HULK want Puny Humans to have good time - are you? ***ALEK***
2012_10_15_18:19:39.194   067.168.067.xxx   yes
2012_10_15_18:19:40.441   172.218.205.xxx   nope... :( (19)
2012_10_15_18:20:12.940   172.218.205.xxx   to many overloaders! (20 IM's so far today)
2012_10_15_18:20:21.151   098.085.189.xxx   :):):):):):):):):)
2012_10_15_18:20:26.303   067.168.067.xxx   this is all a cool idea
2012_10_15_18:20:28.135   076.073.047.xxx   horse is laid down :(
2012_10_15_18:21:06.213   067.168.067.xxx   some one shot the horse?
2012_10_15_18:21:44.284   172.218.205.xxx   lol i think so (21)
2012_10_15_18:22:26.767   172.218.205.xxx   Alek should go see what the problem is! (22)
2012_10_15_18:22:55.543   066.140.105.xxx   Just turned lights off for the  first time this year. WOOHOO!
2012_10_15_18:23:42.333   024.002.252.xxx   Umm... Alek who is that person standing by the pumpkin in your yard
2012_10_15_18:23:42.344   172.218.205.xxx   lol alek is playing with the zoom! trying to figure whats wrong with the horse! (23)
2012_10_15_18:24:06.418   098.085.189.xxx   the spider on the roof is not turning on
2012_10_15_18:24:14.780   172.218.205.xxx   the horse (24)
2012_10_15_18:24:37.967   024.002.252.xxx   Alek who is that person standing next to the pumpkin in your yard?
2012_10_15_18:25:03.634   156.034.225.xxx   Michael Meyers
2012_10_15_18:25:12.463   172.218.205.xxx   its a mani1in (25)
2012_10_15_18:25:14.862   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Heading outside on the balcony to fix the spider ***ALEK***
2012_10_15_18:25:40.736   172.218.205.xxx   maniquin___ (26)
2012_10_15_18:26:29.573   024.002.252.xxx   oh wow that looks like a real person
2012_10_15_18:26:41.965   172.218.205.xxx   lol (27)
2012_10_15_18:27:00.511   098.085.189.xxx   thanks
2012_10_15_18:28:05.686   098.085.189.xxx   leave sponbob off
2012_10_15_18:28:29.882   172.218.205.xxx   alek should fix the horse (28)
2012_10_15_18:29:00.709   172.218.205.xxx   no presure (29)
2012_10_15_18:29:06.193   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Check out the beautiful sunset clouds in the garage windows - webcam #1 ***ALEK***
2012_10_15_18:29:16.731   024.002.252.xxx   YA horse isnt standing up but it urns on
2012_10_15_18:29:22.569   067.168.067.xxx   nice
2012_10_15_18:29:40.110   097.069.222.xxx   what is laying down next to frankenstein?
2012_10_15_18:29:56.436   172.218.205.xxx   THE BROKEN HORSE (30 IM's so far today)
2012_10_15_18:30:09.263   024.002.252.xxx   a dead horsie :-(
2012_10_15_18:30:19.170   097.069.222.xxx   oh ok
2012_10_15_18:30:35.409   172.218.205.xxx   woah he turned the sky lights off (31)
2012_10_15_18:30:40.901   024.002.252.xxx   see it turns on wont stand
2012_10_15_18:31:07.856   172.218.205.xxx   lol alek (32)
2012_10_15_18:32:03.951   172.218.205.xxx   what is alek doing!?! XD (33)
2012_10_15_18:32:12.615   067.168.067.xxx   he has way too much fun
2012_10_15_18:32:30.675   172.218.205.xxx   lol ya (34)
2012_10_15_18:33:05.808   098.085.189.xxx   komar wave in frount of sponbob
2012_10_15_18:33:19.540   024.002.252.xxx   come on horsie you can do it stand up (10 IM's so far today)
2012_10_15_18:33:52.121   172.218.205.xxx   hahaha (35)
2012_10_15_18:34:07.586   067.168.067.xxx   just make glue out of the horse
2012_10_15_18:34:34.060   172.218.205.xxx   ??? what?!? (36)
2012_10_15_18:35:20.968   067.168.067.xxx   how is it dark in 1 and not 2? (10 IM's so far today)
2012_10_15_18:35:25.916   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Heading outside to check on the horse - giddyup pony! ***ALEK***
2012_10_15_18:35:43.593   172.218.205.xxx   well...bye guys i gtg! (37)
2012_10_15_18:35:51.903   067.168.067.xxx   in 2 and not 1 (11)
2012_10_15_18:36:02.199   024.002.252.xxx   yeah alek fix the horse (11)
2012_10_15_18:39:39.241   024.002.252.xxx   hey guys hulk is winning (12)
2012_10_15_18:40:29.472   024.002.252.xxx   what the (13)
2012_10_15_18:41:08.542   024.002.252.xxx   sometimes its light on cam1 and totaly dark on 2 (14)
2012_10_15_18:45:58.877   070.178.058.xxx   and sometimes it's Komar on cam1!
2012_10_15_18:47:11.660   070.189.207.xxx   IT'S FREAKING HOMER!
2012_10_15_18:54:27.820   070.189.207.xxx   Some animal is out chewing on cam 1 !!
2012_10_15_18:56:21.387   071.206.162.xxx   im glad u are ok and ot died from working on the roof
2012_10_15_18:57:11.433   070.189.207.xxx   Every time I go on my roof I die too ! FROM THE HEAT!
2012_10_15_18:57:37.251   071.206.162.xxx   were did the wife and kids come from at 17:00 hour
2012_10_15_18:58:51.220   071.206.162.xxx   lol to the heat part
2012_10_15_18:59:04.518   070.189.207.xxx   Falls off roof, just leave him there for Halloween decoration
2012_10_15_18:59:19.608   098.085.189.xxx   i loooooooooooove you
2012_10_15_19:00:05.563   098.216.184.xxx   can't the bronchos catch 1 kick off
2012_10_15_19:00:20.533   070.189.207.xxx   Cam 1 doesn't have a AGC off setting?
2012_10_15_19:03:19.186   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'm still fiddling with webcam - when I go manual (no AGC), it bumps shutter sp ***ALEK***
2012_10_15_19:05:33.881   071.206.162.xxx   hail to the redskins and go obama and hulk
2012_10_15_19:05:46.005   070.189.207.xxx   Bumps the shutter setting? Or closes it?
2012_10_15_19:06:13.326   071.206.162.xxx   where aleks go
2012_10_15_19:06:54.343   070.189.207.xxx   Bama and RMoney are both socialists write in Ron Paul!
2012_10_15_19:08:16.199   098.216.184.xxx   socialism works just not in the usa
2012_10_15_19:08:59.436   071.206.162.xxx   im a sooner fan but i do like bama
2012_10_15_19:09:46.096   070.189.207.xxx   Socialism - you eventually run out of other people's money STUPID!
2012_10_15_19:10:25.251   098.216.184.xxx   is the headman drunk?
2012_10_15_19:10:55.847   071.206.162.xxx   i wish someone will step up to the president and stright up tell him this is
2012_10_15_19:10:59.390   070.189.207.xxx   I LIKE BAMA BECAUSE HE GAVE ME A FREE BAMA PHONE! see youtube
2012_10_15_19:11:10.498   098.216.184.xxx   u have no idea how true socialism works
2012_10_15_19:11:45.861   070.189.207.xxx   true socialism doesn't work with greedy humans involved, get a clue (10 IM's so far today)
2012_10_15_19:13:15.322   098.216.184.xxx   I excluded the usa and I do not need to name call
2012_10_15_19:13:19.225   070.189.207.xxx   USSR where elite get better cars, true socialism YEA! (11)
2012_10_15_19:14:06.314   098.216.184.xxx   sweden is the perfect example of true socialism
2012_10_15_19:14:14.491   070.189.207.xxx   Search "bama phone" on youtube! CLASSIC! (12)
2012_10_15_19:15:07.366   024.052.018.xxx   Vote for the Mormon, not the moron
2012_10_15_19:15:48.311   166.147.072.xxx   Hulk 2012
2012_10_15_19:16:01.306   070.189.207.xxx   Will we ever get a pic of the front so we know what is what? (13)
2012_10_15_19:16:28.036   097.069.222.xxx   If I were president I would stop all importing of chinese goods law
2012_10_15_19:16:36.524   070.189.207.xxx   Like what the heck is the 1994 about? (14)
2012_10_15_19:17:19.748   070.189.207.xxx   President isn't that important, congress is, concentrate on that (15)
2012_10_15_19:18:13.387   097.069.222.xxx   alek needs to get a facebook for this website
2012_10_15_19:19:21.810   070.189.207.xxx   Govt takes from on group to give to another sounds SO COOL! (16)
2012_10_15_19:21:42.518   098.216.184.xxx   If alek makes facebook, imagine all the overloads! He'd have no life!
2012_10_15_19:21:52.463   070.189.207.xxx   You have 250 daily votes here USE THEM! (17)
2012_10_15_19:22:31.041   070.189.207.xxx   My blood runs cold! My memory has just been sold! (18)
2012_10_15_19:22:56.919   070.189.207.xxx   My angel is the centerfold! (19)
2012_10_15_19:23:23.425   070.189.207.xxx   And she's hot! (20 IM's so far today)
2012_10_15_19:24:59.400   070.189.207.xxx   Sneaky cars out front! (21)
2012_10_15_19:27:06.372   070.189.207.xxx   NEWS: Romney, Obama Hone Their Debate Messages (22)
2012_10_15_19:27:29.032   070.189.207.xxx   Like as if the messages are not the SAME ? HAHAHAHA FOOLS (23)
2012_10_15_19:37:24.129   070.189.207.xxx   All other inflatables bow down to HOMER ! (24)
2012_10_15_19:38:41.534   172.218.205.xxx   XD lol nope! (38)
2012_10_15_19:43:01.929   070.189.207.xxx   Skulls blocking skulls! LOVE IT! (25)
2012_10_15_19:48:10.671   068.195.076.xxx   sweet
2012_10_15_19:56:57.703   070.189.207.xxx   My LIFE: 1 goto Komar, 2 same as 1 (26)
2012_10_15_19:58:12.140   070.189.207.xxx   You have 250 votes left today USE THEM and vote for ESTABLISHMENT (27)
2012_10_15_20:07:23.482   098.070.147.xxx   Another year another awesome job  WTG from Trenton Fla
2012_10_15_20:10:44.576   096.025.118.xxx   HI FROM GREECE NY
2012_10_15_20:12:09.156   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Kyle Komarnitsky here ***ALEK***
2012_10_15_20:12:42.486   096.025.118.xxx   HI KYLE
2012_10_15_20:13:46.873   172.218.205.xxx   HEY KILE! you are awesome (39)
2012_10_15_20:14:18.201   172.218.205.xxx   kyle i mean :( (40 IM's so far today)
2012_10_15_20:14:37.454   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Starling candy from my dads office. shh he's gone. ***ALEK***
2012_10_15_20:14:54.756   172.218.205.xxx   haha (41)
2012_10_15_20:15:11.847   068.150.163.xxx   So how's school?
2012_10_15_20:15:20.915   096.025.118.xxx   WERE ARE YOU KYLE, CANT SEE YOU
2012_10_15_20:15:26.615   172.218.205.xxx   haha cool kyle! (42)
2012_10_15_20:16:00.901   172.218.205.xxx   yummmmmy CANDY!!!!! (43)
2012_10_15_20:16:46.638   172.218.205.xxx   ok...no one tell alek! LOL (44)
2012_10_15_20:18:30.023   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** I need to do my homework now. Bye! ***ALEK***
2012_10_15_20:20:29.298   071.203.224.xxx   Hi, Goodburger people!
2012_10_15_20:20:57.099   172.218.205.xxx   BYE (45)
2012_10_15_20:21:15.255   071.203.224.xxx   This is fantastic.
2012_10_15_20:21:24.605   172.218.205.xxx   ikr! (46)
2012_10_15_20:21:42.979   071.126.136.xxx   ...and a mushroom
2012_10_15_20:21:43.029   098.213.076.xxx   hin ppl
2012_10_15_20:22:09.895   172.218.205.xxx   ??? (47)
2012_10_15_20:22:31.666   071.203.224.xxx   So many lights.  Holy crayola.
2012_10_15_20:22:34.071   071.126.136.xxx   AND A BORKEN MUSHROOM
2012_10_15_20:23:00.663   099.123.031.xxx   .... and a mushroom
2012_10_15_20:23:13.356   071.126.136.xxx   OF DOOOOOOOOOOOOM
2012_10_15_20:23:25.007   071.203.224.xxx   Of Ra**ilon!
2012_10_15_20:23:33.460   099.123.031.xxx   Does this irritate you?
2012_10_15_20:24:04.753   099.123.031.xxx   This would irritate me...
2012_10_15_20:24:11.232   071.126.136.xxx   Rasillon
2012_10_15_20:24:52.900   071.203.224.xxx   Good ol' Doctor Who.
2012_10_15_20:25:13.980   099.123.031.xxx   "Somewhere there's danger, somewhere there's injustice. Somewhere else, the tea
2012_10_15_20:25:41.138   071.203.224.xxx   Somewhere else the tea's getting cold.
2012_10_15_20:25:43.701   099.123.031.xxx   Somewhere else... the tea is getting cold.
2012_10_15_20:26:10.861   071.203.224.xxx   Come on, Ace. We've got work to do!
2012_10_15_20:26:27.027   099.123.031.xxx   ALL THE FEELS!
2012_10_15_20:26:56.540   096.025.118.xxx   SOME WERE , A DOGLAYS DOWN
2012_10_15_20:27:01.778   071.203.224.xxx   Hi, Gibbo!
2012_10_15_20:27:05.269   071.126.136.xxx   Hi GIBBO
2012_10_15_20:27:14.731   099.123.031.xxx   'Ell, Gibbo!
2012_10_15_20:27:42.027   071.126.136.xxx   Moishka lekeeda
2012_10_15_20:27:46.827   099.123.031.xxx   Gibboish.
2012_10_15_20:28:04.321   096.025.118.xxx   BUCKMANS-DAIRY-BAKERY.CO.NR
2012_10_15_20:28:17.953   099.123.031.xxx   HELLO HUMANS!
2012_10_15_20:28:23.527   092.012.055.xxx   This can't be real ?
2012_10_15_20:28:40.300   071.126.136.xxx   IS THIS THE REAL LIFE
2012_10_15_20:28:43.122   099.123.031.xxx   Oh... but it is. (10 IM's so far today)
2012_10_15_20:28:43.117   096.025.118.xxx   ITS REAL
2012_10_15_20:29:16.120   099.123.031.xxx   IT IS! (11)
2012_10_15_20:29:36.367   071.203.224.xxx   Nah, it's aliens. Blame Moffat.
2012_10_15_20:29:51.887   096.025.118.xxx   OHYEA!!
2012_10_15_20:29:52.891   099.123.031.xxx   MOFFAT! ___shakes fist!___ (12)
2012_10_15_20:30:31.229   099.123.031.xxx   ... and a mushroom.... of DOOM! (13)
2012_10_15_20:31:05.995   099.123.031.xxx   Don't blink.. Don't even blink. (14)
2012_10_15_20:31:30.696   024.002.252.xxx   wheres alek (15)
2012_10_15_20:31:32.255   099.123.031.xxx   I TOLD YOU NOT TO BLINK! (15)
2012_10_15_20:32:17.004   024.002.252.xxx   wheres alek (16)
2012_10_15_20:32:49.394   068.150.163.xxx   Having a life
2012_10_15_20:32:57.275   071.203.224.xxx   Did Alek get poked by a Weeping Angel?! (10 IM's so far today)
2012_10_15_20:32:59.277   096.025.118.xxx   I SEE YOUR WENIS!
2012_10_15_20:33:51.059   024.002.252.xxx   stop talking like that (17)
2012_10_15_20:34:28.240   071.203.224.xxx   I like manners.  Manners are good. (11)
2012_10_15_20:35:07.981   096.025.118.xxx   Its not a bad word...google it
2012_10_15_20:35:50.606   024.002.252.xxx   well i got some bad stuff (18)
2012_10_15_20:36:43.571   096.025.118.xxx   when you googled it? (10 IM's so far today)
2012_10_15_20:37:25.689   092.012.055.xxx   HULK SMASH!
2012_10_15_20:37:28.029   024.002.252.xxx   ya! bad (19)
2012_10_15_20:37:57.934   024.002.252.xxx   what did you get good stuff (20 IM's so far today)
2012_10_15_20:38:25.685   068.150.163.xxx   All the ballot Stuffing going on....
2012_10_15_20:39:07.114   099.123.031.xxx   BIG BIRD! (16)
2012_10_15_20:39:14.105   096.025.118.xxx   nah.. wenis  (noun) : the extra skin on your elbow (11)
2012_10_15_20:39:41.648   024.002.252.xxx   ya well did you look aat the pic of vid (21)
2012_10_15_20:39:49.963   071.203.224.xxx   HI, CHARMING! ___3 (12)
2012_10_15_20:40:15.586   024.002.252.xxx   stapler (22)
2012_10_15_20:40:20.590   071.203.224.xxx   Awww, it didn't do less than three. (13)
2012_10_15_20:41:12.624   071.203.224.xxx   Hi, Cilla! (14)
2012_10_15_20:41:22.224   092.012.055.xxx   HELLO TO ME
2012_10_15_20:41:33.507   096.025.118.xxx   well of course any time you google any thing you might run into (12)
2012_10_15_20:41:56.645   092.012.055.xxx   CILLA!
2012_10_15_20:41:59.321   071.203.224.xxx   Hi, internet family that I love! (15)
2012_10_15_20:42:03.650   096.025.118.xxx   ..something bad (13)
2012_10_15_20:42:05.337   068.150.163.xxx   YAY!  Obama is back in 2nd!
2012_10_15_20:42:27.671   096.025.118.xxx   nah (14)
2012_10_15_20:42:33.275   092.012.055.xxx   2nd Innings?
2012_10_15_20:44:27.997   096.041.055.xxx   I love penguins.
2012_10_15_20:44:34.644   024.099.083.xxx   great job on the decor
2012_10_15_20:46:09.812   071.203.224.xxx   PENGUINS! Frobisher? (16)
2012_10_15_20:46:17.292   096.041.055.xxx   2spooky!
2012_10_15_20:46:43.850   068.150.163.xxx   you do realize that the more you stuff, the more votes that are thrown out righ (10 IM's so far today)
2012_10_15_20:46:46.780   070.189.207.xxx   See FAQ D-15: How can I remove animated cursor (28)
2012_10_15_20:49:41.345   096.025.118.xxx   windy out side (15)
2012_10_15_20:54:22.588   070.189.207.xxx   I just snuck through Komars front yard and no one saw me! (29)
2012_10_15_20:55:25.930   068.150.163.xxx   Well duh it's dark out (11)
2012_10_15_20:58:05.242   070.189.207.xxx   Charlie Brown says I GOT A ROCK! (30 IM's so far today)
2012_10_15_21:02:26.337   070.189.207.xxx   YouTube search " Halloween Light Show Party Rock" (31)
2012_10_15_21:12:04.556   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just got back from having a drink at neighbors - lights working OK? ***ALEK***
2012_10_15_21:22:13.897   096.025.118.xxx   Alek I just left you a message on the blog. (16)
2012_10_15_21:24:18.377   096.025.118.xxx   Yep every thing looks great! I hit my 250 so sitting back and watching!! (17)
2012_10_15_21:28:33.980   096.025.118.xxx   I am sure the clicking of the X10 get to ya ..lol (18)
2012_10_15_21:29:21.479   184.148.097.xxx   komar is number 1
2012_10_15_21:29:34.540   096.025.118.xxx   i AGREE (19)
2012_10_15_21:31:36.650   108.168.042.xxx   big time right on
2012_10_15_21:33:33.344   184.148.097.xxx   KOmar is a breat guy number 1 dad
2012_10_15_21:34:05.964   184.148.097.xxx   Hey Komar can you crush a can?
2012_10_15_21:34:53.269   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** HULK can crush cars! ***ALEK***
2012_10_15_21:35:21.687   216.121.131.xxx   yo komar crush a can
2012_10_15_21:36:38.414   184.148.097.xxx   shout out to komar. Peace and LOVE AND UNITY
2012_10_15_21:36:39.912   067.185.019.xxx   crush a can
2012_10_15_21:37:13.521   184.148.097.xxx   KOmar do a spooky can crush!!!!
2012_10_15_21:50:22.601   070.189.207.xxx   250 votes left !!!! in 10 minutes! DO IT! (32)
2012_10_15_21:54:44.686   076.000.201.xxx   What does Hulk like to drink?
2012_10_15_21:56:39.322   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** HULK like SMASHING juice! ***ALEK***
2012_10_15_21:58:03.846   070.189.207.xxx   This is not fair! I like the bottom buttons the best!! (33)
2012_10_15_21:58:44.926   070.189.207.xxx   Only 100 clicks left HURRY! (34)
2012_10_15_21:59:53.458   070.189.207.xxx   LAST CLICK AND POST (35)

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