182 halloween text messages on 2012/1023

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 3,479 times that day including 1,602 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1023

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2012_10_23_18:01:17.560   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** We have a few more people watching tonight - WOOT! ***ALEK***
2012_10_23_18:07:33.595   068.150.163.xxx   Vote Hulk
2012_10_23_18:07:45.093   108.129.158.xxx   Helllooo
2012_10_23_18:10:51.577   108.129.158.xxx   I am a cow Alex!!! Btw my bro name is alek.... But*** spelt like Alec:)
2012_10_23_18:11:28.887   068.150.163.xxx   Cowan
2012_10_23_18:14:38.934   068.150.163.xxx   Inconsequential
2012_10_23_18:16:58.598   068.150.163.xxx   Hallawala
2012_10_23_18:17:18.883   090.197.152.xxx   hellllo
2012_10_23_18:17:51.238   068.150.163.xxx   Good bye
2012_10_23_18:18:29.238   068.195.076.xxx   USA
2012_10_23_18:22:59.377   024.120.114.xxx   FIRST POST! -- oh, you guys got here before me...
2012_10_23_18:24:56.542   024.120.114.xxx   Laptop screen is STUCK!
2012_10_23_18:25:55.785   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Laptop Screen UNSTUCK - forgot to enable Reload-Every in Firefox ***ALEK***
2012_10_23_18:26:15.624   024.120.114.xxx   WOW!
2012_10_23_18:27:20.852   024.120.114.xxx   I LIKE BAMA BECAUSE HE GAVE ME A FREE BAMA PHONE! srch youtube
2012_10_23_18:29:14.838   024.120.114.xxx   I SWITCHED THEM ALL OFF!! LEAVE IT ALONE!
2012_10_23_18:31:38.035   024.120.114.xxx   Cool new pics on the Halloween Blog - thanks! Now I know what is what
2012_10_23_18:35:39.995   070.114.203.xxx   Howdy from Austin, TX!
2012_10_23_18:35:58.018   024.120.114.xxx   ALL OFF OR NO CANDY FOR YOU!
2012_10_23_18:37:47.159   024.120.114.xxx   All other inflatables bow down to HOMER !
2012_10_23_18:38:59.412   072.092.068.xxx   the Hulk has a great platform!
2012_10_23_18:41:11.354   108.129.158.xxx   The hulk is a beast
2012_10_23_18:41:18.221   068.058.209.xxx   boogers
2012_10_23_18:41:35.175   072.092.068.xxx   Too bad we can't see the Hulk debate. LOL!
2012_10_23_18:41:47.102   108.129.158.xxx   My grandma just crapped on my carpet
2012_10_23_18:41:51.065   174.029.173.xxx   Hahaha
2012_10_23_18:42:17.497   108.129.158.xxx   I'm serious
2012_10_23_18:42:47.284   072.092.068.xxx   Bratty kid hour...
2012_10_23_18:42:52.666   024.120.114.xxx   TOO SCARY!! I CAN't***CH !
2012_10_23_18:43:24.700   108.129.158.xxx   Hey alek the lights don't work... The headless horseman won't turn off or on
2012_10_23_18:43:29.882   024.120.114.xxx   TOO SCARY!! I CANT WATCH ! (10 IM's so far today)
2012_10_23_18:44:27.536   108.129.158.xxx   Hey alek!! I know you read the last one! The lights aren't working!!! Geez!! Do
2012_10_23_18:44:40.802   024.120.114.xxx   Does disconnected head guy ever move? (11)
2012_10_23_18:45:03.900   108.129.158.xxx   No Thad why I'm trying to tell alek the idiot!!
2012_10_23_18:45:47.281   108.129.158.xxx   Jk alek!!
2012_10_23_18:46:38.014   108.129.158.xxx   Alek wve to the camera (10 IM's so far today)
2012_10_23_18:46:59.108   173.018.078.xxx   EHOWA RULES!!! Thanks for the site
2012_10_23_18:47:06.254   024.120.114.xxx   CAR OUT FRONT! (12)
2012_10_23_18:47:56.324   024.120.114.xxx   SOMEONE GOT OUT OF THE CAR!! (13)
2012_10_23_18:49:00.722   024.120.114.xxx   Did they mess with anything? Drive by unplug? (14)
2012_10_23_18:49:41.803   067.236.026.xxx   Vote early!!!
2012_10_23_18:50:03.836   072.092.068.xxx   Brain Dude looks like he's laughing
2012_10_23_18:50:24.949   067.236.026.xxx   Vote early!!!
2012_10_23_18:51:11.049   067.236.026.xxx   FANTASTIC Stuff!  Happy Halloween!
2012_10_23_18:51:18.626   024.120.114.xxx   Entertainment search for OBAMA PHONE on youtube! LOLOLOL (15)
2012_10_23_18:51:36.850   067.236.026.xxx   Don't forget to contribute!
2012_10_23_18:51:40.158   072.092.068.xxx   Hulk needs a phone
2012_10_23_18:52:04.138   067.236.026.xxx   Greetings from Las Vegas, NV!
2012_10_23_18:52:39.574   024.120.114.xxx   HULK CAN AFFORD OWN PHONE CRUSH LAME HUMANS (16)
2012_10_23_18:53:00.838   067.236.026.xxx   HULK ROCKS!!!
2012_10_23_18:53:49.596   184.166.243.xxx   Happy Hallowean from Billings MT
2012_10_23_18:54:33.279   074.099.153.xxx   snowing in Montana yet?
2012_10_23_18:55:15.498   184.166.243.xxx   nope
2012_10_23_18:56:01.665   184.166.243.xxx   This is NASCAR driver Tony Stewart
2012_10_23_18:57:20.430   184.166.243.xxx   TONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2012_10_23_18:58:38.471   071.123.230.xxx   woohoo!
2012_10_23_18:59:11.827   184.166.243.xxx   Vote for Romney
2012_10_23_18:59:42.285   184.166.243.xxx   PlEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
2012_10_23_19:00:01.522   024.002.252.xxx   Hulk is in the lead!!!
2012_10_23_19:00:18.185   024.120.114.xxx   GEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ (17)
2012_10_23_19:00:49.037   184.166.243.xxx   No Halk Vote for Romney
2012_10_23_19:01:25.367   024.120.114.xxx   The EVIL PUMPKINS on the roof are LAUGHING at you! (18)
2012_10_23_19:02:16.770   024.002.252.xxx   Hulk SMASH Puny Human!
2012_10_23_19:03:31.967   024.120.114.xxx   HULK VOTE FOR HIMSELF! (19)
2012_10_23_19:05:02.621   072.092.068.xxx   Hulk votes with his hulky parts.
2012_10_23_19:05:55.492   024.120.114.xxx   THAT CAR AGAIN! SAME ONE? (20 IM's so far today)
2012_10_23_19:07:15.091   024.052.018.xxx   Uninstalling Obama   ======== 95___ Complete
2012_10_23_19:07:58.839   024.120.114.xxx   Installing Ron Paul by write in, uninstalling ESTABLISHMENT (21)
2012_10_23_19:08:54.220   024.052.018.xxx   ...
2012_10_23_19:09:18.424   024.120.114.xxx   Uninstalling CONTROLLED MEDIA New york corporate controlled! Clue-get (22)
2012_10_23_19:11:02.547   024.016.195.xxx   hi daniel
2012_10_23_19:11:02.540   173.027.087.xxx   OBAMA is a COMMIE
2012_10_23_19:11:42.071   024.016.195.xxx   hi daniel
2012_10_23_19:11:47.802   024.120.114.xxx   HULK FORCE YOU TO PUSH ZONE 5 or 6 OVER AND OVER ! (23)
2012_10_23_19:12:34.028   173.027.087.xxx   OBAMA eats KITTENS
2012_10_23_19:13:01.634   072.092.068.xxx   Heads Up Harry is shocked!
2012_10_23_19:13:23.237   024.120.114.xxx   Bama is a socialist / progressive and admits it! NOT AMERICAN! (24)
2012_10_23_19:14:03.589   071.199.243.xxx   Happy Spirits and Gobblins
2012_10_23_19:15:40.618   066.177.184.xxx   Vote Romney - get rid of the Socialist-in-Chief
2012_10_23_19:15:51.697   075.172.134.xxx   Awesome job!!!
2012_10_23_19:16:15.098   071.199.243.xxx   071.199.243.xxx AT 0716  Said
2012_10_23_19:16:29.642   024.052.018.xxx   Vote Romney - get rid of the Socialist-in-Chief
2012_10_23_19:16:37.955   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** LOL on the Heads-Up Harry is shocked! ***ALEK***
2012_10_23_19:16:40.197   024.120.114.xxx   There is a non-establishment choice if you get a clue (25)
2012_10_23_19:16:46.299   072.092.068.xxx   Just VOTE
2012_10_23_19:16:47.028   071.199.243.xxx   No political please stop
2012_10_23_19:16:59.902   024.052.018.xxx   Vote Romney - get rid of the Socialist-in-Chief
2012_10_23_19:17:15.005   071.199.243.xxx   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2012_10_23_19:17:25.400   072.092.068.xxx   Let Hulk Smash the competition!
2012_10_23_19:17:45.986   075.172.134.xxx   Gary Johnson 2012! End the 2 party system!!
2012_10_23_19:18:15.887   024.120.114.xxx   You are not old enough to vote! Stop pushing voting buttons ! (26)
2012_10_23_19:19:11.436   072.092.068.xxx   Hulk is leading in the polls. (10 IM's so far today)
2012_10_23_19:20:13.025   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** HULK up +600 with Obama and Romney basically tied - it's close! ***ALEK***
2012_10_23_19:21:37.026   136.162.066.xxx   Howdy, folks!
2012_10_23_19:22:46.661   072.092.068.xxx   Sponge Bob has been out stumping for Hulk. (11)
2012_10_23_19:27:55.985   024.120.114.xxx   Are pics bigger size seems like it's s-you-cking more bandwidth tonight! (27)
2012_10_23_19:34:27.262   186.086.040.xxx   Hi...
2012_10_23_19:35:50.602   108.197.092.xxx   hey dude
2012_10_23_19:36:45.375   108.197.092.xxx   wave to camera
2012_10_23_19:38:16.272   096.252.059.xxx   evry1 luvs hypnotoad
2012_10_23_19:39:06.330   096.252.059.xxx   obey hypnotoad
2012_10_23_19:39:17.600   069.121.148.xxx   Hello from New Jersey
2012_10_23_19:43:56.473   096.252.059.xxx   I don't want to live on this planet, anymore...
2012_10_23_19:44:21.420   068.150.163.xxx   Obama is not socialist
2012_10_23_19:44:56.994   071.170.125.xxx   yes he is
2012_10_23_19:47:20.091   068.150.163.xxx   Ok how is he Socialist?
2012_10_23_19:47:40.553   076.023.055.xxx   boooo.. so scary
2012_10_23_19:49:32.956   071.091.039.xxx   Why does it seem like nothing is working?
2012_10_23_19:50:56.042   068.150.163.xxx   You can't tell me, can you?  I thought so...
2012_10_23_19:52:15.158   173.070.118.xxx   Not working
2012_10_23_19:53:06.436   068.150.163.xxx   Ya they aren't working!
2012_10_23_19:54:37.721   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Reset the X10 Transmitter - working now ***ALEK***
2012_10_23_19:54:49.411   076.104.253.xxx   What up Alex K! - Spicy Milburn
2012_10_23_19:56:28.910   024.120.114.xxx   Bamacare isn't socialist at all! FREE STUFF! I don't care who pays FREE!! (28)
2012_10_23_19:57:48.942   068.150.163.xxx   It's all scare tactics by the republicans (10 IM's so far today)
2012_10_23_19:59:51.872   024.120.114.xxx   This is what happens when 50 percent of the public works for govt MORE GOVT! (29)
2012_10_23_20:00:23.660   076.104.253.xxx   Love the Rainier sign. :)
2012_10_23_20:00:36.371   068.150.163.xxx   It's just dirty fighting to ruin someone (11)
2012_10_23_20:02:36.395   108.206.164.xxx   needa a pbr and pizza
2012_10_23_20:03:36.617   074.101.207.xxx   Wooooooooo
2012_10_23_20:04:52.615   108.206.164.xxx   homer kill brain now with beer
2012_10_23_20:05:20.629   074.101.207.xxx   Spooky
2012_10_23_20:06:11.500   108.206.164.xxx   yes to a cold pbr
2012_10_23_20:06:17.750   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Did someone ask for a PBR? ***ALEK***
2012_10_23_20:08:55.859   024.120.114.xxx   Did you just ask for a Bama Phone and a Bama Pizza? ALL FREE to any socialist! (30 IM's so far today)
2012_10_23_20:09:50.634   074.101.207.xxx   Hi Mystic!!!
2012_10_23_20:11:12.279   024.120.114.xxx   FREE Bama Beer too! Using other people's money! It's FREE! (31)
2012_10_23_20:12:57.637   108.206.164.xxx   Angie n Ziva say hi from Indy
2012_10_23_20:13:21.640   074.101.207.xxx   crazzzzy
2012_10_23_20:14:08.979   024.120.114.xxx   Ron Paul is wearing the HULK costume for Halloween so VOTE HULK! (32)
2012_10_23_20:15:16.515   108.206.164.xxx   Oppa Klingon Style.......hey s** y lady
2012_10_23_20:16:22.230   024.120.114.xxx   BEER THAT WAY _________ ________________________ __________________ _________ (33)
2012_10_23_20:17:39.122   024.120.114.xxx   BEER CAN TO THE RIGHT )))) )))) ))) ____________ (34)
2012_10_23_20:18:21.923   068.172.213.xxx   PBR's are great!!!!!
2012_10_23_20:18:40.163   067.171.242.xxx   Hi Desi!!!
2012_10_23_20:18:54.755   024.120.114.xxx   Tastes like pea (35)
2012_10_23_20:19:28.645   067.171.242.xxx   Freddy's coming for you!
2012_10_23_20:20:28.049   024.120.114.xxx   Like pea soup, maybe with potatoes added (36)
2012_10_23_20:21:44.850   024.120.114.xxx   Oh, no wonder it tastes like that*** my dinner! (37)
2012_10_23_20:22:40.799   108.206.164.xxx   PBR Maybe...........!
2012_10_23_20:22:41.568   024.120.114.xxx   Oh, no wonder it tastes like that its my dinner! (38)
2012_10_23_20:23:49.648   024.120.114.xxx   I put a blue ribbon around my dinner bowl to make me think it was better (39)
2012_10_23_20:27:55.425   071.105.123.xxx   BOOoooOOooOOoOooOOooOoo
2012_10_23_20:28:31.640   068.096.205.xxx   Bedtime in Minn
2012_10_23_20:28:37.473   071.105.123.xxx   .....now it's iller time ___-)
2012_10_23_20:29:05.800   068.110.161.xxx   i like homer simpson
2012_10_23_20:29:14.999   071.105.123.xxx   Do'h...Miller time, hehe
2012_10_23_20:30:01.593   071.105.123.xxx   Hi Alek :-)
2012_10_23_20:30:11.069   068.110.161.xxx   homer simpson is addicted to beer and always gets drunk:P
2012_10_23_20:30:37.073   068.150.163.xxx   Your Obama comments are so uneducated and wrong (12)
2012_10_23_20:31:15.774   068.110.161.xxx   this is bob OK he is a stickman
2012_10_23_20:31:47.423   071.105.123.xxx   give us a wave please Alek :-)
2012_10_23_20:33:51.984   071.105.123.xxx   Thanks :-)
2012_10_23_20:34:05.989   068.110.161.xxx   hope your kids get cured soon:)
2012_10_23_20:34:11.331   024.120.114.xxx   And liberty and social justice for all! BY FORCE IF NECESSARY! (40 IM's so far today)
2012_10_23_20:35:15.873   068.150.163.xxx   You have been misguided by propaganda (13)
2012_10_23_20:35:31.920   024.120.114.xxx   GENUINE Barfmaker! (41)
2012_10_23_20:37:12.015   024.120.114.xxx   Constitution is propaganda, it's a old outdated document get rid of it (42)
2012_10_23_20:37:17.039   068.110.161.xxx   I showed my 12 year old your site, and he loves it!
2012_10_23_20:41:06.707   068.114.201.xxx   Thank you for your hard work!! Can't wait for the Christmas Lights!!!
2012_10_23_20:44:20.220   024.120.114.xxx   Only 100 clicks left HURRY! (43)
2012_10_23_20:45:33.311   024.120.114.xxx   Keep Homer and Frankenstein lit the rest of the night! (44)
2012_10_23_20:45:46.283   068.231.068.xxx   Very Nice Thanks!
2012_10_23_20:46:35.455   069.251.027.xxx   This is awesome
2012_10_23_20:49:19.912   071.007.073.xxx   Happy Halloween from Iowa!
2012_10_23_20:55:25.203   075.054.093.xxx   Greetings from Texas
2012_10_23_20:57:00.948   075.054.093.xxx   nice to see this up again
2012_10_23_21:01:28.458   024.120.114.xxx   Hands across the water (45)
2012_10_23_21:02:13.353   024.120.114.xxx   Heads across the sky (46)
2012_10_23_21:25:40.643   096.035.090.xxx   any new items to add for christmas this year?
2012_10_23_21:29:44.606   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Gangnam Style ... as done by Kyle ***ALEK***
2012_10_23_21:36:15.557   024.120.114.xxx   25 minutes and 250 clicks to go for HOMER! (47)
2012_10_23_21:36:27.859   070.162.187.xxx   I love lindsay
2012_10_23_21:37:00.445   070.162.187.xxx   yes
2012_10_23_21:41:33.197   068.150.163.xxx   Lookin good (14)
2012_10_23_21:42:31.029   068.150.163.xxx   Fun lights! (15)
2012_10_23_21:44:40.242   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks - glad you enjoy 'em! ***ALEK***
2012_10_23_21:50:45.728   173.058.165.xxx   Amazing! From Jeff in Cali.
2012_10_23_21:51:19.962   173.058.165.xxx   Jeff Loves Sarah
2012_10_23_21:51:49.831   173.058.165.xxx   Jeff Loves Sarahcles
2012_10_23_21:52:17.381   173.058.165.xxx   t*******s
2012_10_23_21:58:42.522   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** One More Minute! ***ALEK***

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