102 halloween text messages on 2012/1024

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 5,742 times that day including 4,279 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1024

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2012_10_24_18:04:22.008   024.002.252.xxx   Hulk SMASH Puny Human!
2012_10_24_18:04:48.349   068.150.163.xxx   HULK SMASH PUNY Romney...
2012_10_24_18:05:14.066   024.052.018.xxx   Waiting to watch the snow fall...
2012_10_24_18:09:16.556   067.159.005.xxx   Brandon is G4Y!!!!
2012_10_24_18:09:38.958   068.150.163.xxx   how can someone be G4Y?
2012_10_24_18:10:00.460   024.052.018.xxx   Obama is g**
2012_10_24_18:10:17.463   068.150.163.xxx   you can be G3Y and G5Y but I've never heard of G4Y
2012_10_24_18:10:45.094   086.183.030.xxx   Lets turn everything off now
2012_10_24_18:11:07.000   067.159.005.xxx   Google it noob!
2012_10_24_18:11:40.228   086.183.030.xxx   google what?
2012_10_24_18:11:40.889   068.150.163.xxx   i turn your computer off forever
2012_10_24_18:12:08.572   067.159.005.xxx   YOU WISH BIT!!!
2012_10_24_18:12:53.004   068.150.163.xxx   relax...
2012_10_24_18:13:03.660   067.251.087.xxx   Happy holloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2012_10_24_18:13:11.425   067.159.005.xxx   I CAN NOT RELAX!!!
2012_10_24_18:13:57.529   067.159.005.xxx   Merry Christmas from all of Santa's elves here at the North Pole!!
2012_10_24_18:14:25.498   068.150.163.xxx   busy time of the year...
2012_10_24_18:15:30.063   067.159.005.xxx   HOE HOE HOE MERRY BICHMAS
2012_10_24_18:16:05.956   068.150.163.xxx   you can relax on the potty mouth.....
2012_10_24_18:16:40.905   067.159.005.xxx   ROFL @ "POTTY MOUTH" WHAT ARE YOU 4 YEARS OLD?
2012_10_24_18:16:56.752   098.085.093.xxx   48 people thank you
2012_10_24_18:17:52.220   067.159.005.xxx   OK GIRLS YOU ALL HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR SANTA OUT!!
2012_10_24_18:19:09.644   074.104.024.xxx   BOO
2012_10_24_18:19:54.084   067.159.005.xxx   GANJA
2012_10_24_18:21:55.870   173.217.056.xxx   EHOWA
2012_10_24_18:22:23.492   098.085.093.xxx   would you go with me
2012_10_24_18:22:31.210   173.217.056.xxx   Hello Benny
2012_10_24_18:23:33.563   098.085.093.xxx   horse man not working
2012_10_24_18:24:09.508   098.085.093.xxx   hi benny
2012_10_24_18:24:19.044   068.150.163.xxx   Grow up man.  that's really pathetic
2012_10_24_18:27:25.349   068.150.163.xxx   Alek, please clean off Webcam 1.. it's kinda blurry
2012_10_24_18:28:21.928   086.183.030.xxx   Alek, how about changing 2fps to 1fps?
2012_10_24_18:28:58.847   068.150.163.xxx   or .0001 fps? (10 IM's so far today)
2012_10_24_18:30:26.726   086.183.030.xxx   .0001 fps = 1 frame every 2.7 hours!
2012_10_24_18:32:32.611   068.150.163.xxx   ok then how about every .5 seconds the camera changes (11)
2012_10_24_18:36:01.688   068.150.163.xxx   the dial on the grid goes round and round.. round and round (12)
2012_10_24_18:37:27.978   086.183.030.xxx   .5 fps is what it is now (every 2 seconds)
2012_10_24_18:38:18.010   068.150.163.xxx   eh just go 4 frame a second.. make it nice and smooth (13)
2012_10_24_18:38:27.514   086.183.030.xxx   Web cam 1 needs drying
2012_10_24_18:39:01.782   068.150.163.xxx   invert webcam 1 (14)
2012_10_24_18:47:38.951   024.002.252.xxx   oh theres stuff on cam1
2012_10_24_18:48:56.936   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** webcam1 is wet - lotsa rain out there ... ***ALEK***
2012_10_24_18:49:16.445   024.002.252.xxx   ya will you clean it alek
2012_10_24_18:50:43.693   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** OK - heading out to give webcam1 a wipedown! ***ALEK***
2012_10_24_18:54:29.215   075.114.229.xxx   if you are going to get a furby for a present you better do it now
2012_10_24_18:55:24.561   024.002.252.xxx   YEAH thank you Alek webcam1 is now viible.
2012_10_24_19:02:22.687   002.102.138.xxx   This Is Fun
2012_10_24_19:03:36.904   002.102.138.xxx   It is 2:03 AM where I am
2012_10_24_19:04:03.334   002.102.138.xxx   Supercalafrajalisticexpialadocious it might sound attrocious
2012_10_24_19:06:55.074   107.009.235.xxx   Mike loves Sandra!
2012_10_24_19:08:03.963   107.009.235.xxx   Ernies da' man!
2012_10_24_19:09:33.354   024.107.102.xxx   LOVIN THIS...JAMIE EYRICH
2012_10_24_19:12:21.187   024.052.018.xxx   snowing yet?
2012_10_24_19:12:21.993   024.107.102.xxx   SENDING PRAYERS TO ALL OF MY FACEBOOK FRIENDS ___ JAMIE EYRICH
2012_10_24_19:12:43.407   064.134.071.xxx   Keep up the good work, great setup this year
2012_10_24_19:12:58.162   024.107.102.xxx   JAMIE EYRICH PRAYING FOR ALL
2012_10_24_19:18:05.847   098.110.094.xxx   Please Shut All Lights Down
2012_10_24_19:24:05.041   076.118.162.xxx   Greetings from Ma**.
2012_10_24_19:27:45.705   098.213.076.xxx   hiiiii
2012_10_24_19:32:31.827   024.120.114.xxx   Which button turns the snow making machine on?
2012_10_24_19:33:00.138   024.052.018.xxx   number 3 or 4
2012_10_24_19:33:27.995   096.241.048.xxx   Zombies Ahead
2012_10_24_19:38:05.274   024.120.114.xxx   Hit zone 5 or 6 for HULKish SNOW!!
2012_10_24_19:40:26.179   107.002.139.xxx   HULK FOR PREZ!!!!
2012_10_24_19:40:45.461   024.120.114.xxx   Wha hapen to the Boo sign?
2012_10_24_19:43:04.137   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Half of the BOO sign burnt out in the rain - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2012_10_24_19:44:20.255   024.120.114.xxx   How does that happen? It's a rope light all enclosed?
2012_10_24_19:46:59.908   024.120.114.xxx   Lets have a ballot stuffing contest!
2012_10_24_19:55:22.064   024.009.105.xxx   Obama!
2012_10_24_19:55:40.937   099.141.010.xxx   HULK SMASH CORRUPTION AND JUMP REAL HIGH
2012_10_24_19:56:08.568   024.009.105.xxx   Hi Alek!
2012_10_24_19:56:16.390   024.120.114.xxx   Hit ZONE 5 or 6 if you want to see snow tonight!
2012_10_24_20:00:55.594   099.141.010.xxx   HULK FOR WORLD LEADER!
2012_10_24_20:01:40.672   071.105.128.xxx   WHere's the beer Alek?! hehe ___-)
2012_10_24_20:05:18.013   071.105.128.xxx   BoOOoOoooOooooOOOOoooOOOo.....
2012_10_24_20:05:44.414   071.053.064.xxx   Get me outta here!
2012_10_24_20:10:54.431   070.195.065.xxx   I see dead people
2012_10_24_20:11:43.491   070.195.065.xxx   i wonder if he is watching the giants woop some a**!
2012_10_24_20:14:23.947   098.203.249.xxx   are you playing neptunes pride?
2012_10_24_20:14:25.712   070.195.065.xxx   dude smile
2012_10_24_20:16:04.441   173.174.035.xxx   Go Giants!
2012_10_24_20:17:24.897   070.195.065.xxx   Alex who are you voting for?
2012_10_24_20:20:52.126   070.195.065.xxx   Pizza man?
2012_10_24_20:22:41.637   070.195.065.xxx   What is the cost for all of this?
2012_10_24_20:23:36.869   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Alek supports the Green Party - Hulk SMASHES!!! ***ALEK***
2012_10_24_20:37:41.980   096.035.090.xxx   frankenstein can't get up
2012_10_24_20:52:26.793   096.035.090.xxx   what is with the blue light?
2012_10_24_21:07:24.875   024.052.018.xxx   Snowing  yet?
2012_10_24_21:09:46.155   068.150.163.xxx   so, who's been stuffing the Romney vote tonight?? (15)
2012_10_24_21:13:11.723   068.150.163.xxx   Doh, gotta move that bag in the way there.. (16)
2012_10_24_21:14:08.324   068.150.163.xxx   Is It snowing???? (17)
2012_10_24_21:14:09.871   075.136.122.xxx   hello
2012_10_24_21:16:05.036   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Going outside to check on the snow ... ***ALEK***
2012_10_24_21:20:48.250   075.136.122.xxx   did it snow
2012_10_24_21:21:19.662   068.150.163.xxx   it has snowed.  he's cleaning them off now. (18)
2012_10_24_21:22:00.508   075.136.122.xxx   i wis*** was snowin  here
2012_10_24_21:22:45.750   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Not a lot of snow, but very, very heavy and wet - inflatables struggling ***ALEK***
2012_10_24_21:22:53.696   075.136.122.xxx   i wis*** was snowing here
2012_10_24_21:23:22.905   074.183.117.xxx   Good to see that you guys are back!
2012_10_24_21:23:33.256   075.136.122.xxx   it 76  here
2012_10_24_21:24:58.972   068.150.163.xxx   it is cold here but no snow yet.. (19)
2012_10_24_21:27:49.433   098.216.184.xxx   I've been sick. What happened to hulk sign?

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