75 halloween text messages on 2012/1028

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 1,383 times that day including 588 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1028

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2012_10_28_18:00:25.046   088.189.072.xxx   Hello !
2012_10_28_18:01:20.452   088.189.072.xxx   happy halloween :)
2012_10_28_18:03:56.561   088.087.245.xxx   Happy halloween! From Hungary :)
2012_10_28_18:04:55.142   098.110.001.xxx   getting Ready For This Hurricane
2012_10_28_18:05:11.740   088.189.072.xxx   Hulk for President
2012_10_28_18:05:34.111   098.110.001.xxx   Argggggg
2012_10_28_18:05:54.800   088.189.072.xxx   booooooouuuuuuuu !!!
2012_10_28_18:06:30.503   088.189.072.xxx   X10 controls :)
2012_10_28_18:07:25.861   088.189.072.xxx   light :)
2012_10_28_18:08:01.331   088.189.072.xxx   Halloween Decorations
2012_10_28_18:11:06.238   208.114.034.xxx   Hello Everyone!
2012_10_28_18:14:07.261   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Sure glad the Hurricane isn't coming here ***ALEK***
2012_10_28_18:23:17.275   078.147.011.xxx   Big shout out to the UK
2012_10_28_18:24:58.229   078.147.011.xxx   Good evening Alek
2012_10_28_18:25:53.504   078.147.011.xxx   Wa**uuuup?
2012_10_28_18:28:15.728   071.193.217.xxx   HULK SMASH PUNY COSTUMES!
2012_10_28_18:28:18.870   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** WOW - for a moment, I thought webcam#2 broke - who turned out the lights! ***ALEK***
2012_10_28_18:34:53.344   156.034.225.xxx   Sky is beautiful in webcam 1
2012_10_28_18:36:41.603   050.039.174.xxx   Last  I  Looked  webcam#1 was bright!
2012_10_28_18:37:06.981   068.195.076.xxx   Just waiting for strom Sandy
2012_10_28_18:37:20.688   208.114.034.xxx   3 more days till halloween!
2012_10_28_18:38:25.720   050.039.174.xxx   YAY!!
2012_10_28_18:38:30.719   208.114.034.xxx   when is the chistmas page and things goin to be up and running?
2012_10_28_18:38:40.302   078.147.011.xxx   Whoo!
2012_10_28_18:39:00.076   068.195.076.xxx   December
2012_10_28_18:39:19.446   050.039.174.xxx   hey mister!
2012_10_28_18:39:59.041   095.146.209.xxx   Wow it looks amazing! Can't wait for christmas! :)
2012_10_28_18:40:37.082   050.039.174.xxx   Last  I  Looked  webcam#1 was bright!
2012_10_28_18:40:54.097   068.195.076.xxx   Hey Alek, thanks for the show!
2012_10_28_18:42:14.478   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Glad you enjoy the show ... but you guys are doing it! ***ALEK***
2012_10_28_18:43:53.296   050.039.174.xxx   I know!
2012_10_28_19:02:56.073   098.230.129.xxx   Howdy from Woodstock, Ga
2012_10_28_19:03:29.380   086.027.156.xxx   wooooooooooh!!!
2012_10_28_19:04:09.767   098.230.129.xxx   Im with green head  ----------------------- ___
2012_10_28_19:04:43.583   098.230.129.xxx   Im'm with green head ---------___
2012_10_28_19:05:34.344   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Anyone want a Skull Martini?!? ***ALEK***
2012_10_28_19:06:07.404   098.230.129.xxx   Yes
2012_10_28_19:06:20.798   086.027.156.xxx   wooooooooh! who's that
2012_10_28_19:07:02.140   098.230.129.xxx   I'm me.
2012_10_28_19:07:04.537   086.027.156.xxx   he say no to skull martini
2012_10_28_19:07:32.126   090.198.243.xxx   who wont election vote
2012_10_28_19:08:22.964   086.027.156.xxx   night night from UK
2012_10_28_19:17:07.905   068.195.076.xxx   Good night from New England
2012_10_28_19:18:58.885   156.034.225.xxx   Sorry Homer - I tried!
2012_10_28_19:19:25.845   090.198.243.xxx   frakenstein aint working
2012_10_28_19:19:47.428   068.110.161.xxx   hello
2012_10_28_19:21:10.281   156.034.225.xxx   Can't get the Grim Reapers Up. Need v*****??
2012_10_28_19:22:22.723   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife on the way home - moving stuff aside in driveway ***ALEK***
2012_10_28_19:28:23.117   156.034.225.xxx   Thanks for fixing the GR!
2012_10_28_19:32:00.804   156.034.225.xxx   I wrote too soon about Grim Reaper - down again!
2012_10_28_19:41:08.576   098.213.076.xxx   hello
2012_10_28_19:49:41.461   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Grim Reaper is mostly up now - his fan doesn't work too well ***ALEK***
2012_10_28_20:05:10.802   068.150.163.xxx   Looks like you may need to do some off season repairs ALEK....
2012_10_28_20:29:43.241   083.054.015.xxx   saludos desde madrid feliz dia de halloween
2012_10_28_20:33:44.510   068.150.163.xxx   We may as well declare Hulk the winner.
2012_10_28_20:34:40.389   068.150.163.xxx   no way in 4 days that 1200 votes will be made up
2012_10_28_20:42:35.993   208.114.034.xxx   Vote for Hulk!!!
2012_10_28_20:42:54.187   190.189.111.xxx   Hi! From Argentina :D
2012_10_28_20:45:56.154   184.096.214.xxx   Big Dee says hello
2012_10_28_20:49:50.710   190.189.111.xxx   Hi! From Argentina :D
2012_10_28_20:51:35.909   086.176.032.xxx   Alek - ever thought about a 4th web cam?
2012_10_28_20:51:48.272   024.052.018.xxx   Vote For the AMERICAN!
2012_10_28_20:52:26.776   072.092.068.xxx   Good Luck East Coast Peeps!
2012_10_28_20:53:59.231   024.052.018.xxx   Four americans Died, and Obama Lied...
2012_10_28_20:54:32.610   072.092.068.xxx   Please leave the politics alone. This is a fun site.
2012_10_28_20:55:07.231   070.086.108.xxx   Haunted office is terrifyingly wonderful!
2012_10_28_20:55:31.983   072.092.068.xxx   I wouldn't mind a PBR right now.
2012_10_28_20:56:40.822   072.092.068.xxx   Anyone else waiting for Sandy?
2012_10_28_20:58:16.299   072.092.068.xxx   I'm wondering if we'll be able to have halloween here.
2012_10_28_21:00:47.665   070.086.108.xxx   The Great Pumpkin will appear!
2012_10_28_21:09:19.723   098.213.076.xxx   hello
2012_10_28_21:45:41.685   098.213.076.xxx   happy hallowewen
2012_10_28_21:48:48.000   068.150.163.xxx   He's not affected by the hurricane
2012_10_28_21:51:00.658   068.150.163.xxx   Giants win World Series!!!
2012_10_28_21:51:27.242   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Giants WIN!!!! ***ALEK***

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