133 halloween text messages on 2012/1101

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 5,623 times that day including 4,738 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1101

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2012_11_01_18:00:56.490   088.189.072.xxx   Hello !
2012_11_01_18:02:02.373   068.150.163.xxx   Poor voters.. Romney won't win
2012_11_01_18:02:09.757   088.189.072.xxx   Hello ! Alek's  :)
2012_11_01_18:02:50.856   098.216.184.xxx   pub or dem, same thing year after year
2012_11_01_18:03:41.234   024.120.114.xxx   SAME SAME!!! Progressive SOCIALISTS!
2012_11_01_18:05:55.511   098.216.184.xxx   socialism works americans are clueless
2012_11_01_18:07:08.171   024.120.114.xxx   true socialism doesn't work with greedy humans involved, get a clue
2012_11_01_18:07:35.449   090.200.154.xxx   2009?
2012_11_01_18:07:42.803   098.216.184.xxx   The greed is the problem
2012_11_01_18:08:06.825   024.120.114.xxx   Socialism - you eventually run out of other people's money NOT SMART!
2012_11_01_18:09:00.014   098.216.184.xxx   True socialism means VAT tax
2012_11_01_18:09:01.731   068.150.163.xxx   It's not socialism.  Don't be so small minded
2012_11_01_18:12:01.709   024.120.114.xxx   Small minded is when you think you get something for free from the govt
2012_11_01_18:12:04.305   098.213.076.xxx   hello
2012_11_01_18:12:40.504   068.150.163.xxx   Hulk wins
2012_11_01_18:13:05.565   024.120.114.xxx   Govt wastes 50___ of anything they get, NOT SMART !
2012_11_01_18:13:20.577   090.200.154.xxx   GO HULKY
2012_11_01_18:13:23.625   088.189.072.xxx   Vincent Halgrain :) ___) THE HULK for President!
2012_11_01_18:13:31.569   024.120.114.xxx   Govt wastes 50 percent of anything they get, NOT SMART !
2012_11_01_18:14:38.116   090.200.154.xxx   X10 overload!
2012_11_01_18:15:44.210   024.120.114.xxx   Hulk only wins if you push the right buttons!
2012_11_01_18:16:59.405   024.120.114.xxx   DARK!
2012_11_01_18:17:57.457   024.120.114.xxx   LIGHT!
2012_11_01_18:20:57.243   024.002.252.xxx   Is this the last day
2012_11_01_18:20:57.902   097.103.233.xxx   hello
2012_11_01_18:21:28.982   024.002.252.xxx   Is this the last day?
2012_11_01_18:21:29.528   088.189.072.xxx   THE HULK for President! :)
2012_11_01_18:21:29.873   097.103.233.xxx   Hello Kristen
2012_11_01_18:21:56.695   024.002.252.xxx   Is this the last day?
2012_11_01_18:22:00.514   002.099.233.xxx   'sup all?
2012_11_01_18:22:17.456   024.002.252.xxx   Is this the last day?
2012_11_01_18:22:51.762   072.092.068.xxx   yes. :(
2012_11_01_18:24:13.833   024.002.252.xxx   well we have chistmas to look forword to:-
2012_11_01_18:24:26.248   072.092.068.xxx   Alek is getting ready to take pics I think.
2012_11_01_18:24:58.523   024.002.252.xxx   relly?
2012_11_01_18:25:40.754   072.092.068.xxx   I saw his ladder.
2012_11_01_18:28:51.985   072.092.068.xxx   or maybe not...
2012_11_01_18:29:48.543   072.092.068.xxx   Looks like car shuffling
2012_11_01_18:31:17.669   068.150.163.xxx   keep voting Romney.  i'll just keep voting Obama
2012_11_01_18:32:08.201   072.092.068.xxx   Hulk for Prez!
2012_11_01_18:40:05.645   062.099.097.xxx   Good night from Noja! :D
2012_11_01_18:45:51.934   098.223.051.xxx   hi chrissy i love you
2012_11_01_18:46:26.446   098.223.051.xxx   how sweet huh
2012_11_01_18:46:45.545   024.120.114.xxx   Romney is the only one who will flatten Iran! VOTE ROMNEY! (10 IM's so far today)
2012_11_01_18:47:17.321   072.092.068.xxx   Go GREEN Party!
2012_11_01_18:48:01.573   024.120.114.xxx   Flatten them before they flatten YOU ! (11)
2012_11_01_18:48:20.122   072.092.068.xxx   Sponge Bob For VP!
2012_11_01_18:48:55.069   072.092.068.xxx   A crabby patty in every pot!
2012_11_01_18:50:46.965   024.120.114.xxx   All good reasons to vote for the Hulk! (12)
2012_11_01_18:51:14.573   098.223.051.xxx   hi gabby daddy loves u
2012_11_01_18:53:27.255   024.120.114.xxx   Vote HULK in BULK today! (13)
2012_11_01_18:54:02.572   068.150.163.xxx   ya then your votes get deleted
2012_11_01_18:54:08.033   072.092.068.xxx   Would love to see Hulk in a debate! LOL! (10 IM's so far today)
2012_11_01_18:54:43.522   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hulk would SMASH in debate! ***ALEK***
2012_11_01_18:54:45.223   086.176.069.xxx   Alek - Anything new for christmas?
2012_11_01_18:55:28.952   098.223.051.xxx   alek thanks for everything and great bio on ur dad
2012_11_01_18:57:47.713   068.150.163.xxx   i know there's a guy stuffing Romney..  tit for tat!
2012_11_01_18:59:00.637   072.092.068.xxx   It would be a short debate with Hulk! Hee! (11)
2012_11_01_18:59:45.680   024.120.114.xxx   I KNOW theres a guy STUFFING SOCIALIST Bama so Im HULK STUFFING ! (14)
2012_11_01_19:01:13.130   072.092.068.xxx   Be nice folks. Stuff the real box on Tuesday! (12)
2012_11_01_19:04:37.590   024.120.114.xxx   Watch YouTube video watch?v=sPQs6ri7Dt0 (15)
2012_11_01_19:11:38.677   088.189.072.xxx   THE HULK for President!
2012_11_01_19:13:40.631   088.189.072.xxx   Halloween 2013
2012_11_01_19:15:37.613   024.120.114.xxx   Bryan Bliss Testifies to Voting Machine Vulnerabilities (16)
2012_11_01_19:16:18.640   088.189.072.xxx   Facebook :)
2012_11_01_19:20:12.075   079.196.015.xxx   lolbook
2012_11_01_19:21:05.430   079.196.015.xxx   wall drogs
2012_11_01_19:22:24.073   068.150.163.xxx   brainwashing.. socialism.. sheesh.  seriously?
2012_11_01_19:22:59.958   079.196.015.xxx   what
2012_11_01_19:23:08.509   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yep - that is a WALL DRUGS sign on the skeleton! ***ALEK***
2012_11_01_19:23:33.171   079.196.015.xxx   cool
2012_11_01_19:25:15.892   090.200.228.xxx   hello from scotland :)
2012_11_01_19:25:38.878   024.120.114.xxx   A all powerful state is a threat to liberty, they are the terrorists! (17)
2012_11_01_19:25:41.251   098.213.076.xxx   hello from
2012_11_01_19:26:10.601   098.213.076.xxx   hello from ILL
2012_11_01_19:26:15.041   079.196.015.xxx   hello from mars
2012_11_01_19:27:31.831   079.196.015.xxx   bring christmas back
2012_11_01_19:28:46.469   079.196.015.xxx   im watching since 2009
2012_11_01_19:29:19.524   024.120.114.xxx   brainwashing.. socialism.. just ignor- ant it all and put head in sand! (18)
2012_11_01_19:30:13.111   079.196.015.xxx   lol
2012_11_01_19:30:53.850   072.092.068.xxx   Wall Drug Rocks! (13)
2012_11_01_19:31:27.880   072.092.068.xxx   Eeeek! huge Shadow! (14)
2012_11_01_19:32:47.557   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hulk sorry if Puny Humans are scared! ***ALEK***
2012_11_01_19:33:46.154   079.196.015.xxx   its 2:33am and im watching
2012_11_01_19:34:08.349   072.092.068.xxx   Alek is so good to us! (15)
2012_11_01_19:35:06.292   079.196.015.xxx   he is (10 IM's so far today)
2012_11_01_19:35:17.007   072.092.068.xxx   Don't forget to donate to Celiac Research! (16)
2012_11_01_19:39:46.898   198.228.200.xxx   Donnie Darko
2012_11_01_19:43:20.150   066.041.134.xxx   taken down the Halloween decoration
2012_11_01_19:44:19.226   198.228.200.xxx   nobody's taking down any decorations
2012_11_01_19:46:25.724   198.228.200.xxx   phumpkins
2012_11_01_19:51:05.900   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Taking down my Halloween Decorations tomorrow ... ***ALEK***
2012_11_01_19:54:07.593   098.216.184.xxx   time for xmas ones
2012_11_01_20:08:25.689   072.092.068.xxx   Thanks Alek for all you do! (17)
2012_11_01_20:08:56.839   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** You are welcome - glad you enjoy the Halloween "show" - come back for Christmas ***ALEK***
2012_11_01_20:09:01.434   072.092.068.xxx   I hope alot of people donated to Celiac Research. (18)
2012_11_01_20:09:40.149   072.092.068.xxx   Will definitely be back for Christmas! (19)
2012_11_01_20:36:05.204   208.114.038.xxx   Can't Wait!
2012_11_01_20:46:19.171   024.120.114.xxx   I 2nd that ! - Don't forget to donate to Celiac Research! (19)
2012_11_01_20:56:04.560   076.167.226.xxx   Happy Halloween from Encino, CA!!!
2012_11_01_20:57:16.693   076.167.226.xxx   How do you control the figure in the yellow shirt???
2012_11_01_20:57:38.438   072.092.068.xxx   You offer him a PBR! ___) (20 IM's so far today)
2012_11_01_20:58:08.097   072.092.068.xxx   And donate to Celiac Research! (21)
2012_11_01_20:58:19.446   076.167.226.xxx   ___-)
2012_11_01_21:04:20.654   076.167.226.xxx   hello
2012_11_01_21:08:46.463   024.120.114.xxx   Alek thanks for all the fun and hard work you do on the site and programming (20 IM's so far today)
2012_11_01_21:21:31.420   108.075.041.xxx   cant wait for the Christms lights!
2012_11_01_21:23:19.165   108.075.041.xxx   I always wonder what you are looking at
2012_11_01_21:23:37.590   024.120.114.xxx   Watching video - several people tripped or kicked extension cord! (21)
2012_11_01_21:24:09.857   108.075.041.xxx   Darn!
2012_11_01_21:31:18.522   024.120.114.xxx   New PICS!! Halloween Blog !!! (22)
2012_11_01_21:43:49.901   024.120.114.xxx   LAST POST! This will be since no one is IMing ! (23)
2012_11_01_21:50:00.891   068.150.163.xxx   UNO UNO UNO UNO
2012_11_01_21:51:33.453   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** 8 more minutes until lights out for 2012! ***ALEK***
2012_11_01_21:52:52.591   068.150.163.xxx   Alek, a pleasure doing business, as always!
2012_11_01_21:53:42.899   068.150.163.xxx   Hope you'll do an official ballot count :) (10 IM's so far today)
2012_11_01_21:53:31.393   066.140.100.xxx   Thanks Alek, see you in a few weeks!
2012_11_01_21:53:56.184   066.140.100.xxx   Thanks Alek, see you in a few weeks!
2012_11_01_21:54:41.553   024.120.114.xxx   Tonight I leave last post to someone else! BE QUICK THOUGH! (24)
2012_11_01_21:55:21.039   068.150.163.xxx   Hocus Pocus, I'm a Vampire! (11)
2012_11_01_21:56:15.081   068.150.163.xxx   You wouldn't hit a bat with glasses would you? (12)
2012_11_01_21:57:09.053   068.150.163.xxx   A bydeepadeepadeep that's all Folks! (13)
2012_11_01_21:57:17.082   172.218.205.xxx   NNOOO
2012_11_01_21:57:48.835   068.150.163.xxx   YESS! (14)
2012_11_01_21:57:49.388   172.218.205.xxx   1 MORE NIGHT PLEASE ALEK
2012_11_01_21:58:54.807   024.120.114.xxx   Last chance! (25)
2012_11_01_21:58:37.560   068.150.163.xxx   Why so you can vote Romney? (Wink) (15)
2012_11_01_21:59:34.494   066.140.100.xxx   bye bye!
2012_11_01_21:59:44.606   172.218.205.xxx   LAST COMMENT FOR HTIS YEAR FTW
2012_11_01_21:59:33.116   024.120.114.xxx   HULK WINS! (26)
2012_11_01_21:59:57.229   068.150.163.xxx   D'oh! (16)
2012_11_01_21:59:49.733   172.218.205.xxx   LAST COMMENT FOR HTIS YEAR FTW+
2012_11_01_21:59:55.758   172.218.205.xxx   LAST COMMENT FOR HTIS YEAR FTW

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