120 halloween text messages on 2013/1019

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 3,582 times that day including 2,133 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1019

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2013_10_19_18:01:36.276   071.234.162.xxx   controls not working
2013_10_19_18:03:51.052   081.159.085.xxx   Wakey Wakey Controls!
2013_10_19_18:04:54.571   071.075.233.xxx   alec to the rescue
2013_10_19_18:05:00.042   081.159.085.xxx   Yay Alek's here!
2013_10_19_18:05:10.866   088.189.072.xxx   Vincent Halgrain
2013_10_19_18:05:39.191   071.234.162.xxx   cant see the computer glare
2013_10_19_18:05:46.332   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Turning on X10 Laptop control now - webcam1 getting setup shortly ***ALEK***
2013_10_19_18:05:57.141   081.159.085.xxx   Come on cam 1
2013_10_19_18:06:32.324   088.189.072.xxx   hello alek's :)
2013_10_19_18:06:36.549   071.234.162.xxx   ahh i see so many people
2013_10_19_18:07:03.461   088.189.072.xxx   Google
2013_10_19_18:08:01.334   088.189.072.xxx   Vincent Halgrain
2013_10_19_18:08:28.879   081.159.085.xxx   Ahhh a big Alek!!!
2013_10_19_18:08:32.571   088.189.072.xxx   Bonjour !
2013_10_19_18:08:39.668   071.075.233.xxx   lol
2013_10_19_18:08:41.788   071.234.162.xxx   Alek'S FACE!!!!!!
2013_10_19_18:15:29.268   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** webcam and X10 control all ON ... sorry a few minutes late ***ALEK***
2013_10_19_18:15:59.778   086.023.090.xxx   You're crazy. This is amazing.
2013_10_19_18:16:36.790   081.159.085.xxx   Can you wave please? It is 01:16am in the uk!
2013_10_19_18:17:28.154   078.022.200.xxx   greetings from belguim
2013_10_19_18:23:13.613   068.227.056.xxx   Everyone WAVE TO ALEK!
2013_10_19_18:24:15.769   081.159.085.xxx   What was on the laptop?
2013_10_19_18:24:21.000   086.023.090.xxx   I SAW A WAVE THERE!
2013_10_19_18:25:11.728   078.022.200.xxx   wave to belgium please
2013_10_19_18:25:16.854   068.227.056.xxx   He knew you were waving!
2013_10_19_18:25:26.283   081.159.085.xxx   Can i have a thumbs up! Waves are so 2 mins ago!
2013_10_19_18:26:06.928   078.022.200.xxx   funny
2013_10_19_18:26:13.593   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Kids have invaded the Haunted Office! ***ALEK***
2013_10_19_18:27:15.103   086.023.090.xxx   this website looks so 90s, it's awesome
2013_10_19_18:27:59.258   081.159.085.xxx   Merry chris.. Halloweenmas
2013_10_19_18:28:00.318   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks man ... timeless website design - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2013_10_19_18:28:53.726   078.022.200.xxx   BELGIUM BELGIUM
2013_10_19_18:29:31.608   078.022.200.xxx   HELLO ALEK
2013_10_19_18:30:08.901   081.159.085.xxx   Who can pull the scariest face to keep me awake?
2013_10_19_18:30:17.829   078.022.200.xxx   GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
2013_10_19_18:30:39.733   071.234.162.xxx   omg so many people
2013_10_19_18:30:40.838   086.023.090.xxx   swarms of children. everywhere.
2013_10_19_18:31:06.919   071.234.162.xxx   wave peoples wave!!
2013_10_19_18:31:17.134   098.216.184.xxx   The kids have taken over!!!!
2013_10_19_18:31:22.959   081.159.085.xxx   Who can pull the scariest face to keep me awake? (10 IM's so far today)
2013_10_19_18:31:39.824   071.234.162.xxx   ya i saw a wave
2013_10_19_18:31:55.027   078.022.200.xxx   hallo hallo weeen
2013_10_19_18:32:11.092   081.159.085.xxx   Falling asleeppppppp awake again! (11)
2013_10_19_18:32:37.768   078.022.200.xxx   gooooodnicht
2013_10_19_18:33:07.227   098.216.184.xxx   Gotta love the blondes!
2013_10_19_18:33:13.252   078.022.200.xxx   sorry goodmorning
2013_10_19_18:33:59.800   078.022.200.xxx   2.33 am (10 IM's so far today)
2013_10_19_18:35:20.914   081.159.085.xxx   Going to sleep now. One final wave!!!! (12)
2013_10_19_18:35:42.794   098.216.184.xxx   Prata du svenska flickorna?
2013_10_19_18:36:01.526   068.227.056.xxx   Take a 3D pic of the front yard please, just move 1 ft at a time and motion GIF
2013_10_19_18:37:26.985   071.234.162.xxx   KFC
2013_10_19_18:37:45.660   098.216.184.xxx   KFC BUUUUUUUURP
2013_10_19_18:38:43.486   071.234.162.xxx   oh no overloaders
2013_10_19_18:38:46.558   068.023.136.xxx   hey don't touch that! are you nuts?
2013_10_19_18:39:19.816   068.023.136.xxx   yep your nuts!
2013_10_19_18:39:59.003   068.023.136.xxx   touch it with your tongue
2013_10_19_18:40:42.891   068.227.056.xxx   KFC Vader!
2013_10_19_18:40:46.602   068.023.136.xxx   did it tickle?
2013_10_19_18:40:56.555   098.216.184.xxx   Alek knows Guns n Roses (kfc bucket head)
2013_10_19_18:41:26.496   083.090.188.xxx   Ello kids!,
2013_10_19_18:41:55.677   068.023.136.xxx   poke the monster head in the nose
2013_10_19_18:42:32.931   068.023.136.xxx   thats great thanks!
2013_10_19_18:42:57.010   068.227.056.xxx   Monster head wants KFC helmet
2013_10_19_18:42:59.584   068.023.136.xxx   arrrggggh
2013_10_19_18:43:04.733   098.216.184.xxx   Can someone dance infront of the camera?
2013_10_19_18:43:10.559   083.090.188.xxx   You kids gonna continue the tradition when older?
2013_10_19_18:43:18.993   071.234.162.xxx   hulk hands!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2013_10_19_18:44:42.788   083.090.188.xxx   Doot, Doot!
2013_10_19_18:44:58.165   071.234.162.xxx   kcf bucket head hulk thing (11)
2013_10_19_18:45:59.041   083.090.188.xxx   Click, click, click, click.
2013_10_19_18:46:35.021   071.234.162.xxx   whats happening (12)
2013_10_19_18:46:45.173   083.090.188.xxx   Deeeerp
2013_10_19_18:47:14.237   083.090.188.xxx   What just happend??
2013_10_19_18:47:25.727   098.216.184.xxx   dancing
2013_10_19_18:47:49.947   068.023.136.xxx   put the skeletons face up to the camera
2013_10_19_18:48:09.776   068.227.056.xxx   If you have a webcam you can do this too!
2013_10_19_18:48:24.400   071.234.162.xxx   i wish this was live stream not frame images (13)
2013_10_19_18:49:05.492   068.023.136.xxx   mummy skeleton!
2013_10_19_18:49:07.798   083.090.188.xxx   Dont you kids wis*** was smoother?
2013_10_19_18:49:56.763   083.090.188.xxx   We need smoother camera's
2013_10_19_18:50:06.612   071.234.162.xxx   why is that blurred out (14)
2013_10_19_18:50:52.447   083.090.188.xxx   I think it thougt was bad word
2013_10_19_18:50:59.624   071.234.162.xxx   guys cant see xomputer move the webcam down (15)
2013_10_19_18:51:24.626   068.023.136.xxx   cant see the screen anymore. camera move? (10 IM's so far today)
2013_10_19_18:51:24.463   083.090.188.xxx   Move the camera down! (10 IM's so far today)
2013_10_19_18:51:50.167   071.234.162.xxx   move the webcam down cant see laptop (16)
2013_10_19_18:52:30.060   068.023.136.xxx   thank you! (11)
2013_10_19_18:52:31.909   071.234.162.xxx   yeah (17)
2013_10_19_18:52:34.796   083.090.188.xxx   We can see it now (11)
2013_10_19_18:54:22.294   083.090.188.xxx   Overload! (12)
2013_10_19_18:54:46.140   070.238.200.xxx   I'm a ghost. Boo!
2013_10_19_18:56:52.376   083.090.188.xxx   Move the laptop! (13)
2013_10_19_18:57:05.489   071.234.162.xxx   they all left (18)
2013_10_19_18:58:01.425   068.227.056.xxx   SPOOKY ROOM!
2013_10_19_18:58:03.610   071.234.162.xxx   nevermind their back (19)
2013_10_19_19:00:29.519   068.227.056.xxx   BED TIME! Can't I stay up late tonight?
2013_10_19_19:02:35.292   068.227.056.xxx   Cam1 is like a old B/W movie!
2013_10_19_19:04:14.150   068.227.056.xxx   Cam1 - The Outer Limits! (10 IM's so far today)
2013_10_19_19:05:30.859   068.227.056.xxx   The Twilight Zone (11)
2013_10_19_19:10:40.186   071.234.162.xxx   all on (20 IM's so far today)
2013_10_19_19:14:14.528   086.023.090.xxx   How do you control the office?
2013_10_19_19:27:07.458   098.216.184.xxx   Camera 1 needs adjustment please Alek
2013_10_19_19:31:42.126   076.005.078.xxx   this is cool
2013_10_19_19:46:13.111   098.216.184.xxx   Camera 1 needs adjustment please Alek
2013_10_19_19:47:48.897   108.036.142.xxx   Cam 1 looks extra spooky!
2013_10_19_19:48:54.508   075.114.237.xxx   the left grim reaper head is crooked
2013_10_19_19:49:15.492   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Cam1 looks OK to me ... ***ALEK***
2013_10_19_19:51:58.586   098.216.184.xxx   cam 1 has cut out to black and white twice fyi (10 IM's so far today)
2013_10_19_19:52:56.537   075.114.237.xxx   cam 1 looks like we are in the 50's
2013_10_19_19:55:42.368   098.247.165.xxx   Cam 1 going black and white
2013_10_19_19:55:48.679   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** LOL on webcam1 - that is weird - rebooting! ***ALEK***
2013_10_19_20:18:37.593   108.206.164.xxx   Pizza and PBR
2013_10_19_20:19:25.790   068.023.136.xxx   where did the kids go? (12)
2013_10_19_20:32:12.449   083.090.188.xxx   evreything sems dead (14)
2013_10_19_20:39:43.051   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Well ... if everyone turns stuff OFF, then it is pretty dark! ***ALEK***
2013_10_19_20:45:40.658   096.225.167.xxx   Sir, thank you for doing all of this for everyone's enjoyment
2013_10_19_20:52:43.071   070.238.200.xxx   I am batman.
2013_10_19_21:14:03.251   070.178.150.xxx   I am Robin!
2013_10_19_21:26:09.724   076.107.101.xxx   Hello from Madison, MS!!!
2013_10_19_21:40:40.505   108.036.142.xxx   Muehuehuehue!

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