87 halloween text messages on 2013/1023

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 1,224 times that day including 459 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1023

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2013_10_23_18:03:28.995   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Working on my clothes washer - it started leaking - darn! ***ALEK***
2013_10_23_18:07:30.447   069.014.170.xxx   thats a bummer!
2013_10_23_18:08:54.382   184.022.183.xxx   Hello World
2013_10_23_18:09:49.413   184.022.183.xxx   ____________________________________
2013_10_23_18:09:55.304   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Watching YouTube videos on How-To for Kenmore Elite He3T ***ALEK***
2013_10_23_18:10:49.347   069.014.170.xxx   lol
2013_10_23_18:11:17.871   184.022.183.xxx   Kenmore s***** Maytag RULES!
2013_10_23_18:13:30.791   064.106.111.xxx   Slashdotted!
2013_10_23_18:18:41.178   096.053.114.xxx   Now, how many people came from Slashdot?
2013_10_23_18:20:06.493   047.055.044.xxx   I didn't
2013_10_23_18:27:24.207   099.101.006.xxx   Great scott
2013_10_23_18:28:42.429   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** More Power Scotty! ***ALEK***
2013_10_23_18:29:41.597   099.101.006.xxx   I just cannet due it cap'n I don't have the powah
2013_10_23_18:34:12.389   075.134.183.xxx   1.21 gigawatts?!?!
2013_10_23_18:43:48.499   050.068.014.xxx   Ahhhh, my bandwidth cap!
2013_10_23_18:48:34.767   047.055.044.xxx   What's a bandwidth cap
2013_10_23_18:49:33.152   024.240.078.xxx   I'm getting slashdotted!!!
2013_10_23_18:55:01.326   124.171.018.xxx   Slashdot storm on its way
2013_10_23_18:57:21.215   068.150.161.xxx   Oh no....
2013_10_23_18:58:18.453   075.134.183.xxx   What does the Fox Say?!
2013_10_23_19:00:40.735   068.150.161.xxx   Woof
2013_10_23_19:00:48.095   071.234.162.xxx   ring ding ding diing ding ding ding
2013_10_23_19:01:40.964   075.134.183.xxx   What does the Fox Say?!
2013_10_23_19:02:43.941   107.218.118.xxx   Booooooo!!!!!!!!!
2013_10_23_19:03:23.886   107.218.118.xxx   Call me! 867-5309
2013_10_23_19:11:55.073   192.198.202.xxx   whats your area code?
2013_10_23_19:12:38.126   098.216.184.xxx   8472798085
2013_10_23_19:13:41.934   098.216.184.xxx   XD XD XD XD XD
2013_10_23_19:14:01.041   192.198.202.xxx   Pla go away
2013_10_23_19:15:25.632   192.198.202.xxx   Charet?
2013_10_23_19:18:16.663   076.084.059.xxx   HELLOOOOOOO!
2013_10_23_19:17:57.435   192.198.202.xxx   ifoxfirei
2013_10_23_19:19:30.793   108.036.142.xxx   Boooo Boooooooooo!
2013_10_23_19:21:55.371   076.084.059.xxx   On and off and on and off and on and off and on and off and on and off and on a
2013_10_23_19:22:59.268   076.084.059.xxx   all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. all work and no play makes jack a d
2013_10_23_19:24:00.559   108.036.142.xxx   Where is the Great Pumpkin?
2013_10_23_19:27:32.336   067.006.168.xxx   Greetings from Green Valley, AZ
2013_10_23_19:31:38.396   065.188.132.xxx   Boo!
2013_10_23_19:32:00.360   066.050.122.xxx   HEY!!!!!!!!!
2013_10_23_19:32:33.057   065.188.132.xxx   Lava Lamp down!
2013_10_23_19:32:40.700   066.050.122.xxx   Super cool! =D   :-)-___-___
2013_10_23_19:34:27.342   066.050.122.xxx   Lava lamp working ok! :D
2013_10_23_19:37:24.026   097.090.016.xxx   slashdot brought me here
2013_10_23_19:52:54.031   075.134.183.xxx   What does the Fox Say?!
2013_10_23_19:55:33.226   024.020.194.xxx   So many clocks___ so little time.
2013_10_23_19:57:05.741   064.124.009.xxx   ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!!
2013_10_23_20:03:50.487   066.249.235.xxx   hello from /.
2013_10_23_20:14:03.548   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Washing machine filter had tons of crap in it - probably caused the leak! ***ALEK***
2013_10_23_20:16:48.689   050.133.239.xxx   Spooookkkyyyy
2013_10_23_20:25:56.519   068.013.025.xxx   nnnerrrrrrdzzzz!  hi :)
2013_10_23_20:33:06.781   108.036.142.xxx   Brain Dude is reading the screen.
2013_10_23_20:33:39.442   064.102.249.xxx   BOO!
2013_10_23_20:38:16.529   064.102.249.xxx   Mua ha ha ha ha!!!
2013_10_23_20:38:43.977   066.030.112.xxx   hi hi hi
2013_10_23_20:42:56.287   064.134.222.xxx   nom nom nom the bandwidth
2013_10_23_20:51:38.742   071.131.129.xxx   I LOVE YOU TONYA
2013_10_23_20:58:55.911   071.131.129.xxx   TONYA THIS IS MATT I LOVE YOU!!!
2013_10_23_21:00:02.705   172.056.001.xxx   I love you Matthew
2013_10_23_21:01:02.072   071.131.129.xxx   ___3 FOREVER ___3
2013_10_23_21:01:11.296   076.101.138.xxx   Blork!
2013_10_23_21:02:37.871   172.056.001.xxx   The Frogners
2013_10_23_21:04:47.149   172.056.001.xxx   Happy Halloween From Matt & Tonya Frogner
2013_10_23_21:06:52.358   075.114.237.xxx   happy halloween everyone!
2013_10_23_21:06:55.625   098.216.184.xxx   Alek, did u get a haircut_
2013_10_23_21:14:04.494   172.056.001.xxx   Truly Madly Deeply
2013_10_23_21:15:36.145   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** 098: Just took a quick shower ... so hair is slicked back ... ***ALEK***
2013_10_23_21:16:52.381   069.014.170.xxx   Trick Or Treat !!!
2013_10_23_21:16:54.199   071.131.129.xxx   I will always love you Tonya! ___3
2013_10_23_21:17:57.076   069.014.170.xxx   Trick Or Treat!!! Smell My Feet!!! Give Me Something Good To Eat!!!
2013_10_23_21:20:29.651   209.091.107.xxx   Freddy says: Pleasant dreams... AHAHAHAHAHAH
2013_10_23_21:31:08.205   071.131.129.xxx   I will always love you Tonya ___3
2013_10_23_21:38:29.950   070.114.195.xxx   yooo
2013_10_23_21:38:59.518   172.056.001.xxx   My life, My love, My everything, Happy Halloween baby. i love you
2013_10_23_21:40:34.411   068.150.163.xxx   Puke
2013_10_23_21:40:49.985   076.177.157.xxx   mike is awesome
2013_10_23_21:41:26.298   076.177.157.xxx   celiac sux u are the coolest
2013_10_23_21:41:50.556   172.056.001.xxx   in your mouth
2013_10_23_21:42:32.584   071.131.129.xxx   You're my life baby. Happy Halloween. I love you so much!
2013_10_23_21:46:34.559   071.131.129.xxx   she wasn't "potty mouthing"  the guy said puke to what she said and she told hi
2013_10_23_21:47:03.455   187.176.065.xxx   Hey! Awesome idea! Good job
2013_10_23_21:47:15.556   071.131.129.xxx   told him in his mouth. yes if he puked it was in his mouth lol
2013_10_23_21:48:31.437   187.176.065.xxx   Hola Fox
2013_10_23_21:50:43.036   187.176.065.xxx   Chorinflas for everyone!
2013_10_23_21:52:28.452   172.056.001.xxx   The frogners Rule Candy Mountain!
2013_10_23_21:54:49.373   024.012.090.xxx   The Zombies are coming
2013_10_23_21:59:10.025   068.150.163.xxx   Ooh ghosts!
2013_10_23_21:59:48.842   068.150.163.xxx   Ghostbusters!

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