1,234 halloween text messages on 2013/1031

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 22,333 times that day including 14,620 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1031

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2013_10_31_17:02:28.405   068.207.093.xxx   Always enjoy this site when I visit
2013_10_31_17:03:14.317   166.137.119.xxx   Indeed.
2013_10_31_17:04:35.536   108.034.139.xxx   abc
2013_10_31_17:04:37.721   083.109.097.xxx   Mads from norway is awesome
2013_10_31_17:04:54.609   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Pretty breezy out there - hope the inflatables don't end up in Kansas! ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_17:05:09.114   165.248.247.xxx   HI from Hawaii!
2013_10_31_17:05:13.990   083.109.097.xxx   This is pretty awesome.. All respects out to alek
2013_10_31_17:05:14.684   086.183.198.xxx   Can you adjust the laptop (screen glare)
2013_10_31_17:05:44.411   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Can't do anything about the laptop - sun needs to go down ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_17:05:58.314   094.212.055.xxx   Hi alek!!!
2013_10_31_17:06:50.466   094.212.055.xxx   Hello from the Netherlands :)
2013_10_31_17:07:30.898   209.082.042.xxx   I love this. I'm stuck at work for Halloween so this makes it worth it.
2013_10_31_17:07:58.920   092.000.200.xxx   brill matt uk
2013_10_31_17:08:14.719   202.089.046.xxx   New Zealand says you're a day behind
2013_10_31_17:08:16.246   071.234.162.xxx   368 veiwers!!!!
2013_10_31_17:08:42.970   071.234.162.xxx   381
2013_10_31_17:08:58.285   075.172.135.xxx   Trick or Treat?!?!
2013_10_31_17:09:10.324   086.183.198.xxx   What time do most of the kids come?
2013_10_31_17:09:46.733   202.089.046.xxx   No Trick or Treaters in sight
2013_10_31_17:10:19.786   047.055.044.xxx   Raining here...no kids :(
2013_10_31_17:11:38.986   079.078.093.xxx   hi hi
2013_10_31_17:11:48.692   094.212.055.xxx   Why do the cams have such a low framerate?
2013_10_31_17:12:01.308   189.068.107.xxx   Hello from Brazil! Happy Halloween, everyone. I'm hoping to see some trick or t
2013_10_31_17:12:15.646   094.212.055.xxx   dell
2013_10_31_17:12:47.161   094.212.055.xxx   nee??
2013_10_31_17:13:18.184   094.212.055.xxx   Netherlands :)
2013_10_31_17:13:47.063   075.134.183.xxx   we are the knights who say Nee!
2013_10_31_17:14:19.961   086.183.198.xxx   Is cam 1 still across the street?
2013_10_31_17:17:09.485   071.104.010.xxx   Happy Halloween!
2013_10_31_17:18:00.209   071.104.010.xxx   spooky!!
2013_10_31_17:23:10.588   086.183.198.xxx   Merry Halloweenmas to all and to all a goodnight
2013_10_31_17:23:40.299   202.089.046.xxx   Boo
2013_10_31_17:24:09.789   088.073.078.xxx   Berlin says happy Halloween
2013_10_31_17:24:52.440   067.059.193.xxx   THANK YOU BASED GOD
2013_10_31_17:25:46.848   088.073.078.xxx   Tim happy Halloween
2013_10_31_17:26:33.722   067.059.193.xxx   thank you based nathan
2013_10_31_17:27:34.516   098.015.172.xxx   Happy, Happy, Happy
2013_10_31_17:28:42.395   098.015.172.xxx   Let's find a cure for food allergies
2013_10_31_17:28:42.465   071.234.162.xxx   Happy Halloween from Vermont
2013_10_31_17:30:37.321   107.200.024.xxx   Go Colts!
2013_10_31_17:30:44.562   068.061.176.xxx   Halloween
2013_10_31_17:30:54.506   075.172.135.xxx   Where are the trick or treaters?
2013_10_31_17:31:31.494   031.004.182.xxx   Happy Halloween from Noja! :D
2013_10_31_17:31:46.144   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Trick or treaters start to show up around 6:00 ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_17:32:30.802   107.200.024.xxx   Jamie
2013_10_31_17:32:48.733   071.234.162.xxx   hey Alek whats the most viewers you ever had
2013_10_31_17:35:06.558   075.114.200.xxx   HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE FROM MICHIGAN BOOO!
2013_10_31_17:35:09.747   086.140.103.xxx   Happy Halloween everyone!!!! Xx
2013_10_31_17:35:27.598   202.089.046.xxx   you're gonna get a stiff neck with those bifocals
2013_10_31_17:35:38.954   200.117.086.xxx   I am looking at you, wahahaha
2013_10_31_17:35:57.338   109.148.243.xxx   Hey from SCOTLAND.  What time do the trick or treaters come to your house
2013_10_31_17:36:08.512   075.114.200.xxx   MICHIGAN TO EVERYONE HAPPY HALLOWEEN
2013_10_31_17:36:35.048   128.054.212.xxx   SBMANIA.NET
2013_10_31_17:36:57.801   076.226.207.xxx   Error 404 file not found
2013_10_31_17:37:20.691   202.089.046.xxx   You're clocks are slightly out of sync
2013_10_31_17:37:28.758   128.054.212.xxx   potato
2013_10_31_17:37:30.416   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Error 404 - Bad User Input! ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_17:37:55.995   200.117.086.xxx   where are the girls, bro
2013_10_31_17:38:27.578   076.226.207.xxx   Listen to Art Bell on Sirius 104
2013_10_31_17:38:42.910   209.082.042.xxx   Indiana says Happy Halloween!
2013_10_31_17:39:28.426   068.061.176.xxx   6:00PM
2013_10_31_17:39:44.872   072.078.084.xxx   Happy Halloween Everybody!!!
2013_10_31_17:41:15.319   128.054.212.xxx   Website best viewed in Netscape 4.0
2013_10_31_17:41:15.686   068.061.176.xxx   HELLO
2013_10_31_17:41:55.662   068.061.176.xxx   Best views in FireFox
2013_10_31_17:42:37.549   200.117.086.xxx   Website layout creeps me out
2013_10_31_17:44:23.969   189.068.107.xxx   I'm on TV! ___pokes cam 3___
2013_10_31_17:44:27.800   128.054.212.xxx   at 17:44:25
2013_10_31_17:45:28.259   128.054.212.xxx   ___b___=)___/b___
2013_10_31_17:45:55.802   067.006.168.xxx   Greetings from Green Valley, AZ
2013_10_31_17:46:31.768   200.117.086.xxx   Happy Halloween, Alek! Great idea!
2013_10_31_17:46:34.621   209.082.042.xxx   Where's the trick or treaters? I haven't seen one yet.
2013_10_31_17:47:14.218   188.137.086.xxx   Just wait :)
2013_10_31_17:49:07.269   071.234.162.xxx   Chuppins
2013_10_31_17:50:01.931   092.000.200.xxx   im back again
2013_10_31_17:50:53.679   092.000.200.xxx   matt from the UK
2013_10_31_17:51:28.957   074.095.097.xxx   hello carol!
2013_10_31_17:52:38.492   074.095.097.xxx   Hi Jeffery and Andy
2013_10_31_17:53:08.654   189.068.107.xxx   Start getting dark?
2013_10_31_17:53:18.977   074.095.097.xxx   Hi, turn your head to the right and wave...HH
2013_10_31_17:56:38.231   092.000.200.xxx   halloween at its best
2013_10_31_17:56:56.248   070.178.150.xxx   Wow!  526 folks!
2013_10_31_17:57:39.311   092.000.200.xxx   give us a wave alek
2013_10_31_17:57:59.624   108.216.034.xxx   Hello
2013_10_31_17:58:13.519   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Web Traffic really picks up after 6:00 - be prepared for a LOT more! ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_17:58:40.577   188.137.086.xxx   I hope the server won't crash :P
2013_10_31_17:59:44.839   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Server is strong ... like the HULK - you ain't seen nothing yet! ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_17:59:45.321   072.078.084.xxx   The candy is GONE here!
2013_10_31_18:00:20.754   072.078.084.xxx   Two hours ahead of you.
2013_10_31_18:04:22.650   087.114.236.xxx   Happy Halloween Everyone : )
2013_10_31_18:05:36.749   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Drinking a Marg as the sun starts to set 0- first kiddos will be soon ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_18:06:33.581   098.216.184.xxx   can we see your drink?
2013_10_31_18:06:56.403   189.068.107.xxx   I can see the lights way better now that's getting darker!
2013_10_31_18:08:00.629   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wellll ... it's hard for me to make the sun go down faster! ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_18:08:18.172   074.095.097.xxx   do you get trick or treaters seen on cam 2?
2013_10_31_18:09:26.100   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** trick or treaters will come up driveway - mostly cam2 ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_18:09:46.018   071.206.162.xxx   No, theres another way to his door. of cours you will.
2013_10_31_18:10:00.154   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** And here comes the Slashdot crowd - going to get a bit crazy now! ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_18:10:04.706   156.144.224.xxx   AWESOME SET-UP
2013_10_31_18:10:44.378   072.078.084.xxx   Starting to get dark! Now the fun begins!
2013_10_31_18:11:01.495   156.144.224.xxx   MAYBE DEAN AMBROSE WILL SHOW UP!
2013_10_31_18:11:09.248   128.054.212.xxx   People still use slashdot? lol
2013_10_31_18:11:52.228   142.068.230.xxx   Are you the keymaster?
2013_10_31_18:12:35.585   098.216.184.xxx   ghostbusters!
2013_10_31_18:12:36.956   209.082.042.xxx   Are you the gate keeper?
2013_10_31_18:12:57.946   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** I am the HULK's Puny Human little buddy! ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_18:13:28.974   098.216.184.xxx   how old are the hulks?
2013_10_31_18:13:56.962   130.049.018.xxx   Happy halloween errybody
2013_10_31_18:13:57.493   024.130.115.xxx   W1cked
2013_10_31_18:13:58.350   072.078.084.xxx   Trick or Treaters!
2013_10_31_18:14:06.992   107.009.046.xxx   I am the keymaster!
2013_10_31_18:14:18.492   098.216.184.xxx   trick or treaters!
2013_10_31_18:14:28.021   072.078.084.xxx   Alek is the Light Master.
2013_10_31_18:14:57.147   189.068.107.xxx   WE GOT TRICK OR TREATERS
2013_10_31_18:15:04.992   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** First kids ... it begins! ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_18:15:29.818   072.078.084.xxx   636 Visiting...
2013_10_31_18:15:32.155   189.068.107.xxx   Was the kid dressed up as iPad? oh my God
2013_10_31_18:16:15.007   024.130.115.xxx   I'm confused
2013_10_31_18:16:35.400   156.144.224.xxx   WHAT IS THAT?
2013_10_31_18:16:45.895   098.192.045.xxx   WAAAZAP!
2013_10_31_18:16:49.524   074.095.097.xxx   happy halloween to all
2013_10_31_18:16:54.324   109.151.081.xxx   HELLO
2013_10_31_18:17:08.094   188.142.099.xxx   G'morning
2013_10_31_18:17:12.163   024.130.115.xxx   It's getting darker
2013_10_31_18:17:17.938   071.014.099.xxx   SERVER OVERTEMP!
2013_10_31_18:17:27.676   074.095.097.xxx   making my halloween - thank for the site!
2013_10_31_18:17:36.676   067.006.168.xxx   Greetings from Green Valley, AZ
2013_10_31_18:17:45.825   107.009.046.xxx   HULK SMASH!!!
2013_10_31_18:17:49.038   108.013.004.xxx   1010011010
2013_10_31_18:17:50.899   161.149.063.xxx   Silver Fregoso
2013_10_31_18:17:58.681   024.001.049.xxx   Hello from Oswego, IL
2013_10_31_18:18:08.117   070.068.056.xxx   Yo this is the coolest thing ever
2013_10_31_18:18:12.115   107.009.046.xxx   HULK SMASH!!!!
2013_10_31_18:18:14.125   188.137.086.xxx   666 people!
2013_10_31_18:18:20.658   189.068.107.xxx   It looks really cool, congratulations!
2013_10_31_18:18:24.385   188.142.099.xxx   Hello from the Netherlands!
2013_10_31_18:18:31.395   108.013.004.xxx   1010011001
2013_10_31_18:18:31.287   109.151.081.xxx   hey guys loving the wecam
2013_10_31_18:18:32.654   156.144.224.xxx   Will Ryback show up?
2013_10_31_18:18:34.104   098.213.174.xxx   Go Go Chicago Bears
2013_10_31_18:18:39.357   024.001.049.xxx   Dork ----___
2013_10_31_18:18:43.205   072.078.084.xxx   Hulk's having a rum n coke tonight.
2013_10_31_18:18:57.097   107.009.046.xxx   What about Reddit?
2013_10_31_18:19:08.581   161.149.063.xxx   How much is your electric bill? sorry just want to know.
2013_10_31_18:19:11.800   072.078.084.xxx   Shwarma Later.
2013_10_31_18:19:32.979   156.144.224.xxx   Randy Orton!!!
2013_10_31_18:19:33.421   024.061.009.xxx   To cool, dude, too cool!
2013_10_31_18:19:40.022   024.255.182.xxx   So many clocks... why so many clocks?
2013_10_31_18:20:09.098   086.026.236.xxx   Great! Greetings from the UK.
2013_10_31_18:20:45.150   189.068.107.xxx   Christmas preparations begin tomorrow?
2013_10_31_18:20:45.606   156.144.224.xxx   sppoky spooks!
2013_10_31_18:20:46.446   203.173.156.xxx   Hello from Christchurch, New Zealand!
2013_10_31_18:21:10.209   090.216.122.xxx   Sleepy Hollow VS Under the Dome?
2013_10_31_18:21:30.198   096.252.207.xxx   Howdy from Taaaaaampa  Bayyyyyy
2013_10_31_18:21:30.726   071.234.162.xxx   how many trick or trwaters so far
2013_10_31_18:21:44.133   109.151.081.xxx   Hello Fellow people
2013_10_31_18:21:47.183   050.196.027.xxx   Hi from Oregon!
2013_10_31_18:22:06.306   065.248.129.xxx   Give me some candy!
2013_10_31_18:22:18.275   109.151.081.xxx   Hello From England Kent
2013_10_31_18:22:31.064   050.046.175.xxx   Pedobear is watching
2013_10_31_18:22:41.662   064.058.150.xxx   Hi from beautiful Irvine, California!
2013_10_31_18:22:48.980   071.234.162.xxx   how many trick or trwaters so far
2013_10_31_18:23:03.358   072.078.084.xxx   So is the Great Pumpkin (10 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_18:22:59.314   065.248.129.xxx   ATL in the hizzie
2013_10_31_18:23:30.547   117.120.016.xxx   YAY HIRSTY
2013_10_31_18:23:35.363   206.053.234.xxx   Go Hoosiers!
2013_10_31_18:23:58.352   108.086.122.xxx   Boo from Bonne Terre, MO!
2013_10_31_18:24:10.273   004.053.014.xxx   Happy Samhein From Chicago!
2013_10_31_18:24:23.387   109.212.233.xxx   Nice set-up :)
2013_10_31_18:24:27.845   072.078.084.xxx   Happy Halloween From PA! (11)
2013_10_31_18:24:37.417   004.053.014.xxx   Awesome setup!
2013_10_31_18:24:27.086   065.248.129.xxx   Who's that creepy looking dude in profile with the glasses?
2013_10_31_18:24:44.139   024.178.169.xxx   poop
2013_10_31_18:24:46.611   037.011.194.xxx   HELLO FROM SPAIN AND HAPPY HALLOWEN
2013_10_31_18:25:01.515   109.212.233.xxx   Happy Halloween from France
2013_10_31_18:25:04.328   080.189.010.xxx   Happy Hallowe'en from the UK folks!
2013_10_31_18:25:12.641   072.078.084.xxx   Tony Stark. ___) (12)
2013_10_31_18:25:15.519   117.120.016.xxx   GLORIOUS CLEIV
2013_10_31_18:25:41.146   004.053.014.xxx   Showing my cowker Steve! Happy Halloween!
2013_10_31_18:26:00.347   107.015.174.xxx   Amg! O.o
2013_10_31_18:26:07.102   117.120.016.xxx   SCOTT BRIDGES IS TERRIBLE
2013_10_31_18:26:12.972   004.034.200.xxx   Hey dide. You need a mad scientist outfit!
2013_10_31_18:26:16.708   024.178.169.xxx   Lauren is Stupid
2013_10_31_18:26:28.015   072.078.084.xxx   Facebook Peeps, Please Donate to Celiac Research! (13)
2013_10_31_18:26:28.383   037.011.194.xxx   javi
2013_10_31_18:26:28.747   107.015.174.xxx   Reddit loves you.
2013_10_31_18:26:30.887   098.213.174.xxx   Happy Halloween co-worker Steve
2013_10_31_18:26:52.258   064.058.150.xxx   Earl the Squirrel is hiding his nuts!
2013_10_31_18:27:08.507   072.078.084.xxx   Hey Peeps! Please donate to Celiac Research! (14)
2013_10_31_18:27:17.232   037.011.194.xxx   javi
2013_10_31_18:27:23.139   206.053.234.xxx   Indy Colts are #1
2013_10_31_18:27:29.777   117.120.016.xxx   HOW GOOD IS COFFEE - SO GOOD
2013_10_31_18:27:51.604   089.134.164.xxx   happy halloween roland
2013_10_31_18:27:54.902   037.011.194.xxx   look to the cam and smile! Happy halloween
2013_10_31_18:27:57.275   107.015.174.xxx   so scare
2013_10_31_18:27:57.701   219.089.193.xxx   EAT A BIG ONE TIM
2013_10_31_18:27:59.007   046.065.025.xxx   moooooooooo
2013_10_31_18:28:21.881   208.081.212.xxx   Hello World!
2013_10_31_18:28:26.873   064.142.029.xxx   Fluttershy is best pony.
2013_10_31_18:28:34.379   071.234.162.xxx   i hope it gets to 1000 people
2013_10_31_18:28:35.119   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Picture of first trick-or-treaters posted on blog ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_18:28:43.365   089.134.164.xxx   knicks 7 bulls 14
2013_10_31_18:28:50.449   121.044.065.xxx   Hallo sweetie!
2013_10_31_18:28:58.180   107.015.174.xxx   So much float
2013_10_31_18:29:03.600   067.177.108.xxx   CHIIIEEEFFF!
2013_10_31_18:29:04.922   206.053.234.xxx   Indy Colts are #1
2013_10_31_18:29:23.028   107.015.174.xxx   So scarer
2013_10_31_18:29:30.070   024.178.169.xxx   lauren is stupid
2013_10_31_18:29:30.241   098.247.165.xxx   WOAH 800 PEOPLE
2013_10_31_18:29:38.606   089.134.164.xxx   greetings from hungary
2013_10_31_18:29:39.198   075.180.036.xxx   Say no to Halloween
2013_10_31_18:29:46.073   203.208.066.xxx   Hi from AUS!
2013_10_31_18:29:59.680   024.178.169.xxx   your face!
2013_10_31_18:30:07.425   208.081.212.xxx   _________
2013_10_31_18:30:25.970   024.047.237.xxx   WooHoo!
2013_10_31_18:30:32.428   067.177.108.xxx   - - - GO ILLINI - - -
2013_10_31_18:30:39.554   109.151.081.xxx   Say yes to halloween
2013_10_31_18:30:58.485   075.180.036.xxx   Halloween = Bad
2013_10_31_18:31:09.385   024.178.169.xxx   Boo!
2013_10_31_18:31:29.814   121.044.065.xxx   Hallo Jenny
2013_10_31_18:31:40.343   024.178.169.xxx   your face!
2013_10_31_18:31:49.673   108.230.052.xxx   Hello from Alabama
2013_10_31_18:31:53.109   071.234.162.xxx   tell your friends to go on qlmost 1000
2013_10_31_18:31:48.816   075.114.237.xxx   Happy halloween from livonia michigan!!! :)
2013_10_31_18:32:03.351   190.129.040.xxx   ooouuuuuooooohhhhhhhhh heeeeeeelp!
2013_10_31_18:32:27.598   024.047.237.xxx   ack!
2013_10_31_18:32:59.442   203.208.066.xxx   nack!
2013_10_31_18:32:59.897   075.180.036.xxx   SERVER OVERTEMP!
2013_10_31_18:33:08.882   024.047.237.xxx   turn the lights back on, you could get eaten by a grue!
2013_10_31_18:33:25.489   155.138.230.xxx   OFF Please
2013_10_31_18:33:29.115   067.202.100.xxx   I see you!
2013_10_31_18:33:43.311   071.234.162.xxx   trick or treaters (10 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_18:33:58.400   089.134.164.xxx   door cam?????????
2013_10_31_18:33:59.365   098.235.070.xxx   Battling seizure Halloween decorations!
2013_10_31_18:34:06.689   190.129.040.xxx   I know whAT YOU DID LAST WEEEEEEK....
2013_10_31_18:34:15.011   071.234.162.xxx   scare them all off (11)
2013_10_31_18:34:34.156   206.053.234.xxx   I love lamp
2013_10_31_18:34:51.635   069.119.139.xxx   I see you.
2013_10_31_18:35:03.293   075.180.036.xxx   931 people need to leave my buttons alone!
2013_10_31_18:35:08.929   203.208.066.xxx   932 people! SERVER MELTDOWN!
2013_10_31_18:36:08.220   071.234.162.xxx   no 1 person need to leave 941 peoples buttons alone!! (12)
2013_10_31_18:36:09.483   075.180.036.xxx   It's my turn to push the buttons, not your turn!!!
2013_10_31_18:36:10.052   098.235.070.xxx   No Disasemble!
2013_10_31_18:36:14.679   069.114.127.xxx   Greetings from Long Island, New York.
2013_10_31_18:36:19.181   206.053.234.xxx   Andrew Luck ___ RG3
2013_10_31_18:36:19.457   174.108.049.xxx   Happy Halloween!
2013_10_31_18:36:38.010   156.144.224.xxx   Where's Goofball?
2013_10_31_18:36:38.191   072.228.146.xxx   TONS OF PEOPLE HERE!
2013_10_31_18:36:38.743   069.123.056.xxx   Greetings, also from Long Island NY!
2013_10_31_18:36:42.847   155.138.230.xxx   SERVER OVERLOAD
2013_10_31_18:36:45.641   066.068.110.xxx   IMMA CHARGING MY LAZER!
2013_10_31_18:36:57.087   069.119.139.xxx   An error has occurred: 01: Corrupted operating system
2013_10_31_18:36:57.137   075.180.036.xxx   No more Halloween
2013_10_31_18:36:57.453   216.070.238.xxx   Have an enchanted evening
2013_10_31_18:37:07.514   155.138.230.xxx   SERVER OVERLOAD
2013_10_31_18:37:14.601   066.068.110.xxx   Hey kid wanna see a dead body?
2013_10_31_18:37:16.476   109.151.081.xxx   Yay 932 People Hello
2013_10_31_18:37:24.460   156.144.224.xxx   spooky spooks galore!
2013_10_31_18:37:29.558   075.180.036.xxx   963
2013_10_31_18:37:34.411   206.053.234.xxx   What do tigers dream of
2013_10_31_18:37:35.947   072.228.146.xxx   963!!! YIKES!
2013_10_31_18:37:38.947   024.038.236.xxx   Hi Carrie
2013_10_31_18:37:40.725   071.234.162.xxx   Almost 100 guys keep going ______) (13)
2013_10_31_18:37:41.140   066.068.110.xxx   Timmeh!
2013_10_31_18:38:01.825   206.053.234.xxx   Where is Wall Drug
2013_10_31_18:38:12.530   066.068.110.xxx   Ethanol-Fueled says 'Hi'
2013_10_31_18:38:15.516   071.234.162.xxx   Almost 1000 guys keep going______) (14)
2013_10_31_18:38:17.547   072.228.146.xxx   LOTS OF OVERLOADS TONIGHT!
2013_10_31_18:38:19.354   072.078.084.xxx   Happy 13th Anniversary Steve & Sue! (15)
2013_10_31_18:38:25.330   075.180.036.xxx   Move along, nothing to see here
2013_10_31_18:38:27.899   156.144.224.xxx   I see Triple H!
2013_10_31_18:38:40.638   075.134.183.xxx   1.21 gigawatts?!?!
2013_10_31_18:38:42.201   072.078.084.xxx   Happy 13th Anniversary Steve & Sue! (16)
2013_10_31_18:38:45.528   071.206.162.xxx   666
2013_10_31_18:39:02.578   072.228.146.xxx   967
2013_10_31_18:39:06.599   071.234.162.xxx   Almost 1000 guys keep it up tell your friends!!! (15)
2013_10_31_18:39:07.006   072.078.084.xxx   Happy 13th Anniversary Steve & Sue! (17)
2013_10_31_18:39:11.365   156.144.224.xxx   Make sure you drink your Ovaltine! (10 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_18:39:12.715   069.119.139.xxx   An error has occurred: 01: Corrupted operating system
2013_10_31_18:39:16.503   074.111.187.xxx   oh sweet jesus why
2013_10_31_18:39:24.544   047.055.044.xxx   Lies
2013_10_31_18:39:24.654   071.232.190.xxx   Happy Halooooweeen
2013_10_31_18:39:28.252   071.234.162.xxx   Almost 1000 guys keep it up tell your friends!!! (16)
2013_10_31_18:39:35.766   156.144.224.xxx   Make sure you drink your Ovaltine! (11)
2013_10_31_18:39:40.470   071.206.162.xxx   666 is coming for you
2013_10_31_18:39:50.808   206.053.234.xxx   Shake N' Bake
2013_10_31_18:39:51.677   072.228.146.xxx   CCCCRRRRRAAAAAZZZZZZYYYY
2013_10_31_18:40:04.097   075.065.077.xxx   This is awesome
2013_10_31_18:40:06.368   071.234.162.xxx   Almost 1000 (17)
2013_10_31_18:40:07.092   186.153.043.xxx   Merry Xmas!
2013_10_31_18:40:07.938   173.066.037.xxx   Hello Haunted Office!!  -SC
2013_10_31_18:40:22.029   072.228.146.xxx   BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
2013_10_31_18:40:22.745   206.053.234.xxx   I should be doing homework
2013_10_31_18:40:24.212   075.134.183.xxx   1.21 gigawatts is with a bolt of lightning
2013_10_31_18:40:26.356   069.119.139.xxx   Release the kraken!
2013_10_31_18:40:31.155   075.180.036.xxx   GSUS RULES
2013_10_31_18:40:33.435   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** The tsunami of trick-or-treaters has begun - see blog for candy and adult drink ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_18:40:43.956   156.144.224.xxx   Release the krackel! (12)
2013_10_31_18:40:50.657   074.111.187.xxx   you know nothing jon snow
2013_10_31_18:40:53.892   075.134.183.xxx   parley
2013_10_31_18:40:59.545   047.055.044.xxx   Led skelly FTW
2013_10_31_18:41:02.775   069.119.139.xxx   Cheers!
2013_10_31_18:41:11.341   190.129.040.xxx   OOOOUUUUUOOOOOHHH!
2013_10_31_18:41:11.580   072.078.084.xxx   Arghhhh! HULK! (18)
2013_10_31_18:41:14.879   071.234.162.xxx   7 more peopel until 1000 (18)
2013_10_31_18:41:22.847   071.206.162.xxx   crud the hulk found me
2013_10_31_18:41:24.266   074.103.193.xxx   this is awesome - YOU are awesome
2013_10_31_18:41:24.412   074.111.187.xxx   HULK SMOOSH
2013_10_31_18:41:24.794   156.144.224.xxx   I love Paul Heyman! (13)
2013_10_31_18:41:27.663   072.228.146.xxx   992 PEOPLE! WOW!
2013_10_31_18:41:47.303   071.234.162.xxx   1 more (19)
2013_10_31_18:41:48.769   156.144.224.xxx   I love Paul Heyman! (14)
2013_10_31_18:41:53.953   071.206.162.xxx   Crud the hulk found me
2013_10_31_18:41:54.981   072.228.146.xxx   999
2013_10_31_18:42:11.777   098.216.184.xxx   skal!!
2013_10_31_18:42:12.553   072.078.084.xxx   Alek, do you know how many trick or treaters you get? (19)
2013_10_31_18:42:16.899   067.248.050.xxx   Happy Halloween!
2013_10_31_18:42:20.084   125.253.108.xxx   Hello from AUS
2013_10_31_18:42:21.832   072.228.146.xxx   1,003
2013_10_31_18:42:28.745   206.053.234.xxx   This is fun! (10 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_18:42:33.172   071.234.162.xxx   1000!!! yeah (20 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_18:42:35.512   071.206.162.xxx   2,450
2013_10_31_18:42:37.534   081.082.161.xxx   hulk always getting mad
2013_10_31_18:42:42.963   074.111.187.xxx   we did it yall we did it we did it
2013_10_31_18:42:48.663   189.068.107.xxx   1000 PEOPLE YAY
2013_10_31_18:42:48.673   092.029.104.xxx   Happy Halloween from Cheshire UK
2013_10_31_18:42:57.387   072.228.146.xxx   1003 people viewing Halloween Decorations - SERVER MELTDOWN! (10 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_18:42:58.443   206.053.234.xxx   Trust me.  I'm an engineer. (11)
2013_10_31_18:43:11.032   047.055.044.xxx   Prove it
2013_10_31_18:43:11.230   081.082.161.xxx   WOOHOO FREE ADVERTISING !! ___)
2013_10_31_18:43:16.046   071.206.162.xxx   So Whos ready for Christmas
2013_10_31_18:43:16.778   190.129.040.xxx   Hello from Bolivia!
2013_10_31_18:43:18.016   156.144.224.xxx   I need a knapsack! (15)
2013_10_31_18:43:34.818   074.111.187.xxx   (_i_)
2013_10_31_18:43:36.283   152.002.233.xxx   Werewolf bar mitzvah, spooky scary.. Boys becoming men, men becoming WOLVESSS
2013_10_31_18:43:39.355   071.206.162.xxx   So Whos ready for Christmas
2013_10_31_18:43:41.366   078.105.243.xxx   You've been slashdotted! :)
2013_10_31_18:43:44.216   081.082.161.xxx   freebtcexp.tk
2013_10_31_18:43:48.929   071.234.162.xxx   55 Days unril Christmas!!!! (21)
2013_10_31_18:43:51.804   072.228.146.xxx   It's hard to control things since there's a sever meltdown! (11)
2013_10_31_18:43:55.955   156.144.224.xxx   PENTIMENTO RULES!!! (16)
2013_10_31_18:43:58.079   071.091.128.xxx   Happy Halloween from Birmingham, AL!
2013_10_31_18:44:04.096   074.103.193.xxx   greetings from cranston,
2013_10_31_18:44:11.352   186.153.043.xxx   CTHULHU WANTS YOU TO JOIN HIM
2013_10_31_18:44:26.059   074.111.187.xxx   HAPPY HOOLOWEEN FROM ANTARCTICIA
2013_10_31_18:44:37.739   072.228.146.xxx   I have never seen this many people before on here! WOW! (12)
2013_10_31_18:44:38.639   156.144.224.xxx   ROCK OUT TO HEROES... FROM NY! (17)
2013_10_31_18:44:38.708   024.196.173.xxx   I AM THE WALRUS
2013_10_31_18:44:45.069   071.234.162.xxx   trick or treaters (22)
2013_10_31_18:45:02.544   156.144.224.xxx   ROCK OUT TO HEROES... FROM NY! (18)
2013_10_31_18:45:06.124   024.196.173.xxx   DEAR SWEET ZOMBIE CHRIST
2013_10_31_18:45:10.914   074.111.187.xxx   i swallowed a bug :(
2013_10_31_18:45:12.516   075.134.183.xxx   captain the engines can't take for to much longer!
2013_10_31_18:45:13.951   190.129.040.xxx   Greetens from La Paz Bolivia!!
2013_10_31_18:45:47.387   156.144.224.xxx   DOES MAMA KNOW? (19)
2013_10_31_18:45:47.864   206.047.026.xxx   Hello everyone!
2013_10_31_18:45:48.226   024.196.173.xxx   I ONLY LOVE YOU BECAUSE JESUS SCARES ME
2013_10_31_18:45:48.630   070.187.169.xxx   HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
2013_10_31_18:46:09.760   075.134.183.xxx   sir the engines can't take it for much longer!
2013_10_31_18:46:14.235   068.189.151.xxx   North Carolina says hello
2013_10_31_18:46:21.288   173.189.049.xxx   HI FROM CHARLOTTE, NC
2013_10_31_18:46:21.457   074.103.193.xxx   i see a halloween'er!!
2013_10_31_18:46:29.207   024.196.173.xxx   i only love you because jesus scares me
2013_10_31_18:46:44.027   216.147.239.xxx   Hello from St. George, KS
2013_10_31_18:46:53.202   071.234.162.xxx   trick or treaters (23)
2013_10_31_18:46:56.094   206.047.026.xxx   Vancouver says hi!
2013_10_31_18:46:59.227   125.253.108.xxx   YO FROM BRISBANE
2013_10_31_18:47:09.624   024.196.173.xxx   please don't bite the squirrels they don't like it
2013_10_31_18:47:29.967   069.119.139.xxx   Linux rocks!
2013_10_31_18:47:33.394   190.129.040.xxx   in spanish Jalowin!
2013_10_31_18:47:39.624   173.189.049.xxx   HI FROM MATTHEWS, NC
2013_10_31_18:47:46.724   024.196.173.xxx   the squirrels just want to eat your soul it's okay let them
2013_10_31_18:48:01.769   068.189.151.xxx   Hi Matthews from Asheville
2013_10_31_18:48:02.084   155.138.230.xxx   Mac Rocks
2013_10_31_18:48:08.253   173.189.049.xxx   dude get out of the picture
2013_10_31_18:48:15.286   069.119.139.xxx   Linux rocks!!!
2013_10_31_18:48:17.796   125.253.108.xxx   Jenna says hello from brisbane!
2013_10_31_18:48:19.308   024.196.173.xxx   that is an awesome transformer let the squirrel eat it
2013_10_31_18:48:33.790   174.108.049.xxx   Pumpkins on roof are dead
2013_10_31_18:48:44.148   047.055.044.xxx   PETA
2013_10_31_18:48:53.644   024.196.173.xxx   squirrels aren't dead they are furry and smell like meat
2013_10_31_18:49:15.999   190.129.040.xxx   Illuminatti!!
2013_10_31_18:49:37.873   125.253.108.xxx   Hello JENNA in brisbane!
2013_10_31_18:49:39.623   068.053.112.xxx   Hulk Smash!
2013_10_31_18:49:46.541   024.196.173.xxx   squirrels aren't illuminati but they are illuminated
2013_10_31_18:49:29.604   069.169.243.xxx   Qu_________ils mangent de la brioche.
2013_10_31_18:49:51.917   069.119.139.xxx   How many Linux users here?
2013_10_31_18:50:01.890   090.207.029.xxx   hi from scotland :)
2013_10_31_18:50:08.502   098.213.174.xxx   Peter Griffin inflatable
2013_10_31_18:50:18.997   190.129.040.xxx   Saludos saludirijillos desdes Bolivia!!
2013_10_31_18:50:20.674   024.196.173.xxx   never punch a midget the squirrels don't like it (10 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_18:50:28.834   192.198.057.xxx   I'm 12 and what is this?
2013_10_31_18:50:36.613   076.104.251.xxx   I'd have a seizure if I had to work around all that!
2013_10_31_18:50:44.187   174.108.049.xxx   Hulk smashed pumpkins
2013_10_31_18:50:46.672   047.055.044.xxx   Squirrels eat your brains
2013_10_31_18:50:56.097   024.196.173.xxx   this is the day that the squirrels hath made (11)
2013_10_31_18:51:05.948   074.103.193.xxx   ok everybody go home!!
2013_10_31_18:51:07.094   076.104.251.xxx   8==oOOo==D____________
2013_10_31_18:51:23.198   190.129.040.xxx   Holaaaaaaaa
2013_10_31_18:51:27.363   098.110.225.xxx   F1ana
2013_10_31_18:51:28.368   069.119.139.xxx   How many Linux users here?
2013_10_31_18:51:31.674   024.196.173.xxx   let us rejoice and not punch midgets...for the squirrels (12)
2013_10_31_18:51:36.194   047.055.044.xxx   Deleted
2013_10_31_18:51:43.341   206.053.234.xxx   I'm going to waste my whole night here (12)
2013_10_31_18:51:48.547   068.189.151.xxx   Trick or treat
2013_10_31_18:51:53.780   188.137.086.xxx   Hi!
2013_10_31_18:51:55.729   190.129.040.xxx   como estaaan! (10 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_18:52:02.109   024.196.173.xxx   touch the squirrel...the squirrel is love (13)
2013_10_31_18:52:28.341   098.184.166.xxx   Happy Halloween from Kelly!
2013_10_31_18:52:28.780   098.110.225.xxx   f1ana says hello!
2013_10_31_18:52:35.002   072.078.084.xxx   Happy Halloweeeeeeen! (20 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_18:52:38.970   024.196.173.xxx   slashdot hates squirrels (14)
2013_10_31_18:52:44.088   047.055.044.xxx   Squirrels game is in movie theaters
2013_10_31_18:52:47.010   066.068.110.xxx   That boy aint right!
2013_10_31_18:52:59.946   099.224.211.xxx   Happy Halloween from Ontario, Canada :)
2013_10_31_18:53:12.925   024.196.173.xxx   squirrels are always right because they are made of meat (15)
2013_10_31_18:53:13.197   190.129.040.xxx   Bien che, esta pagina es divertida! (11)
2013_10_31_18:53:21.289   066.068.110.xxx   I like to lick kitty b****
2013_10_31_18:53:21.629   047.055.044.xxx   Hey Rob Ford lives there
2013_10_31_18:53:31.455   099.224.211.xxx   Happy Halloween! Love BFP
2013_10_31_18:53:34.448   064.142.029.xxx   Eat more candy and browse less slashdot.
2013_10_31_18:53:42.517   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Adult Chocolate Milk is a favorite of the "big kids" so far ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_18:53:44.640   206.053.234.xxx   KCCO (13)
2013_10_31_18:53:45.230   098.184.166.xxx   Do the Monster Mash!
2013_10_31_18:53:49.157   024.196.173.xxx   what no more squirrel talk? (16)
2013_10_31_18:53:58.882   142.166.170.xxx   WAFFLES!!!!
2013_10_31_18:54:11.496   206.053.234.xxx   KCCO (14)
2013_10_31_18:54:26.801   099.253.147.xxx   This is so amazing! Good for you. Sayin' HAI from Ottawa! :) Britt
2013_10_31_18:54:34.266   024.196.173.xxx   i bet the squirrels love adult chocolate milk (17)
2013_10_31_18:54:36.181   142.166.170.xxx   LEAMAN!!!
2013_10_31_18:55:00.613   099.253.147.xxx   Your site says "Server MELTDOWN" haha
2013_10_31_18:55:03.338   174.134.101.xxx   yo yo yo
2013_10_31_18:55:06.921   206.053.234.xxx   Keep Calm Chive On (15)
2013_10_31_18:55:16.864   024.196.173.xxx   okay i will go away please hug a squirrel for justice (18)
2013_10_31_18:55:35.607   174.134.101.xxx   thanks for all the fish
2013_10_31_18:55:39.106   109.163.141.xxx   WE SEE YOU!
2013_10_31_18:55:45.288   024.196.173.xxx   NO FISH!  ONLY SQUIRRELS! (19)
2013_10_31_18:55:48.150   064.142.029.xxx   Has anyone seen my pants?
2013_10_31_18:56:14.548   024.196.173.xxx   the squirrels ate your pants i am so sorry (20 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_18:57:12.492   109.212.233.xxx   the man with the glasses is holding me prisoner
2013_10_31_18:57:34.736   202.006.086.xxx   Al Gore does not approve? Next year add a**** Gore Frankenstein!
2013_10_31_18:57:44.850   068.191.167.xxx   I've been watching you
2013_10_31_18:57:56.517   142.166.170.xxx   marry christmas!!!!!
2013_10_31_18:58:07.693   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Ooops ... had an Apache problem preventing loading of the Franken-Homer cursor! ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_18:58:20.097   174.108.049.xxx   Dead pumkins on roof
2013_10_31_18:58:22.784   142.166.170.xxx   merry___
2013_10_31_18:58:33.592   067.185.002.xxx   Happy Halloween Bunky!
2013_10_31_18:58:59.750   066.253.036.xxx   FNORD!
2013_10_31_18:59:09.173   156.144.224.xxx   LET'S HEAR IT FOR KIT KATS (20 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_18:59:31.855   024.196.173.xxx   oh no the power went out the squirrels are on to me (21)
2013_10_31_18:59:32.943   050.170.200.xxx   Boo!
2013_10_31_18:59:43.749   076.016.085.xxx   Happy Halloween!!!
2013_10_31_18:59:53.083   156.144.224.xxx   THE BUG MAN JUST SHOWED UP (21)
2013_10_31_19:00:10.041   024.196.173.xxx   HUG A SQUIRREL DO IT NOW IT NEEDS LOVE AND CHEESE (22)
2013_10_31_19:00:37.269   156.144.224.xxx   NO, IT NEEDS A NUT (22)
2013_10_31_19:00:53.969   024.196.173.xxx   NO SQUIRRELS NEED LOVE AND CHEESE (23)
2013_10_31_19:01:03.293   156.144.224.xxx   AND MILK (23)
2013_10_31_19:01:04.233   192.198.057.xxx   Sometimes you feel like a nut
2013_10_31_19:00:57.965   075.114.200.xxx   TRICK OR TREAT I SMELL CANDY HAHA
2013_10_31_19:01:26.025   024.196.173.xxx   sometimes i feel like a squirrel sometimes i don't (24)
2013_10_31_19:01:36.063   071.088.021.xxx   happy halloween
2013_10_31_19:01:36.203   066.253.036.xxx   Candy is dandy but liquer is quicker!
2013_10_31_19:01:58.450   024.196.173.xxx   liquor is quicker but squirrels are made of meat (25)
2013_10_31_19:02:11.962   186.153.043.xxx   You're just like Rick Moranis in "Honey, I Blew Up the Kid"!
2013_10_31_19:02:32.154   098.233.143.xxx   May all your Hallows be Happy ones
2013_10_31_19:02:32.282   024.196.173.xxx   squirrels blew up all the kids and that is bad (26)
2013_10_31_19:02:36.132   156.144.224.xxx   HOW ABOUT THEM SNICKERS! (24)
2013_10_31_19:03:04.942   024.196.173.xxx   squirrels don't like snickers they like peanuts (27)
2013_10_31_19:03:09.887   066.253.036.xxx   You get NOTHING!
2013_10_31_19:03:14.150   156.144.224.xxx   100 GRAND SHOULD HAVE A GOOD YEAR! (25)
2013_10_31_19:03:15.805   097.085.227.xxx   Happy Halloween from St. Louis, Mo.
2013_10_31_19:03:19.446   109.212.233.xxx   HELP
2013_10_31_19:03:29.724   074.111.040.xxx   Happy Halloweeny
2013_10_31_19:03:41.486   024.196.173.xxx   squirrels will never help they will only eat peanuts (28)
2013_10_31_19:03:42.399   156.144.224.xxx   JUDGE JUDY REFERENCE! (26)
2013_10_31_19:04:09.702   024.196.173.xxx   squirrels were on judge judy they lost (29)
2013_10_31_19:04:13.226   074.111.040.xxx   Lily was here!
2013_10_31_19:04:18.198   189.068.107.xxx   You should make a Tumblr. It would attract a lot of people! (10 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_19:04:37.371   071.072.227.xxx   Hmmm
2013_10_31_19:04:41.584   024.196.173.xxx   squirrels don't know how to use tumblr only slashdot (30 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_19:04:43.665   066.253.036.xxx   Welcome to ADHD Theatre!
2013_10_31_19:05:12.203   024.196.173.xxx   don't give squirrels ritalin only peanuts and cheese (31)
2013_10_31_19:05:16.154   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** One 150 count bag of candy gone! ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_19:05:42.922   024.196.173.xxx   squirrels think that's a lot of candy you are awesome (32)
2013_10_31_19:06:22.708   024.196.173.xxx   love the squirrel it wants your love and peanuts (33)
2013_10_31_19:06:34.008   156.144.224.xxx   MILK DUDS CAN'T BE BEAT! (27)
2013_10_31_19:06:57.040   068.150.161.xxx   Alek is fixing the pumpkin quartet
2013_10_31_19:06:58.369   024.196.173.xxx   squirrels don't like mily duds they are evil (34)
2013_10_31_19:07:31.480   066.253.036.xxx   My life s***** I didn't get to hand out candy today.
2013_10_31_19:07:33.287   155.138.230.xxx   1320 people viewing Halloween Decorations - SERVER OVERLOAD!
2013_10_31_19:07:56.724   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Roof Pumpkins had fan come loose in breeze - fixed ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_19:08:03.443   156.144.224.xxx   WHOPPERS ARE UNDEFEATED THIS YEAR! (28)
2013_10_31_19:08:39.143   024.196.173.xxx   yay 1320 people who love squirrels and halloween (35)
2013_10_31_19:08:44.450   074.196.018.xxx   happy halloween from texas!
2013_10_31_19:09:02.852   156.144.224.xxx   WHERE IS THE BOOGER MAN! (29)
2013_10_31_19:09:21.764   024.196.173.xxx   the booger man is bad the squirrels said so beep (36)
2013_10_31_19:09:46.102   156.144.224.xxx   SQUIRRELS ARE SO 90s. (30 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_19:10:00.895   024.196.173.xxx   SQUIRRELS RULE THE NEW MILLENIUM (37)
2013_10_31_19:10:29.291   106.068.253.xxx   hi mum
2013_10_31_19:10:30.838   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Do you think we have heard enough about squirrels ... ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_19:10:39.301   031.004.181.xxx   Happy Halloween from Bilbao! ___D
2013_10_31_19:10:45.096   024.196.173.xxx   probably sorry i will go away (38)
2013_10_31_19:11:47.248   096.041.213.xxx   This is the final countdown
2013_10_31_19:11:49.584   216.199.135.xxx   this came before twitter.
2013_10_31_19:11:52.971   156.144.224.xxx   no, stay! (31)
2013_10_31_19:12:20.859   216.199.135.xxx   this came before twitter.
2013_10_31_19:12:22.968   216.081.062.xxx   Glarble!
2013_10_31_19:12:24.594   174.052.113.xxx   Happy Halloween from Tooele UT!
2013_10_31_19:12:25.344   156.144.224.xxx   ALMOND JOY NEEDS A NEW COACH! (32)
2013_10_31_19:12:31.183   077.097.084.xxx   Happy Halloween
2013_10_31_19:12:41.105   067.167.088.xxx   Hi Dad this is cool
2013_10_31_19:12:49.883   216.081.062.xxx   Hi Evan!!!!
2013_10_31_19:12:52.095   156.144.224.xxx   BARTLE DOO! (33)
2013_10_31_19:13:15.940   216.199.135.xxx   #thisiscool
2013_10_31_19:13:33.383   031.004.181.xxx   Happy Halloween from Bilbao! ___D
2013_10_31_19:13:35.524   189.068.107.xxx   When I grow up, I wanna be like you, Alek (11)
2013_10_31_19:14:30.507   156.144.224.xxx   GREAT SEASON FOR GUMMY BEARS! (34)
2013_10_31_19:14:56.652   189.186.154.xxx   Feliz Halloween!
2013_10_31_19:15:06.445   166.062.180.xxx   Potato Tornado!
2013_10_31_19:15:14.417   072.182.127.xxx   Nice!
2013_10_31_19:15:29.114   186.153.043.xxx   NSA is under control of the inflatables by now.
2013_10_31_19:15:35.015   166.062.180.xxx   Hello Human Person!
2013_10_31_19:15:37.269   156.144.224.xxx   CM PUNK RULES! (35)
2013_10_31_19:16:22.063   071.251.204.xxx   cool house
2013_10_31_19:16:25.028   209.195.103.xxx   Very awesome
2013_10_31_19:16:50.847   156.144.224.xxx   BRING BACK FLASH FUNK! (36)
2013_10_31_19:18:07.375   067.177.011.xxx   H@ppy H@llowern
2013_10_31_19:18:07.878   173.065.226.xxx   boo!
2013_10_31_19:19:18.797   038.107.128.xxx   happy scream day
2013_10_31_19:19:46.253   156.144.224.xxx   Santa told me there'd be days like this. (37)
2013_10_31_19:19:49.314   174.108.049.xxx   Thank you foe everything Alek!
2013_10_31_19:20:32.151   156.144.224.xxx   GOOBERS ARE GOING TO WIN!!! (38)
2013_10_31_19:20:42.794   166.062.180.xxx   Hello again human person!
2013_10_31_19:20:45.892   174.054.072.xxx   Doom! Doom!
2013_10_31_19:20:56.562   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** You are welcome 174 - Happy Halloween! ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_19:21:01.779   108.087.161.xxx   Boo! Happy Halloween!!
2013_10_31_19:21:12.102   098.083.195.xxx   Sed non cupla mea est
2013_10_31_19:21:17.098   071.170.123.xxx   Happy howl o wean!
2013_10_31_19:21:34.374   075.044.108.xxx   meow!
2013_10_31_19:21:50.607   108.087.161.xxx   Boo! Happy Halloween!!
2013_10_31_19:21:51.145   069.248.122.xxx   Mouarrfff
2013_10_31_19:21:51.509   098.083.195.xxx   It's not easy being green!!!
2013_10_31_19:22:16.169   155.138.230.xxx   HI  From University Center Michigan United States
2013_10_31_19:22:35.427   098.083.195.xxx   Roll Tide Roll!
2013_10_31_19:23:18.169   189.068.107.xxx   Alek, what's your current viewer record? (12)
2013_10_31_19:23:24.516   024.016.024.xxx   What's with the candy canes?
2013_10_31_19:23:44.691   156.144.224.xxx   TO THROW YOU OFF. (39)
2013_10_31_19:23:54.662   098.083.195.xxx   What's your record for concurrent viewers / users?
2013_10_31_19:23:56.700   068.150.161.xxx   He's creative
2013_10_31_19:24:11.241   072.078.084.xxx   Grim reaper is looking a little deflated (21)
2013_10_31_19:24:20.800   156.144.224.xxx   ADDICTIVE (40 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_19:24:22.236   071.104.010.xxx   Hi Danielle! This is a cool halloween display!
2013_10_31_19:24:31.472   068.150.161.xxx   Windy...
2013_10_31_19:24:37.233   069.248.122.xxx   Creeepers!
2013_10_31_19:24:53.489   156.144.224.xxx   BARTLE DOO! (41)
2013_10_31_19:24:59.031   072.078.084.xxx   Sponge Bob is still happy tho! (22)
2013_10_31_19:25:13.110   162.196.198.xxx   Hello from McDonough, GA
2013_10_31_19:25:29.336   068.150.161.xxx   Rigel 5
2013_10_31_19:25:58.217   068.150.161.xxx   Ooooooooh
2013_10_31_19:26:02.814   098.083.195.xxx   Hello from Tuscaloosa, Alabama
2013_10_31_19:26:04.179   116.049.160.xxx   This is fun!
2013_10_31_19:26:27.841   206.047.116.xxx   Hellow ween!
2013_10_31_19:26:31.430   068.150.161.xxx   Alek is back
2013_10_31_19:26:33.172   209.099.059.xxx   Hi from NC
2013_10_31_19:26:40.524   023.029.120.xxx   Happy Halloween from the ISS!
2013_10_31_19:26:52.225   068.012.123.xxx   Booooooooooooo
2013_10_31_19:27:05.716   072.078.084.xxx   Was that really the ISS? (23)
2013_10_31_19:27:27.851   068.150.161.xxx   Internal service station
2013_10_31_19:27:33.788   156.144.224.xxx   YO JOE! (42)
2013_10_31_19:27:38.492   071.251.204.xxx   anybody been to salem ma** this all hallows eve?
2013_10_31_19:27:42.270   072.078.084.xxx   You could probably see this display from space. (24)
2013_10_31_19:27:43.640   069.125.221.xxx   Sal and Richard
2013_10_31_19:28:01.558   068.150.161.xxx   Maybe..
2013_10_31_19:28:10.010   156.144.224.xxx   MILEY CYRUS WAS HERE! (43)
2013_10_31_19:28:22.016   072.078.084.xxx   I've been in Salem on Halloween night. What a trip. (25)
2013_10_31_19:28:31.312   206.047.116.xxx   Wow!
2013_10_31_19:28:55.199   156.144.224.xxx   IZZE FOR HALLOWEEN! (44)
2013_10_31_19:28:56.259   108.083.219.xxx   testing 123
2013_10_31_19:29:14.143   068.150.161.xxx   456
2013_10_31_19:29:14.732   108.069.252.xxx   867-5309
2013_10_31_19:29:16.323   098.216.184.xxx   How many kids? does not seem many have visited
2013_10_31_19:29:25.678   024.062.204.xxx   Eradicate Celiac disease!
2013_10_31_19:29:26.578   187.176.065.xxx   Chorinflas for all!
2013_10_31_19:29:50.254   068.150.161.xxx   Ok game time.  Let's play Simon Says!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_19:29:55.673   156.144.224.xxx   SHAUN OF THE DEAD! (45)
2013_10_31_19:29:56.061   186.153.043.xxx   barack obama wants to congratulate you. You are invited to Whitehouse tomorrow.
2013_10_31_19:29:57.559   108.083.219.xxx   good evening
2013_10_31_19:30:00.360   187.176.065.xxx   There once was a man from Nantucket
2013_10_31_19:30:02.695   072.078.084.xxx   Wish there was a Trick Or Treater Cam. (26)
2013_10_31_19:30:21.925   156.144.224.xxx   SHAUN OF THE DEAD! (46)
2013_10_31_19:30:30.118   108.083.219.xxx   doityourselfchristmas
2013_10_31_19:30:36.630   199.247.234.xxx   I love Victoria
2013_10_31_19:30:37.340   050.169.010.xxx   drupal rocks
2013_10_31_19:30:38.605   187.176.065.xxx   Who is shaun?
2013_10_31_19:30:42.887   072.078.084.xxx   Alek of the Grass (27)
2013_10_31_19:30:48.610   068.150.161.xxx   All lights on (11)
2013_10_31_19:30:51.925   156.144.224.xxx   WATCH THE MOVIE! (47)
2013_10_31_19:31:11.159   187.176.065.xxx   Isnt it dawn instead of shaun?
2013_10_31_19:31:52.908   068.150.161.xxx   Pumpkins have been squashed (12)
2013_10_31_19:32:07.654   199.247.234.xxx   Inflate!
2013_10_31_19:32:14.982   072.078.084.xxx   How are the candy supplies? (28)
2013_10_31_19:32:21.792   068.150.161.xxx   Pumpkin Pie (13)
2013_10_31_19:32:35.972   174.108.049.xxx   Must be some major wind
2013_10_31_19:32:42.457   072.078.084.xxx   Pumpkin Ale (29)
2013_10_31_19:32:57.790   068.150.161.xxx   Pumpkin spice (14)
2013_10_31_19:33:04.494   098.122.175.xxx   Happy Halloween Luc!
2013_10_31_19:33:13.168   072.078.084.xxx   Pumpkin Fudge (30 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_19:33:21.698   199.247.234.xxx   Hey Victoria!
2013_10_31_19:33:28.506   068.150.161.xxx   Pumpkin seed (15)
2013_10_31_19:33:51.866   047.055.044.xxx   Pumpkin Spice Muffin (10 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_19:33:59.969   068.150.161.xxx   Pumpkin Patch (16)
2013_10_31_19:34:04.152   098.122.175.xxx   Happy Halloween Luc!
2013_10_31_19:34:39.720   068.150.161.xxx   Pumpkin carousel (17)
2013_10_31_19:34:44.459   186.153.043.xxx   Won't you eat something?
2013_10_31_19:35:17.719   099.068.182.xxx   hi there
2013_10_31_19:35:19.210   162.196.198.xxx   10111011
2013_10_31_19:35:44.904   072.078.084.xxx   Light Light Light... (31)
2013_10_31_19:35:47.357   162.196.198.xxx   dwm
2013_10_31_19:36:04.203   201.161.225.xxx   happy trick or treating!!!
2013_10_31_19:36:18.711   069.244.044.xxx   Happy Halloween!
2013_10_31_19:36:39.814   176.026.204.xxx   Trick or treat!!x
2013_10_31_19:36:46.618   099.061.194.xxx   Vote Beeblebrox 2016
2013_10_31_19:37:07.696   098.122.175.xxx   I like candy!
2013_10_31_19:37:17.422   138.086.233.xxx   cool
2013_10_31_19:37:24.217   201.161.225.xxx   gimme candy plz
2013_10_31_19:37:36.886   075.182.091.xxx   ello
2013_10_31_19:38:25.489   186.153.043.xxx   I miss Alek
2013_10_31_19:39:21.235   075.182.091.xxx   Hi Alex
2013_10_31_19:39:27.162   050.172.044.xxx   So many lights!
2013_10_31_19:40:24.580   209.082.042.xxx   you stink
2013_10_31_19:40:34.220   206.047.116.xxx   ghjkjhgk
2013_10_31_19:40:55.082   209.082.042.xxx   boooo!!!
2013_10_31_19:41:13.236   098.122.175.xxx   ehhhhh!
2013_10_31_19:41:46.111   209.082.042.xxx   David Gehrig Rules!!
2013_10_31_19:41:53.250   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wind is REALLY picking up - had to restake pumpkins and skull ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_19:42:51.095   071.251.204.xxx   No more trick or treaters here it's 2100-
2013_10_31_19:43:26.571   076.020.189.xxx   BOO! HA! HA! HA! HA!
2013_10_31_19:43:26.899   119.236.209.xxx   Halloweener from HK......
2013_10_31_19:43:47.786   098.117.032.xxx   Eileen is perfect
2013_10_31_19:45:23.544   209.082.042.xxx   Kyle Gray is awesome
2013_10_31_19:45:33.703   098.117.032.xxx   like
2013_10_31_19:46:15.824   209.082.042.xxx   It was a monster mash!
2013_10_31_19:46:17.109   108.021.124.xxx   Poor Homer
2013_10_31_19:46:54.808   047.055.044.xxx   do not light the black flame candle. (11)
2013_10_31_19:47:40.794   156.144.224.xxx   TOO LATE (48)
2013_10_31_19:48:05.676   047.055.044.xxx   its OK to light it if you're not a v****** (12)
2013_10_31_19:48:39.408   156.144.224.xxx   MICHAEL MYERS IS MY HOMEBOY! (49)
2013_10_31_19:49:05.216   067.006.168.xxx   Greetings from Green Valley, AZ
2013_10_31_19:49:19.737   207.216.060.xxx   Boo from BC
2013_10_31_19:50:18.663   108.045.115.xxx   Whats up Doc Brown!
2013_10_31_19:50:20.138   065.034.242.xxx   Whats up from Miami!
2013_10_31_19:51:04.960   099.041.177.xxx   nice!
2013_10_31_19:51:09.136   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** PUMPKIN DOWN ... lawn pumpkin broke loose - kids got it back ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_19:51:36.491   068.044.122.xxx   lol
2013_10_31_19:51:36.747   047.055.044.xxx   no escape! (13)
2013_10_31_19:52:15.336   156.144.224.xxx   I NEED MY VITAMIX! (50 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_19:52:16.887   068.001.184.xxx   LUVINIT
2013_10_31_19:52:39.091   156.144.224.xxx   I NEED MY VITAMIX! (51)
2013_10_31_19:52:40.888   092.000.200.xxx   hiya
2013_10_31_19:53:11.385   108.021.124.xxx   Homer's struggling a bit - won't inflate all the way!
2013_10_31_19:53:14.553   156.144.224.xxx   OH SHOOT... A COTTON BALL WALKED UP! (52)
2013_10_31_19:53:14.603   068.001.184.xxx   WOONSOCKET, RI!
2013_10_31_19:53:19.864   065.034.242.xxx   sooo.. what time is it? :p
2013_10_31_19:53:38.326   156.144.224.xxx   OH SHOOT... A COTTON BALL WALKED UP! (53)
2013_10_31_19:54:03.678   076.126.053.xxx   There's a pumpkin above me!
2013_10_31_19:54:17.603   065.034.242.xxx   why cant i control the humans?
2013_10_31_19:54:48.226   072.195.159.xxx   BOO
2013_10_31_19:55:09.412   066.235.004.xxx   So Great...Thanks for the hard work from Seattle!!!
2013_10_31_19:55:13.351   203.002.182.xxx   ehh
2013_10_31_19:55:18.052   072.195.159.xxx   Happy Halloweeeeen
2013_10_31_19:55:49.778   072.195.159.xxx   Pumpkin Face!
2013_10_31_19:56:02.279   065.034.242.xxx   kids want their candy!
2013_10_31_19:56:13.741   066.235.004.xxx   You're my only Competition Great Set Up!
2013_10_31_19:56:17.616   066.068.110.xxx   Steal from this house
2013_10_31_19:56:31.360   108.066.017.xxx   Hatsune Miku!!!
2013_10_31_19:57:16.002   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** SKULL DOWN ... had to bring outside ... gusts to 40MPH! ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_19:57:23.225   173.029.120.xxx   This is awesome!!!
2013_10_31_19:57:24.791   068.001.184.xxx   ON/OFF
2013_10_31_19:57:37.828   210.148.090.xxx   _________
2013_10_31_19:58:05.274   173.029.120.xxx   Homer seems broken.  Sad :(
2013_10_31_19:58:15.527   066.235.004.xxx   75,000 Donated! I'll pay to do this again at Christmas...Great work!
2013_10_31_19:58:20.417   068.001.184.xxx   3.14159
2013_10_31_19:58:41.027   092.000.200.xxx   give us a wave alek
2013_10_31_19:59:26.687   108.066.017.xxx   Ella is the Goddess
2013_10_31_19:59:45.908   068.227.056.xxx   NO! YOU PEOPLE NEED TO WAVE AT ALEK!
2013_10_31_20:00:21.368   108.066.017.xxx   The Power of Rice Compells You!
2013_10_31_20:00:29.773   024.220.026.xxx   SERVER OVERTEMP!
2013_10_31_20:00:30.614   065.034.242.xxx   ___waves at alek___
2013_10_31_20:00:31.932   186.153.043.xxx   Where's SHE HULK?
2013_10_31_20:01:17.040   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** She Hulk broke up with the HULK - bummer for him! ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_20:01:39.065   024.220.026.xxx   thanks alex can't wait till christmas now
2013_10_31_20:01:43.825   092.000.200.xxx   hulks got the sulk
2013_10_31_20:01:51.731   068.227.056.xxx   HULK LIKE THE TIMID TYPE TOO SHY FOR CAMERA
2013_10_31_20:01:59.319   207.255.200.xxx   Tracey
2013_10_31_20:02:08.685   108.066.017.xxx   TMZ - Next Hulk film to use Inflatables instead of CGI
2013_10_31_20:02:51.850   068.179.146.xxx   I always love this every year.
2013_10_31_20:03:14.228   207.255.200.xxx   Walk Dog PLZ
2013_10_31_20:03:25.407   096.052.010.xxx   Happy Halloween Everybody!!! From Adrian and Elle in Edmonton
2013_10_31_20:03:33.338   092.000.200.xxx   man on the right is in shock
2013_10_31_20:04:14.086   108.066.017.xxx   Mikudayo! ___________________________
2013_10_31_20:04:30.446   173.246.016.xxx   wtf this guy ----___
2013_10_31_20:04:40.016   068.150.161.xxx   Ooh another Edmonton couple! (18)
2013_10_31_20:04:54.222   070.178.076.xxx   Thank you Alex!
2013_10_31_20:04:58.632   075.170.080.xxx   aarglebarglebargle
2013_10_31_20:05:11.386   209.082.042.xxx   Thanks for a fun day at work! (10 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_20:05:25.165   207.255.200.xxx   Rupert - Poor Poogie
2013_10_31_20:05:27.142   068.150.161.xxx   Scary house of Cats (19)
2013_10_31_20:05:48.796   068.227.056.xxx   Please put cam in movie mode and walk up driveway so we can experience it too
2013_10_31_20:06:01.634   173.246.016.xxx   wall drug? wtf?
2013_10_31_20:06:15.200   068.150.161.xxx   Jingle bells (20 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_20:06:17.789   096.052.010.xxx   this should be year round!
2013_10_31_20:06:24.343   068.001.184.xxx   Alek for president
2013_10_31_20:06:40.775   068.227.056.xxx   pan around slowly while walking
2013_10_31_20:07:12.012   068.150.161.xxx   Addams family (21)
2013_10_31_20:07:55.205   068.150.161.xxx   Alek is fixing the pumpkins (22)
2013_10_31_20:08:10.058   096.052.010.xxx   More lights!!
2013_10_31_20:08:13.188   068.179.146.xxx   What do his neighbors think?
2013_10_31_20:08:13.761   173.025.007.xxx   Pumpkin fixed!
2013_10_31_20:08:21.151   071.206.162.xxx   WHOS READY FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!
2013_10_31_20:08:36.316   074.096.231.xxx   Right on man.
2013_10_31_20:08:44.635   096.052.010.xxx   hulk say more lights!
2013_10_31_20:08:55.353   156.144.224.xxx   WATCH DAVID VENABLE ON QVC! (54)
2013_10_31_20:09:12.410   068.150.161.xxx   Who here is from Canada? (23)
2013_10_31_20:09:25.439   156.144.224.xxx   #ITKWD (55)
2013_10_31_20:09:29.274   096.052.010.xxx   Edmonton in the rain!
2013_10_31_20:09:38.135   092.000.200.xxx   hello to all americans matt uk (10 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_20:09:59.474   068.150.161.xxx   It's raining?  I'm just west of and it's not (24)
2013_10_31_20:10:13.183   096.052.010.xxx   Boo
2013_10_31_20:10:15.678   024.220.026.xxx   alex doing hard work keep eveything working
2013_10_31_20:10:17.655   071.237.198.xxx   all your base are belong to us
2013_10_31_20:10:30.578   108.066.017.xxx   Valkriss is wonderful ___3
2013_10_31_20:10:43.448   156.144.224.xxx   I HATE DRUGS (56)
2013_10_31_20:11:10.078   068.150.161.xxx   We need a year round Halloween (25)
2013_10_31_20:11:20.696   037.152.217.xxx   Good Morning from the UK!! All the best from Derek
2013_10_31_20:11:21.193   156.144.224.xxx   HE'S ON THE ROOF! (57)
2013_10_31_20:11:30.342   108.066.017.xxx   Why not a Year Square Halloween?
2013_10_31_20:11:36.425   024.220.026.xxx   next year really need streaming video cams not these
2013_10_31_20:11:57.218   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, hooking up fan feed for pumpkin patch again - GREAT PUMPKIN RISES AGAIN! ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_20:13:01.271   097.090.224.xxx   boooooooooo
2013_10_31_20:13:18.513   186.153.043.xxx   Aren't you hungry, Alek?
2013_10_31_20:13:26.965   068.150.161.xxx   Yay"........ (26)
2013_10_31_20:13:46.454   070.178.150.xxx   Decorations looking great again this year, Alek.  Nite' All!!
2013_10_31_20:14:07.876   128.103.010.xxx   PIPPP
2013_10_31_20:14:24.042   080.229.228.xxx   Alek are there really 1216 people viewing___ or is it another Goof thing?
2013_10_31_20:14:27.262   176.025.034.xxx   WE HAD A FANTASTIC HALLOWEEN HERE IN THE U.K.
2013_10_31_20:14:38.115   068.001.184.xxx   Rocky Mountain High
2013_10_31_20:14:41.533   128.103.010.xxx   PIPPP
2013_10_31_20:14:44.312   068.150.161.xxx   Bump bump (27)
2013_10_31_20:14:49.802   072.079.228.xxx   Awesome!
2013_10_31_20:15:04.161   068.193.040.xxx   Hello World
2013_10_31_20:15:08.770   108.066.017.xxx   League of Legends
2013_10_31_20:15:14.760   128.103.010.xxx   PIPSLAP RACHEL
2013_10_31_20:15:33.468   176.025.034.xxx   LOOKING FORWARD TO THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ALEK
2013_10_31_20:15:55.507   068.150.161.xxx   Hohohohohohoho (28)
2013_10_31_20:15:56.599   128.103.010.xxx   pip sez happy birfday rachel
2013_10_31_20:16:54.028   068.001.184.xxx   supa pip
2013_10_31_20:16:56.236   130.215.250.xxx   realtime?
2013_10_31_20:17:13.983   068.115.093.xxx   _____________________________________________
2013_10_31_20:17:24.235   176.025.034.xxx   ROLL ON THANKSGIVING :_
2013_10_31_20:17:56.112   086.027.156.xxx   Do adults get a great too? Over there
2013_10_31_20:18:09.239   068.115.093.xxx   _____________________________________________
2013_10_31_20:18:17.353   156.144.224.xxx   I LOVE HALLOWEEN III SEASON OF THE WITCH! (58)
2013_10_31_20:18:18.068   173.158.009.xxx   Droid Rule Ze world!
2013_10_31_20:18:45.513   086.027.156.xxx   Do adults get a treat too? Over there
2013_10_31_20:18:49.371   076.101.249.xxx   They did the mash. The monster mash! They did the mas*** was a grave yard smash!
2013_10_31_20:18:52.042   156.144.224.xxx   HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH! (59)
2013_10_31_20:18:58.675   178.085.208.xxx   Fantastic setup! Happy Halloween from the Netherlands
2013_10_31_20:19:25.815   024.220.026.xxx   hey alex i just donated ___400 to Celiac Disease Research
2013_10_31_20:19:50.403   108.066.017.xxx   Happy Halloween Valkriss!
2013_10_31_20:20:00.962   058.096.088.xxx   Australia
2013_10_31_20:20:09.488   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for the donation - that ROCKS! ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_20:20:19.506   076.101.249.xxx   Help I'm trapped inside this mans computer!
2013_10_31_20:20:33.267   024.008.103.xxx   Alek: You're on Slashdot! LINK DELETED
2013_10_31_20:20:38.690   098.213.009.xxx   Zoey was here
2013_10_31_20:20:53.098   071.190.233.xxx   WHo's Zoey?
2013_10_31_20:20:56.350   076.101.249.xxx   Gary was here, Ash is a loser!
2013_10_31_20:20:57.498   194.144.226.xxx   Hello from Iceland
2013_10_31_20:21:01.363   024.008.103.xxx   tech.slashdot.org/story/13/10/31/2228234/webcam-equipped-remote-controllable-ha
2013_10_31_20:21:23.838   086.027.156.xxx   Any candy for the adults?
2013_10_31_20:21:30.372   194.144.226.xxx   ______ = 4
2013_10_31_20:21:55.758   194.144.226.xxx   pi = 4
2013_10_31_20:21:56.800   076.101.249.xxx   has invaded. Beware.
2013_10_31_20:22:00.857   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** See Blog - liquid refreshments for the big kids ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_20:22:07.912   198.228.200.xxx   hello from Revere, Ma**achusetts
2013_10_31_20:22:53.380   024.220.026.xxx   there a monkey living in the computer somewhere
2013_10_31_20:22:53.901   110.142.134.xxx   Hi From Aus
2013_10_31_20:23:00.998   092.232.254.xxx   hey!
2013_10_31_20:23:21.731   110.142.134.xxx   Leanne Lus halloween
2013_10_31_20:23:21.964   108.238.093.xxx   dude!
2013_10_31_20:23:23.157   068.001.184.xxx   Rocky Mountain High
2013_10_31_20:23:23.705   108.066.017.xxx   Hi Val! (10 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_20:23:37.328   178.085.208.xxx   Really cool! Ever considered adding  (semi)-live donation-o-meter to site/displ
2013_10_31_20:23:48.459   024.220.026.xxx   greeting from IT God of the north
2013_10_31_20:23:49.502   066.249.235.xxx   congrats on withstanding the /.ing!
2013_10_31_20:24:03.832   068.001.184.xxx   Revere has spooky fried clams
2013_10_31_20:24:23.154   108.238.093.xxx   May God protect you from your hobby
2013_10_31_20:25:18.080   198.228.200.xxx   God loves Halloween!!!!
2013_10_31_20:25:28.498   096.037.030.xxx   s**** lives in Spongebob!
2013_10_31_20:25:36.566   068.001.184.xxx   Mmmm spooky (10 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_20:25:55.282   108.238.093.xxx   Jason loves Alexia
2013_10_31_20:26:04.192   096.037.030.xxx   Capybaras, baked not fried!
2013_10_31_20:26:20.689   108.066.017.xxx   Homer's just there to steal the candy! (11)
2013_10_31_20:26:31.328   071.179.000.xxx   hi zach
2013_10_31_20:26:44.839   096.037.030.xxx   Mmm, pie!
2013_10_31_20:26:45.385   198.228.200.xxx   see the trickertreaters
2013_10_31_20:27:23.598   096.037.030.xxx   Mmm, pie!
2013_10_31_20:27:36.980   024.116.152.xxx   Happy Halloween from HomieLive.US Caldwell, Idaho
2013_10_31_20:28:20.270   198.228.200.xxx   alex why can't I say Ma**achusetts?
2013_10_31_20:28:22.023   068.150.161.xxx   No swearing (29)
2013_10_31_20:29:01.335   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Had to open up third bag of 150 count candy ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_20:29:06.126   068.150.161.xxx   Fun times at Alek a High (30 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_20:29:14.910   174.055.109.xxx   Boogie Boogie!  : )
2013_10_31_20:29:43.794   068.150.161.xxx   Christmas boogie coming soon (31)
2013_10_31_20:29:49.713   070.052.224.xxx   HAY HAY
2013_10_31_20:30:04.761   108.066.017.xxx   Hatsune Miku!!! (12)
2013_10_31_20:30:14.057   174.055.109.xxx   i love my wife!  : )
2013_10_31_20:30:17.603   188.137.086.xxx   Happy halloween! :-)
2013_10_31_20:30:21.071   075.063.109.xxx   Happy Halloween!
2013_10_31_20:30:31.773   198.228.200.xxx   minifalda
2013_10_31_20:30:38.000   068.150.161.xxx   Hay stack (32)
2013_10_31_20:31:02.650   070.052.224.xxx   HERRO
2013_10_31_20:31:04.454   198.228.200.xxx   Miss Brazil BumBum
2013_10_31_20:32:10.192   068.150.161.xxx   If only Halloween was more real (33)
2013_10_31_20:33:04.836   108.066.017.xxx   Keep On Eazy Dance Everynyan! (13)
2013_10_31_20:33:11.923   068.150.161.xxx   Real ghosts and witches (34)
2013_10_31_20:33:22.762   124.171.143.xxx   kickin it real
2013_10_31_20:33:46.061   024.211.128.xxx   sweet
2013_10_31_20:33:47.596   068.150.161.xxx   And real ghouls and other characters (35)
2013_10_31_20:33:56.722   024.182.050.xxx   QUISCH!!!
2013_10_31_20:34:01.351   108.066.017.xxx   The Pumpkins Fell Down! (14)
2013_10_31_20:34:18.996   178.203.145.xxx   cool stuff! greetings from germany!!!
2013_10_31_20:34:23.071   068.150.161.xxx   Oh no!!!!  Pumpkin suicide! (36)
2013_10_31_20:34:55.501   024.182.050.xxx   Dude!!! this is SOOO COOOLLLL!!!!
2013_10_31_20:35:11.282   098.216.184.xxx   alek the pumpkins!
2013_10_31_20:35:11.751   176.025.034.xxx   THE PUMPKINS HAVE FALLEN OFF THE ROOF ALEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2013_10_31_20:35:18.825   068.150.161.xxx   "Alek Save us!!!" (37)
2013_10_31_20:35:44.916   198.228.200.xxx   the pumpkins, the pumpkins, yes he knows all about them
2013_10_31_20:36:07.497   024.182.050.xxx   QUISCH!!!!
2013_10_31_20:36:24.560   068.150.161.xxx   They tried to jump (38)
2013_10_31_20:36:47.886   072.078.084.xxx   Don't forget to donate to Celiac Research folks! (32)
2013_10_31_20:36:48.169   074.184.182.xxx   boo
2013_10_31_20:37:21.012   072.078.084.xxx   Don't forget to donate to Celiac Research folks! (33)
2013_10_31_20:38:03.463   098.216.184.xxx   alek the pumpkins!
2013_10_31_20:38:46.287   070.187.160.xxx   The secret of Halloween is "allow."
2013_10_31_20:38:50.290   194.144.226.xxx   good night ___-)
2013_10_31_20:38:58.111   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** GREAT PUMPKINS DOWN - going outside to rescue! ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_20:39:10.825   108.210.050.xxx   Did you see that?
2013_10_31_20:40:04.888   108.210.050.xxx   Merry Christm - DOH!
2013_10_31_20:41:03.632   024.182.050.xxx   it's alive!
2013_10_31_20:41:11.992   068.150.161.xxx   They've been saved! (39)
2013_10_31_20:41:17.787   176.025.034.xxx   get off the roof, you have visitors!!
2013_10_31_20:42:05.717   098.216.184.xxx   there goes the spider
2013_10_31_20:43:04.787   068.150.161.xxx   The gods are angry!! (40 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_20:44:51.710   024.182.050.xxx   I need one of these text signs
2013_10_31_20:45:41.196   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Great Pumpkin Patch is down for the night - sorry ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_20:45:44.242   075.036.174.xxx   Nice sign, pity if someone wrote on it!
2013_10_31_20:45:55.853   071.229.170.xxx   How many miles to Wall Drug?
2013_10_31_20:46:27.743   075.036.174.xxx   08:48
2013_10_31_20:46:38.589   074.196.018.xxx   WOOT WOOT!
2013_10_31_20:46:52.024   068.150.161.xxx   Way to go Alek, you saved those poor dear Pumpkins (41)
2013_10_31_20:47:05.117   069.014.170.xxx   Seems like its windy all over the place! Windy in Detroit today too!
2013_10_31_20:48:18.208   198.228.200.xxx   @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
2013_10_31_20:48:38.624   075.036.174.xxx   Hellooo out there!
2013_10_31_20:48:57.492   024.202.072.xxx   Andrew go to bed !
2013_10_31_20:49:05.452   068.081.246.xxx   I feel like if I write the correct message I'll unlock something in the picture.
2013_10_31_20:50:17.458   071.194.177.xxx   Happy Halloween!
2013_10_31_20:50:22.744   068.150.161.xxx   Darn wind (42)
2013_10_31_20:50:23.463   024.117.245.xxx   :) _______________
2013_10_31_20:50:53.475   024.117.245.xxx   Spooky
2013_10_31_20:51:40.655   072.178.021.xxx   Happy Halloween Wil!!!
2013_10_31_20:51:46.565   071.126.152.xxx   awesome sauce
2013_10_31_20:52:12.955   068.150.161.xxx   Witch craft... Wicked witch craft (43)
2013_10_31_20:52:46.348   068.150.161.xxx   Although I know it's strictly taboooooo (44)
2013_10_31_20:52:53.354   024.202.072.xxx   rawr ima dinosaur
2013_10_31_20:52:54.960   076.017.254.xxx   Spiderman!
2013_10_31_20:53:25.154   068.150.161.xxx   This is Halloween this is Halloween (45)
2013_10_31_20:53:30.752   024.202.072.xxx   rawr ima dinosaur
2013_10_31_20:54:48.999   082.103.128.xxx   RARRRRR
2013_10_31_20:55:38.154   082.103.128.xxx   RARRRRR
2013_10_31_20:55:45.089   071.126.152.xxx   HULK SMASH PUNY HUMAN
2013_10_31_20:55:51.027   198.228.200.xxx   carolina
2013_10_31_20:56:16.057   082.103.128.xxx   Ryan Rules!
2013_10_31_20:57:00.980   082.103.128.xxx   I love you Ann!!
2013_10_31_20:58:21.199   068.150.161.xxx   Can't say I do (46)
2013_10_31_20:58:37.518   204.069.004.xxx   Helloooooo
2013_10_31_20:58:41.772   072.078.084.xxx   Did you get your skull back, Alek___ (34)
2013_10_31_20:59:23.448   071.215.099.xxx   Hello!
2013_10_31_20:59:32.207   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, skull started to blow away, but inside the house now - will post video tom ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_20:59:33.026   071.041.026.xxx   
2013_10_31_20:59:33.908   068.150.161.xxx   Ola (47)
2013_10_31_21:00:04.420   071.215.099.xxx   Hello!
2013_10_31_21:00:35.734   072.078.084.xxx   Oh Good! Glad to hear it! (35)
2013_10_31_21:00:37.132   139.080.112.xxx   Hello back from New Zealand
2013_10_31_21:00:51.606   068.150.161.xxx   s** y and he knows it (48)
2013_10_31_21:01:15.256   072.078.084.xxx   Happy Halloween to you and yours! (36)
2013_10_31_21:01:23.517   069.014.170.xxx   looks like the inflatables in front of the garage are fighting each other lol
2013_10_31_21:01:49.273   072.078.084.xxx   Thanks for another Halloween of Awesomeness! (37)
2013_10_31_21:02:30.074   066.025.086.xxx   John :)
2013_10_31_21:02:42.634   068.150.161.xxx   Never let it fade away (49)
2013_10_31_21:02:43.112   071.126.152.xxx   Hulk SMASH Puny Human!
2013_10_31_21:03:56.711   071.126.152.xxx   I wonder how many times people have tried to control the HULK
2013_10_31_21:05:05.539   108.208.153.xxx   hello  from California!
2013_10_31_21:05:06.039   071.126.152.xxx   inflate ALL THE THINGS!
2013_10_31_21:05:37.284   074.108.045.xxx   .....0
2013_10_31_21:05:41.707   081.082.161.xxx   next year, get us some sound ___)
2013_10_31_21:06:14.685   076.002.144.xxx   more than 50 times i think
2013_10_31_21:07:02.882   071.126.152.xxx   Y No control HULK?  Human sad.
2013_10_31_21:07:26.956   076.002.144.xxx   Happy Halloween from Las Vegas !!
2013_10_31_21:07:52.999   108.052.042.xxx   Eat at Joe's!
2013_10_31_21:08:00.119   143.112.032.xxx   All your lights are belong to us!
2013_10_31_21:08:19.634   071.126.152.xxx   It's dangerous to go alone...take the HULK!
2013_10_31_21:09:08.060   173.074.151.xxx   Greg is my friend!!!!
2013_10_31_21:09:12.554   198.178.127.xxx   Happy Haloween to all
2013_10_31_21:09:24.915   084.048.078.xxx   Man in glasses is very scary.
2013_10_31_21:09:31.580   024.077.171.xxx   ___3 from Canada!
2013_10_31_21:10:02.600   067.006.168.xxx   Greetings from Green Valley, AZ
2013_10_31_21:10:09.950   075.134.183.xxx   Thumbs up for a successful halloween
2013_10_31_21:11:21.885   066.231.138.xxx   yaay
2013_10_31_21:11:31.014   084.048.078.xxx   Can man in picture please smile at cam?
2013_10_31_21:12:08.896   108.052.042.xxx   You've been Slashdotted.
2013_10_31_21:12:25.360   067.189.083.xxx   Thank You, Happy Halloween!
2013_10_31_21:12:55.824   098.216.184.xxx   oh no! the spider is falling off the roof too (10 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_21:13:09.303   071.201.092.xxx   hello  from  chicago
2013_10_31_21:13:44.731   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Going out on the roof to check on the spider ... ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_21:14:10.153   072.079.171.xxx   Hello from Scranton, home of The Office! :)
2013_10_31_21:14:19.205   076.002.144.xxx   Hi to the Netherlands. I listen to 3FM all the time here in Las Vegas
2013_10_31_21:14:33.328   086.140.009.xxx   Hello from Moonbase Alpha!
2013_10_31_21:14:35.499   198.048.194.xxx   Hello World! JulienC
2013_10_31_21:15:00.054   076.002.144.xxx   3fm here in las vegas!!!
2013_10_31_21:15:03.750   072.079.171.xxx   This house is pretty fantastic, great job!
2013_10_31_21:15:28.818   081.111.255.xxx   I like chicken, I like liver, meow mix, meow mix, please deliver!
2013_10_31_21:15:33.632   209.124.227.xxx   b****es ain't s*** but hoes and tricks
2013_10_31_21:16:01.177   139.080.112.xxx   OMG I think the spider got him!
2013_10_31_21:16:03.958   072.079.171.xxx   Run. Whatever you do don't blink. Blink and you die.
2013_10_31_21:16:08.593   209.124.227.xxx   Too many c***s in my mouth
2013_10_31_21:16:37.921   209.124.227.xxx   I can't believe profanity is censored
2013_10_31_21:16:43.229   072.079.171.xxx   The angels have the phonebox.
2013_10_31_21:16:47.799   099.120.105.xxx   Happy Halloween from Dallas, TX!
2013_10_31_21:16:50.633   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** The spider is OK - wind is just blowing his back-end over the top ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_21:16:51.166   024.115.095.xxx   8================D
2013_10_31_21:17:15.722   119.224.038.xxx   Hello from 1chan!
2013_10_31_21:17:19.269   209.124.227.xxx   If I give you a nickle will you tickle my pickle
2013_10_31_21:17:52.564   209.124.227.xxx   That man is hoe mo -------___
2013_10_31_21:17:53.892   119.224.038.xxx   F40PH Forever!
2013_10_31_21:17:58.617   024.115.095.xxx   My peepee itches when I see your face
2013_10_31_21:18:03.358   099.120.105.xxx   Joey loves Halloween
2013_10_31_21:18:38.466   209.124.227.xxx   Joey is a f***
2013_10_31_21:18:44.039   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Pulling driveway light since I think we are done with trck-or-treaters ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_21:19:14.178   024.115.095.xxx   I'm a big f*****
2013_10_31_21:20:09.398   024.196.173.xxx   squirrels just want love is all that i'm saying (39)
2013_10_31_21:20:24.058   204.069.004.xxx   Assembly class is boooooring
2013_10_31_21:20:59.655   024.196.173.xxx   squirrels are not boring they are made of meat (40 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_21:21:14.794   064.246.246.xxx   PS4 has no games
2013_10_31_21:21:37.680   024.196.173.xxx   squirrels are pc not ps4 that's because they love jesus (41)
2013_10_31_21:21:57.337   099.120.105.xxx   Why is it so hard to make friends IRL :(
2013_10_31_21:22:13.324   024.196.173.xxx   because you should make friends with the squirrels (42)
2013_10_31_21:22:24.639   204.069.004.xxx   stop swearing
2013_10_31_21:23:21.070   204.069.004.xxx   Mmmmmm, IP's are logged
2013_10_31_21:23:23.197   070.238.200.xxx   Bad 108
2013_10_31_21:23:24.295   064.246.246.xxx   Who else in here is from Reddit? XD
2013_10_31_21:23:32.638   099.120.105.xxx   This site make Joey happy. Happy Joey like Halloween
2013_10_31_21:23:58.277   204.069.004.xxx   You reddit trolls are dumb
2013_10_31_21:24:05.499   090.217.144.xxx   good evening alek
2013_10_31_21:24:43.247   090.217.144.xxx   or should I say good morning here in UK, it is now nearly 3.30am
2013_10_31_21:25:12.962   090.217.144.xxx   wanted to see your lights before I go to bed
2013_10_31_21:25:43.012   024.029.023.xxx   Happy Halloween!
2013_10_31_21:26:10.579   099.120.105.xxx   Where are the trick or treaters? :(
2013_10_31_21:26:30.155   064.246.246.xxx   ___tfw no gf
2013_10_31_21:27:12.279   069.159.041.xxx   Dude! your site is Awesome !! :) :)
2013_10_31_21:27:20.115   086.143.031.xxx   my bum is on the cheese
2013_10_31_21:27:52.103   090.217.144.xxx   simple!!! get your bum OFF the cheese then
2013_10_31_21:28:50.807   067.170.116.xxx   Happy H'ween from Everett WA
2013_10_31_21:29:02.762   090.217.144.xxx   go away troll
2013_10_31_21:29:08.791   108.172.249.xxx   testing 1223
2013_10_31_21:29:36.562   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Do you guys want some extra time tonight - i.e. go past 10:00 ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_21:29:47.173   108.247.028.xxx   Why don't mummies take vacations? They're afraid they'll relax and unwind.
2013_10_31_21:29:47.289   090.217.144.xxx   can I have a wave please Alek before I go to bed
2013_10_31_21:30:00.591   068.227.056.xxx   THE GREAT PUMPKIN IS HERE!
2013_10_31_21:30:27.264   098.247.165.xxx   YES!!
2013_10_31_21:30:28.765   063.249.091.xxx   the martians have landed in Grovers Mill NJ
2013_10_31_21:30:36.924   108.247.028.xxx   Why did the ghost go into the bar? For the Boos
2013_10_31_21:30:50.258   086.143.031.xxx   My bum is on the rail
2013_10_31_21:31:14.131   086.143.031.xxx   My bum is on the step
2013_10_31_21:31:14.361   098.247.165.xxx   I was trick or treating till 9:25 so if we could go longer that would be great.
2013_10_31_21:31:25.100   090.217.144.xxx   what a superb job he does with those lights, I certainly wouldn't have the pati
2013_10_31_21:31:43.207   067.159.005.xxx   PLEASE GIVE ME A h******
2013_10_31_21:31:45.046   086.143.031.xxx   My bum is on the Swedish
2013_10_31_21:32:10.824   068.227.056.xxx   I've been tricking people all night too!
2013_10_31_21:32:16.229   067.187.166.xxx   hiiiiiii
2013_10_31_21:32:18.924   076.002.144.xxx   Are you a comedian? of course we do. it's hallooooooooweeeeen
2013_10_31_21:32:24.797   098.216.062.xxx   ouch
2013_10_31_21:33:28.077   086.143.031.xxx   My bum is on the phone
2013_10_31_21:33:30.720   098.247.165.xxx   Got 6 pounds of candy tonight!! :D
2013_10_31_21:34:12.869   086.143.031.xxx   My bum is on the battleship
2013_10_31_21:34:28.765   098.247.165.xxx   brb getting on mobile
2013_10_31_21:35:04.971   068.227.056.xxx   My bum is right here
2013_10_31_21:35:20.098   024.171.070.xxx   Hi dad!
2013_10_31_21:35:22.810   076.175.158.xxx   Happy Halloween. Great Job!!!!
2013_10_31_21:35:44.223   086.143.031.xxx   My bum is on the cheese
2013_10_31_21:36:01.984   076.175.158.xxx   Do not eat the cheese!
2013_10_31_21:36:14.547   090.217.144.xxx   where are u alek
2013_10_31_21:36:34.082   086.143.031.xxx   My bum is on the rail
2013_10_31_21:36:49.005   050.148.006.xxx   sperm
2013_10_31_21:36:52.549   090.217.144.xxx   go away troll
2013_10_31_21:36:53.414   076.175.158.xxx   Your bum is well traveled.
2013_10_31_21:37:27.139   086.143.031.xxx   My bum is on the battleship
2013_10_31_21:37:37.924   090.217.144.xxx   his bum needs a rocket up it (10 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_21:37:40.965   174.000.244.xxx   Happy Halloween !!!
2013_10_31_21:38:56.761   050.137.198.xxx   GRRRR!!!
2013_10_31_21:40:58.723   068.227.056.xxx   THIS CAN'T WORK! It's got to be switch craft!
2013_10_31_21:42:35.984   208.095.090.xxx   Haloween
2013_10_31_21:43:07.633   208.095.090.xxx   Im working on Haloween
2013_10_31_21:44:01.600   074.079.046.xxx   Have a boo-tastic Halloween
2013_10_31_21:46:51.177   069.113.107.xxx   prettty cool s*** keep up the work guys
2013_10_31_21:47:46.227   068.150.163.xxx   we need a scary movie day holiday
2013_10_31_21:48:48.820   068.150.163.xxx   the wind makes them look like they're trying to escape!
2013_10_31_21:49:47.531   068.040.004.xxx   Happy Halloween
2013_10_31_21:50:38.713   071.126.152.xxx   10 minutes!
2013_10_31_21:50:47.212   106.069.085.xxx   woo Scary
2013_10_31_21:51:08.055   080.229.228.xxx   Going to bed now (3:50 AM in UK) - Thanks for the display!
2013_10_31_21:51:07.915   203.110.128.xxx   Hello Cabbages
2013_10_31_21:51:36.566   106.069.085.xxx   Cabbages will eat you
2013_10_31_21:53:10.658   066.255.245.xxx   Theres a zombie on your lawn
2013_10_31_21:54:08.743   066.255.245.xxx   Hey, who turned out the lights
2013_10_31_21:54:13.770   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Nah, that was just me ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_21:54:26.208   068.150.163.xxx   and homer takes out Frankie by the Knees!!!!
2013_10_31_21:54:35.219   068.227.056.xxx   BUMMER CHARLIE BROWN! YOU GOT A ROCK!
2013_10_31_21:55:08.835   050.137.198.xxx   Spooky!
2013_10_31_21:55:11.040   106.069.085.xxx   Awesome Work Alek!
2013_10_31_21:55:19.109   068.227.056.xxx   EXTENDED TIME PLEASE! (10 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_21:55:36.911   106.069.085.xxx   Boo
2013_10_31_21:55:51.067   024.226.232.xxx   Kails your hot
2013_10_31_21:55:56.469   076.002.144.xxx   extend this request .... wave Alek ...  HI...
2013_10_31_21:56:03.108   068.150.163.xxx   OOOH Homer stiff arms Frankie!!
2013_10_31_21:56:03.280   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just enabled an extra hour - enjoy!!! ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_21:56:30.336   068.150.163.xxx   Frankie kicks Homer in the head
2013_10_31_21:56:39.030   076.002.144.xxx   Thanks Alek !!! from Vegas
2013_10_31_21:57:00.484   024.226.232.xxx   Mike from Quebec Canada
2013_10_31_21:57:15.084   068.150.163.xxx   Bonjour Mike
2013_10_31_21:57:26.515   069.014.170.xxx   Alek, since you live in a gated community, do they allow kids from outside of t
2013_10_31_21:57:38.356   076.002.144.xxx   Alek sorry for the strong winds
2013_10_31_21:57:52.202   068.227.056.xxx   THANKS ALEK! (11)
2013_10_31_21:58:07.399   090.217.144.xxx   thank you alek (11)
2013_10_31_21:58:13.900   076.002.144.xxx   We also have strong winds Las Vegas but not tonight
2013_10_31_21:58:21.952   173.058.037.xxx   Hi again Alek Happy Halloween from Beaumont Ca
2013_10_31_21:58:33.168   068.227.056.xxx   Extended time is so kewel!!! (12)
2013_10_31_21:58:35.171   099.247.063.xxx   Oh no! Frankenstein is eating Homer Simpson!
2013_10_31_21:58:40.647   050.137.198.xxx   Best treat ever!
2013_10_31_21:58:47.450   090.217.144.xxx   4am here now in UK. was going to bed half hour ago but still her elol (12)
2013_10_31_21:58:51.289   068.150.163.xxx   homer is trying hard to fight back
2013_10_31_21:59:37.875   068.150.163.xxx   Frankie, pushes homers head to the pavement!
2013_10_31_21:59:42.626   024.116.152.xxx   Thanks for another season of Halloween lights!
2013_10_31_21:59:47.727   090.217.144.xxx   can I have a wave please all the way to the UK (13)
2013_10_31_22:00:05.779   068.227.056.xxx   YOUR FUN WILL NOT END RIGHT NOW!! (13)
2013_10_31_22:00:19.443   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, I left the outside light on so you could see the action in the 50MPH winds! ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_22:01:22.562   090.217.144.xxx   we had 100mph winds here in UK the other day, that would have taken everything  (14)
2013_10_31_22:01:37.612   108.232.085.xxx   Bravo!
2013_10_31_22:01:48.579   090.217.144.xxx   cheers (15)
2013_10_31_22:02:21.167   068.150.163.xxx   Frankie drills homer into the pavement AGAIN!
2013_10_31_22:02:27.176   108.232.085.xxx   Wall drug! Excellent.
2013_10_31_22:02:54.342   050.170.200.xxx   Happy Hallowe'en!!!
2013_10_31_22:03:13.229   068.227.056.xxx   The skulls lean over 45 deg in high winds WINDICATOR (14)
2013_10_31_22:03:22.926   076.002.144.xxx   Alek. So Glad to hear of the false positive (10 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_22:03:36.742   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wind is the greatest enemy of Holiday Displays ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_22:03:42.194   090.217.144.xxx   oh nooooo, homer is being attacked by the hulk (16)
2013_10_31_22:03:56.582   099.021.058.xxx   immer wieder ______sterreich
2013_10_31_22:04:18.979   087.114.236.xxx   Thanks for the setup Alek, most enjoyable : )
2013_10_31_22:04:40.406   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Glad you like WALL DRUG ... for the win, 'eh?!? ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_22:04:43.251   192.122.250.xxx   Cheers for Cheerios
2013_10_31_22:06:36.438   192.122.250.xxx   Hi Alek
2013_10_31_22:07:54.295   099.021.058.xxx   Wahnsinn
2013_10_31_22:08:42.476   192.122.250.xxx   Plastics
2013_10_31_22:08:51.829   101.173.255.xxx   eh?
2013_10_31_22:09:45.747   192.122.250.xxx   Where's the candy?
2013_10_31_22:10:15.566   068.227.056.xxx   They killed Kenny! YOU BASTERDS! (15)
2013_10_31_22:10:16.692   071.104.010.xxx   The great pumpkin took it!
2013_10_31_22:10:53.376   099.021.058.xxx   _______________________________________________________________________________
2013_10_31_22:11:53.454   192.122.250.xxx   Is this thing on?
2013_10_31_22:12:00.848   099.021.058.xxx   Arschficker
2013_10_31_22:12:16.299   068.147.060.xxx   boo!
2013_10_31_22:12:30.220   173.079.074.xxx   Hello from DC!
2013_10_31_22:12:52.452   067.006.168.xxx   Greetings from Green Valley, AZ
2013_10_31_22:13:05.154   192.122.250.xxx   What is want?
2013_10_31_22:13:22.128   068.227.056.xxx   ALL OFF I SAY!! (16)
2013_10_31_22:13:31.723   173.079.074.xxx   Raining here....also Nov 1st
2013_10_31_22:13:40.542   192.122.250.xxx   Hoof Arted?
2013_10_31_22:14:36.670   068.227.056.xxx   HEY! I SAID ALL ON!!! (17)
2013_10_31_22:15:19.590   099.021.058.xxx   off!
2013_10_31_22:15:19.215   050.058.218.xxx   cheese
2013_10_31_22:16:24.270   075.168.058.xxx   Seltzer!
2013_10_31_22:17:01.159   068.227.056.xxx   YOU CAN SEE THIS ALL OVER THE WORLD! (18)
2013_10_31_22:18:01.341   206.248.104.xxx   Awesome Stuff!
2013_10_31_22:20:34.398   076.002.144.xxx   Alek after the false pos i finally donated! Please continue this (11)
2013_10_31_22:21:35.672   071.212.241.xxx   Keep it all up, this is a great idea!
2013_10_31_22:22:56.164   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Winds are dying down - Homer no longer looks drunk! ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_22:23:14.823   068.227.056.xxx   Yes! Please keep doing this forever! I don't know what I would do without it! (19)
2013_10_31_22:24:07.849   108.028.084.xxx   W00t!, thanks slashdot!
2013_10_31_22:24:09.494   071.212.241.xxx   From a sufferer of Celiac's thank you for supporting this wonderful cause.
2013_10_31_22:27:48.621   097.116.177.xxx   hello and happy halloween!
2013_10_31_22:29:05.749   068.227.056.xxx   Go solar people! Come on! Don't pay the greedy power company anymore! (20 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_22:29:10.781   023.241.029.xxx   32 min left for holloween
2013_10_31_22:29:47.129   068.227.056.xxx   Go solar people! Come on! Don't pay the greedy power company anymore! (21)
2013_10_31_22:30:18.260   023.241.029.xxx   danny was here
2013_10_31_22:31:04.843   068.098.126.xxx   BOOM BABY!
2013_10_31_22:31:52.370   023.241.029.xxx   danny , shura , Gena was here
2013_10_31_22:33:48.861   068.227.056.xxx   SAVING POWER ALL OFF! (22)
2013_10_31_22:35:20.263   068.227.056.xxx   If you turn them all off you can tell power co to cram it! (23)
2013_10_31_22:35:50.153   076.002.144.xxx   sure power off... does not upset the neighbors (12)
2013_10_31_22:36:32.172   068.227.056.xxx   OK UPSET THE GUY NEXT DOOR !! (24)
2013_10_31_22:37:05.377   209.121.225.xxx   pooooooooooop
2013_10_31_22:38:36.287   068.227.056.xxx   In the chicken cooooooop! (25)
2013_10_31_22:39:04.462   209.121.225.xxx   lol
2013_10_31_22:39:13.204   068.227.056.xxx   22 minutes left CLICK LIKE A MAD MAN! (26)
2013_10_31_22:39:36.224   115.249.220.xxx   Ha ha ha ....
2013_10_31_22:40:26.329   074.137.080.xxx   Huhehuehue
2013_10_31_22:40:37.786   023.241.029.xxx   dad was here from los angeles
2013_10_31_22:40:47.566   068.227.056.xxx   LOLOLOLOLOLOL (27)
2013_10_31_22:41:38.765   068.227.056.xxx   SOIFIDONOTUSESPACESITWILLNOTGOTOTHENEXTLINE (28)
2013_10_31_22:42:23.611   068.227.056.xxx   AlekTHEREISNOLINEWRAPONTHELAPTOPWOW! (29)
2013_10_31_22:42:31.417   024.008.121.xxx   Boo all you hallow*****s!
2013_10_31_22:43:59.082   023.241.029.xxx   ho ho ho soon will be crismas
2013_10_31_22:44:15.125   024.008.121.xxx   Boo from colorado
2013_10_31_22:45:27.941   068.227.056.xxx   MONO FONT ------- NOT!!! (30 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_22:46:31.540   075.114.237.xxx   Happy Halloween From Livonia, Michigan
2013_10_31_22:47:14.162   069.014.170.xxx   ___waves to his Livonia neighbor___ (from Westland) :)
2013_10_31_22:49:25.803   075.114.200.xxx   farmington hills michigan here - your close
2013_10_31_22:50:14.543   216.054.236.xxx   Aloha from Hilo, Hawaii
2013_10_31_22:50:31.400   075.114.200.xxx   warmest rainiest ever halloween in mi
2013_10_31_22:51:54.177   075.114.200.xxx   ghoul night all until next halloween
2013_10_31_22:52:43.847   068.227.056.xxx   NOOOO!!! IT CAN'T END NOW!!! (31)
2013_10_31_22:53:11.291   024.196.173.xxx   THE SQUIRREL IS LOVE (43)
2013_10_31_22:53:32.047   068.227.056.xxx   Another time extension please? (32)
2013_10_31_22:53:50.387   024.196.173.xxx   THE SQUIRREL JUST WANTS LOVE AND CHEESE (44)
2013_10_31_22:54:24.656   024.196.173.xxx   the squirrel also wants donkeys but that is not polite (45)
2013_10_31_22:55:03.098   024.196.173.xxx   give the squirrel peanuts and cheese for justice (46)
2013_10_31_22:55:29.658   068.227.056.xxx   572 people viewing! KEEP GOING PLEASE! (33)
2013_10_31_22:55:49.025   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'm guessing you guys would like ONE more extra hour of X10 controls? ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_22:55:59.426   024.196.173.xxx   the squirrel loves all 572 of you but not like that (47)
2013_10_31_22:56:07.433   072.253.090.xxx   YES AN EXTRA HOUR!!!
2013_10_31_22:56:09.592   071.075.233.xxx   No Im goog
2013_10_31_22:56:35.992   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** We'll do an exra hour if we let up on the squirrel jokes! ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_22:56:36.826   024.196.173.xxx   the squirrel says you are not goog you are walrus (48)
2013_10_31_22:56:36.866   071.075.233.xxx   good
2013_10_31_22:57:12.370   024.196.173.xxx   okay i am sorry i will make the squirrel goes to sleep (49)
2013_10_31_22:57:29.543   068.227.056.xxx   THANKS FOR THE EXTRA HOUR WEEEEE f***UNNNNNN!!! (34)
2013_10_31_22:57:45.146   024.196.173.xxx   good night squirrel good night halloween (50 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_22:58:08.886   068.227.056.xxx   That was FUN with a bunch of U's !! Don't know why it did that! (35)
2013_10_31_22:58:39.122   066.074.177.xxx   what?
2013_10_31_22:59:14.213   066.074.177.xxx   dead fpr life
2013_10_31_22:59:22.785   024.134.125.xxx   Good Morning in Germany and Happy Halloween USA :)
2013_10_31_22:59:29.523   072.253.090.xxx   Hey it looks like the guy from devo
2013_10_31_22:59:55.290   066.074.177.xxx   tasty
2013_10_31_23:00:53.484   070.238.200.xxx   I'm off to bed. See yall in a few weeks!
2013_10_31_23:00:53.772   024.094.017.xxx   poop
2013_10_31_23:01:35.145   068.227.056.xxx   GOOD MORNING AMERICA-NS in GERMANY! (36)
2013_10_31_23:01:47.539   069.014.170.xxx   hulk SMASH SCROOGE
2013_10_31_23:02:31.165   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Going outside to remove the floodlight - wind isn't blowing anymore ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_23:03:27.605   071.075.233.xxx   yeah
2013_10_31_23:05:15.790   068.227.056.xxx   ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT KOMAR YARD DARKNESS! (37)
2013_10_31_23:05:28.769   024.134.125.xxx   Happy Halloween everybody!!
2013_10_31_23:06:02.330   071.075.233.xxx   hi frank
2013_10_31_23:08:03.986   068.227.056.xxx   Spooky switching! (38)
2013_10_31_23:09:54.964   174.021.251.xxx   Scary realtime
2013_10_31_23:16:30.588   174.021.251.xxx   Happy halloween
2013_10_31_23:16:57.370   174.021.251.xxx   This can't be real
2013_10_31_23:18:32.211   069.001.058.xxx   AMAZING!
2013_10_31_23:18:46.023   069.014.170.xxx   Alek, you goofed: the X10 controls don't go off at 12:00 PM, they go off at 12:
2013_10_31_23:20:04.065   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Good point 069 ... but they rarely run to Midnight, so I'll leave as-is ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_23:20:55.156   069.014.170.xxx   Heh just a good spot...figured I'd give ya a small "lol" ??
2013_10_31_23:21:37.111   068.227.056.xxx   Always enjoy the close up pics on the blog! Do a YouTube sometime! (39)
2013_10_31_23:21:37.674   066.187.239.xxx   this website rocks
2013_10_31_23:22:10.906   072.197.185.xxx   Nice widgets
2013_10_31_23:22:49.754   072.197.185.xxx   There is some dude in that room staring at the wall
2013_10_31_23:23:16.185   072.197.185.xxx   wacha looking at?
2013_10_31_23:23:20.719   067.161.100.xxx   When does the remote control hose pointed at the walkway get added?
2013_10_31_23:24:08.938   068.227.056.xxx   WE WANT THE HOSE!! YES!! Summer fun! (40 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_23:24:28.752   072.197.185.xxx   It puts the lotion on it's skin
2013_10_31_23:24:45.435   068.227.056.xxx   X Y Controlled hose! (41)
2013_10_31_23:25:28.447   108.045.138.xxx   snowden is a traitor
2013_10_31_23:26:07.075   068.227.056.xxx   BAN HIM! (42)
2013_10_31_23:26:07.219   108.045.138.xxx   SNOWDEN is a traitor.. die in h**** SNOWDEN
2013_10_31_23:26:36.285   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hulk SMASH Puny Human Potty Mouth! ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_23:26:36.997   072.197.185.xxx   I bet your neighbours love you!
2013_10_31_23:26:39.515   108.045.138.xxx   die in He11 SNOWDEN
2013_10_31_23:26:48.251   068.227.056.xxx   Snowden is a HERO unless you are govt stooge! (43)
2013_10_31_23:27:08.660   108.045.138.xxx   actually.. no
2013_10_31_23:27:34.897   077.061.076.xxx   Bright light! Bright light! Bright light!
2013_10_31_23:28:46.096   068.227.056.xxx   OBEY CONSTITUTION! OR OATH KEEPERS WILL GET YOU! (44)
2013_10_31_23:28:54.263   192.064.085.xxx   PLEASE DONT TOUCH ME THERE
2013_10_31_23:29:29.488   192.064.085.xxx   RUB MY CAWK GENTLY
2013_10_31_23:29:32.704   068.227.056.xxx   This is a IBM Thinkpad! (45)
2013_10_31_23:30:12.859   192.064.085.xxx   HULK WANT TO SMASH YOU IN THE ANUZ
2013_10_31_23:30:22.456   069.014.170.xxx   HULK SAYS: Yum Yum! Tasty Corona!
2013_10_31_23:30:33.128   068.227.056.xxx   BAN BAN BAN (46)
2013_10_31_23:31:01.490   192.064.085.xxx   NO BAN FOR ME MOTHAPHUCKA
2013_10_31_23:32:47.760   068.227.056.xxx   ISP CONTACTED 192.064.085.xxx (47)
2013_10_31_23:33:18.234   068.227.056.xxx   TRACKING TO STREET..... (48)
2013_10_31_23:33:48.696   068.227.056.xxx   GOT ADDRESS - should I post your address? (49)
2013_10_31_23:34:37.590   098.213.174.xxx   inflatable Stewie would be cool!
2013_10_31_23:35:42.175   108.045.138.xxx   68.227.056 loves al qaida
2013_10_31_23:36:06.521   105.236.077.xxx   Howsit from South Africa
2013_10_31_23:37:04.380   076.002.144.xxx   really?? you have to do s**  on this human site? what is wong with you (13)
2013_10_31_23:37:29.135   068.227.056.xxx   108.045.138 works for NSA and is govt fool (50 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_23:38:52.333   108.045.138.xxx   068.227.056 traffic flowing through my terminal
2013_10_31_23:39:27.913   108.045.138.xxx   cox communications gathered
2013_10_31_23:40:35.626   024.134.125.xxx   Happy Halloween Alek! Love your Halloween Decoration! Greetings from Germany!
2013_10_31_23:43:26.304   068.227.056.xxx   108.045.138.xxx Verizon Online LLC I can do a look up too! (51)
2013_10_31_23:43:27.403   093.174.093.xxx   is that person real?
2013_10_31_23:43:54.414   093.174.093.xxx   keep looking 68
2013_10_31_23:44:30.045   093.174.093.xxx   only nsa knows where you are 068.227.056
2013_10_31_23:45:07.778   068.227.056.xxx   68.227.056 loves freedom and liberty from govt abuse and spying! (52)
2013_10_31_23:45:26.549   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for the nice comment German surfer ... ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_23:46:43.889   068.227.056.xxx   KNOCK KNOCK!!! ANSWER YOUR DOOR - IT'S ME!! (53)
2013_10_31_23:47:14.779   093.174.093.xxx   your freedom will be pwned, period
2013_10_31_23:48:10.566   024.010.176.xxx   This is Great
2013_10_31_23:48:35.171   068.227.056.xxx   Only the banksters know for sure! (54)
2013_10_31_23:49:09.982   024.010.176.xxx   Don't Answer the Phone
2013_10_31_23:49:30.133   068.227.056.xxx   Dave's not here! (55)
2013_10_31_23:49:45.672   024.010.176.xxx   Where is Dave?
2013_10_31_23:51:03.368   068.227.056.xxx   Dave's at the RECALL ELECTION! Kick the criminals out! (56)
2013_10_31_23:52:08.527   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** 8 more minutes until Halloween/2013 is OVER! ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_23:52:09.013   068.227.056.xxx   If you had sites promoting this all over you could have 500,000 viewers! (57)
2013_10_31_23:53:13.165   068.227.056.xxx   I just got a shipment from canada! (58)
2013_10_31_23:53:38.629   071.083.118.xxx   Testing testing 1 2 3!
2013_10_31_23:53:39.448   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** You are welcome to spread the word 068 ... ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_23:54:34.189   068.227.056.xxx   Spread the word that the NSA is spying? Already done! (59)
2013_10_31_23:55:00.870   076.002.144.xxx   True (14)
2013_10_31_23:55:01.980   068.227.056.xxx   GO SNOWDEN!!! MORE TO COME! (60 IM's so far today)
2013_10_31_23:55:57.770   068.107.101.xxx   Your neighbors must love you!
2013_10_31_23:56:52.817   068.107.101.xxx   Goodnight and thanks for all the lights
2013_10_31_23:57:00.169   076.002.144.xxx   His neighbors are famous! (15)
2013_10_31_23:57:11.063   068.227.056.xxx   Alek, yea I spread the word about this site and liberty all the time (61)
2013_10_31_23:57:46.892   071.075.233.xxx   Give us on final wae from the Haunted Office at 11:59P
2013_10_31_23:57:59.375   068.227.056.xxx   Thanks Alek, lots of fun as usual! (62)
2013_10_31_23:58:15.780   071.075.233.xxx   wave sorry
2013_10_31_23:58:17.252   201.167.246.xxx   This is awesome
2013_10_31_23:58:41.660   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** There was your final wave - LOL! ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_23:58:44.131   071.075.233.xxx   thaks
2013_10_31_23:58:46.118   076.002.144.xxx   sooooo close! (16)
2013_10_31_23:59:23.988   076.002.144.xxx   Christmas next (17)
2013_10_31_23:59:25.844   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Come back for Christmas! ***ALEK***
2013_10_31_23:59:44.884   076.002.144.xxx   Christmas next !!! (18)
2013_10_31_23:59:55.741   068.227.056.xxx   LAST POST! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR! (63)

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