113 halloween text messages on 2014/1019

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 1,633 times that day including 568 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1019

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2014_10_19_18:00:10.247   070.180.208.xxx   SAY SOMETHING!
2014_10_19_18:00:23.585   071.206.162.xxx   first. Happy Halloween!!!!!
2014_10_19_18:01:03.381   071.206.162.xxx   fine i was second
2014_10_19_18:01:04.013   173.019.020.xxx   heyy
2014_10_19_18:01:52.867   071.206.162.xxx   can't wait for CHRISTMAS
2014_10_19_18:02:32.975   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, this is just the warmup for Christmas ... HO-HO-HO! ***ALEK***
2014_10_19_18:03:16.179   068.040.236.xxx   HO-HO-HO? Yeah! My holiday of choice!
2014_10_19_18:03:19.529   070.180.208.xxx   Heyy, Homer saves the dayy !
2014_10_19_18:03:30.970   173.019.020.xxx   heyy
2014_10_19_18:04:28.350   070.180.208.xxx   Hoooo owns that unsuspecting on candid camera car?
2014_10_19_18:05:44.587   173.019.020.xxx   heyy
2014_10_19_18:07:09.473   070.180.208.xxx   heyy dude NO WAY !
2014_10_19_18:07:56.400   071.206.162.xxx   what happen to the inflatable Headless Horseman
2014_10_19_18:08:50.360   070.180.208.xxx   He fell down went boom!
2014_10_19_18:11:49.725   070.180.208.xxx   Smile! You're on Candid Camera Mr. Car owner WE SEE YOU!
2014_10_19_18:12:39.608   095.091.207.xxx   hey
2014_10_19_18:14:35.076   095.091.207.xxx   im watching this stuff since 2009.. its so cool man :D
2014_10_19_18:16:52.813   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Headless Horseman has some inflation issues! ***ALEK***
2014_10_19_18:20:13.428   070.180.208.xxx   Thats what I say about the old lady!
2014_10_19_18:20:51.031   070.180.208.xxx   After we got married she inflated!
2014_10_19_18:21:06.295   047.054.017.xxx   is LED skelly dead this year...
2014_10_19_18:21:30.726   098.220.005.xxx   Wave at us
2014_10_19_18:22:34.335   203.213.069.xxx   HI ALEK...GREAT TO COMMUNICATE U AGAIN THIS YEAR
2014_10_19_18:23:09.161   203.213.069.xxx   Whats the weather like there mate ?
2014_10_19_18:26:02.846   203.213.069.xxx   Howdy Alek, how is the familt mate ?
2014_10_19_18:26:32.695   203.213.069.xxx   oops...i mean family
2014_10_19_18:26:35.397   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Pretty nice weather - it's listed right below the PM box ***ALEK***
2014_10_19_18:28:04.425   203.213.069.xxx   its about 35 degrees celcius in Aust..and getting hotter
2014_10_19_18:29:56.392   203.213.069.xxx   BOO everyone, from Gympie, Queensland, Australia
2014_10_19_18:31:32.339   203.213.069.xxx   That grimm reaper is sooo cool
2014_10_19_18:33:10.253   203.213.069.xxx   C U tommorow Alek...wish u and your family all the best.
2014_10_19_18:34:01.065   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks - yours too! ***ALEK***
2014_10_19_18:36:46.213   187.055.228.xxx   heey
2014_10_19_18:37:35.322   187.055.228.xxx   ______ NOIS FAVELA
2014_10_19_18:38:30.862   187.055.228.xxx   OL______ GENTE EU QUERO REBOLAR NUM PINTO
2014_10_19_18:39:00.733   187.055.228.xxx   QUERO UM PINTO HOJE!!!!!
2014_10_19_18:40:05.991   024.107.073.xxx   BEST WEBSITE!! My 4Th Year!! J.E. 2014
2014_10_19_18:40:22.758   187.055.228.xxx   NOVA VENEZA OSTENTANDO NA WEBCAM
2014_10_19_18:48:47.124   187.055.228.xxx   Heroes (we could be) ___feat. Tove Lo___
2014_10_19_18:48:58.756   024.008.140.xxx   What
2014_10_19_18:49:18.436   187.055.228.xxx   Break free
2014_10_19_18:49:45.924   024.008.140.xxx   What
2014_10_19_18:50:05.154   187.055.228.xxx   My Anaconda don't
2014_10_19_19:07:58.334   212.159.114.xxx   Good night everyone (2am for me)
2014_10_19_19:09:07.234   024.011.196.xxx   44 people viewing Halloween Decorations - CRAZY!
2014_10_19_19:09:23.232   208.114.044.xxx   howdy ya'll from Oklahoma
2014_10_19_19:11:56.671   208.114.044.xxx   black out!
2014_10_19_19:14:01.035   068.150.161.xxx   This is always fun to look at
2014_10_19_19:21:04.451   070.180.208.xxx   Weeeeeeeeeee !!!!!
2014_10_19_19:27:19.685   068.150.161.xxx   Woooooooo!!!
2014_10_19_19:39:33.794   070.180.208.xxx   Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more (10 IM's so far today)
2014_10_19_19:44:20.726   176.025.006.xxx   where alek gone
2014_10_19_19:45:54.118   070.180.208.xxx   The better drinks are down stairs! (11)
2014_10_19_19:54:56.380   068.150.161.xxx   Mm mm beer
2014_10_19_19:56:15.040   070.180.208.xxx   Mmmmmm get drunk fall down act like idiot! Weeeeeee (12)
2014_10_19_19:57:58.945   070.180.208.xxx   Obola is not a problem, the free healthcare god is going to save you! (13)
2014_10_19_20:04:40.941   187.055.228.xxx   heet
2014_10_19_20:06:48.230   096.235.045.xxx   I love this site
2014_10_19_20:07:31.670   187.055.228.xxx   ARIANA GRANDE DIO PORCO (10 IM's so far today)
2014_10_19_20:08:22.653   070.180.208.xxx   The wife is a Grande Porko! (14)
2014_10_19_20:09:21.884   070.180.208.xxx   Little blue strip lights skulls needs a little adjust and BRIGHTNESS on camera (15)
2014_10_19_20:10:35.419   076.177.239.xxx   Hey Bahi
2014_10_19_20:11:07.275   096.235.045.xxx   hahahaha I saw it ___3
2014_10_19_20:12:08.139   096.235.045.xxx   The Walking Dead Rules!
2014_10_19_20:12:39.014   070.180.208.xxx   New season is on now! (16)
2014_10_19_20:12:41.570   076.177.239.xxx   Yes it does!
2014_10_19_20:13:22.669   070.180.208.xxx   Blood and guts everywhere! Whoo! Hooo! (17)
2014_10_19_20:14:30.999   070.180.208.xxx   Walking Dead is what you will look like with Obola! (18)
2014_10_19_20:14:56.371   068.150.161.xxx   Obols?
2014_10_19_20:15:31.507   068.150.161.xxx   Obols
2014_10_19_20:16:06.144   068.150.161.xxx   Obola
2014_10_19_20:16:34.182   176.025.006.xxx   hey alek
2014_10_19_20:16:47.048   070.180.208.xxx   President Obola that is.. Twitter #Obola (19)
2014_10_19_20:32:31.967   068.150.161.xxx   Mickey Mouse
2014_10_19_20:38:48.463   070.180.208.xxx   Forever let us hold our banner high, high, high !! (20 IM's so far today)
2014_10_19_20:39:53.223   070.180.208.xxx   Come along and sing our song and join our family! M-I-C---K-E-Y (21)
2014_10_19_20:40:16.466   076.173.043.xxx   H O U S E?
2014_10_19_20:41:30.881   068.150.161.xxx   C. S. I.
2014_10_19_20:42:28.600   068.150.161.xxx   NOTE
2014_10_19_20:43:28.748   070.180.208.xxx   TUNE (22)
2014_10_19_20:44:00.470   176.025.006.xxx   where the tombstone from yesterday gone
2014_10_19_20:45:46.516   076.173.043.xxx   hi steven
2014_10_19_20:46:14.261   076.173.043.xxx   hi jack.
2014_10_19_20:46:14.904   070.180.208.xxx   Now that stupid song is stuck in my head!! (23)
2014_10_19_20:46:47.005   076.173.043.xxx   hi jack
2014_10_19_20:47:29.005   076.173.043.xxx   creepy
2014_10_19_20:49:12.340   076.173.043.xxx   alhoa fromHawaii
2014_10_19_20:49:42.436   076.173.043.xxx   i mean aloha
2014_10_19_20:50:03.076   076.173.043.xxx   didnt get far in the spelling bee, eh?
2014_10_19_20:50:33.306   076.173.043.xxx   no......kina far round three
2014_10_19_20:52:14.037   070.180.208.xxx   s***CHING SONG: Sometimes a story has no end .... (24)
2014_10_19_20:55:11.006   070.180.208.xxx   So I just packed my baggage and Said goodbye to family and friends (25)
2014_10_19_20:55:41.604   070.180.208.xxx   And took a road to nowhere on my own (26)
2014_10_19_20:55:56.602   176.025.006.xxx   because am leaving on a jet plane
2014_10_19_20:56:10.406   070.180.208.xxx   Cause I left everyone I love at home (27)
2014_10_19_21:02:56.092   176.025.006.xxx   i see you am watching you
2014_10_19_21:03:07.917   076.173.043.xxx   hi disher (10 IM's so far today)
2014_10_19_21:03:28.128   076.173.043.xxx   hi malia (11)
2014_10_19_21:04:44.016   076.173.043.xxx   hey- whats up? (12)
2014_10_19_21:05:34.042   076.173.043.xxx   poop (13)
2014_10_19_21:10:43.170   076.173.043.xxx   Hello how are you today (14)
2014_10_19_21:12:45.283   187.055.228.xxx   hey (11)
2014_10_19_21:13:09.231   187.055.228.xxx   Pls consider adding to the ___80,000+ that has been raised for the Center for C (12)
2014_10_19_21:16:20.395   198.255.206.xxx   Hi there
2014_10_19_21:24:15.219   070.180.208.xxx   LAST POST!!! (I'm not going to wait, here it is) (28)
2014_10_19_21:26:18.614   064.006.113.xxx   Hi, from Bob in St. George
2014_10_19_21:27:29.426   070.112.234.xxx   Hello from Austin, Texas!
2014_10_19_21:27:40.027   176.025.006.xxx   hey alek where tombstone gone from yesterday
2014_10_19_21:28:02.164   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just got back from picking up the wife at the airport ***ALEK***
2014_10_19_21:28:55.845   176.025.006.xxx   alek where is the tombstone from yesterday
2014_10_19_21:29:39.728   070.112.234.xxx   Thank you for this site! Family looks forward to this site every year
2014_10_19_21:43:55.775   068.151.069.xxx   Eieio
2014_10_19_21:45:59.096   076.014.213.xxx   Hi from Oregon

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