38 halloween text messages on 2014/1021

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 1,411 times that day including 577 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1021

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2014_10_21_18:02:18.918   050.082.053.xxx   puny human
2014_10_21_18:08:25.384   096.002.098.xxx   GO WILD!!!!!
2014_10_21_18:10:07.929   072.200.002.xxx   Love this place. I hope you get tons of donations.
2014_10_21_18:11:11.021   096.002.098.xxx   GO WILD!!!!!!!
2014_10_21_18:12:03.094   072.200.002.xxx   DONATE and make the world a better place
2014_10_21_18:57:06.315   068.108.041.xxx   I want Candy!
2014_10_21_19:00:05.410   024.129.032.xxx   hi alek
2014_10_21_19:05:54.317   176.025.006.xxx   where alek gone
2014_10_21_19:07:01.728   176.025.006.xxx   Hello Stacey
2014_10_21_19:20:01.002   068.108.041.xxx   BOOOOOOOOOOO!
2014_10_21_20:11:49.571   072.076.112.xxx   lolol
2014_10_21_20:15:54.210   068.108.041.xxx   My "BOO" was up 41 minutes! Record
2014_10_21_20:16:25.263   068.108.041.xxx   oops I meant 51 minutes
2014_10_21_20:20:44.417   068.097.017.xxx   Hello Amber
2014_10_21_20:21:48.389   068.097.017.xxx   The Climate Prediction Center is saying that we may have a wet winter
2014_10_21_20:22:16.420   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** We may actually go the entire month of October with no snow! ***ALEK***
2014_10_21_20:22:46.142   068.097.017.xxx   I go to OU as a meteorology major and am hoping for some big snows
2014_10_21_20:26:06.831   068.108.041.xxx   I'm a grad of the college of Hard Knocks
2014_10_21_20:42:37.094   071.193.092.xxx   is winding out
2014_10_21_20:46:06.966   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, peak wind gusts to almost 40 MPH - yikes! ***ALEK***
2014_10_21_20:48:51.439   071.193.092.xxx   alien is down
2014_10_21_20:53:37.097   070.180.208.xxx   Cal a UFO ambulance!
2014_10_21_20:53:58.990   071.193.092.xxx   lol
2014_10_21_20:54:33.344   068.108.041.xxx   I'm not down with the alien down
2014_10_21_20:55:19.309   070.180.208.xxx   Alien party was too much !
2014_10_21_20:57:53.333   071.193.092.xxx   the pumpkins is not working
2014_10_21_21:00:12.629   070.180.208.xxx   Alien fall down go boom
2014_10_21_21:00:49.047   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'll go prop the alien back up! ***ALEK***
2014_10_21_21:01:00.895   070.180.208.xxx   If he becomes a rolling drunk will he unplug?
2014_10_21_21:03:46.192   070.180.208.xxx   The sneaky UFO Alien says THANKS !
2014_10_21_21:06:52.318   068.104.228.xxx   HOOB says AWESOME!!!
2014_10_21_21:07:21.261   068.108.041.xxx   All your base belong to us
2014_10_21_21:07:58.707   068.108.041.xxx   All your base are belong to us
2014_10_21_21:37:29.998   068.151.069.xxx   I don't care
2014_10_21_21:37:58.343   070.180.208.xxx   I hope he can fix the motor on the happy pumpkins !
2014_10_21_21:39:55.299   071.105.053.xxx   Hi Alek! Your website/house is one of my favorite things!
2014_10_21_21:41:54.984   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks - glad you enjoy it! ***ALEK***
2014_10_21_21:44:05.808   068.108.041.xxx   Julie Andrews - a few of my fav things... Komar and Halloween and Christmas

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