340 halloween text messages on 2014/1031

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 6,890 times that day including 4,117 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1031

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2014_10_31_17:00:20.421   068.189.222.xxx   And so it begins...
2014_10_31_17:00:21.839   096.235.045.xxx   Happy Halloween Alek! Thanks again for another wonderful year of displays!
2014_10_31_17:00:23.578   071.105.053.xxx   Happy Halloween Alek
2014_10_31_17:00:48.085   088.189.072.xxx   Happy Halloween
2014_10_31_17:01:16.995   071.105.053.xxx   BoooOOOOooOOOooOoo!!
2014_10_31_17:01:45.431   087.112.016.xxx   Spooooky...
2014_10_31_17:02:14.008   050.190.128.xxx   Cant wait to see the trick or treaters!
2014_10_31_17:02:16.480   081.149.101.xxx   ebolas gonna getcha
2014_10_31_17:02:19.054   086.130.223.xxx   HAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM HANNAH IN ENGLAND
2014_10_31_17:02:19.636   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Welcome to Halloween 2014!!! ***ALEK***
2014_10_31_17:02:25.185   096.235.045.xxx   Happy Halloween Alek & Family!
2014_10_31_17:02:37.256   075.065.220.xxx   HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEN
2014_10_31_17:02:53.842   071.105.053.xxx   Trick or Treat!
2014_10_31_17:03:04.475   075.065.220.xxx   HAPPY HALLOWEEN BEK
2014_10_31_17:03:13.329   099.192.123.xxx   Any adult treats this year Alek ? :)
2014_10_31_17:03:14.960   068.106.030.xxx   Happy Halloween Alek
2014_10_31_17:03:17.642   096.235.045.xxx   Does that headless guy do anything? He's neat
2014_10_31_17:03:26.605   069.047.080.xxx   Happy Halloween! It snowed here. Great lights!
2014_10_31_17:03:42.652   072.028.234.xxx   happy halloween! great!
2014_10_31_17:03:51.959   086.160.115.xxx   happy halloween from the uk
2014_10_31_17:04:09.770   068.106.030.xxx   Happy Halloween Alek
2014_10_31_17:04:21.137   081.149.101.xxx   ugly to the right!
2014_10_31_17:04:57.133   068.106.030.xxx   Happy Halloween Alek
2014_10_31_17:05:08.797   099.192.123.xxx   Halloween in the Uk is over already !
2014_10_31_17:05:36.472   087.112.016.xxx   Hope you and your family have a great Halloween Alek.
2014_10_31_17:06:00.926   068.106.030.xxx   Happy Halloween Alek
2014_10_31_17:06:32.570   096.235.045.xxx   Do your kids still Trick or Treat, Alek?
2014_10_31_17:07:01.524   068.106.030.xxx   Happy Halloween Alek
2014_10_31_17:07:33.759   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** See the picture of my son on the Blog! ***ALEK***
2014_10_31_17:08:06.395   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Taking Chili over to neighbors house ***ALEK***
2014_10_31_17:09:11.577   082.000.105.xxx   Hello from Ireland!!
2014_10_31_17:09:24.142   066.177.116.xxx   HAPPY HALLOWEEN
2014_10_31_17:09:28.152   075.065.220.xxx   watching beeteljuice!!
2014_10_31_17:09:50.649   088.189.072.xxx   Un bonjour de la france :)
2014_10_31_17:10:03.880   068.106.030.xxx   Happy Halloween Alek
2014_10_31_17:10:19.813   188.137.086.xxx   Happy halloww
2014_10_31_17:10:49.843   068.106.030.xxx   Greetings from WE7GV
2014_10_31_17:10:53.665   188.137.086.xxx   Happy halloween everyone!
2014_10_31_17:10:56.180   087.149.179.xxx   Greetings from Germany
2014_10_31_17:11:19.274   086.145.063.xxx   Hello from the UK
2014_10_31_17:12:09.128   068.106.030.xxx   Greetings from WE7GV
2014_10_31_17:13:44.416   096.235.045.xxx   Trick or Treat Jason ___3
2014_10_31_17:15:09.676   076.177.232.xxx   Happy Halloween Bahi! ___3
2014_10_31_17:15:18.902   031.032.188.xxx   so beautiful !! :O Happy Halloween :D
2014_10_31_17:16:05.080   031.032.188.xxx   Magnifique
2014_10_31_17:16:34.000   087.149.179.xxx   hopefully germany starts to celebrate it too :/
2014_10_31_17:16:51.118   076.177.232.xxx   Happy Halloween Bahi! ___3
2014_10_31_17:17:36.850   050.190.128.xxx   congratulations to the duggars!
2014_10_31_17:18:15.690   068.106.030.xxx   ooooOOOOOO)000000000 YEOW
2014_10_31_17:18:25.203   220.239.242.xxx   Hi my name is Cher Horowitz
2014_10_31_17:19:09.318   050.190.128.xxx   hi cher!
2014_10_31_17:19:24.842   031.032.188.xxx   Nice to "meet you" Cher Horowitz ahah !
2014_10_31_17:19:42.756   220.239.242.xxx   I am from the planet clueless
2014_10_31_17:19:43.213   099.192.123.xxx   Unlikely
2014_10_31_17:20:18.543   031.032.188.xxx   ahah ! :)
2014_10_31_17:20:25.575   068.106.030.xxx   Happy Halloween Alek (10 IM's so far today)
2014_10_31_17:21:14.634   031.032.188.xxx   Cher, I love you.
2014_10_31_17:21:55.864   092.018.190.xxx   hello
2014_10_31_17:22:08.768   031.032.188.xxx   Hi !
2014_10_31_17:22:24.826   220.239.242.xxx   I'm real lol
2014_10_31_17:22:47.476   031.032.188.xxx   Me too :O Omg, so fantastic
2014_10_31_17:23:54.024   031.032.188.xxx   Cher Horowitz, where are you ? :(
2014_10_31_17:24:05.182   220.239.242.xxx   I'm here lol
2014_10_31_17:25:41.320   031.032.188.xxx   Alex, you're amazing ! :D
2014_10_31_17:26:13.201   099.192.123.xxx   There is no one named Alex here
2014_10_31_17:26:32.309   031.032.188.xxx   Alek, soooo sorry (10 IM's so far today)
2014_10_31_17:26:39.443   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, it is Alek ... with a K ***ALEK***
2014_10_31_17:26:48.286   176.199.193.xxx   Hallo Jenny wir lieben dich ja Mami Wuff Wuff
2014_10_31_17:27:23.134   220.239.242.xxx   Cher is playing fifa 1
2014_10_31_17:29:26.763   173.067.144.xxx   We had 250 candy bandits here yesterday
2014_10_31_17:37:21.888   069.047.080.xxx   Greetings from the Gross Family!
2014_10_31_17:39:21.918   220.239.242.xxx   Greetings from the Horowitz family
2014_10_31_17:44:39.269   050.175.172.xxx   Happy Halloween from Rob!
2014_10_31_17:45:30.941   070.180.208.xxx   SPOOKY CLOWNS!! OH NO !!!
2014_10_31_17:45:37.147   174.084.219.xxx   Happy Halloween From Douglas In Livonia Michigan
2014_10_31_17:46:28.908   078.019.085.xxx   2,075 overloads in 45 mins!!!
2014_10_31_17:46:33.234   174.118.176.xxx   Happy Halloween from Miramichi NB Canada
2014_10_31_17:47:04.853   070.180.208.xxx   You should move middle driveway line to our right so kids know where to walk
2014_10_31_17:47:17.557   095.062.214.xxx   Happy Halloween from Spain!
2014_10_31_17:47:49.091   031.032.188.xxx   Very happy halloween from France! (11)
2014_10_31_17:48:18.109   070.180.208.xxx   the part near the street I mean, just curve it to our screen right a bit
2014_10_31_17:48:53.654   096.235.045.xxx   Joyeux Halloween_________!
2014_10_31_17:50:03.639   031.032.188.xxx   Why there is no kids ? :( (12)
2014_10_31_17:51:34.234   083.009.251.xxx   Happy Halloween from p**and!
2014_10_31_17:52:22.588   070.180.208.xxx   You can give out the good candy now!
2014_10_31_17:52:37.427   188.029.164.xxx   Happy Halloween from Scotland glasgow
2014_10_31_17:52:51.809   078.019.085.xxx   happy halloween from ireland!!!!!
2014_10_31_17:54:51.359   024.131.166.xxx   Happy Halloween from Eagan MN!!!
2014_10_31_17:58:54.691   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Happy Halloween from Hulkville! ***ALEK***
2014_10_31_18:01:38.315   078.019.085.xxx   its 00:01 in ireland so j
2014_10_31_18:02:41.964   078.019.085.xxx   its 00:01 in irealds so halloween is officaly over
2014_10_31_18:03:45.695   176.024.040.xxx   alek how far is walmart from you
2014_10_31_18:04:22.976   070.180.208.xxx   You can chase the sunset!
2014_10_31_18:05:07.742   050.183.015.xxx   BOO!
2014_10_31_18:05:43.028   088.189.072.xxx   Halloween Decorations
2014_10_31_18:06:45.521   050.183.015.xxx   VERRRY SCARRY!
2014_10_31_18:08:41.539   070.180.208.xxx   Do you want your little kids running around the city at night?
2014_10_31_18:10:22.831   050.183.015.xxx   TRICK OR TWEET!?
2014_10_31_18:10:43.258   176.024.040.xxx   Airblown Inflatable 3.5' Fox Christmas Prop hi guys is this inflatated by mains
2014_10_31_18:11:35.502   070.180.208.xxx   FIRST TRICK OR TREATERS!
2014_10_31_18:13:40.339   050.183.015.xxx   Happy Halloween!
2014_10_31_18:14:33.798   070.180.208.xxx   Komar traffic jam!
2014_10_31_18:14:57.369   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** First trick-or-treaters just came by ... on scooters! ***ALEK***
2014_10_31_18:15:00.513   176.024.040.xxx   Rising Breaker Reaper Halloween Decoration any good alek
2014_10_31_18:15:37.482   070.180.208.xxx   Here they all come!
2014_10_31_18:16:28.464   108.036.139.xxx   We've just run out of candy! Lights out!
2014_10_31_18:17:25.748   024.084.115.xxx   textcr
2014_10_31_18:18:09.702   070.180.208.xxx   Someone got some FREE candy! (10 IM's so far today)
2014_10_31_18:18:25.774   108.036.139.xxx   They've got a lot of territory to cover! LOL!
2014_10_31_18:19:24.339   187.150.036.xxx   trick o treaters yet ?
2014_10_31_18:19:33.108   070.180.208.xxx   Hit all the bast houses by scooter first! (11)
2014_10_31_18:20:51.443   050.190.128.xxx   Alek are you handing out candy?
2014_10_31_18:21:00.346   187.150.036.xxx   LOL,  save me one candy
2014_10_31_18:21:45.207   070.180.208.xxx   Can you brighten cam 2 a bit so we can see kids? (12)
2014_10_31_18:25:27.323   089.242.204.xxx   Happy Halloween from Ireland
2014_10_31_18:25:27.578   095.062.214.xxx   a ghost
2014_10_31_18:25:54.808   187.150.036.xxx   kid spotted
2014_10_31_18:26:01.738   089.242.204.xxx   Happy Halloween from Ireland
2014_10_31_18:27:32.610   099.192.123.xxx   Happy Samhain !
2014_10_31_18:28:14.279   108.036.139.xxx   Happy Halloween Everybody!!!
2014_10_31_18:29:03.318   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Scooter trick-or-treater posted on blog ***ALEK***
2014_10_31_18:29:48.410   187.150.036.xxx   kids spotted, again
2014_10_31_18:29:50.700   050.183.015.xxx   Smell my feet!
2014_10_31_18:30:14.748   099.192.123.xxx   Offer declined
2014_10_31_18:30:41.277   187.150.036.xxx   trick o treaters on cam 1
2014_10_31_18:31:12.359   099.192.123.xxx   Michael Meyers on Cam 2
2014_10_31_18:31:45.146   108.036.139.xxx   people with a wagon on came 1
2014_10_31_18:33:05.432   070.180.208.xxx   Now we can see them! (13)
2014_10_31_18:33:14.611   187.150.036.xxx   kids on cam 2
2014_10_31_18:35:32.379   187.150.036.xxx   lots of people on cam 2
2014_10_31_18:36:14.864   208.114.044.xxx   am i to late to see the trick or treaters?
2014_10_31_18:36:50.516   187.150.036.xxx   nope , youre at time
2014_10_31_18:37:03.622   108.036.139.xxx   Alek on Cam 1
2014_10_31_18:37:26.149   187.150.036.xxx   smile to the camera alek !!!
2014_10_31_18:37:54.022   095.062.214.xxx   do you take photos of everyone?
2014_10_31_18:38:14.014   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** No time to take photos of everyone ***ALEK***
2014_10_31_18:38:37.968   075.132.217.xxx   What fun on Halloween!
2014_10_31_18:38:38.808   108.036.139.xxx   Thanks for doing this every year, Alek!
2014_10_31_18:38:57.847   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** On cam1 turning on and adjusting driveway flood lights ***ALEK***
2014_10_31_18:39:58.824   076.184.224.xxx   Watch the Spaceman42 Channel on YouTUBE..
2014_10_31_18:40:48.125   095.062.214.xxx   much clearer now
2014_10_31_18:40:57.184   067.077.080.xxx   Digital age of halloween
2014_10_31_18:41:04.829   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Incoming! ***ALEK***
2014_10_31_18:41:36.688   070.180.208.xxx   Never forget the astronaut / pilot who died today! (14)
2014_10_31_18:42:50.217   067.077.080.xxx   Like some candy pretty girl!?
2014_10_31_18:43:23.102   176.024.040.xxx   alek can u check email please
2014_10_31_18:45:30.016   067.077.080.xxx   Pull my finger
2014_10_31_18:47:26.142   208.114.044.xxx   ___pulled finger
2014_10_31_18:49:14.606   108.036.139.xxx   Busy Busy Busy at the Komar house!
2014_10_31_18:50:27.504   067.077.080.xxx   My door bell keeps ringing...
2014_10_31_18:51:40.957   208.114.044.xxx   no one is coming to my house
2014_10_31_18:52:16.934   070.180.208.xxx   CONSTANT FLOW OF KIDS - WHAT IS GOING ON ? (15)
2014_10_31_18:53:41.421   067.077.080.xxx   Just saw gator chasing a bulldog...hmmm
2014_10_31_18:54:47.463   070.180.208.xxx   I thought the green skull was some kids costume till it lit up! (16)
2014_10_31_18:55:00.986   187.018.247.xxx   lara
2014_10_31_18:55:30.400   187.018.247.xxx   brasil
2014_10_31_18:55:41.631   067.077.080.xxx   For a good time call.....
2014_10_31_18:56:17.128   070.180.208.xxx   Me ! (17)
2014_10_31_18:56:20.060   069.253.034.xxx   Happy Halloween Alek !!!!!!
2014_10_31_18:56:32.328   108.036.139.xxx   Happy Halloween From PA!
2014_10_31_18:57:26.153   070.180.208.xxx   HEY BULLY! Leave those kids alone! (18)
2014_10_31_18:59:07.939   068.169.144.xxx   LAETChattanooga
2014_10_31_19:00:29.725   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Chocolate EggNog is the BIG kid favorite so far ***ALEK***
2014_10_31_19:01:48.251   067.077.080.xxx   Handing out toothbrushes and toothpaste
2014_10_31_19:02:58.427   089.242.181.xxx   Enjoy your Halloween guys it's over in the UK have fun
2014_10_31_19:03:26.768   024.074.151.xxx   Frank loves kids
2014_10_31_19:04:28.019   070.180.208.xxx   Someone should do a walk up video panning all around slowly (19)
2014_10_31_19:05:27.233   075.132.217.xxx   It's 39 outside here. Not too many Halloweeners.
2014_10_31_19:06:25.127   212.183.140.xxx   Enjoying a beer and watching Halloween 3! Love the lights :)
2014_10_31_19:07:39.233   089.242.181.xxx   So jealous wis*** was me with the beer lol
2014_10_31_19:08:18.794   108.036.139.xxx   An Incredible on Cam 2!
2014_10_31_19:08:21.220   070.180.208.xxx   Go to the store! (20 IM's so far today)
2014_10_31_19:11:02.965   067.077.080.xxx   Just saw whiskey bottle levitate!
2014_10_31_19:11:15.281   089.242.181.xxx   Good night everyone
2014_10_31_19:11:17.210   070.180.208.xxx   Drinking is a gateway Drug! (21)
2014_10_31_19:11:42.237   173.175.091.xxx   Most excellent display! Happy Halloween from Texas :)
2014_10_31_19:12:07.872   067.077.080.xxx   You betcha..where did bottle go?
2014_10_31_19:12:13.769   089.242.181.xxx   goodnight from Scotland
2014_10_31_19:13:27.620   075.114.200.xxx   HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE FROM MICHIGAN VERY WINDY AND COL
2014_10_31_19:13:52.743   070.180.208.xxx   Halloween lynching display was removed from the yard of a residence (22)
2014_10_31_19:14:26.124   088.189.072.xxx   Vincent Halgrain
2014_10_31_19:14:32.712   071.105.053.xxx   Boo!
2014_10_31_19:14:58.193   095.062.214.xxx   do you have a personalized doorbell for halloween?
2014_10_31_19:16:23.551   070.180.208.xxx   Ebola-themed Halloween display he made at townhome in University Park of Dallas (23)
2014_10_31_19:19:14.648   176.024.088.xxx   Peace and love kids
2014_10_31_19:24:46.430   099.192.123.xxx   Halloween dog
2014_10_31_19:29:18.592   075.132.217.xxx   I think I see a Shriner!
2014_10_31_19:30:05.989   176.024.040.xxx   hey alek did u get my email
2014_10_31_19:34:53.174   072.228.146.xxx   HUGE fan just arrived for the last day!
2014_10_31_19:35:55.209   072.228.146.xxx   Until Christmas of course!
2014_10_31_19:36:34.929   072.228.146.xxx   323 people viewing Halloween Decorations - HOLY MOLEY!
2014_10_31_19:37:09.387   072.228.146.xxx   HOLY MOLEY!
2014_10_31_19:37:25.131   070.180.208.xxx   Someone should do a walk up video panning all around slowly (24)
2014_10_31_19:39:06.284   072.228.146.xxx   Trick or Treaters just arrived!
2014_10_31_19:39:44.601   066.131.243.xxx   happy halloween all from canada
2014_10_31_19:40:19.784   072.228.146.xxx   Happy Halloween from Elma, NY near Buffalo, NY
2014_10_31_19:41:12.766   068.150.161.xxx   ooooooh. Ohhhhhh
2014_10_31_19:42:17.302   072.228.146.xxx   Trick or Treaters just arrived!
2014_10_31_19:42:57.310   068.150.161.xxx   Twick or tweet!
2014_10_31_19:42:58.292   072.228.146.xxx   I'm making this his doorbell! LOL
2014_10_31_19:44:07.091   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just posted on blog awesome picture of Guitar Hero costume! ***ALEK***
2014_10_31_19:44:32.064   066.131.243.xxx   HI FROM MARKEE FROM MONTREAL  HAPPY HALLOWEEN
2014_10_31_19:44:59.865   072.228.146.xxx   Trick or Treaters just arrived!
2014_10_31_19:45:08.985   050.173.043.xxx   ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
2014_10_31_19:45:24.686   174.045.226.xxx   Hello from Billings, MT
2014_10_31_19:45:55.808   050.173.043.xxx   hello
2014_10_31_19:46:24.163   050.173.043.xxx   kill
2014_10_31_19:46:49.014   072.228.146.xxx   Just killed Frankenstein (10 IM's so far today)
2014_10_31_19:48:27.057   072.228.146.xxx   This is fun! On, Off, On, Off... (11)
2014_10_31_19:48:54.719   072.228.146.xxx   Trick or Treaters just arrived! (12)
2014_10_31_19:49:27.231   072.228.146.xxx   Just when you sat down! LOL (13)
2014_10_31_19:53:25.864   176.024.040.xxx   alek lights any good
2014_10_31_19:53:29.540   072.228.146.xxx   Trick or Treaters just arrived! (14)
2014_10_31_19:54:10.934   072.228.146.xxx   Sorry, I overloaded your message! (15)
2014_10_31_19:54:44.075   072.228.146.xxx   WOW, BIG group arrived! (16)
2014_10_31_19:55:04.829   071.234.162.xxx   Happy Halloween Alek____________
2014_10_31_19:55:36.124   087.113.081.xxx   A most excellent Halloween here in the UK! Now off to bed
2014_10_31_19:56:05.269   072.228.146.xxx   I will head there too in 5 minutes from NY! (17)
2014_10_31_19:56:42.219   071.234.162.xxx   b*** s
2014_10_31_19:56:44.793   072.228.146.xxx   LOTS of peeps tonight! (18)
2014_10_31_19:57:23.221   071.234.162.xxx   Ya I know happy halloween!!
2014_10_31_19:57:47.652   072.228.146.xxx   BOO! (19)
2014_10_31_19:58:16.726   072.228.146.xxx   Trick or Treaters just arrived! (20 IM's so far today)
2014_10_31_19:58:20.855   149.160.156.xxx   hi from indiana university
2014_10_31_19:58:49.864   174.084.219.xxx   hi from the white house
2014_10_31_19:58:55.602   070.180.208.xxx   FREAKING OUT! (25)
2014_10_31_19:59:10.337   072.228.146.xxx   EEK! spOOky! LOL (21)
2014_10_31_19:59:59.793   072.228.146.xxx   Just used up the last minute! GOOD NIGHT! (22)
2014_10_31_20:00:17.076   070.180.208.xxx   367 people viewing at 19:59:41 Mountain Time (26)
2014_10_31_20:00:40.629   072.228.146.xxx   I will control this now as a ghost! (23)
2014_10_31_20:00:56.817   068.150.161.xxx   Alek needs to dress up
2014_10_31_20:01:03.701   099.192.123.xxx   Imma call the ghostbusters
2014_10_31_20:01:10.346   070.180.208.xxx   Teenagers on lawn! (27)
2014_10_31_20:01:42.971   174.084.219.xxx   Hi my name is casper
2014_10_31_20:02:17.528   070.180.208.xxx   Why do people walk right by? FREE CANDY! (28)
2014_10_31_20:03:00.824   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** My son just came up - see picture on blog ***ALEK***
2014_10_31_20:03:35.705   068.150.161.xxx   Alek could dress up as an IT geek... Oh wait....
2014_10_31_20:03:46.413   068.106.030.xxx   Greetings from WE7GV (11)
2014_10_31_20:06:06.588   024.074.151.xxx   incoming
2014_10_31_20:06:19.300   071.234.162.xxx   Greeting From Vermont
2014_10_31_20:06:20.705   072.220.046.xxx   Hello from San Marcos, CA
2014_10_31_20:07:02.088   072.230.090.xxx   Hello from Fayetteville, NY
2014_10_31_20:08:26.932   108.036.139.xxx   Hope you're having an awesome Halloween, Alek! (10 IM's so far today)
2014_10_31_20:12:41.959   070.180.208.xxx   Check that candy! If it's good go get more! (29)
2014_10_31_20:17:01.475   108.036.139.xxx   I think the office monsters need a drink (11)
2014_10_31_20:17:29.319   072.220.046.xxx   yes
2014_10_31_20:17:50.416   070.180.208.xxx   Dropping them off by the car full! (30 IM's so far today)
2014_10_31_20:21:10.364   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** More at the door! ***ALEK***
2014_10_31_20:21:21.793   072.220.046.xxx   Happy Halloween!!
2014_10_31_20:23:28.445   072.220.046.xxx   this website is awsome
2014_10_31_20:23:58.235   173.080.075.xxx   Its better when Im stealing soulllsssssssss
2014_10_31_20:24:42.705   072.220.046.xxx   click GRRRRR!!
2014_10_31_20:24:45.940   108.036.139.xxx   Who's watching scary movies tonight? (12)
2014_10_31_20:24:51.558   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Running low on candy! ***ALEK***
2014_10_31_20:25:22.702   099.192.123.xxx   turn the lights off & hide :O (10 IM's so far today)
2014_10_31_20:25:36.382   072.220.046.xxx   lol
2014_10_31_20:25:51.944   050.115.154.xxx   hello CR
2014_10_31_20:26:29.829   075.064.086.xxx   Boo
2014_10_31_20:27:52.813   072.220.046.xxx   the website is gliching
2014_10_31_20:28:24.691   070.180.208.xxx   Blog has pic of Homer attacking scooter people! (31)
2014_10_31_20:28:40.925   070.185.229.xxx   Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
2014_10_31_20:28:55.862   072.220.046.xxx   D___ho
2014_10_31_20:29:46.923   068.040.236.xxx   Too bad it couldn't be warm here -- its windy and snowy here in Detroit! :(
2014_10_31_20:29:55.873   072.220.046.xxx   sponchbobsqare pants
2014_10_31_20:30:57.302   072.220.046.xxx   on cam 2 it ses on off??? (10 IM's so far today)
2014_10_31_20:31:10.585   209.203.212.xxx   Godly Gods around here
2014_10_31_20:32:18.348   108.036.139.xxx   Happy Halloween! (13)
2014_10_31_20:33:19.280   209.203.212.xxx   RDUUURRRRRRRRRRR
2014_10_31_20:33:20.348   108.036.139.xxx   Trick Or Treat! (14)
2014_10_31_20:33:54.196   209.203.212.xxx   Luck __________________________________________________________________________
2014_10_31_20:36:09.423   071.082.059.xxx   wow a lot of trick or treaters
2014_10_31_20:36:10.379   070.185.229.xxx   What did the skeleton say before he ate his meal?
2014_10_31_20:38:48.006   104.172.103.xxx   Happ trick or treating
2014_10_31_20:39:46.567   024.230.143.xxx   I am from SD
2014_10_31_20:43:45.011   066.131.243.xxx   hello  from montreal
2014_10_31_20:43:50.232   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** More cool costume pics posted on the blog ***ALEK***
2014_10_31_20:46:56.084   176.024.040.xxx   hey alek did u get the email
2014_10_31_20:55:36.766   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Outa chocolate Eggnog - pumpkin liquor almost gone ***ALEK***
2014_10_31_20:57:03.755   096.018.111.xxx   Happy Holidays from HomieLive.US
2014_10_31_20:57:52.101   070.185.229.xxx   Happy Halloween from Thomas G
2014_10_31_20:58:21.548   050.082.053.xxx   SCARE ALL THE kids
2014_10_31_21:00:49.451   024.003.239.xxx   HaPpY HaLLoWeEn!
2014_10_31_21:02:11.957   050.122.164.xxx   hello
2014_10_31_21:02:35.815   050.082.053.xxx   who was that r u ok?????????
2014_10_31_21:03:02.759   050.082.053.xxx   who was that
2014_10_31_21:04:23.155   050.122.164.xxx   hey there
2014_10_31_21:04:23.170   077.129.122.xxx   Hi ,happy halloween fron France
2014_10_31_21:05:50.715   050.082.053.xxx   oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww
2014_10_31_21:06:17.225   050.082.053.xxx   i hav to go i am in labor
2014_10_31_21:06:50.581   024.003.239.xxx   HaPpY HaLLoWeEn from PiTsBuRgH!
2014_10_31_21:08:39.004   077.129.122.xxx   the monster mash _______
2014_10_31_21:09:44.508   068.150.161.xxx   It was a graveyard smash!
2014_10_31_21:10:17.936   070.185.229.xxx   Pumpkin Pie
2014_10_31_21:10:22.234   050.082.053.xxx   and sh___t
2014_10_31_21:10:31.575   068.150.161.xxx   Waaooooh. Wa wahoooo
2014_10_31_21:11:00.001   050.082.053.xxx   fart head yeah
2014_10_31_21:11:34.928   050.082.053.xxx   facebook
2014_10_31_21:11:38.017   077.129.122.xxx   cimer chef putain
2014_10_31_21:11:54.576   024.003.239.xxx   It caught on in a flash!
2014_10_31_21:16:33.806   070.185.229.xxx   Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
2014_10_31_21:18:54.001   024.003.239.xxx   My Mom!
2014_10_31_21:21:13.879   068.061.168.xxx   I see you
2014_10_31_21:24:35.190   071.012.204.xxx   Happy Halloween !
2014_10_31_21:29:00.947   070.178.076.xxx   Olive the Bulldog and her bullie pals wish you a****appy Halloween!
2014_10_31_21:43:39.400   070.180.208.xxx   Anyone seen any kids lately? (32)
2014_10_31_21:45:12.426   068.108.041.xxx   Vegas checking in... HEY HAPPY HALLOWEEN
2014_10_31_21:45:48.271   070.180.208.xxx   Do a walk up video panning all around slowly please! Like we are there! (33)
2014_10_31_21:49:07.623   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** 11 more minutes before Halloween 2014 is over ... ***ALEK***
2014_10_31_21:49:27.825   024.003.239.xxx   Noooooo!!!!
2014_10_31_21:50:15.499   088.193.143.xxx   Happy Halloween - Finland
2014_10_31_21:51:26.685   024.003.239.xxx   terve!
2014_10_31_21:52:26.585   068.150.161.xxx   Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells
2014_10_31_21:52:57.117   071.226.189.xxx   Thanks for the Halloween lights!
2014_10_31_21:52:58.653   068.150.161.xxx   Jingle all the way!
2014_10_31_21:53:00.872   071.193.092.xxx   last day today
2014_10_31_21:53:49.365   068.150.161.xxx   Ghostbusters on tv
2014_10_31_21:54:39.048   176.024.040.xxx   alek you are on sky news
2014_10_31_21:55:06.848   068.150.161.xxx   5 mins (10 IM's so far today)
2014_10_31_21:55:07.595   071.193.092.xxx   what happen to cam 2
2014_10_31_21:55:13.025   024.003.239.xxx   Wave Alek! Wave!!
2014_10_31_21:55:23.638   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Cam2 seems to be working fine ... ***ALEK***
2014_10_31_21:55:35.819   068.150.161.xxx   Yes (11)
2014_10_31_21:55:57.607   088.193.143.xxx   terve :D - Kajaani
2014_10_31_21:56:06.031   068.150.161.xxx   So fun (12)
2014_10_31_21:56:17.895   068.189.222.xxx   Another great Halloween Thx Alek
2014_10_31_21:56:54.716   068.150.161.xxx   As always!  It's a sight to behold (13)
2014_10_31_21:57:10.414   176.024.040.xxx   3 mins and counting
2014_10_31_21:57:13.451   070.180.208.xxx   Thanks for the fun! (34)
2014_10_31_21:57:29.080   068.207.092.xxx   this is my 5th or 6th year checking this out- always cool, dude
2014_10_31_21:58:06.664   068.150.161.xxx   You will be on till 11.... (14)
2014_10_31_21:58:24.771   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Remember this is just the warmup for Christmas ... HO-HO-HO! ***ALEK***
2014_10_31_21:59:01.634   068.150.161.xxx   The Christmas Ghost (15)
2014_10_31_21:59:01.957   176.024.040.xxx   2 mins and counting (10 IM's so far today)
2014_10_31_21:59:30.838   068.207.092.xxx   TOO Early to talk about Christmas!! So sick of it already- 2 aisles of Christma
2014_10_31_21:59:34.750   068.150.161.xxx   Down to the end (16)
2014_10_31_21:59:41.818   068.108.041.xxx   Christmas next.. YES YES... Looking forward to that also... YES
2014_10_31_21:59:45.939   176.024.040.xxx   see you at xmas bye bye (11)
2014_10_31_21:59:53.363   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Happy Halloween from Hulkville! ***ALEK***
2014_10_31_21:59:56.274   070.180.208.xxx   See you at Christmas! (35)
2014_10_31_22:00:23.835   066.131.243.xxx   when are christmas decorations  going up?

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