Installing a New Garage Door

Our almost 30-year old garage doors were starting to get warped (note the "smile" at the bottom), the strut bar cracked, and other issues ... so rather than wait until we HAD to replace it, we decided to do it proactively. After some research and driving around various neighborhoods looking at garage doors, we decided on a "plank" design - a CHI Wood Grain Model 2347 in Dark Oak with top-level windows to let some light into the garage.

We had to replace the garage door openers since they were from before a IR-beam safety system was required ... and ended up getting Liftmaster 8550's. The belt drive system is really quiet - I can't hear it go up when the wife comes home! It's a pretty nifty system including Wi-Fi capability that allows you to check status, get notifications (so I do get notified when the wife shows up!) and even control your garage doors - hopefully hackers on the Internet won't take over and make it go up & down! ;-)

We went with Laughlin Garage Door (James at 303-884-6222 was great) and his brother Will did a super job with the install as seen in the time-lapse videos below. As with most home improvement projects, this will result in some other upgrades such as light fixtures and maybe even some repainting.

Before/After of the Garage Door at various times of the day

Garage door before/after in the morning light

Setting up GarageDoorCam that morning - was "BirdCam" until the night before

Time-lapse videos from the GrassCam and GarageDoorCam! ;-)

Sequence of before/after pictures of the garage door

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Even the neighborhood Fox likes the new garage doors! ;-)

fox checks out garage door wide

fox checks out garage door tele