Kyle gets a Marine Haircut - D'OH! ;-)

While out in Hawaii with Kyle in 2011 with my family, discussed ensued about getting him a Marine haircut. He said "sure," and since my wife Wendy wasn't around, I said what the heck, lets go for it ... knowing full well I'd be in big, big, big trouble!

When the lady at the Marine Barber shop saw long-haired Kyle, she asked incredulously "you sure you want Marine Haircut?" It took her considerably longer than normal to cut all of Kyle's hair, and she asked near the end why he was getting his haircut. Kyle replied that his Mom wanted it long (hair is a BIG deal for her) but his Dad like it short. She replied "I guess Dad won" ... to which Kyle replied "No, when we get home and my Mom see my Marine Haircut, she is going to kill Dad!!!" ;-)

Kyle's Front, Side, and Back profile at Sunrise on Kailua Beach, Hawaii

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Kyle Marine Haircut

Kyle (pre-haircut) with sunburned Uncle Kurt - Mouseover first image to see 'em flex

hawaii family funny

kurt kyle closeup

Kyle at sunrise with Marine Haircut - Mouseover image to see without flash

hawaii family funny

Kyle with Kaelyn ... after Marine Haircut!

kyle kaelyn

kyle kaelyn diaper

YouTube Video of Sergeant Kurt and Private Kyle on Sunscreen Safety!

It's really sad my Dad wasn't around to see Kyle's Marine Haircut - he would have liked it.
Update: I gave Kyle a military haircut in 2013.

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