checknetgroup: Check netgroup file for various oddities

checknetgroup is a quick-n-dirty tool that parses the UNIX netgroup file and
looks for various oddities - specifically:
1. If a netgroup key has NO values 2. If a netgroup key is repeated 3. If a netgroup value (member) is "orphaned" 4. If the hostname value looks suspicious or does not exist 5. If the username value looks suspicious or does not exist 6. If a netgroup includes itself as a member 7. If a netgroup includes a member which is allready rolled up - i.e. netkey1 member1 netkey2 netkey1 member1 8. If a netgroup has a circular reference - i.e. netkey2 netkey1 netkey3 netkey2 netkey1 netkey3 Note: Items from #6 above should/will probably show up here also

Here's the tarball for checknetgroup-1.0 (020419) ... basically just a simple Perl script ...

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