yadu - Yet Another Disk Usage program

Yadu is Yet Another Disk Usage program and is a simple/quick-n-dirty tool to 
parse directory(s) and determine how many files and bytes are being used 
sliced-n-diced various ways. This turns out to be kinda useful - some questions
that yadu can be used to easily/quickly answer are:

   - Are there any files out there owned by users that no longer exist?
   - Which files are really BIG and account for most of the disk usage?
   - Which files have not been access/modified in a LONG time?
   - What percentage of the disk space is .mp3's, .ppt's, etc.?
   - Are there any setUID files out there?
   - Are there any directories of excessive length and/or repeated path parts?
   - I need some data for generic disk management reporting.
        yadu generates output that is easily importable.

yadu uses the stat command to generate sorted output in categories such as:
   atime - last time file accessed
   ctime - last time inode changed
   mtime - last time file modified
   size - Breakdown by size groupings
   user - uid/owner of files
   group - gid/group of files
   Extension (i.e. how many bytes/files by .doc, .tar, etc.)
   List SetUID Files (might as well do this security check)
   List SetGID Files (ditto)
   dirdeep - Breakdown number of directory parts per path (branches)
   dirsize - Breakdown number of entries per directory (leaves)
   filelen - Breakdown of lengths of filenames (basename only)
   pathlen - Breakdown of lengths of full pathnames
And more!   ;-) 

Here is a complete list of the yadu options, some examples of how to use it,
and a  few slides on yadu.

Here's the tarball for yadu-1.2 (20030312) - trivial to install/configure/run;
plus some useful pre and post processing scripts are included.

Note that yadu DOES run on Windoze, although not all of the information
is available (specifically the user/group details). I'd love to have
someone who really know Perl on NT submit some code to get this data.

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