21 tons of rock in the back yard!

The previous owners of our house were avid gardeners, and had done some very nice landscaping around the house. However, they had not quite finished a strip of land in the backyard and there was a ton of growing grass back there. The weeds would take over, and require a 15-bag weeding job every few months. So we decided the lowest maintenance solution was to simply ROCK the whole thing with 21 tons - bring on the Hummer! ;-)

We did hire some folks to do most of this for us and overall the project went real smooth - no more grass and/or toro lawn mower! We have drips for the soon-to-be planted junipers allready in place. Note also the two garden beds built with timbers on the far left & right sides - these also have watering in place and ready to go ... remember, low maintenance is key!





Here's a "picture" of what the whole thing looks like:


And here is what it will "look" like after we add the Junipers in the Spring:


This was by far the heaviest house project I've done! ;-)