Chinese Downhill @ Copper Mountain!!!

My wife and son Kyle went skiing a week before Christmas, 2016 at Copper Mountain ... and hit some HUGE pow-pow!

On Friday, there was no new snow, but 11" the night before ... AND the Alpine lift was opening for the first time of the season. Since the temperatures had stayed cold, this meant the snow would be in good shape ... and it was awesome making first tracks.

On Saturday, 16" of fresh snow had fallen the night before, so it was a LOT more crowded and there was some serious comedy as people jockey'ed into position for the earliest possible chair. Thanks to Kyle, we were on the 3rd chair up. A major bonus was that Resolution Chair was opening for the first time of the season, so we wanted to hit that. Everyone else had the same idea, and when the Ski Patrol dropped the ropes around 9:20, it was a major Chinese Downhill!!!

You might be wondering "What is the F*ck is Chinese Downhill?!?"   Famous quote is at 1:11 in the embedded video below.
This is, of course, from the highest grossing ski movie of all time - the classic "Hot Dog... The Movie" - pretty hilarious writeup from Outside Magazine. It's politically incorrect (think Porky's on skis), and probably best watched after drinking! ;-)

Up early Friday morning and in-line before the lifts opened

Chinese Downhill Copper Mountain ski 0

Wendy and Kyle all by themselves going down "Too Much" off of the Alpine Chair

The first time down was as good as any Cat or Heli Skiing I've done - Wendy said it was an all-time top-ten run!!!
Chinese Downhill Copper Mountain ski 1

Scraping our Subaru the next morning after 16" of snow fell over night!

Chinese Downhill Copper Mountain ski 2

Saturday was a LOT more crowded - Kyle RAN from the bus, so we ended up on the 3rd chair!

Chinese Downhill Copper Mountain ski 3

Kyle at the front of the line at Super Bee chairlift

Copper Mountain Chinese Downhill Jerry

Ended up being ~100 people at the rope drop for Resolution around 9:20

Kyle had smartly seen the ski patrol going DOWN this (closed) run as we came up on the Super Bee lift ... so figured they would do a sweep and then come back up to open it. So we got another run in elsewhere, and then circled back for rope drop. There was a lot of pent-up excitement as the crowd gathered for the season opening of the Resolution runs after 16" of snow.

Kyle was exactly right as we saw the same two ski patrollers come up the chair ... so we knew to jockey for position early - I blocked out some dudes as Kyle was in the front. Once the ski patrol opened the gates, it was every man for himself (no friends on a powder day!) and Kyle got the lead got fresh tracks all the way down.

I found some fresh lines down the initial steep slope, but then it flattens out for a bit. I followed a dude who headed to the left as he slowed down in the foot+ of new snow - my speed was much faster because I was following in is fresh-cut tracks ... and just before we reached the steep section, I went zooming past him to grab the pow-pow! As we rode up the lift, I saw Wendy coming down - sorry honey, no friends on a powder day ... or as it actually was, even on my wife's birthday! ;-)

Chinese Downhill Copper Mountain ski 7

Here is an example of what it probably looked like from the ski lift! ;-)

#Openingday at #Breckenridge makes the season Seam legit!!! #vail #epicpass

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A LOT of pow-pow ... on another run, Kyle actually had one ski go OVER and the other UNDER this log

Fortunately he popped out and was OK - no broken leg for him as happened to me in Mar/2015 Chinese Downhill Copper Mountain ski 4

Kyle with Wendy's co-workers in the hot-tub that night - fun crowd!!!

Chinese Downhill Copper Mountain ski 8

Only one way to settle this - "Chinese Downhill" - is from "Hot Dog... The Movie"
Read more at this hilarious writeup from Outside Magazine

This is a GREAT re-take of the Chinese Downhill ... complete with "rockets" on skis!

Some other examples of Chinese Downhills here and here.
My pictures are all from cell phone ... so quality is so-so.

Needless to say, this was a great time skiing ... and Kyle is a rally-master when it comes to big pow-pow days! ;-)