Skiing at Winter Park, Colorado

Here's a few pictures from Winter Park, Colorado which is one of my favorite places to ski. While most Colorado ski areas are located past Eisenhower Tunnel on I-70, Winter Park is reached via Highway 40 over Berthoud Pass. While the main area is starting to get developed, the Mary Jane side has so far been mostly untouched and harkens back to an earlier era of casual skiing with slope-side parking and great bump runs.
These pictures were taken in 2008 - here's some Winter Park pics from 2010

Wife Wendy and younger Son Kyle at top of Winter Park, Colorado

winter park kyle wendy

Kyle with older brother Dirk enjoying a sunny day at Winter Park

winter park kyle dirk

Closeup of Kyle coming out of a mogul field on the ski slopes

winter park kyle

Dirk sporting a big smile on the Winter Park Ski Slopes

winter park dirk

Wendy has even a bigger smile

winter park wendy

Late afternoon sun at Winter Park, Colorado

winter park wendy backlit

Friend Dave also enjoys Winter Park, Colorado

winter park dave 2

And he can really cut it up - Jane Gang in action!

winter park dave

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