Utah Heli Ski - Alek Pics

There were way too many great pictures from the Komarnitsky Bro' Utah Heli Ski trip, so here's a few extra of yours truly. Usually I'm behind the camera, but thanks Bro's for these pics of the Dorky dude in his $4.99 Bill Johnson retro-helmet! ;-)

Alek glides through the Utah pow-pow

utah heli ski alek 1

Alek "whooops" it up ... Heli Skiing is fun!

utah heli ski alek 1b

Yet Another picture taken by Kris - well framed!

utah heli ski alek 2

Kurt takes a picture of me as the last one down through this (leaning!) meadow

utah heli ski alek 3

Myke snaps this picture showing the untracked snow when you heli ski

utah heli ski alek 4

Alek is Styling in the Red Bill Johnson Retro Ski Helmet - $4.99 at a Garage Sale!

utah heli ski alek 5