wendy wedding

Alek & Wendy La$ Vega$ Wedding Marriage

luxor We arrived in La$ Vega$ Thursday night October 2nd, 1997, and spent 3 days at the Luxor Hotel in an awesome Egyptian styled suite. A very pleasant surprise upon our arrival was a congratulatory bottle of champagne from Denise & Bill, which we decided to save for our wedding night.
sunrise Wendy had never been to La$ Vega$ before and was quite excited. So she woke up at 5:58AM the first morning - she wanted to see everything before noon! ;-)
fish Wendy wasn't really interested in gambling - she was there to catch her Big Kahuna! ;-)
nothing Wendy was pooped by the end of the evening, so she relaxed in the bubble bath the night before the big wedding day.
Elvis Wedding Chapel So the next morning, we went down to the nicest Elvis wedding chapel in town (you can see that other famous people have had their marriage and weddings here too! ;-) and were ready to say our vows ...

But ... we decided this really was not "grand" enough for our wedding ...