Alek & Wendy's Wedding Reception

We didn't think we'd have a wedding reception after eloping to the Grand Canyon. However, our friends Caroline & Debbie had different thoughts! ;-) So they threw a great wedding reception for us on Saturday, November 22nd, 1997 in Boulder. We estimate about a 100 people came by over the course of the evening, and we probably got over 50 people on the dance floor at one time. Here's a few pictures:

aw1 Here is the bride and groom ready to greet their guests.
girls Debbie, Wendy, and Caroline. They truly did a great job and things turned out better than we had ever hoped.
wedding cake Alek & Wendy had the traditioonal Wedding Carrot Cake - this was yummy! Note that Alek is the perfect gentleman here ... no smearing of the cake on Wendy's face! ;-)
aw2 Alek & Wendy announcing first the BIG surprise (new house) and then the LITTLE surprise (Wendy is pregnant and due June 12th, 1998! ;-)
chicken dance There was major dancing for several hours ... including the "chicken" dance
sing Nicola & Gigi sing along ... and as they wished, here they are featured on the Web Page!

Thank you everyone for joining us in celebrating at our wedding reception!!!

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