520 christmas text messages on 2007/1130

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 8,704 times that day including 5,632 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1130

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_11_30_17:00:13.638   024.219.122.xxx   here we go
2007_11_30_17:00:52.867   064.252.251.xxx   yay___
2007_11_30_17:01:04.346   024.008.170.xxx   Another night of fun!!!
2007_11_30_17:01:17.619   068.104.149.xxx   Good evening everyone!!!
2007_11_30_17:01:38.662   074.093.179.xxx   Hello everyone! from Chico, California!
2007_11_30_17:02:14.364   068.104.149.xxx   mesa az
2007_11_30_17:02:31.139   074.093.179.xxx   Dudette, actually! :-)
2007_11_30_17:02:56.411   066.044.250.xxx   I just farted
2007_11_30_17:03:02.542   068.104.149.xxx   alek please?!?!?!
2007_11_30_17:03:30.995   024.125.179.xxx   Hello from Richmond, VA
2007_11_30_17:03:38.825   068.104.149.xxx   thanks alek
2007_11_30_17:03:41.251   088.022.034.xxx   k bien..me gusta mucho!
2007_11_30_17:03:44.616   066.044.250.xxx   I just farted again.  Ate beans for supper.
2007_11_30_17:05:05.742   066.044.250.xxx   We are from West Virginia.
2007_11_30_17:05:29.187   088.022.034.xxx   im from the canary slands
2007_11_30_17:06:03.874   070.171.215.xxx   HHAHHAHAHAHAH
2007_11_30_17:06:09.384   066.044.250.xxx   West Virginia rules!!
2007_11_30_17:06:44.835   088.022.034.xxx   supercalifragilisticoalidosoyespantoso
2007_11_30_17:08:36.122   064.012.116.xxx   25 day christmas
2007_11_30_17:09:00.653   148.064.160.xxx   cchristmas03iejn0sdue
2007_11_30_17:09:12.775   068.194.244.xxx   yo alex theres a major dely on webcam 2 right now like 2 min
2007_11_30_17:09:15.047   077.097.186.xxx   Hello from Kath
2007_11_30_17:10:04.692   068.194.244.xxx   hey alek whats with the major dely on cam 2 today
2007_11_30_17:10:35.965   068.194.244.xxx   alex cam 2 is stuck
2007_11_30_17:10:38.017   064.012.116.xxx   hello from nick
2007_11_30_17:11:16.202   068.194.244.xxx   alex cam 2 is really delayed please answer or fix
2007_11_30_17:12:01.404   071.129.032.xxx   What up geeeeeee funk dizzle--- ___3 Efitzy
2007_11_30_17:12:06.512   068.194.244.xxx   ALEX FIX CAM 2
2007_11_30_17:12:24.495   088.022.034.xxx   siboney
2007_11_30_17:12:37.480   071.129.032.xxx   shut it i was doing that!
2007_11_30_17:13:06.410   068.194.244.xxx   FIX WEB CAM TWO ALEK ITS LIKE 2 MIN DIFF
2007_11_30_17:13:40.510   068.194.244.xxx   web cam two NEEDS to be fixed
2007_11_30_17:13:57.053   088.022.034.xxx   ENTRA EN MI PAGINA WEB: LINK DELETED
2007_11_30_17:13:58.458   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hey DUDE - chill with webcam2 - I'll get to it - it's a free site! ***ALEK***
2007_11_30_17:14:40.551   068.194.244.xxx   Alex also santa fel over
2007_11_30_17:14:57.631   088.022.034.xxx   HOLA SOYS TODOS UNOS IGNORANTES
2007_11_30_17:15:28.326   068.194.244.xxx   SANTA fel over
2007_11_30_17:15:33.197   066.044.250.xxx   m******* are not allowed on here
2007_11_30_17:15:50.850   024.237.032.xxx   I am from Alaska! love your lights
2007_11_30_17:16:03.475   068.194.244.xxx   SANTA TOPPLED OVER PLEASE FIX (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_30_17:16:06.716   088.022.034.xxx   THE SIMPSON IS FOLLIG DOW!
2007_11_30_17:16:14.634   066.044.250.xxx   I love alaska!!
2007_11_30_17:16:58.350   068.194.244.xxx   fix santa alek fix santa alek fix santa alek fix santa alek fix santa alek (11)
2007_11_30_17:17:36.914   068.194.244.xxx   SANTA IS BROKEN ALEK FIX (12)
2007_11_30_17:17:38.568   069.177.036.xxx   Great jobb!!!!
2007_11_30_17:17:44.238   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Heading out to fix Santa ... ***ALEK***
2007_11_30_17:18:09.505   068.194.244.xxx   thanks I wont repete myself anymore (13)
2007_11_30_17:18:14.969   012.226.023.xxx   what's up with the skull?
2007_11_30_17:20:22.578   024.237.032.xxx   Where's everyone fromj
2007_11_30_17:20:57.889   012.215.105.xxx   iowa
2007_11_30_17:21:13.813   195.093.021.xxx   england
2007_11_30_17:21:16.206   012.226.023.xxx   iowa here too!
2007_11_30_17:21:23.502   070.104.087.xxx   NJ
2007_11_30_17:21:47.430   070.104.087.xxx   Go new jersey!
2007_11_30_17:21:54.353   066.044.250.xxx   Hillary for President!!!
2007_11_30_17:22:12.276   071.205.040.xxx   dont vote hillary
2007_11_30_17:22:32.100   075.181.085.xxx   please
2007_11_30_17:22:34.666   024.237.032.xxx   agreed
2007_11_30_17:22:36.729   070.104.087.xxx   hillary sucks...go gore
2007_11_30_17:22:48.684   066.044.250.xxx   Free healthcare!!
2007_11_30_17:22:50.396   071.205.040.xxx   1 million strong against hillary
2007_11_30_17:23:08.271   070.104.087.xxx   whats the guys name?
2007_11_30_17:23:08.916   068.194.244.xxx   yo the webcams s*** tonight really slow (14)
2007_11_30_17:23:45.221   071.205.040.xxx   MICHIGAN STATE RULES
2007_11_30_17:23:46.644   068.046.128.xxx   b****
2007_11_30_17:24:07.539   024.237.032.xxx   Alek what state are you in?
2007_11_30_17:24:13.641   070.104.087.xxx   whats the guys name?
2007_11_30_17:24:25.933   066.044.250.xxx   Hillary will get us free healthcare!!
2007_11_30_17:24:25.969   071.205.040.xxx   MICHIGAN STATE RULES
2007_11_30_17:24:30.542   086.140.209.xxx   Fish
2007_11_30_17:25:03.635   066.044.250.xxx   Hillary will get us free healthcare!! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_30_17:25:09.022   071.205.040.xxx   I WISH THE GUY ON CAMERA WOULD MOVE-nilez
2007_11_30_17:25:10.418   071.125.029.xxx   cool yard...get rid of halloween stuff
2007_11_30_17:25:12.609   012.205.160.xxx   hi
2007_11_30_17:25:32.613   071.205.040.xxx   Dont vote hillary nils
2007_11_30_17:25:35.584   086.140.209.xxx   Homer Simpson
2007_11_30_17:25:39.300   070.104.087.xxx   SMILE AND WAVE AT US ALECK!!!!
2007_11_30_17:25:53.319   071.205.040.xxx   I MENT NILES
2007_11_30_17:26:12.337   070.104.087.xxx   Aleck for president!!!
2007_11_30_17:26:13.109   086.140.209.xxx   Des Urgent
2007_11_30_17:26:30.187   071.205.040.xxx   that guy at desk isnt alek-niles
2007_11_30_17:26:55.544   070.104.087.xxx   VOTE ALECK FOR PRESIDENT!!!
2007_11_30_17:27:13.533   071.205.040.xxx   NILES MICHIGAN me am niles
2007_11_30_17:27:19.981   066.044.250.xxx   Hillary for President!! (11)
2007_11_30_17:27:47.764   071.205.040.xxx   If hillary elected i goto mexico (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_30_17:27:53.033   070.104.087.xxx   SMILE ALECK!!! SMILE AT YOUR ADORING FANS!!!
2007_11_30_17:27:59.926   024.010.033.xxx   SPECTACULAR!!!
2007_11_30_17:28:18.277   070.104.087.xxx   SMIIIILE ALECK!! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_30_17:28:36.833   071.205.040.xxx   NILES SAYS WARROCK.NET (11)
2007_11_30_17:28:46.636   070.104.087.xxx   OR WAVE TO US!!! (11)
2007_11_30_17:29:07.630   071.205.040.xxx   DUDE AT DESK WAVE (12)
2007_11_30_17:29:22.761   070.104.087.xxx   GIVE ME A HIGH FIVE ALECK!!! (12)
2007_11_30_17:29:29.085   071.205.040.xxx   NILES SAID THAT (13)
2007_11_30_17:29:42.155   024.237.032.xxx   What is Celiac Disease?
2007_11_30_17:29:42.893   024.010.033.xxx   SANTA CLAUS is COMING to TOWN!!!
2007_11_30_17:29:53.900   070.104.087.xxx   ALECK FOR PRESIDENT!!!! (13)
2007_11_30_17:29:56.977   024.008.141.xxx   Alex
2007_11_30_17:30:09.595   071.205.040.xxx   NILES (14)
2007_11_30_17:30:25.571   070.104.087.xxx   alex? (14)
2007_11_30_17:30:38.200   024.237.032.xxx   Cute boys Alek
2007_11_30_17:30:41.264   071.205.040.xxx   SOrry i feel annoying arent i - niles (15)
2007_11_30_17:31:16.458   070.104.087.xxx   ALECK!!! OR IS IT ALEX? (15)
2007_11_30_17:31:33.789   071.205.040.xxx   EW!! discoverychannel messed up- niles (16)
2007_11_30_17:31:46.820   024.237.032.xxx   Why not chat Alek, tell us about your decorations, how long to put them up?
2007_11_30_17:32:04.016   071.205.040.xxx   an ant just ate a bee (17)
2007_11_30_17:32:16.089   068.194.244.xxx   webcam 2 went down alek (15)
2007_11_30_17:32:16.755   070.104.087.xxx   GIVE US ALL A HIGH FIVE (16)
2007_11_30_17:32:44.899   068.194.244.xxx   never mind working agin (16)
2007_11_30_17:32:52.544   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Webcam2 should be working better now ... ***ALEK***
2007_11_30_17:32:57.845   071.205.040.xxx   HAHA I TURNED OFF ALL LIGHTS-niles (18)
2007_11_30_17:33:00.108   070.104.087.xxx   please give us a high five? (17)
2007_11_30_17:33:29.897   071.205.040.xxx   camera is better-niles (19)
2007_11_30_17:33:52.162   071.205.040.xxx   GO ALEK-niles (20 IM's so far today)
2007_11_30_17:33:52.686   070.104.087.xxx   yay (18)
2007_11_30_17:34:02.054   024.010.033.xxx   WOW that was a real person!!!
2007_11_30_17:34:16.817   070.104.087.xxx   he gave me a high five!!!! WOOOO (19)
2007_11_30_17:34:17.291   071.205.040.xxx   I am proud of him (21)
2007_11_30_17:34:17.502   081.235.216.xxx   WEED IS THE s***
2007_11_30_17:34:23.986   024.237.032.xxx   well whered he go?
2007_11_30_17:34:43.222   071.205.040.xxx   that was awsome (22)
2007_11_30_17:34:54.161   081.235.216.xxx   I'm rick james b****!
2007_11_30_17:34:55.985   070.104.087.xxx   HE WENT TO SLEEEP!!! (20 IM's so far today)
2007_11_30_17:35:27.436   024.237.032.xxx   Doesn't he chat?  That rude
2007_11_30_17:35:49.020   070.104.087.xxx   YAY FOR ALECK (OR ALEX) (21)
2007_11_30_17:36:21.590   024.010.033.xxx   YAHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! awesome alek
2007_11_30_17:36:32.158   070.104.087.xxx   VOTE HIM FOR PRESIDENT!!! (22)
2007_11_30_17:37:05.981   070.104.087.xxx   Santa Claus demands you all to vote for him!!! (23)
2007_11_30_17:37:29.409   024.010.033.xxx   yay! he's back in the picture
2007_11_30_17:37:42.037   070.104.087.xxx   If you don't vote for him, then you will get a lump of coal!!! (24)
2007_11_30_17:37:57.295   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Time for dinner ... but her comes a HIGH-10!   ;-) ***ALEK***
2007_11_30_17:38:35.279   070.104.087.xxx   I VOTE ALEK FOR PESIDENT!!! (25)
2007_11_30_17:38:41.223   024.237.032.xxx   your kinda cute...too bad you don't chat lol (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_30_17:38:43.510   024.010.033.xxx   have a AWESOME dinner
2007_11_30_17:39:07.093   070.104.087.xxx   I WANT DINNER!!! (26)
2007_11_30_17:39:37.961   072.184.220.xxx   Greetings from St. Petersburg FL
2007_11_30_17:40:12.717   070.104.087.xxx   BRING BACK SOME DINNER ALEK!!! (27)
2007_11_30_17:40:22.022   072.184.220.xxx   It's currently 72 degrees in FL
2007_11_30_17:40:39.448   081.235.216.xxx   How do you get the hulk to work?
2007_11_30_17:40:50.881   070.104.087.xxx   BRING BACK FOOOOOD!!! (28)
2007_11_30_17:41:30.035   070.104.087.xxx   I'M HUNGRY!!! (29)
2007_11_30_17:41:35.173   071.093.005.xxx   this is very cool
2007_11_30_17:42:03.191   071.093.005.xxx   very nice idea
2007_11_30_17:42:21.370   070.104.087.xxx   COME ON ALEK!! (30 IM's so far today)
2007_11_30_17:43:22.881   071.205.040.xxx   niles is back (23)
2007_11_30_17:43:28.776   070.104.087.xxx   SPEAK ALEK!!! SPEAK!!! or write (31)
2007_11_30_17:43:46.425   081.235.216.xxx   Hes not there
2007_11_30_17:43:50.670   071.205.040.xxx   niles back (24)
2007_11_30_17:44:34.462   071.205.040.xxx   DID E.T. ACTUALLY PHONE HOME -NILES (25)
2007_11_30_17:44:50.912   081.235.216.xxx   ,-,-, ___..___ ,-,-,
2007_11_30_17:44:52.348   024.010.033.xxx   Hi EVERYONE!!! from, ME in Paradise, CA
2007_11_30_17:45:07.229   071.205.040.xxx   rockford michigan (26)
2007_11_30_17:45:37.732   024.010.033.xxx   hi rockford michigan!!
2007_11_30_17:45:39.191   081.235.216.xxx   ,-,-, ___..___ ,-,-,
2007_11_30_17:46:19.047   071.205.040.xxx   isnt this awsome-niles (27)
2007_11_30_17:46:20.477   081.235.216.xxx   ****************************************************************************010
2007_11_30_17:46:50.993   071.205.040.xxx   alek is gone isnt he (28)
2007_11_30_17:47:28.716   071.205.040.xxx   =====___ (29)
2007_11_30_17:48:26.402   071.205.040.xxx   haha i turned on spongebob (30 IM's so far today)
2007_11_30_17:48:51.323   071.205.040.xxx   haha i turned on spongebob-niles (31)
2007_11_30_17:49:05.384   024.010.033.xxx   thank you..this is so much fun!
2007_11_30_17:49:12.728   070.117.154.xxx   is spongebob a boy or a girl
2007_11_30_17:49:35.261   070.104.087.xxx   spongebob is a girl (32)
2007_11_30_17:50:21.500   071.205.040.xxx   haha i turned things off-niles (32)
2007_11_30_17:50:36.100   070.104.087.xxx   HE'S BACK!!! YAAAAY!!! (33)
2007_11_30_17:50:54.798   071.205.040.xxx   yey alek is back-niles (33)
2007_11_30_17:51:19.010   070.104.087.xxx   JUMP UP AND DOWN ALECK!! (34)
2007_11_30_17:51:32.875   071.205.040.xxx   please another wave please-niles (34)
2007_11_30_17:51:44.342   070.104.087.xxx   JUMPING JACKS ALEK!!! (35)
2007_11_30_17:52:11.301   071.205.040.xxx   no alek wouldnt do that-niles (35)
2007_11_30_17:52:39.152   068.194.056.xxx   flash the lights
2007_11_30_17:52:41.135   070.104.087.xxx   DO JUMPING JACKS ALEK!!! (36)
2007_11_30_17:53:26.131   071.205.040.xxx   that santa is climbing up a ladder-niles (36)
2007_11_30_17:53:48.874   071.125.029.xxx   get rid of halloween stuff
2007_11_30_17:54:01.264   070.117.154.xxx   how much is you house
2007_11_30_17:54:11.432   071.205.040.xxx   he will do wat he wants-niles (37)
2007_11_30_17:54:32.181   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Donate a thousand to Celiac Niles and I will do Jumping Jacks on Webcam ***ALEK***
2007_11_30_17:54:36.755   070.104.087.xxx   go away niles (37)
2007_11_30_17:54:55.489   086.031.146.xxx   love the lights
2007_11_30_17:54:59.331   070.104.087.xxx   I DON'T HAVE 1,000 DOLLARS!!! (38)
2007_11_30_17:55:14.735   071.205.040.xxx   i can try maybe about half that but im broke (38)
2007_11_30_17:55:16.977   070.117.154.xxx   i do
2007_11_30_17:55:29.857   070.104.087.xxx   lies!!! (39)
2007_11_30_17:55:35.352   071.205.040.xxx   niles is broke (39)
2007_11_30_17:55:36.908   086.031.146.xxx   hello
2007_11_30_17:56:01.492   076.178.028.xxx   what is with webcam 2?
2007_11_30_17:56:14.633   070.117.154.xxx   i cant turn on santa
2007_11_30_17:56:18.793   086.031.146.xxx   Love the light here in the uk
2007_11_30_17:56:23.060   071.205.040.xxx   niles is broke (40 IM's so far today)
2007_11_30_17:56:35.175   070.104.087.xxx   i'm gonna give him a lump of coal if he doesn't do jumping jacks (40 IM's so far today)
2007_11_30_17:56:48.086   071.205.040.xxx   wish i could donate-niles (41)
2007_11_30_17:57:20.365   071.205.040.xxx   omg it was snow day today!!!-niles (42)
2007_11_30_17:58:03.331   071.205.040.xxx   no but seriously dont vote hillary-niles (43)
2007_11_30_17:58:05.282   070.127.117.xxx   santa fell down an cant get up
2007_11_30_17:58:29.985   070.104.087.xxx   SANTA ROCKS!!! (41)
2007_11_30_17:58:45.056   070.226.100.xxx   tellalek to pick santa up
2007_11_30_17:59:23.008   070.104.087.xxx   Alek!!! HIIIIII (42)
2007_11_30_17:59:44.023   071.205.040.xxx   i will pick upsant remotely-niles (44)
2007_11_30_17:59:46.787   070.104.087.xxx   NOW DO JUMPING JACKS (43)
2007_11_30_18:00:03.877   068.049.032.xxx   hello from maryland
2007_11_30_18:00:23.617   071.205.040.xxx   niles from michagan anti hillary (45)
2007_11_30_18:00:29.682   070.104.087.xxx   VOTE ALECK FOR PRESIDENT!!! (44)
2007_11_30_18:01:18.699   071.205.040.xxx   vote niles for president (46)
2007_11_30_18:01:45.819   070.104.087.xxx   ANTI NILES!!! (45)
2007_11_30_18:02:06.329   070.104.087.xxx   GO ALEK! (46)
2007_11_30_18:02:13.969   071.205.040.xxx   NO I AM NILES HEAR ME ROAR!!!! (47)
2007_11_30_18:02:48.287   071.205.040.xxx   anti person who said antniles (48)
2007_11_30_18:02:49.239   070.104.087.xxx   i'm santa, hear me give you nothing for x-mas (47)
2007_11_30_18:03:12.238   070.104.087.xxx   that was for niles (48)
2007_11_30_18:03:24.136   071.205.040.xxx   liar me and santa got connections-niles (49)
2007_11_30_18:03:39.455   070.104.087.xxx   NOW, VOTE ALEK FOR PESIDENT!!! (49)
2007_11_30_18:03:56.336   071.205.040.xxx   alek come back -niles (50 IM's so far today)
2007_11_30_18:04:02.082   070.104.087.xxx   Alek PROMISES FREE BACON! (50 IM's so far today)
2007_11_30_18:04:27.503   070.104.087.xxx   so vote for him!!! (51)
2007_11_30_18:04:38.256   071.205.040.xxx   NILES PROMISES AL GORE BE DEPORTED (51)
2007_11_30_18:04:47.366   070.104.087.xxx   so vote ofr him (52)
2007_11_30_18:05:12.828   070.104.087.xxx   Alek FOR PRESIDENT!!! (53)
2007_11_30_18:05:33.765   071.205.040.xxx   niles promises algore be deported (52)
2007_11_30_18:06:12.369   071.205.040.xxx   CANT BEAT THAT (53)
2007_11_30_18:06:18.361   070.104.087.xxx   santa promises money for all of you...except gary (54)
2007_11_30_18:06:45.263   071.205.040.xxx   yes niles gets money (54)
2007_11_30_18:06:45.362   070.104.087.xxx   VOTE SANTA FOR PRESIDENT!!! (55)
2007_11_30_18:07:07.942   071.205.040.xxx   yes niles gets money (55)
2007_11_30_18:07:31.854   070.104.087.xxx   SANTA PROMISES EXTRA GIFTS!!! (56)
2007_11_30_18:08:02.230   071.205.040.xxx   come back alek-niles (56)
2007_11_30_18:08:02.831   070.104.087.xxx   SO VOTE FOR SANTA!!!! (57)
2007_11_30_18:08:32.532   071.205.040.xxx   come back alek-niles (57)
2007_11_30_18:08:37.893   066.001.092.xxx   hi from erik
2007_11_30_18:08:46.020   070.104.087.xxx   Micheal jackson gets a peter pan suit this year! (58)
2007_11_30_18:09:12.374   072.195.177.xxx   hey alek im back im addicted to this site..had a few friends stop by today
2007_11_30_18:09:12.528   071.205.040.xxx   NO HE DOESNT NILES WANTS IT!!! (58)
2007_11_30_18:09:22.077   070.104.087.xxx   LMAO (59)
2007_11_30_18:09:40.910   071.112.078.xxx   all off
2007_11_30_18:09:49.960   070.104.087.xxx   NILES WILL GET ONE TOO (60 IM's so far today)
2007_11_30_18:09:58.998   071.205.040.xxx   niles is sooo cool (niles didnt say that) (59)
2007_11_30_18:10:21.270   070.104.087.xxx   NILES IS WIERD (61)
2007_11_30_18:10:42.532   070.104.087.xxx   I SPEAK THE TRUTH!!! (62)
2007_11_30_18:10:51.119   071.205.040.xxx   niles find you through ip adress (60 IM's so far today)
2007_11_30_18:11:02.809   068.194.056.xxx   flash the lightssssss
2007_11_30_18:11:10.706   070.104.087.xxx   NOOOOO (63)
2007_11_30_18:11:39.421   070.104.087.xxx   VOTE SANTA!!!! HE WILL GIVE YOU MONEY!!! (64)
2007_11_30_18:11:41.220   071.205.040.xxx   ok which house is yours (61)
2007_11_30_18:12:20.855   070.104.087.xxx   NILES IS A STALKER (65)
2007_11_30_18:12:32.421   071.205.040.xxx   niles OUT! (62)
2007_11_30_18:12:44.016   070.104.087.xxx   BYE (66)
2007_11_30_18:13:11.659   064.012.116.xxx   ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho merry xmas
2007_11_30_18:13:21.177   071.205.040.xxx   YOU KNOW I WOULDNT LEAVE!!-niles (63)
2007_11_30_18:14:20.259   064.012.116.xxx   i wish merry christmas and happy new year!
2007_11_30_18:15:10.338   071.205.040.xxx   nevermind!!alek is back-niles (64)
2007_11_30_18:15:54.533   071.205.040.xxx   DONT LEAVE-niles (65)
2007_11_30_18:17:07.099   071.205.040.xxx   bye people-niles (66)
2007_11_30_18:17:38.884   068.033.161.xxx   Hi Santa
2007_11_30_18:22:24.537   070.134.055.xxx   Car!
2007_11_30_18:26:31.642   075.090.160.xxx   Yipp**!
2007_11_30_18:29:54.003   070.134.055.xxx   Hey Alek, what's up?
2007_11_30_18:30:34.106   131.022.200.xxx   Hello, Im Boyd from Biloxi
2007_11_30_18:37:03.449   070.124.051.xxx   Hi from Austin, Tx.  Go  Aggies
2007_11_30_18:37:40.325   067.185.211.xxx   hello from priest lake.....6" of snow
2007_11_30_18:40:54.482   081.235.216.xxx   How do you get the hulk to work?
2007_11_30_18:41:15.741   075.069.204.xxx   This is for LINK DELETED! :D
2007_11_30_18:43:39.116   081.235.216.xxx   What does your wife think about all this? =)
2007_11_30_18:43:47.474   098.200.133.xxx   good evening
2007_11_30_18:43:52.028   070.127.117.xxx   hellow from dunedin florida
2007_11_30_18:44:57.919   075.069.204.xxx   Nice little setup ya got here! :D
2007_11_30_18:46:18.287   098.200.133.xxx   Santa will get skinny going up and down that ladder
2007_11_30_18:52:19.371   074.060.076.xxx   no he wont
2007_11_30_18:53:27.510   074.060.076.xxx   he needs more s*
2007_11_30_18:56:41.460   199.224.121.xxx   x
2007_11_30_18:57:48.459   199.224.121.xxx   i'm bored
2007_11_30_18:57:55.872   024.218.147.xxx   this is s* ybeast fron New England!!!
2007_11_30_18:58:24.846   071.202.255.xxx   Hi from California
2007_11_30_18:58:32.826   082.024.130.xxx   Yay, Christmas is coming
2007_11_30_18:58:46.280   024.218.147.xxx   Hi from Nashua, New Hampshire.
2007_11_30_18:59:01.995   082.024.130.xxx   Luke here
2007_11_30_18:59:18.757   024.218.147.xxx   Hi from NH!!!
2007_11_30_18:59:36.706   082.024.130.xxx   From UK
2007_11_30_19:01:50.333   076.198.155.xxx   Hello from INDIANA______
2007_11_30_19:04:46.586   070.104.087.xxx   yawn tired (67)
2007_11_30_19:07:15.515   071.131.003.xxx   Merry Christmas from Suisun City, CA  !!
2007_11_30_19:08:56.748   065.006.214.xxx   MERY CHRISTMAS FROM MEMPHIS
2007_11_30_19:09:30.164   082.077.102.xxx   merry x-mas from hungary
2007_11_30_19:09:45.147   068.003.077.xxx   b****
2007_11_30_19:10:37.859   065.006.214.xxx   HELLO FROM ARLINGTON
2007_11_30_19:14:12.064   199.224.121.xxx   that was mean
2007_11_30_19:16:30.000   199.224.121.xxx   ur an a-hole 098.195.100.xxx
2007_11_30_19:16:40.626   082.077.102.xxx   there goes your karma.
2007_11_30_19:17:18.136   199.224.121.xxx   ______133
2007_11_30_19:19:02.700   082.077.102.xxx   we're actually 3 hours into december here. yay!
2007_11_30_19:20:00.816   012.205.064.xxx   this is amazing!
2007_11_30_19:21:40.330   072.240.163.xxx   wow thats pretty nasty
2007_11_30_19:21:45.550   199.224.121.xxx   hulk just scared me!!
2007_11_30_19:22:35.888   064.012.116.xxx   ppppppppppuuuuuuuuusssssssy
2007_11_30_19:23:02.110   064.012.116.xxx   spam spam
2007_11_30_19:23:15.999   082.077.102.xxx   alek, there's an ip to block round here
2007_11_30_19:24:00.169   064.012.116.xxx   ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho
2007_11_30_19:24:05.218   072.240.163.xxx   for sure he was a creep
2007_11_30_19:24:46.093   064.012.116.xxx   merry xmas
2007_11_30_19:26:29.621   064.012.116.xxx   Beautiful Lights!
2007_11_30_19:26:53.044   072.240.163.xxx   will you come finish my decorations?
2007_11_30_19:27:28.361   072.081.061.xxx   Even the Hulk is happy! :)
2007_11_30_19:28:20.971   064.012.116.xxx   Happy happy! Merry X-mas y'all! 24 days to X-mas eve! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_30_19:29:08.729   082.077.102.xxx   gonna tuck myself in. nighty everyone!
2007_11_30_19:29:41.626   205.188.116.xxx   merry christmas from sailing vessel Molly Brown
2007_11_30_19:32:06.534   199.224.121.xxx   hello molly
2007_11_30_19:32:37.331   199.224.121.xxx   hi alex
2007_11_30_19:33:18.095   199.224.121.xxx   (typo) alek! hope the kids get better
2007_11_30_19:33:48.503   084.203.034.xxx   i love your house
2007_11_30_19:34:08.744   199.224.121.xxx   its awesome! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_30_19:34:11.287   063.226.176.xxx   Hello Alek!
2007_11_30_19:34:45.001   063.226.176.xxx   Greetings from Princeton, Minnesota
2007_11_30_19:35:10.281   090.227.002.xxx   yoyoyo freddyboy!!!
2007_11_30_19:35:36.712   081.235.216.xxx   Yo briatch!! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_30_19:35:54.261   063.226.176.xxx   Your display and technology is awesome!
2007_11_30_19:36:04.979   071.131.003.xxx   Alek!!  We see you!!!!
2007_11_30_19:36:25.898   199.224.121.xxx   What does celiac disease do to people? (11)
2007_11_30_19:36:45.105   063.226.176.xxx   Wave at the camera :-)
2007_11_30_19:36:49.369   081.235.216.xxx   Yo briatch!! (11)
2007_11_30_19:37:22.478   063.226.176.xxx   Knock it off!
2007_11_30_19:37:32.792   090.227.002.xxx   erik ___r en pojkr___v
2007_11_30_19:38:11.159   012.175.000.xxx   hello from illinois
2007_11_30_19:38:33.346   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** And I see you - HO-HO-HO!   ;-) ***ALEK***
2007_11_30_19:38:39.310   063.226.176.xxx   This is one of the coolest christmas sites EVER!!!
2007_11_30_19:39:45.144   063.226.176.xxx   Where is the hulk mask??
2007_11_30_19:40:25.237   075.043.213.xxx   God Bless You!
2007_11_30_19:40:43.563   012.175.000.xxx   Elyna is the coolest!
2007_11_30_19:40:50.161   071.131.003.xxx   Alek has left the building
2007_11_30_19:41:17.256   063.226.176.xxx   Come Back!
2007_11_30_19:41:18.515   075.043.213.xxx   Minifigg FTW!
2007_11_30_19:42:23.943   063.226.176.xxx   145 people are viewing this site! Incredible!
2007_11_30_19:44:11.915   063.226.176.xxx   Merry Christmas!! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_30_19:44:58.513   071.131.003.xxx   Love this time of year
2007_11_30_19:45:43.538   071.131.003.xxx   Jakie says Hi to everyone
2007_11_30_19:45:46.320   063.226.176.xxx   It's the best! (11)
2007_11_30_19:46:15.274   205.188.116.xxx   Im counting the days until summer
2007_11_30_19:46:33.555   063.226.176.xxx   Alek, Come Back! (12)
2007_11_30_19:46:52.878   071.131.003.xxx   Must live in snow country!!
2007_11_30_19:47:30.845   205.188.116.xxx   yes i do live in snow county kinda
2007_11_30_19:48:03.110   205.188.116.xxx   I live in Camp Hill, Pa
2007_11_30_19:48:40.254   063.226.176.xxx   Greetings from Minnesota! (13)
2007_11_30_19:48:44.795   071.131.003.xxx   Weather just turned cold here.....50 degrees at night  LOL
2007_11_30_19:48:52.529   205.188.116.xxx   We are to get snow, sleet and freezing rain Sat evening
2007_11_30_19:49:13.697   063.226.176.xxx   Greetings from Minnesota! (14)
2007_11_30_19:49:39.428   063.226.176.xxx   Real snow country!! (15)
2007_11_30_19:50:54.437   205.188.116.xxx   I hate snow its a bad word.........lol
2007_11_30_19:51:03.302   071.131.003.xxx   there's Alek!!!
2007_11_30_19:51:28.879   063.226.176.xxx   He's BACK!!! (16)
2007_11_30_19:52:50.556   063.226.176.xxx   Snow is awesome this time of year! (17)
2007_11_30_19:53:24.255   063.226.176.xxx   It's beautiful. (18)
2007_11_30_19:53:45.644   071.131.003.xxx   I'd imagine it gets old after a while
2007_11_30_19:54:27.742   063.226.176.xxx   It can. (19)
2007_11_30_19:55:02.596   071.131.003.xxx   We live in a high prevailing wind area and that gets tiresome (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_30_19:55:13.086   063.226.176.xxx   We are expecting up to 10" this weekend (20 IM's so far today)
2007_11_30_19:56:09.228   071.131.003.xxx   Trade you some wind for some snow !! :) (11)
2007_11_30_19:56:18.776   205.188.116.xxx   you can keep the 10" of snow
2007_11_30_19:56:45.518   070.020.216.xxx   wave
2007_11_30_19:57:00.001   076.178.028.xxx   why are cams sooooooooooooooooo slow today???
2007_11_30_19:57:38.640   076.178.028.xxx   seeee it took like 1 1/2 minutes!!!
2007_11_30_19:57:42.799   070.020.216.xxx   ia gree
2007_11_30_19:57:44.019   216.222.242.xxx   person from Camp Hill, PA, are you still here...i'm from lewisberry
2007_11_30_19:58:27.827   071.131.003.xxx   Or better yet, an earthquake for some snow...... (12)
2007_11_30_19:58:42.993   205.188.116.xxx   yes Im still here
2007_11_30_19:59:33.755   205.188.116.xxx   I live in Green Lane Farms in Camp Hill
2007_11_30_19:59:39.060   216.222.242.xxx   ok cool...how did you find out about this??
2007_11_30_20:00:14.929   205.188.116.xxx   I can across it by accident (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_30_20:00:20.419   216.222.242.xxx   i live off 382 in lewisberry
2007_11_30_20:00:31.738   063.226.176.xxx   This site is very well done! (21)
2007_11_30_20:00:55.525   069.249.120.xxx   : ) hii
2007_11_30_20:01:06.447   216.222.242.xxx   i came across this by accident too...
2007_11_30_20:01:07.593   205.188.116.xxx   how long have you lived in Lewisberry (11)
2007_11_30_20:01:36.852   216.222.242.xxx   about 14 yrs
2007_11_30_20:01:45.896   063.226.176.xxx   I found this site on LINK DELETED (22)
2007_11_30_20:01:53.912   205.188.116.xxx   I grew up in New Cumberland (12)
2007_11_30_20:02:06.626   069.249.120.xxx   o reallllly
2007_11_30_20:02:13.000   071.054.114.xxx   weird!
2007_11_30_20:02:17.158   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife may have been using the Microwave - interferes with the wireless - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2007_11_30_20:02:18.426   216.222.242.xxx   put a space between the address and the .com
2007_11_30_20:03:05.964   071.054.114.xxx   HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!
2007_11_30_20:03:26.018   069.249.120.xxx   halloween is over why is there a skull there?
2007_11_30_20:04:00.100   071.054.114.xxx   HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
2007_11_30_20:04:46.942   071.054.114.xxx   HOW IS EVERYONE?
2007_11_30_20:05:19.998   071.131.003.xxx   Perfect!  And yourself? (13)
2007_11_30_20:05:44.957   071.054.114.xxx   GOOD!
2007_11_30_20:06:23.596   071.054.114.xxx   HI GIRL!
2007_11_30_20:06:25.956   071.238.054.xxx   ello alek and son
2007_11_30_20:06:45.640   216.222.242.xxx   hi!
2007_11_30_20:07:03.299   071.054.114.xxx   THAT IS A BOY?
2007_11_30_20:07:44.274   071.238.054.xxx   yes
2007_11_30_20:07:59.540   071.054.114.xxx   POP
2007_11_30_20:09:03.739   071.054.114.xxx   IS THAT HIS WIFE?
2007_11_30_20:10:03.843   071.054.114.xxx   I FEEL SO SORRY FOR HIS KIDS (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_30_20:10:39.124   071.054.114.xxx   ANY BODY HERE? (11)
2007_11_30_20:11:11.231   205.188.116.xxx   Im still here (13)
2007_11_30_20:13:04.610   205.188.116.xxx   Merry Christmas!! (14)
2007_11_30_20:14:12.723   067.085.052.xxx   Hello from Edison, NJ
2007_11_30_20:14:51.141   205.188.116.xxx   Hi NJ (15)
2007_11_30_20:16:17.398   071.164.027.xxx   Phil Hicks
2007_11_30_20:16:29.309   071.238.054.xxx   Bad boy No need for foul language
2007_11_30_20:16:32.640   205.188.116.xxx   awww someone said a bad word (16)
2007_11_30_20:17:01.447   071.131.003.xxx   Someone's getting a lump of coal this year (14)
2007_11_30_20:17:19.696   071.164.027.xxx   Pepperdine University
2007_11_30_20:18:23.503   067.085.052.xxx   can i contact you about the text display monitor
2007_11_30_20:18:53.978   071.131.003.xxx   Hello Pepperdine, Merry Christmas !! (15)
2007_11_30_20:22:46.726   068.194.244.xxx   why did the webcams go off (17)
2007_11_30_20:23:20.142   205.188.116.xxx   why are the lights off (17)
2007_11_30_20:23:36.517   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just reset the router ... ***ALEK***
2007_11_30_20:24:17.632   024.040.139.xxx   HO, HO, HO ..... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
2007_11_30_20:26:56.683   068.194.244.xxx   webcams arent working too hot today huh alex (18)
2007_11_30_20:27:41.095   067.085.052.xxx   great package
2007_11_30_20:28:53.932   024.040.139.xxx   DID I HEAR SOMEONE KNOCK ON THE DOOR?
2007_11_30_20:30:40.531   068.194.244.xxx   alex the webacams are so behind the x10 commands do something (19)
2007_11_30_20:30:50.082   069.243.253.xxx   good evening all :)
2007_11_30_20:31:26.487   069.243.253.xxx   I love this site!!!
2007_11_30_20:31:47.856   205.188.116.xxx   time for me to go and watch Dr Phil and Oprah (18)
2007_11_30_20:32:00.598   069.243.253.xxx   I've told ALL my friends about it :)
2007_11_30_20:32:09.420   024.086.190.xxx   hi
2007_11_30_20:32:33.076   205.188.116.xxx   Goodnite from Camp Hill, Pa (19)
2007_11_30_20:32:55.799   069.243.253.xxx   nighty, night from KCMO
2007_11_30_20:33:48.338   024.086.190.xxx   this must be a LOT of work!!
2007_11_30_20:34:11.662   069.243.253.xxx   edwin says hi
2007_11_30_20:35:17.007   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Ahhhhh ... Wife is watching a video, so slowing down the home wireless network - sorry ***ALEK***
2007_11_30_20:35:36.035   024.086.190.xxx   I don't know how its all done!
2007_11_30_20:38:08.350   012.124.054.xxx   Hello from KY -jared & amber
2007_11_30_20:38:34.080   067.085.052.xxx   are you the subway jarad
2007_11_30_20:39:53.642   012.124.054.xxx   Nope, ha ha
2007_11_30_20:41:15.084   024.040.139.xxx   Jenn says Merry Christmas!!!
2007_11_30_20:42:36.006   024.086.190.xxx   Merry Christmas to All!!!!
2007_11_30_20:43:26.900   067.040.213.xxx   What up this is the coolest
2007_11_30_20:44:56.346   024.086.190.xxx   I love the real time control
2007_11_30_20:46:17.192   208.123.061.xxx   Hello from Minnesota!
2007_11_30_20:47:24.445   024.086.190.xxx   Hey from Vancouver Canada
2007_11_30_20:51:15.943   148.064.160.xxx   Hello, From Elmira NY. This is really great.
2007_11_30_20:51:50.231   148.064.160.xxx   Alek IS AWESOMEEEEEE
2007_11_30_20:51:51.198   024.086.190.xxx   props to the creator!
2007_11_30_20:52:25.688   208.123.061.xxx   Are you listening to music Alek?
2007_11_30_20:52:38.813   148.064.160.xxx   Alek IS AWESOME!!!
2007_11_30_20:53:32.098   208.123.061.xxx   It is lots of hard work putting this together that's for sure
2007_11_30_20:54:16.959   068.032.214.xxx   hello, merry christmas
2007_11_30_20:54:32.491   075.094.105.xxx   HELLO ALL FROM ROCHESTER NY
2007_11_30_20:55:24.265   208.123.061.xxx   It is lots of hard work putting this together that's for sure
2007_11_30_20:56:08.565   024.086.190.xxx   I'm sure the controllable web interface is not easy either
2007_11_30_20:56:09.786   068.127.116.xxx   Merry Christmas to all from Fresno, CA
2007_11_30_20:56:18.715   208.123.061.xxx   Cam 2 is down???
2007_11_30_20:57:37.862   208.123.061.xxx   Hello and Happy Holidays All!
2007_11_30_20:58:12.158   068.032.214.xxx   zach and alex say hello from arizona
2007_11_30_20:59:03.145   075.094.105.xxx   HELLO ZACH AND ALEX FROM GREG IN ROCHESTER NY
2007_11_30_21:02:03.196   075.094.105.xxx   EVERY ONE ENJOY POLAR EXPRESS ON TV TONIGHT?
2007_11_30_21:03:17.061   075.094.105.xxx   HI ALEK
2007_11_30_21:05:24.622   067.084.204.xxx   hey hey
2007_11_30_21:06:07.625   067.085.052.xxx   would you be willing to give the code for the text box, thumbs up or down
2007_11_30_21:07:00.648   151.118.185.xxx   Noah and Dad say, "Happy Holidays from Phoenix, AZ!!"
2007_11_30_21:08:05.023   075.094.105.xxx   HAPPY HOLIDAYS NOAH AND DAD FROM GREG , ROCHESTER NY!!
2007_11_30_21:08:38.672   075.094.105.xxx   ...ROCHESTER NY
2007_11_30_21:10:02.164   072.000.185.xxx   Ethan, Abby and Elise say "Hi" from Bend, OR
2007_11_30_21:11:43.072   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello Bend, OR and all other places - Merry Christmas! ***ALEK***
2007_11_30_21:12:21.192   075.094.105.xxx   I WOULD HATE TO SEE ALEK' ELETRIC BILL!! BUT WELL WORTH IT.
2007_11_30_21:12:22.857   075.120.081.xxx   cool site :)
2007_11_30_21:14:56.868   072.000.185.xxx   The kids love your site! Grampa has celiac.  Bless you and your family
2007_11_30_21:15:12.750   024.086.190.xxx   it is indeed cool!!
2007_11_30_21:15:15.662   151.118.185.xxx   Flying Spaghetti Monster is watching over you.
2007_11_30_21:16:15.963   071.238.054.xxx   where did you all come from
2007_11_30_21:20:31.063   151.118.185.xxx   Apes.
2007_11_30_21:21:03.819   024.025.044.xxx   Wow beautiful.  Thank you....
2007_11_30_21:21:27.214   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Charlton Heston approves of that "Apes" comment - LOL! ***ALEK***
2007_11_30_21:22:00.930   151.118.185.xxx   Get your paws off me you ___#(___ dirty ape!!
2007_11_30_21:24:15.073   024.025.044.xxx   Have a good night and thank you again for sharing...
2007_11_30_21:26:00.085   151.118.185.xxx   Bababooey
2007_11_30_21:26:19.351   072.092.231.xxx   omg i have a tree like that on the side of my hosue
2007_11_30_21:27:08.623   072.092.231.xxx   house
2007_11_30_21:27:44.429   072.092.231.xxx   good job this year
2007_11_30_21:29:07.747   076.178.028.xxx   why is the snowman leaning?
2007_11_30_21:29:58.267   071.128.152.xxx   sup from california
2007_11_30_21:30:54.961   024.086.190.xxx   mabye the snowman shifted while deflating? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_30_21:30:57.907   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Maybe the snowman is leaning because he drank too much Eggnog?!? ***ALEK***
2007_11_30_21:31:00.973   024.029.212.xxx   hello from louisville, ohio!
2007_11_30_21:31:40.388   071.128.152.xxx   cali is better
2007_11_30_21:32:13.444   024.029.212.xxx   you dont get snow in ca
2007_11_30_21:32:42.345   071.128.152.xxx   oh yeah i do.
2007_11_30_21:33:44.055   065.118.077.xxx   this rocks
2007_11_30_21:34:07.913   024.029.212.xxx   i wanna know how to do this message thing
2007_11_30_21:36:15.376   024.029.212.xxx   he needs to put google ads on here to make more money
2007_11_30_21:36:57.210   024.086.190.xxx   NO GOOGLE!! (11)
2007_11_30_21:37:27.830   071.128.152.xxx   google rocks!
2007_11_30_21:37:57.153   024.029.212.xxx   google adsense can make decent money if you have enough hits
2007_11_30_21:38:11.897   024.086.190.xxx   as a search engine, yes...not 4 ads tho (12)
2007_11_30_21:38:47.208   071.128.152.xxx   yeah your right
2007_11_30_21:38:47.997   065.118.077.xxx   do you sit in the workshop everyday
2007_11_30_21:39:48.287   012.159.056.xxx   hmm eggnog, so early
2007_11_30_21:39:59.909   024.029.212.xxx   alek, any instructions on how you did this message script?
2007_11_30_21:40:46.710   065.118.077.xxx   why does this workshop look more like a hanted house
2007_11_30_21:41:29.199   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** General how-to on the top of this (!) page - you will have to write code from there ***ALEK***
2007_11_30_21:42:52.248   071.238.054.xxx   I don't see a how-to
2007_11_30_21:43:45.362   076.223.028.xxx   what up dude
2007_11_30_21:44:23.182   012.023.046.xxx   slow day?
2007_11_30_21:45:55.008   071.238.054.xxx   alek do u work from home? or do u goto a office because i fell we are  preventi
2007_11_30_21:45:57.058   024.029.212.xxx   i think the how to is the FAQ
2007_11_30_21:46:21.897   069.092.122.xxx   HI, ITs Boyd from Biloxi
2007_11_30_21:47:01.320   012.023.046.xxx   Hulk still busted?
2007_11_30_21:47:56.177   069.092.122.xxx   Awwwwwwwww
2007_11_30_21:48:32.122   012.023.046.xxx   Me want DEFLATE Hulk!
2007_11_30_21:49:03.340   012.023.046.xxx   But I'll settle for you warming up the lava lamp
2007_11_30_21:49:10.844   069.092.122.xxx   Grrrrr me deflate Santa INSTEAD
2007_11_30_21:49:47.201   071.238.054.xxx   How do we deflate inflatable alek in office?
2007_11_30_21:50:13.025   012.023.046.xxx   Blow on his valve?
2007_11_30_21:51:52.227   071.238.054.xxx   what zone is deflatable alek on?
2007_11_30_21:52:20.426   072.092.099.xxx   ZING!
2007_11_30_21:53:37.049   071.238.054.xxx   Maybe his is on zone 4 with his buddy the hulk
2007_11_30_21:57:03.203   069.209.066.xxx   Who's cooler? Alek or The Hulk?
2007_11_30_21:57:55.986   071.238.054.xxx   hmm... I would say the hulk! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_30_21:58:08.099   012.175.233.xxx   Alex
2007_11_30_21:58:31.849   012.023.046.xxx   Can I order a pizza here?
2007_11_30_21:58:52.269   012.175.233.xxx   COOLEST WEBSITE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
2007_11_30_21:58:59.280   012.023.046.xxx   Thanks for the lava lamp!!!
2007_11_30_21:59:03.775   151.118.194.xxx   This is awsome
2007_11_30_21:59:07.247   071.195.227.xxx   Good job, Alex!
2007_11_30_21:59:13.152   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** You can order me a Gluten-Free Pizza! ***ALEK***
2007_11_30_21:59:26.258   024.029.212.xxx   closing time
2007_11_30_21:59:28.918   024.086.190.xxx   great job (13)
2007_11_30_21:59:33.714   012.023.046.xxx   Me likey Lava Lamp!
2007_11_30_21:59:33.924   069.209.066.xxx   With what on it?
2007_11_30_21:59:57.571   069.151.027.xxx   You'll almost have to change your name to Alex at this rate :)
2007_11_30_21:59:59.999   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'm used my name being mis-spelled ... show resumes tomorrow ***ALEK***

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