Misc. Alek Ramblings on Digicams ...

As a background, I've been fortunate to get to try various consumer digicams over the years, starting with a 640x480 Sony digicam at the dawn of the digicam age. While I have had some hands-on experience with DSLR's, I don't have extensive experience with 'em, nor am I "professional" photographer. I'm just a computer "geek/jock" who enjoys shooting pictures, especially of his family.
  1. Xmas/2002 - Canon G3, Nikon 5700, and HP612 take on 22,000 Xmas lights! ;-)
  2. Canon 4 megapixel G3 versus 5 megapixel G5 - I like the G3 better! ;-)
  3. 30 second video (shot by Sony DSC-V1) of Canon A70 undergoing Stress/Tumble Test at Solitude Ski Resort, Utah
  4. Sony 8 megapixel 28-200mm F828 - very good digicam, some easy tweeks would make it great