Canon G3 versus G5 Pictures

Here are two sets of pictures comparing the Canon G3 to the G5. First, we have inside pictures of Dirk-n-Kyle where I believe the Canon G5 does a better job. However, in the outside pictures of the Hulk, I think I have to give the nod to the Canon G3, even though it is an earlier generation camera.

Overall, I prefer the G3, mostly because the G5 is noticeably slower in general operation - my guess is that Canon simply swapped out the CCD sensor with no other CPU/RAM/etc. upgrades to the digicam, so there is more work for it to do, and therefore it is slower. This detracts from the general operation of the camera, and the image quality is not significantly better ... and in fact, as seen in the Hulk pictures, I think it can be less.