Hummingbird Feeder

I shot over a hundred pictures of hummingbirds while I was hanging out by the hummingbird feeder - they were just have a dandy old time and even though I was quite close, didn't seem to be bothered by it and just kept sipping down the hummingbird nectar although there was one time when they appeared to be fighting.

The Camp Host (who's hummingbird feeder it was) saw us and suggested we put a finger next to the bird feeder so they could use it as a perch. He said you have to leave it up there for a bit, and then they get used to use ... which is exactly what happened after a minute or so.

"What's this finger doing on my bird feeder?"

Must be thirsty - shoulda gone for the ring! ;-)

bird feeder 1 bird feeder 2

New person's finger on the hummingbird feeder

Lotta work to hover while feeding

hummingbird feeder 1 hummingbird feeder 2

Too much work - lets land on the bird feeder!

Easy drinking now!

humming bird feeder 3 hummingbird feeder 5

Lotta traffic at the bird feeder

"Hurry up will 'ya - I'm thirsty!"

humming bird feeder 4 hummingbird feeder 6

Dirk thought this was a lotta fun

Hummingbird talons closeup

dirk bird feeder hummingbird talons

©2005 - Alek Komarnitsky