Hummingbirds Fighting

Among the various colorado hummingbirds pictures were two frames that appeared to capture a mid-air hummingbird fight! Unfortunately, they are a bit outa focus, but it certainly appears that there is some hummingbird fighting going on as can be seen below - unknown if they are actually fighting over nectar or just playing. I've also included a closeup of the talons gripping the humming bird feeder and finally, a picture of what appears to be dueling hummingbirds.

Hummingbirds are facing each other in flight

Hummingbirds fighting in background?

hummingbirds fighting 1 hummingbirds fighting 2

Getting a sip of sugar water

Closeup of the hummingbird talons

talons 1 talons 2

Dueling Hummingbirds (?)

Not quite touching

hummingbirds dueling birds dueling

©2005 Alek Komarnitsky