Hawaii 2010 - Komarnitsky's Goofiest Family Videos!

Along with wayyyy too many pictures, I shot almost about a 100 video snippets. The Canon 7D shoots true hi-def (1920x1080x30fps plus 1280x720x60fps) so the quality is pretty darn good, but the size of the files are geenormous. After deleting some obvious crap and very minimal editing, similar videos were combined for the segments below. Even after downsizing 50% and substantial compression (you'll see some blotchiness/artifacts that don't exist in the originals), they are still huge ... so be sure to have a fast Internet connection (and patience) when downloading these.

The originals are shot in Quicktime .MOV format, but I've converted to MPEG4, so hopefully (videos standards aren't as solid as images) they should be playable on just about any device ... and should "stream" if you decide to play from your browser, although a better approach is to save to your hard disk and then play back.

Family portrait - mouseover image to see before re-touching

hawaii family