Hawaii 2010

Some pictures from Hawaii 2010 plus click here for some nifty videos. And if this isn't enough, even more of:
    Sunrise - Beach Action - Feeding 17 people (!) - Cards - Settlers of Catan - Laptops - Mom & Dad -
    Hiking the Maunawili Trail - Snorkeling at Lanikai Beach - SuperBowl - Stephanie's 40th Birthday
    Travel - Misc. Pics
Still to (eventually) come: Football, Golf, and killer Surf action pics!

Family portrait - mouseover image to see before re-touching

hawaii family

Panoramic sunrise picture of Kailua Beach, Hawaii - click here to see in full res - HUGE!

kailua hawaii beach sunrise

30 second exposure (don't move Alek!) self-portrait at 5:39AM ... 88 minutes before sunrise the first morning

hawaii 2010 7a

Some much cuter subjects as the sun comes up

kailua hawaii sunrise a

kailua hawaii sunrise b

kailua hawaii sunrise d

kailua hawaii sunrise c

kailua hawaii sunrise e

kailua hawaii sunrise e

Sophia builds the first sand castle in the dawn light - mouseover image to see closeup

kailua hawaii beach

While Kyle, Kara, and Hannah are surfing the waves before 8:00AM!

hawaii 2010 7g

Kurt and Dirk enjoy the waves on Feb 8th, 2010

hawaii 2010 8a

Snorkling at Lanikai Beach

lanikai beach snorkel

Playing Cards in Hawaii is a fun tradition

hawaii bridge card

Settlers of Catan is another fun activity

hawaii settlers of catan

hawaii settlers of catan

Celebrating/Roasting Stephanie (Survivor Style!) on her 40th birthday

hawaii settlers of catan

Kurt (in his cooking attire) whips up breakast on Feb 9th, 2010 - I LIKE BACON!

hawaii 2010 9b

hawaii 2010 9a

Kurt also looked styling on the golf course

hawaii 2010 10a

Free Arby's (courtesy of the HULK) for lunch - BUURRPP!!

hawaii 2010 9c

Dad and Stephanie walking back to the house after the sun has set

hawaii 2010 15a

Kurt, Mary, Stepanie, Myke, Steve, Alek, and Kris get ready to kike the Maunawili Trail

hawaii  Maunawili Trail

Stephanie and Myke consult the hiking book as we kinda got lost! ;-)

hawaii  Maunawili Trail 2

Mom and Dad in Hawaii - a good looking couple!

hawaii 2010 md1

hawaii 2010 md2

hawaii 2010 md3

Dad's last round of golf at Kaneohe Bay Golf Course, Hawaii - teeing off #15

hawaii golf

Oleg Komarnitsky Memorial website

Kyle looks out the window shortly before landing in Honolulu - more travel pics

hawaii travel

9 days later coming back home over the Colorado Rockies

hawaii travel