Fun Skiing Winter Park - Feb/2010

Yet another great ski weekend at Winter Park with our good friends and neighbors Dave, Donna, Drew, and Jeffrey Majcen.
The Nilan's joined us to add to the fun. Here's a few pictures of the "Jane Gang" in action ... plus a few downsized videos:
      Brendan ends up in a tree well (0:30) - skiing compilation (5:24) - chairlift compilation (3:20)

Brendan skies down Sunnyside - shortly thereafter, clouds obscured the sun

winter park a

Donna leads Kyle, Drew, Brendan, Dirk, and Wendy into the remote Eagle Wind area

winter park b

Dave cuts up the Pow-Pow followed by Drew and Brendan

winter park c

winter park d

Donna does sweep in case any of the kids take a tumble from their BIG AIR!

winter park e

winter park k

And she rips it up - mouseover image to see next frame

winter park donna

She better check on Dave who is dodging trees - that was too close for comfort! ;-)

Use the controls to play, step, pause, slow-down, and/or speed-up the animation which was shot at 8 frames/sec
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winter park dave tree

Dirk comes whipping out of the trees - mouseover image to see previous frame

winter park dirk

Dirk, Donna, and Dave tackle the bumps

winter park n

winter park o

winter park p

winter park q

Dave and Drew just before skiing down "The Wall"

winter park r

Kyle, Drew, Dirk, Brendan, and Dave going up the Mary Jane six-pack chair

winter park s
Photography Notes: Pictures & video taken with a Canon 7D DSLR and 18-200mm lens - EXIF timestamp is 3 hours early - still on Hawaii time! ;-)
Skiing photography is a challenge (with the big dynamic range) and the clouds rolled in early to make it doubly hard with the flat light. So some of these are arguably candidates for crappy Photoshop jobs due to my adjustments. The videos are shot at hi-def (1920x1080x30) and are HUGE - the "Brendan in the tree well" is downsized 50% - the others are 25% just to keep the file sizes manageable even with substantial compression.