Mighty Fine Barbecued Brisket

I got this recipe from WayneL who was willing to share this "wildly popular barbecue dish" - sounds yummy and thanx!

   Large (10+ lbs) Prime (high quality) Angus Beef Brisket, (Aged appropriately!)
   Prepared Hickory Chips (~ 8 Cupss)
   Salt and Papper (fresh ground)
   Garlic Powder (to taste)
   Cayenne Pepper (Fresh Ground - to taste)
   Barbecue Sauce (Of Personal Preference - to taste)
   Salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste

Hickory Preparation:  (for Slow-Cooking)

This amounts to "water-logging" the hickory chips.  Preferred method is
using clean, food-grade, 5-gallon pail and place Hickory (enough for the 
cooking endeavor) into pail. Place weight on the chips to hold them 
on the bottom. Add enough water to cover hickory + 3 inches. Soak for 
48 to 72 hours. Change water (to rinse) prior to use in grill.

Cooking the Brisket:

Heat the grill (240-250), stocked with 1/4 of the hickory.  
Place hickory around the edges of the grill to obtain slow smoldering.   
The temperature of the grill should stay between 240 and 250 throughout the grilling.

Trim fat from the brisket, leaving about a quarter-inch of fat "covering" on the brisket.

Season brisket with the dry ingredients.

Slow grill (@ 240 to 250) until brisket internal temp is 200 in middle of the 
thickest part.  This will take at least 9 hours (if Brisket is ~ 10.5 lbs).

Whilst slow-cooking, perform the following:  
    a) Don't let temp go out of range
    b) Replenish hickory every 2 hours 
    c) Start checking internal brisket temp @ ~ 6 hours, checking every 30 minutes thereafter.

If brisket seems dry at ~ 170, wrap it in foil for the remainder of cooking.

Wrap in foil when done cooking and let sit in an insulated container
or environment (to retain heat) for no less than 1 hour prior to slicing.

Optional:  Brush outside of brisket with barbecue sauce prior to slicing.

Slice across the grain.

Optional:  Serve meat with more sauce - although some people love the flavor 
of the brisket so much that they will not want to apply barbecue sauce.

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