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I get a LOT (and I mean a LOT!) of hits/action/Email/etc. on my various BBQ grill web pages. I suggest that if they are useful to folks that they send me their favorite bbq grill recipe - but I don't get that many. Here are a few of my favorite barbeque grill recipes (mostly my own) that I've found to be fairly easy to make and pretty tasty.

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flank steak bbq shrimp recipe grilled peppers hash browns chile in crock pot

Alek's Great Grill Recipes - descriptions and links

BBQ Shrimp on the Barbie : wash 'em down with Watermelon Margarita's
Flank Steak : meat eaters love this
Surf and Turf Recipe : combine both of the above
Pizza on the BBQ : yes, this works really well!
Grilled Red & Green Peppers : a great side dish
Hulk Lemon Drop Martini : a twist on the classic drink to enjoy before your BBQ! ;-)
Kiwi Martini Cocktail - also different and cool & refreshing.
"Chillary Hillary" and "The Donald" Martini Cocktail - politically incorrect! ;-)
"The Griswold" Martini Cocktail ... HO-HO-HO! ;-
Hawaiian BBQ Salmon : Super easy and yummy
Captain Crudd Fish Recipes
BBQ Ribs : Even easier and a HUGE hit
BBQ Brisket : A bit of work, but quite good
Chile in Crock Pot : Always a crowd pleaser and great leftovers!
Homemade Peach Ice Cream : Darn good after BBQ'ing!
A McDonald French Fry : pretty cute and unique potato! ;-)
Wendy's Corn Souffle Recipe : not done on the BBQ, but a great go-to appetizer
Wendy's Chocolate Pie - DECADENT! ;-)
Mom's Hash Browns : GREAT for breakfast
Mom's "Mercedes" Flan - always a great dessert!
Mom's "Family Formula's" recipe book!!!

BTW, a purist would say these are not actually bbq recipes but grilling recipes, since they are cooked fast using flames/direct-heat, whereas the former is slow-cooking using indirect heat. But I know a lot of people call grills "BBQ's" which is what I do too. So as implied above, send me your favorite BBQ grill recipe and if I it ROCKS, I'll add it here! ;-)

Before making these delicious recipes, read how to clean your bbq and we enjoy eating these on our Mosiac Tile Table or our stamped concrete patio.

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