Mom's Hash Browns

My Mom makes some GREAT Hash Browns ... and I list this as one of my favorite BBQ Grill Recipes, since she makes the Hash Browns on her George Foreman Grill (or her "George" as she call it), so I figured I would post it here so others can enjoy it.

Buy a bag of hashed potatos - Costco sells 'em in a 9 pound bag. Then pull out your George and pre-heat to about 360°F. While it is warming up, chop up some onions. Bacon always goes good with hash browns, so make up a batch of that first to grease up the George using a temperature of 360°F. Then turn the heat up to 400°F and prop up the front legs so it is fairly level and then put a few pats of sliced butter on the cooking surface followed by sprinkling the potatos so there is a 1/2" layer or so and then sprinkle some onions on top of that. Then add a few more pats of butter and close up the George! Let it cook for about 3-4 minutes, then open it up and flip 'em over once and re-level 'em with a spatula. After another couple of minutes, scoop 'em onto a plate and serve hot. Although since you are the chef, you'll need to sample 'em first! ;-)

An optional approach is using bacon grease instead of butter - recommended by four outa five cardiac surgeons! For this, do NOT prop up the George, but let the grease normally drain as you make bacon. If you have a "dual-George", then make bacon on one half and hash browns on the other. Do the same as above, but instead of butter, pour the bacon grease from the "catcher" directly onto the potatos. Pour on the top part as it will drain down. Repeat as often as desired until you have the "right" amount of bacon taste in your hash browns - the potatos will absorb a bit of grease each time.

BTW, my mom says it is bad for you to use the bacon grease approach, and anyway, who likes bacon grease on their hash browns ... so while I tried it, I do prefer her approach ... and you should always listen to your Mom anyway! ;-)

So now you know how to make hash browns!

Level the grill by propping up the forward legs

level george grill

Hash Browns cooking on the "George"

hash browns cooking

Mom giving 'em a single turn and pat down

hash browns mom

Alek says these are Yummy Hash Browns!

hash browns yummy

BUURRRPPPPPP - thumbs up for these Hash Browns!

hash browns good