Watermelon Margarita and Watermelon Martini

When making Shrimp on the Barbie one weekend, my wife mentioned she had recently had a watermelon margarita that was super-yummy ... so I decided I'd give those a shot. The recipes I found on the Internet all used Tequila, but I didn't think this would truly impart the sweetness one is looking for here, so I did some experimentation and here is what I ended up with - © 2002-2004 www.komar.org Alek Komarnitsky

   20 ounces watermelon juice (see directions below)
   4 ounces watermelon Schnapps
   2 ounces Triple Sec
   2 ounces Vodka (for optional "punch")
   2 heaping teaspoons suger (more/less depending on ripeness of watermelon)
   1/2 lime for juice

   Cut up watermelon and liquify in blender. Then strain multiple times
   until you truly have juice (the set-aside watermelon puree is tasty).
   I then put the juice in the fridge beforehand and transferred to the
   freezer an hour or so beforehand with the booze - your watermelon 
   margarita is best pretty darn cold so you don't have to add that 
   much ice.  Put everything into the blender, add ice, blend, and ENJOY!

   If you can't find watermelon schnapps, then you might try a light rum,
   Southern Comfort, just Vodka, or a smooth Tequila - and you can still
   call it a watermelon margarita if you'd like!

   You can also easily make this a watermelon martini by using the
   same amount of booze, but reducing the amount of juice/lime/suger.
   Put in a bar shaker full of ice and get really, really cold;
   after straining, I put in the freezer for 30 minutes - this way,
   your watermelon martini will be very cold - sip and enjoy!