BBQ Grill Covers

One of the most frequent questions I get is what's the deal with the bbq grill cover falling apart. Unfortunately, the one shipped with the Grand Hall Member's Mark Grill basically ... sucks!

First, be careful putting this on around the corners, since the stainless is a bit sharp and will tear the bbq grill cover. Some sort of re-inforcing on the corners would have been appropriate IMHO. I used black electric tape on the corners. You may also want to consider tying it down with a bungee/string. We get the occasional 100 MPH wind here in Colorado, and I don't think the two ties on the side are adaqauate - having said that, it hasn't come off yet, so it appears to be fine as-is.

But no matter what you do, the grill cover eventually starts falling apart and "cracking" ... with the padding below showing through. Don't know if this is related to sun exposure since I leave my barbeque cover on the entire time ... but heck, that is what you are supposed to do! ;-)

BTW, I got an Email from Bill Schnakenberg who picked up a replacement 65" X 24" Charbroil cover at Lowe's that fits perfectly and appears to have reinforced seams that he speaks highly of it - my cover is starting to go, so I may have to wander on down to Lowes to check this out myself - thanx Bill! Update: from discussions with Bill and Phil Walker, be sure you get the 65" X 24" one ... there should be a cloth label sewn on it and at least when Phil was at Lowe's, this is the green one - the blue one is labelled on the box as 65" X 21" ... however, it's possible it too might be 65" X 24". This cover is a tight fit, so the smaller one would probably not fit.

And John wrote to say: 'Lowes has started carrying a new BBQ cover that is much larger than the Charbroil version. It is called the "Heavy Duty Polyester Cover with PVC Lining", item #55257. It retailed for $29.99, but so far appears to be much stronger than the original Grand Hall/Member's Mark version. It's also larger at 68.5" x 29.5" x 46". Given the increased size, we used its attached velcro straps to tighten around the base of our BBQ, otherwise it's almost be too big. Thanks for the great info on your site.' I was in Lowe's recently getting some outdoor lighting and didn't see that BBQ cover, but sounds like another good option that might be at other stores - thanx John! ;-)