AWESOME Outdoor Patio Lighting

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focus sl-08 patio light

SL-08 Dimensions

outdoor lights dimensions

Patio Light Spread

landscape light spread
Since I do a LOT of outdoor Christmas lights, it is perhaps no surprise I've spent a bit of time figuring out the best outdoor patio lighting to put in! ;-)

As depicted on our patio deck plans I'm using a total of 11 patio lights embedded in the stamped concrete flowerpots and one in the triangular BBQ table. I settled on the Focus Lighting SL-08 step landscape lights and thanx to Tim over at Boulder Lighting Plus, I was able to get a hold of one to actually check it out - very solid construction and the weathered brown finish on the louvered panels was a big hit for my wife.

BTW, after dealing with a lotta folks/companies that don't really understand lighting and are just reading from catalogs, it was really refreshing to deal with Tim as he gets this stuff and is totally on the ball. Cost me a few bucks more to order from him, but well worth it IMHO. If you live in the Boulder/Denver, Colorado area, give him a holler at 303-449-7175 and tell him that sent 'ya! ;-)

I went with the Focus SL-08-T10-NL-WB which is 120V power that can use up to a 40 Watt incandescent bulb. Yea, "old" technology in this day-n-age of Xenon patio lights, etc. ... but I like the simplicity of not having to add a step down 120V-12V transformer. I can also play around with the light wattage by using diffferent wattage bulbs and I installed a dimmer that allows me to easily control the level of whole outdoor lighting.

I could ramble on for another thousand words, but a picture of these landscape lights in action on my ourdoor patio should suffice:

outdoor patio lights