Barbeque Grill Stone Babe

BBQ Grilling is a lotta fun, but can be messy ... and even if you have a built-in stone grill, it will never look at nice as it did before you put those first steaks on. One challenging area to clean up is the cooking grid which traditionally is cleaned with a wire bbq grill brush or sometimes called a wire bbq grill scrubber. However, a better way is to use a grilling stone or grill stone to really clean 'em up. It's basically a pumice type stone that you just rub across the grid, and with the abrasive nature, it removes everything on 'em. I bought one a while ago that was just hand-held, but it gets harder to use once the stone gets worn down by the grill grids.

So for Father's Day/2005, my wife Wendy got my a GrillStone Grilling Stone (or something like that!) at Costco. For $6, you get 3 stones and an "easy-grip" handle ... thank gawd it's not a "hard-grip" handle or something like that ... but certainly beats a neck-tie, eh?!? ;-)

So after goofing around with it a bit (see pictures below), I wandered out to my barbeque grill to put this baby to work and demonstrate how well it works. I first tried a wire grill scrubber but as most people know, that only gets the big, chunky stuff. I then put my Wendy to work - Ms. BBQ Grill Stone Babe - who did a dandy job as can be seen in the before/after pictures. Finally, I did my "deep-cleaning" cycle which entails putting a few sheets of tin foil over the bbq grill cooking grid, and cranking the heat for a half hour. This really cleans things (kinda like a self-cleaning oven) as it turns everything to ash, but be sure to check your bbq grill operating instructions before doing this to be sure it won't cause any problems.

The GrillStone "easy-grip" handle

Plus three grilling stones

grill stone 1 grill stone 2

Where does the stone go?

Ahhhh ... it goes on the easy-grip handle!

grill stone 3 grill stone 4

Dirk goofs around with the grilling stone

More clowning around from Dirk-n-Kyle

grilling stone 1 grilling stone 2

Time to go to work - note wire grill scrubber

Wire Grill scrubber just doesn't do that well

grilling stone 3 grilling stone 4

The Grill Stone Babe takes a look at it

Putting my wife Wendy to work!

grill stone babe 2 grill stone babe 4

Doing the grid backside - she's serious

One fine looking grilling stone ... babe!

grill stone babe grill stone babe

BBQ Grill grid looks a lot cleaner now

Closeup of the cooking grid

grilling stone 7 grilling stone 8

Deep clean using double aluminum foil

This really cleans things up

grill foil 1 grill foil 2

Read the BBQ Grill FAQ for how to clean your bbq grill - ©2005 - Alek Komarnitsky