How to clean your BBQ Grill

Last Updated September 17th, 2006. YES, BBQ grills get dirty and need cleaning - especially after you've made some yummy barbeque recipes. I've read a variety of tricks/suggestions ... but this works well for me so it's my attempt at a how to clean your grill.

First, for the inside on the cooking grids, you can use a grill stone. Another approach is my "deep-cleaning" cycle which entails putting a few sheets of tin foil over the bbq grill cooking grid, and cranking the heat for a half hour. This really cleans things (kinda like a self-cleaning oven) as it turns everything to ash - be sure to check your grill warrenty to make sure this is OK to do.. You'll still have some greese goop on the sides, but hey, that adds some seasoning flavor! ;-)

My BBQ Grill has ceramic tamers to disperse the heat (versus metal) and I've heard of various approaches to cleaning them ... but these seem like a lot of work and run the risk of breaking 'em. All I do it turn 'em over!!!! After they have cooked a few times, anything on the bottom has turned to ash; so when you rotate it, you got a pretty clean top - now that is an incredibly easy how to eh?!? ;-)

For the outside, wipe off any major food goop, then hit it with some "Bar Keeper's Friend" which is a cleaning powder. This can scratch the stainless, so be careful. I then finish with "Stainless Steel Magic" which was recommended by a friend ... and I tell 'ya ... it *IS* Magic! Be sure to cover it up when done ... and your grill will be so clean and look sparkling that your friends will come over to drool over it! ;-)

Here is what my grill looked like after about 15 minutes of cleanup. The "before" picture really isn't that bad ... but that is one clean BBQ Grill when I was done, eh?!? ;-)

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I've seen BBQ Grills a LOT dirtier than this one

dirty bbq grill

So sparkling clean that the flash reflects! ;-)

clean bbq grill

Same picture zoomed in on the ignitor, control valve, and logo

grill closeup

Same picture zoomed in on the right side of the hood

clean closeup

Not a bad "how to clean a bbq grill" procedure, eh?!? ;-)

bbq closeup

A side shot of a clean bbq grill!

shiny clean bbq