Easy add on shelf for Member's Mark BBQ Grill

They did a VERY nice job giving you this HUGE enclosed area (behind doors) to store stuff ... but it would have really made sense to include some sort of shelf - maybe in next year's model. Regardless, this is super easy/cheap to add. The length is exactly 36" ... Home Depot had 48" long for $4, and it was easy enough to saw that to the right length. I then got a couple of right angle brackets and used the existings screws on the left and right side. For the back, I had to drill two holes, and I put a piece of wood to better support the back side. That is IT ... and make it real easy to store twice as much stuff neatly in there - see the pictures below.

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member's mark bbq shelf 1

member's mark bbq shelf 2

member's mark bbq shelf 3

member's mark bbq shelf 4