Windscreen for Member's Mark BBQ Grill

The wind can blow a bit here in Colorado ... and I've not only heard/seen the burners "whistle" a bit, but actually go out in gusts of what I would estimate are 25 MPH or so (not measured and that is a WAG). My BBQ is in a fairly permanent location, so I don't have the option of moving it.

So ... a visual inspection seems to show 3 methods of entry for the wind. In front under the control valves, in back above the wind screen, and on the sides where you can manually light the grill (these are small).

The front seemed to be the largest opening, so I went after that first. I found some roof flashing at Home Depot that was bent, asked the guy if I could have a 29 5/8" length piece, and that cost me ONE dollar! ;-) The other dimensions of this were about 2" with a bend, and then 3" ... which was just about exactly right, so I didn't even have to bend it. A few screws attach is vertically and a cut-out was needed for the gas line that goes around to the back burner ... but it ends up looking pretty darn good IMHO! ;-)

But how well does it work? It definately seems to improve the wind resistance of the grill ... but not as much as I would like; although I may be unrealistic thinking one can grill in a hurricane. There stills seems to be a bit of breeze inside (open the grill and put your hand down there to feel - don't do this with the burners on! ;-). So I'm going to have to think about sealing up the back side a bit; although there is not really that much space open back there. BTW, I did not see any difference in flame color, so I'm assuming that we still have adaquate air for combustion.

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1-year old Kyle assists - opening is right at ear level (above doors)
bbq grill windscreen 1       bbq grill windscreen 2

Here is what the actual piece looks like
bbq grill windscreen 3

With the $1 windscreen attached - doesn't look too shabby!
bbq grill windscreen 4       bbq grill windscreen 5